Saturday News Roundup: Trump, Graham, WHO, Flynn 302, and Alien Hybrids

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Some Trump supporters are up in arms today about the news that President Trump is going to “restore” U.S. funding for the corrupt and ineffective WHO. But they are missing the part where Trump says the U.S. will only match funding provided by China. Given that China’s contribution to the WHO is about 10% of what the U.S. contributed last year, this means that the President just committed to a 90% reduction in U.S. funding. Pay attention to the details, folks.

Speaking of the WHO… – Bad Lindsey Graham keeps rearing his ugly head. On Friday he told reporters that he would “double funding” for the WHO if Bill Gates was in charge of it. Gates, of course, is a completely committed globalist who has spent the last 15 years pushing for a global government. This is the kind of human ghoul who Lindsey really admires.

Original Flynn 302? What original Flynn 302? – The folks at The Conservative Treehouse have another great piece detailing new information showing that the original FBI 302 report from the entrapment interview of General Mike Flynn is missing, and that Sally Yates and James Comey both played a role in making it disappear. Go read it – you’ll be smarter for doing so.

Nick Searcy at has an outstanding piece up today detailing how the global political left has finally achieved its goal of ruining the entire world. The piece includes this outstanding passage about the utter futility of widespread testing:

They will never let the old America come back if they can help it. They want it dead and gone, and always have. And in the Chinese Virus, or COVID19 or the Moo Shu Achoo or Lung Pao Sicken or whatever “racist” name you want to give it, they have stumbled upon the perfect weapon — because it can never be solved.

You may have it and not have any symptoms — but you may spread this thing with no symptoms to someone else who also may not have symptoms, so you have to stay home. But if someone else gets it and has symptoms, then you are a murderer, so you have to stay home. In order for you to be sure you don’t have it, YOU HAVE TO BE TESTED — but then, even if you test negative for the virus, YOU MIGHT GET IT 30 SECONDS AFTER THE TEST, so you have to stay home. And we can’t ever go back to normal until every single human being in America is tested — but even then, we can’t be sure, so you have to stay home.


The folks at The Right Scoop have a great write-up about the growing, coordinated effort by the Biden Campaign and the corrupt news media to smear CBS News Reporter Catherine Herridge. Her crime? Engaging in truthful and accurate reporting at one of the left’s long-time pet corrupt news outlets. It’s the same crime that got great reporters Sharyl Atkisson and Lara Logan tossed out of CBS. The left hates honest reporters, especially if they are women, and will fight like hell to rid them from our midst.

But this is the kind of woman the left really loves. – This woman looks decidedly un-healthy, yet she is the person who is giving COVID-19 advice to thug Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Is she even a human being? If there really was such a thing as alien hybrids, wouldn’t you expect them to look just like this?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s nursing home scandal continues to grow, as does Andrew Cuomo’s. The horrific judgment and decisions by these men directly caused thousands of senior citizen deaths in their respective states. Pennsylvanians are out demonstrating their displeasure with Wolfe this morning.

Incidentally, the alien hybrid invasion appears to have made its way to the Pennsylvania health office, where Rachel Levine advises Wolf on COVID-19 policy (hat tip to contributor Phineas Gage for this reference):


The U.S. is dramatically over-counting Wuhan Virus deaths. John Lott, Jr. details how and why in today’s piece at

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

This is an important voice to listen to; it’s a voice of reason and solemnity and common sense. This is a physician who knows. When I’ve said that we’re entering a healthcare tyranny, it isn’t most doctors I’m referring to; they’re the GOOD Guys and Gals. They’re on OUR side.
Read and consider; the article speaks for itself, but it also speaks for all of us:

“‘Essential’ was never the right question”


Its braining and windy here… sooooo….

Heres a good article, imo, on the Barr conundrum and why he needs to step up to the plate in a far more solid position. IMO, every institution within the US has been corrupted over the decades of swamp and marxist infiltration. A complete house cleaning is in order.

Lets see what he does with all that Grendell is forcing out into the open. Will Barr slow walk or start perps walk’n??

Jimmy MacAfee

Back for another round.

Barr is in a delicate position; the author of the piece did a good job explaining the difference between Lawyerese and the language of human beings, but the system still speaks Lawyer.

Occasionally, Attorney General Barr speaks in plain English; it always gets him in hot water – not with the press, which does what it’s told: with the evil legal community, which has, for the most part, abandoned the Constitution and sold itself to whomever holds the power.

The essential part of this involves kicking bad judges out or replacing them with good judges. The language will remain the same, but the intent will be far different. This is a battle of wits, wile and steadfastness. Most of all, it is a spiritual battle, because all those people who serve the interests of those who want to persecute General Flynn have the evil one as their lord and master.

The Bible talks about the secret war, the principalities, the unseen battles that angels fight on our behalf; we must not falter and become dismayed, weakened and unwilling to participate. I know the temptation to quit the fight, to abandon our posts, but we must consider not our own ends, but those of the children and grandchildren and their children: you cannot imagine the hell they would inherit if we fail to show resolve.

Those of us who are older might remember the father of the boys in the first Red Dawn, speaking to the sons through the wire fence. We may one day be speaking through cages, but if that is the case, we need to go down singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. We must be the new Greatest Generation, or history will judge us harshest of all.

Don’t sabotage those who fight for us in different languages; we see the betrayers in our ranks, the Grahams and the No Names (Mcwhasisface) and Paul Ryan. It is vexing to have to allow them to sit at our tables and eat our bread, but the wheat will be separated from the chaff and the tares, and the wheat will be profitable while the others will cast into fire to be burnt.

The Soviets had agents here all over the place in our younger lives, sowing not only discord, but disinformation – stuff that was revealed by the KGB after they fell. We see John Brennan and James Comey and Barack Beelzebama and H. Rotten Clintondoing what the Soviets did, but from the highest positions imaginable. They will be defeated, but they muse be exposed in ways that make it so clear, their names will live in infamy forever in our Republic.


The good news is – in the end – Jesus Christ wins…

…but the earth becomes a veritable Hell before He returns.


THAT Boarwild… can be taken to the bank… amen and yes it will get worse before it gets better.

Well stated Phineas. We can’t forget who we really fight against or forget we have to use the weapons we’ve been given to fight on that level. Real Christians are not governed by fear but of a sane mind and peaceful heart. Nor are they afraid to stand up for whats right… Thank you for bringing that to the forefront.


braining??? faceplant… how about RAINING…


To Mr Blackmon. You need a different graphic on this article. The ghoul posted at the head banner keeps me thinking theres been a zombie outbreak.

Because I’m in canukistan we are not allowed to defend ourselves as per edict stated by our communist *cough* leader. Its a crime for us to criticize or disparage minorities, of which zombies would be included, and is considered hate speech. Also because I’m a white privileged Christian male I cannot rely on any justifiable defense of self . So I implore you to change the graphic before I’m convicted of the heinous crime of say’n ‘she??’ is ugly… If not I apologize and will send you $25, and go turn myself into the stassi brown shirts.


Agreed with everyone these ‘women’ are fierce. I wouldn’t do any of them with BJ Clinton’s Johnson at gunpoint. Geez!

Anyways, Apart from a five minute career saving outrage vent at the Kavanaugh ‘hearing’, and being a house manager in the BJ Clinton Impeachment (when he was a congressman) where he was hung out to dry by the ten feckless GOP Senators – he has been nothing but empty talk.

June 9, is the SC primary; Ace’s butt-boy: Grahamesty needs to be primaried and removed by the SC GOP. All this guy has done up to now is bloviate. But now talking in anyway positive about Bill Gates? He has got to be gone just on the grounds of being stupid. Trump should hold a rally for his opponent before the June 9, primary; come on SC! beat the feckless, gutless weasel who is running for his fourth term and accomplished NOTHING but wanting more illegal invaders and holding no one accountable with his non hearings – and now Bill Gates? Red States must do better!

I will seriously consider giving money to the Dem candidate in the general election if the bloviator is on the ballot; I have said the same thing about giving to the Dem if a Republican can’t articulate a decent answer to a gotchya question on abortion like what happened in 2012 when the a$$hole GOP candidate lost a very winnable race against Clare McCaskill in Missouri because he fumbled a most basic question about rape and abortion; boy did that piss me off.

As much as I wouldn’t want to sacrifice a near certain GOP hold in SC, these RINOS need to be embarrassingly defeated and purged from the party; at least with the Dem hack, you will know who your enemy is.

Errant Yat

You know, Greg, I want to agree with you, but–and it’s a large one–because voting for a Dem over a RINO could eventually, if enough people do it, give the Dems majority status in the Senate. You have seen what they have done in the House. If they get the Senate, they will impeach Trump again in the House and convict him in the Senate. So even the dishonest, bloviating Gramnesty is better than any Dem.


Brian and Errant Yat, I hear you both,

Yeah, I know, it is a tough call and we have a rough year with many more senate seats up than the Dems. That is why I hope and pray he loses the primary in June, and the GOP winner is a real conservative and a good candidate.

Maybe in another cycle where we have a solid majority, or a guaranteed minority, we can purge our liars, but because other RINOs like Sasse and Collins are up also and Trump and we need the senate for judges, so I guess we have to live with them. I can better live with Sasse and Collins because at least they are smart enough to keep quiet and be thought fools rather be a mini-McLame and get in front of every camera they can. Primary is the Key.

The GOP needs an active(ist) group like the “justice democrats” when they recruited radicals to schiff-can people like Rep. Crowley (D) NYC who was beaten by AOC. He was the #4 Dem in their caucus, but he wasn’t radical enough for the Demented Dems (there is no doubt Jerry “Burkhalter” GoNads also felt the heat which is why he went so hard for impeachment conviction as a house manager); that is what needs to happen to Grahamesty. RINOs need to feel the same heat from Americans who are tired of having the same slugs ‘represent’ them year after year to no effect.

2022, Alaska should rid itself of Murkowski and there are a couple of other marginal RINOS up although that is another tough year 22-12 GOP-Dem seats are up. The 2018 election results will hurt us for years to come; the second mid-term is often a near disaster for the incumbent’s party.


I’m overly inclined to agree with you Gregg… The weasel Graham needs to be primaried out and flushed for good. He and Shiff4brains are cut of the same cloth. Can’t imagine the carnage both would inflict vying for a camera at the same time.

Jimmy MacAfee

One parting shot: the CCP picks its leaders by size. They all have to be small, and they all have to have tiny wankers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bye, folks. Sensing my time is almost up. We should all prepare to sacrifice.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hollyweird won’t be working anytime soon, so there’s time to look at old movies to see what their intentions are for us in the present day. Mockingbirds have to sing tunes they’re allowed to sing, and operations – for some reason – can’t occur without a predictor/warning.

Right now, the claim that a “dark winter for America” or “darkest winter in American history,” by the wannabee “whistleblower” Dr. Bright.

Fight is on. Arm yourselves.


“Hollyweird won’t be working anytime soon”

This includes not just movies, but all the TV shows, and the support staff, caterers, stage hands, producers and directors and writers – just look at the list of credits at the end of any movie or TV show to see how many are employed by the movie production or show. I remember the outrage when the Two and a Half Men got shut down halfway through season 8 when Charlie Sheen had his meltdown; many of the ‘little people’ the Left claims to care about got hurt then; now just multiply that by many score and how popular Garcetti will be in 2021 when he is up.

Rush mentioned how soon de Blowsio and Andrew the Pious will ruin the NYC (Manhattan in particular) real estate market value and the whole of the Broadway show’s entertainment and its supporting infrastructure like restaurants and hotels. Also. many companies including the Silicon Valley tech firms are realizing they don’t have to lease high cost office space in places like Nancy Klink’s SF when so many of their staff can and will work from home now and even post CV-19.

Talking about schifting in your own nest and where you eat – couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of blank birds.

These blue policies will be the death knell for the soon to be welfare and crime reservations/plantations that were once known as America’s greatest cities and cultural centers. No city over 500,000 that is run by Blue mayors, councils and schoolboards will survive or rebound post CV-19.

Jimmy MacAfee

Trouble brewing:

Moderna Biotech, US COVID-19 vaccine program, director of vaccine manufacture by the government, conflicts of interest. You can look it up.

The big fat caveat is that most pharmaceuticals have close ties to China; if this one doesn’t, it makes it one of the few candidates eligible to produce a vaccine. No one connected in any way to China should be making any vaccines for anything, as far as the US is concerned.

Moderna may or may not be a problem, and the conflicts of interest may be unavoidable. Maybe this is why President Trump is admitting that many people will not take the vaccine, knowing our LEGITIMATE distrust of them. I won’t take one, because even if this is a company without links to Bill Gates and the Chinese and WHO (but that’s a triple replication, isn’t it?) I want no part in vaccines. SV 40, Virus interference (which is when you get another infection because your body is focusing on the one being presented.) What has not been studied is the effect of flu vaccines on cancer (other than SV 40)

Please note: the immune system is our main defense against cancers of nearly all types. This has been shown in a recent, groundbreaking study. So what if vaccines prevent the immune system from being alerted to a mutated cell that it would normally kill through apoptosis?

Even Fauci has admitted that vaccines may not work, and they may make things worse.

As always with Mockingbird, they always make a movie before they follow it with a readiness exercise, followed by the actual event (9/11 coincided with a Readiness Exercise.) For example, Long Kiss Goodnight was a harbinger of 9/11, as the movie’s CIA director stated that he had” no way to fake the deaths of 4,000 people,” so they had to do it for real.

The movie “I Am Legend” was a sop to President Barack Beelzebama, where he was played byu the doctor who said: “I can fix this.” It was an appeal to Beelzebama’s narcissism, and it was also a predictor of a massive event caused by vaccines, kind of a quasi-zombie movie where people mutated, not into “undead,” but into savage living beings who lost their humanity. Don’t know if this kind of thing is being developed, but it’s always intentional, not a mistake, when a movie portends trouble ahead.


Well it was the beginnings of a good morn;n… Then I got assaulted … Have to go bleach my eyes now… thx

Jimmy MacAfee

Is the picture Phineas sent and Dave printed Meat Loaf with a wig? Sorry. Uncanny resemblance.

Jimmy MacAfee

Prick-ster looks like the pug from the first MIB, not Garcetti, but the picture of the dude standing next to the pug looks like the “health” commissioner. (Sent Dave a picture of the dog and the dog.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder when the wonderful Ms. Herridge will be given the boot at CBS? I always wondered why she went there anyway. She’s like a candy topper for a pile of doggie poo.

Prick-ster’s family was vacationing in sunny Fla. getting their vitamin D, while the “governor” made everybody else sit in the stink he’s helped create. Now he’s worried about their safety – and probably was more worried when they were in Fla. because…well, because. You shat on people and send your family off in a royal carriage? French Revolution meet Prick-ster.


Jimmy MacAfee

On the original 302:
It’s like fingerprints that they claim were on the scene of the crime, but they lost them, and replaced them with newer prints not taken from the scene.

Neither Sullivan nor General Flynn’s original defense team got this?

Subsequent, retrospective 302s represent what can only be called planted evidence.

Jimmy MacAfee

Health Director for Garcetti – think I saw her in the first MIB. Garcetti looks like a Goodfella, doesn’t he? Or someone from MIB, too. Think it’s the pug.

Jimmy MacAfee

Graham was engaging in long distance anilingus with Billy Gates just a few weeks ago, wanting to grant him almost unlimited power. “If the boot fits, lick it” he always says, like the Vichy French in WWII (Nat. Lamp. quote) Time for him to go. Gates is the enemy in all this, along with his pals in the CCP. Gates also funded the fake-model makers.

Shitcago “Mayor” Lori Lightfoot wants officials to declare allegiance to the New World Ordure. Minute 1:36, loanguage warning:

The NYC “health” commissioner Dr. Oxiris Bimbo says, in response to NYPD requests for PPE, that she “doesn’t give two rats’ asses” about NYPD or their request.

Studies and doctors are now saying that masks make the CCP virus worse, and harms people. Doesn’t help; actually makes problems worse.

The revelations just keep spilling and spilling and spilling. And the fake media? Russia Russia Russia.

phineas gage

It’s hardly an original observation, but why are so progressive women so uniformly hideous?

Check out Pennsylvania’s health politburo….er, public health director, Rachel Levine:

And, as a bonus, it is transgender!

What a way to start your morning….

Carlos Dangler

Just play some Slim Whitman. That’ll let you know if it’s an alien in a jiffy.


Love the “it” reference.

She, it or whatever, or one of these oh so caring ‘health’ “Experts” took its, her, mother out of the nursing home prior to the NY, NJ, and PA ordering of CV-19 infected people to be sent back to the facilities.


“why are so progressive women so uniformly hideous?”

This is what hate does to a person. It saps the life from you.

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