Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer’s No-Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Writing at, Megan Fox has an excellent piece today about Michigan’s authoritarian Governor, Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer, getting slapped with a lawsuit by a group of doctors and a single patient on Thursday. The suit smartly alleges that, through her increasingly irrational and anti-science edicts, the Herr Gretchen is creating a looming public health crisis of her own as a growing number of Michiganders continue to be denied the right to have what the state has declared “non-essential surgeries.”

Here’s an excerpt from a Washington Times piece:

The plaintiffs allege in federal court that Ms. Whitmer’s “drastic, unprecedented [and] unilateral executive actions” to cease economic activity that her office deemed nonessential were based on “grossly inaccurate” models that no longer apply and therefore should be lifted.

“Medical providers are on the brink of financial ruin, facing extreme revenue shortages caused by the Governor’s order forcing the postponement or cancellation of so-called ‘non-essential’ procedures,” said the suit filed by the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and a private law firm, Miller Johnson. “Thousands of healthcare workers across Michigan have been furloughed or laid off.”

In addition to the economic devastation, Ms. Whitmer’s order has left hospitals and patients facing a dangerous backlog on procedures that will create a public health catastrophe of its own, said Dr. Randal Baker, a general surgeon and president of Grand Health Partners, a plaintiff based in Grand Rapids.

“This whole ‘elective-procedure’ thing is now a time bomb,” Dr. Baker told The Washington Times. “There is no good reason to have a ban on elective surgery any more. This is now a significant health problem for the people of Michigan and our patients, and I’ve had one patient attempt suicide — a very serious attempt.”

As Ms. Fox points out in her piece, Herr Gretchen had already had a no-good, terrible, very bad week, as her efforts to put 77 year-old barber Karl Manke out of business ran aground. First, the local Sheriff refused her directive to forcibly shut Manke’s business down. Next, a state district judge refused to allow the Generalissimo to enforce a restraining order on Manke after Whitmer had ordered her bureaucrats to revoke his barber’s license, instead ruling that he should get his day in court.

What, an American citizen getting his day in court? What a concept, one with which Herr Gretchen and her fellow Democrats have grown distressingly unfamiliar.

Back to the lawsuit against Whitmer, Ms. Fox focuses in on one amazing factoid that is going to kill the Generalissimo’s ability to defend herself:

The lockdown has literally sentenced medically fragile people, who would have been fine if they had been able to seek medical care, to life-threatening or even deadly conditions. And there was no good reason not to allow them in the nearly empty hospitals in Michigan. “Graphics depicted that while Governor Whitmer’s administration anticipated 220,000 patients being hospitalized without social distancing efforts, there had only been 3,000 hospitalizations as of April 27,” the lawsuit states. “That is less than 1.4% of the projected COVID-19 hospitalizations underlying the governor’s declared states of emergency and disaster.”

So, don’t come on here and try to tell anyone that Herr Gretchen is basing her orders on anything resembling “science.” She – like Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx – has based her policies on projections made by buffoonish statistical models that have literally no relationship whatsoever to anything happening in the real world.

Hey! Come to think of it, that makes Herr Gretchen the gubernatorial version of a Climate “scientist,” doesn’t it? Go figure.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Ol’ Nurse Ratched has blown her cover, and she’s going to be a bitter, nasty old crone for the rest of her career. Come to think of it, she already was. But cover is blown, and everybody knows and everybody sees. She has given herself COVID Cooties.

I’m not wondering how far she’ll fall; I’m wondering whether it’ll be a splat or the sound of glass breaking.


Jimmy – you talking about Pelousy? Here’s my prediction & I’m going out on a limb with this one: Trump wins in Nov & Dems lose the House. By Jan or shortly thereafter I expect she’ll be gone – Possibly literally & figuratively. The woman is just so consumed with hate & bitterness I don’t see how she continues like this before something snaps.

Jimmy MacAfee

Was talking about Wretched Whitless, but it applies to ol’ Fossy Jaw as well, now that you mention it. Twin vases, shattered on the floor of public opinion.

phineas gage

I don’t know if Cuomo is going to be the Biden replacement, as many speculate, but this nursing home scandal in New York is very, very bad.

Thousands of people died because his insane policy. And he covered his rear-end liability by passing a law that family members cannot sue.

There will be no way to hide this in a presidential campaign, no matter the media spin.


Yeah, about the engineered murder of the folks in NY’s nursing homes: PA and NJ’s Governors did the same thing at about the same time, and one of the higher ups in one of the state’s ‘health’ departments, took her mother out of the nursing home where she was staying prior to the forced housing of CV-19 patients. A scandal in the making? I think so. And I also think the families of the killed by CV-19 in the nursing home facilities will have federal court recourse on suing both Andrew the Cuomo, and others in this arguably deliberate policy of knowingly creating a public health crisis against the elderly. Most of these care facilities have deep pockets and can also sue on behalf of their patients.

The left set up this litigious societal mindset, now they can live with years of lawsuits; can’t wait to see all the ambulance chasing Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe law firm’s commercials on if you have lost a loved one due to the actions of Cuomo et al, call us at 1800 S-C-R-E-W-E-M.

Lawsuits and litigation against companies who produced weed killer, talcum powder, ear plugs, hernia mesh, antacid, etc. will be greatly reduced as more and more leaders with deep pockets will be focused on. It may be to tiered where the families first go after the care facilities and then the care facilities, go after the governors and the state ‘health’ departments etc.. This could go on for the next decade and virtually all of it will be against Democratic officials.

If such lawsuits gain real traction, how long do you think it will before the moneymen and the honchoes in the Dem Party schiff can this current crop of political hacks being sued and fund the new waive of relative unknowns? “Justice Democrats” and the sure loser (nationally) AOC types could quite possibly replace the old corrupt guard. And the immature and absolutely intellectually vapid young punks will appeal to even fewer Americans than the Cuomos, Schumers and Pelosis do now.

PS: This CV-19 will kill off the “Green New Deal” because when people become poor, they lose tolerance for spending money on environmental and other boondoggles.


I doubt she is basing her policies on any models or actual data. She, like our governor here in NC Doofus Cooper, is basing the decision on that dopamine rush that petty dictators get from making others bend to their will. That, and the direction of their masters at the demorat party.

phineas gage

To paraphrase The Simpsons, if you watch it slowly enough, you can actually pinpoint the moment her dreams are crushed:

Jimmy MacAfee

Stacy “Leon Spinks” Abrams looks devastated. I almost…almost…almost…feel sorry for her. Almost. But not, since she’s a poor loser, and is vicious. You could see her shoulders heaving in anticipation of being crowned…bubbly, giggling internally. I wouldn’t treat a dog the way Joe Biden treated her.

phineas gage

And Cuomo shuts down New York to mid-June.

We are very fast approaching a point of reckoning. Or a point of no return.

The simple fact is that the blue-state governors will not relent. They want their authoritarian power, they want Trump defeated, but most of all they want their federal bailout.

Trump would be a fool to give it to them.

phineas gage

At Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds suggests this:

‘When Blue states go broke and can’t operate because of self-induced economic collapse, Trump can invoke the Insurrection Act and replace their governments. A president can invoke the Act when a pandemic “so hinders the execution of the laws of a State or possession, as applicable, and of the United States within that State or possession, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State or possession are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection.”

phineas gage

Well after CNN is done with Greta on their corona virus expert panel they’ll lend Greta out to Herr Witless… Problem solved.

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