Fauci and Birx: Masters of our National Disaster

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

All I wanna know is, who gave San Fran Nan a baby oil shower?

You could never make these people up. Watch what happens when, for the first time in his 3 years on the corrupt fake news channel, James Clapper gets asked a semi-tough question by someone at CNN:

Great timing there.

One more video, and then we’ll get on with the topic of today’s piece. Watch as even the raging leftist nitwits who run the Twitter feed for The Hill are now making fun of China Joe Biden’s inability to put together a coherent thought:

There is a very low chance that this guy will actually be the Democrat Party’s ultimate nominee. But if he is, there is not a chance in hell his abusive handlers will ever agree to allow him to debate Donald Trump.

At what point did we go from “flattening the curve” to “we can’t open until we find a cure?” – That’s the question millions of Americans are asking this week, as Democrat despots all over the country continue shifting the goalposts and extending out their stay-at-home orders.

In California, the ultra-leftists who run the Cal-State University system – home to half a million students who are virtually immune from the Wuhan Virus  each year – have already decided they will keep their campuses shut down for the fall semester. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has his own stay-at-home order now extended through July, and is telling the media this could go on for another full year before he allows his city to return to something resembling normal.

We have example after example of blue-state governors making similar decisions based on nothing but raw political calculations. There is no science involved in any of this. The entire stay-at-home rubrick has now been clearly demonstrated to have been a catastrophic miscalculation, with fully 2/3rds of the deaths in New York coming to people who had been holed up in their homes for weeks.

As a result of all this Democrat abuse, we saw freedom protests break out on a weekday on Thursday in the key states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, where the state’s supreme court ruled the Democrat governor’s stay-at-home order to be in violation of the state’s constitution.

But this is not happening only in blue states. In the very red state of Texas, Democrat mayors and county judges in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio continue to attempt to enforce punitive edicts in direct violation of Governor Greg Abbott’s statewide orders, whose provision supersede any local orders. Local Democrats are taking similar actions in places like Florida and Arizona, all in an effort to extend the economic pain for as long as possible.

It’s important for Americans to step back and remember how we got here. After our corrupt national news media actively fomented panic throughout February and early March in a coordinated effort with the Democrat Party, Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx used a laughably flawed economic model to convince President Trump to embark on a strategy in which we did not focus on protecting the over-65 segment of the population that is truly vulnerable to this virus, but to shutdown our entire economy and put 36 million people out of work (so far) in a mindless strategy to “flatten the curve.”

Fauci and Birx convinced the President and Vice President Mike Pence to treat the entire nation as if it was New York City in order to avoid overwhelming the nation’s hospitals. That’s not speculation – Birx actually admitted that during one of the early press conferences. That is truly what they did, and it created an act of national insanity.

That utterly failed approach inevitably led to the spectacle of empty hospitals all over the other 49 states who have consequently had to lay off hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses and staff, if not millions. But Fauci and Birx tried to paper over that by endorsing a morbid approach to tallying the deaths in which doctors and hospitals have been encouraged to attribute almost any death by natural causes to “COVID-19” in a ghoulish effort to maintain public fear. By the way, that’s another thing Birx admitted during one of the press conferences.

Fauci and Birx initially told us that we could “flatten the curve” by staying home for just two weeks, so we all said, hey, that make sense, we can survive that. But then the two weeks became six weeks, and then the six weeks became “we’re gonna let the governors decide.” And now “we’re gonna let the governors decide” has become a blatantly obvious, nationally-coordinated effort by the Democrat Party and their corrupt toadies at CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the news media to try to keep major portions of our economy shut down through November to help that Party’s clearly-impaired presumptive nominee get across the finish line.

In the midst of governments at all levels focusing on this catastrophically failed “flatten the curve” strategy, the refusal to focus efforts and resources on protecting the truly vulnerable has resulted in tens of thousands of dead elderly Americans who might otherwise be alive today. The death toll is so heavily-tilted towards the older population that the average age of a Wuhan Virus victim in Texas and other states is 80.

That is what an honest media establishment would be focused on. But just as we see them still clinging to their “Russia Collusion” fantasy despite all evidence proving it was a fantasy, these same corrupt media outlets continue to push the drumbeat of supporting Democrat efforts to extend this pain for purely partisan reasons.

It is very important to remember how we got to this point, and to keep reminding friends and family members who may forget, or who never understood in the first place. Because if we forget how we got here, we are doomed to repeat the failure all over again next time China sends a deadly virus our way.

Never forget who is truly responsible for this national tragedy.

Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx are diving into social media to ...

That is all.

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So refreshing to run into like minded folks…I truly believe President Trump, I never grow tired of saying that, is wise to keep F&B close to appeal to the “science ” folks. Remember first and foremost he is a highly successful businessman, in order to get things accomplished you will have to work with folks diplomatically. Trump has allowed them the benefit of the doubt, I guarantee he is fully aware of their background and influences, and is giving plenty of rope and exposure of their true colors to the American people. The man is a mare strategist! Most importantly, do not discount the God factor. When a National leader calls on God, God’s ear is attentive! “In God We Trust”…”Blessed is a nation whose God is the Lord…” Psalm 33:12

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Trixie! Amen.


Pursuant to Phineas’s earlier remarks about these two, Birx and Fauci, they have been sidelined. Trump just finished his vaccine report and both these, marxists had to stand in the background and were NOT given access to the microphone. Bonus points for Trump.

Also encouraging was Trumps acknowledgement that ‘not everyone is going to take the vaccine’ Also regardless of vaccine or no vaccine the country is going to reopen. One liberal ‘reporter’ was about to have a melt down over school openings when Trump moved past him completely. It was funny as the ‘reporters’ voice started to get shriller with a barrage of questions he was hurling.

Overall… Excellent announcement.


I hope all the theories above about Trump not giving in to the vaccine crowd and giving rope to F & B are correct. We need him to stay strong and do the right thing for America.

One thing for sure, he is going to have to get a handle on these blue tyrants and get this economy on a upward trajectory before the election or he will be a one term president.

He has to know the average American voter, even his voters, are nowhere near as strategic as he is and has been. They are not wonks like us; therefore he has to stop the bleeding, especially the economic bleeding.

If he loses, or goes over to the dark side – even a little – it is over, because he has to know that there is NOTHING to be gained by compromising or working with the left. He simply cannot count on THESE people who have caused this to be on his side regarding anything, let alone developing a MANDATORY 30-40% effective (maybe) “vaccine”.

Hopefully he is in contact with the SC to get backing in advance to constitutionally override the tyrants and get resolution in days not months and years.

phineas gage

Per Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, this seems dramatic but plausible:

‘When Blue states go broke and can’t operate because of self-induced economic collapse, Trump can invoke the Insurrection Act and replace their governments. A president can invoke the Act when a pandemic “so hinders the execution of the laws of a State or possession, as applicable, and of the United States within that State or possession, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State or possession are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection.”

phineas gage

It may not be so easy. The Trump administration can certainly make a case that the more draconian orders are unconstitutional (really, they do not accord with the state constitutions either), but in general the governors have the authority to run their states. I don’t think the federal government nor SCOTUS can fundamentally change that.

Trump can certainly use the financial and political leverage at his disposal, and I’m sure he will.


Agree, in theory, but the Federal Government has been or has been allowed to schiff on ‘state’s rights’ ever since the civil war; if not buy force of arms, then by amendment; if not by those, then by court decisions; if not by the courts, then by funding money to coerce outcomes and compliance, or threats to withhold same. Also, federalizing the national guard, and creating new cabinet positions designed to control the states: Departments of Education, EPA, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security, Health and Human services, Labor, FBI, FED, FDA, CDC, to name a few.

Some intervention was good and needed; most was not.

phineas gage

Bongino with a different take on the sundance theory–Flynn was the target of a foreign surveillance which was then back-channeled to the Obama administration:


I actually think he makes a compelling case.


I love Trump, but I find it alarming, disheartening, and even shocking that he’s so thoroughly under the thumbs of Fauci and Birx. Can’t he see they aren’t watching out for the best interests of Americans? The fact that he won’t bounce them to the curb makes me feel like he’s tiring and capitulating. And it’s way too early for that! We need the old Trump to last for 4 more!

phineas gage

See above.


Considering the withering storm Trump has endured to date is testimony to our Creator. Every plan that was brought against him by the evil scheming commies has been pulled down. Information overload is a huge problem for a guy at this level or responsibility. I think Trump has learned that what these two, Birx and Fauci, have done will bury them and the commies, so he’s giving them the rope. Tough to watch but every time the commies failed. I trust Trump to do Trump… I trust Christ to be in control of everything, its a better position to start in.


Trump continues to give Fauci and Birx running room, a platform, and power. So either Trump is no longer in control, or Trump agrees with what Fauci and Birx are doing. In view of Trump’s recent statements to Fox that he is mobilizing the military to vaccinate everyone in the country by next January, it’s beginning to look a lot like Trump is taking orders and maybe Bill Gates is giving them. Certainly Big Pharma is giddy with delight. A brand-new, untested vaccine forced on 330 million Americans by January. And Trump has forgotten hydroxychloroquine and is calling out Army General Gustave Perna. This does not look like the plan is to arrest Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Feinstein et al. It looks like a plan to use the U.S. as a guinea pig farm.

phineas gage

The question is not whether Fauci and Birx are still speaking, but whether Trump is still listening. All indications are that he has moved on. He’s not going to call them out directly for political reasons. Keep you enemies closer…..

Jimmy MacAfee

Wrong. That would be like saying that Rod Rosenstein ran the Whitehouse, and that the President agreed with his hiring of Mueller. Trump used Rosenstein, because he had to.

If you remember CORRECTLY, Rosenstein had to sign off on the Mueller report, which exonerated the President; without his signature, Rosenstein would have been free to take shots at President Trump from then on, all over, in perpetuity. RR didn’t take those shots, because it was HIS signature on the report, and HE started the investigation.

Same with Birx and FAUXI: they had the authority to do great damage to POTUS, and thus had to discredit themselves (FAUXI is synonymous with “wrong”) and they have nothing to say against the President that will stick. He was forced to go along with them. Other plans are in the making.

You are seriously misinformed, or you are a terrible liar. Like Tokyo Rose, dude.


The political field is like when a balled up mess in fishing line. Its a tangled confusion going in every direction and is tough to sort out but when you do it leads to an end. The political arena is no less a ball of line but it does have an end.

I don’t think steve is tokyo rose but jumped the rails on the thought process. The comments give me pause as well when Trump announced the military will distribute the upcoming vaccine. He’s just a man, and prone to mistakes like all of us. He’s a germaphobe too which could play into it, just don’t know. Has he been talking to dirtball Gates… I doubt it. Is big pharm giddy… oh yeah. ANY prospect at supplying a, possible, mandatory vaccine would be a wet dream come true. Will a vaccine be forced on US citizens… imo. They, the commies, will try but it will fail.

phineas gage

O/T, the ACLU is completely silent about the framing and persecution of Michael Flynn by the government, but is suing Betsy DeVos for trying to reestablish equal protection under the law to college campuses.


I’ve said this before, but the fact that the ACLU, the SPLC and other legal agitators who portend to “stand up for the little guy against discrimination and injustice” have been SILENT against all this state and city tyranny shows them for who they are and what they stand for. It is now plain to see for anyone and everyone who is not a rabid leftist.

Anyone who in any way gives money or otherwise supports them is an idiot.


Idiots… no seditious… yes

Jimmy MacAfee

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, has precedent to slap down Judge Sullivan, with a VERY recent decision against supplementary prosecutions.

Sullivan is basically hiring another (retired) judge to add a charge that was never there to begin with, in order to initiate another prosecution. IN addition to not acting as a personal Grand Jury, Judges don’t have the power to prosecute when both litigants wish to settle or dismiss.

Sullivan must be afraid of someone more powerful than Chief Justice Roberts. If he’s willing to work for an organ grinder, he’s painting himself the part. (Nobody is calling him that: it’s a de facto self-portrait.)

The anti-Freedom ACLU is so foul and smelly, they’d gag a vulture, a maggot and a parasitic bowel parasite. Just sayin’.

phineas gage

Last night Levin recommended a writ of prohibition from the appellate court or SCOTUS. Don’t know much about this, but essentially it is the higher court telling Sullivan he can’t interfere like this.

phineas gage

The counter-argument of course, is that decades of indoctrination have so fundamentally changed the American character that a majority will gladly vote for permanent socialist overlords.

This election is a hinge point of our national fate.

Jimmy MacAfee

There have always been a solid core of people who are steadfast Freedom Fighters. Or we never would have had the number of young people signing up for the Armed Services. Nothing has changed, as far as the base.

During the American Revolution, there were a lot of people sitting by and seeing who would emerge the victor. Similarly, even Mexico’s President has come off the fence and is betting that the Dems will lose everything, as his request to re-visit Fast and Furious is well-timed. He’s going to have to have the cooperation of the winning side, and he sees the probability of justice for his 200 murdered civilians avenged – (a former Attorney General facing the ultimate justice, maybe?)

So Americans are seeing what they had, and they want it back: it’s called Freedom. They see and feel and know who took it from them (Globalists, Communists, Pig Pharma, Deep State.) Most people are slowly being red-pilled, and the Great Awakening is in process.

phineas gage

There is a good chance that, at least in political terms, the Dems’ cynically cruel strategy will backfire upon them. I think they believe they are going to recreate the Great Depression and the FDR salad days of government expansion (in this case the ‘Green’ New Deal).

They always operate off of ancient stereotypes like this; their playbook, as is often stated, has not changed for decades. However, the country has changed dramatically since then. For a very long time, and for very good reason, Americans have trusted the GOP with economic matters more than the Dems.

This is particularly true for Trump, who built the greatest economy in this nations’ history in less than three years. In November, assuming we are still in an economic ditch, voters are going to be asking themselves ‘who do I trust to get the economy going again–Donald Trump or someone who is going to appoint AOC as their economic specialist?’

The Dems could not help themselves with this–it played into all of their greatest desires at once, including destroying the Bad Orange Man and instituting the totalitarian state power of their utopian dreams. But they may lose this gamble, badly.

That of course does not excuse the heartless gamble in the first place, and the untold misery it has and will bring to millions of Americans. Despite the media’s best efforts, I don’t think that will be soon forgotten.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think this is a good perspective. The recent election in California shows this to be correct.

End result? Dems panic.


I am so sick and tired of hearing Fauci’s raspy voice, He and a lot of these political septuagenarians and octogenarians should be put in a NY rest home for ‘scientific’ ‘research’ purposes.

Young people (AOC) are punks also, but with the exception of President Trump who has the energy and acumen that would put most fifty year olds to same, these sleepy corrupt superannuated ‘leaders’ need to be retired in this and in future Novembers.

I see the following coming from the way so many ‘experts’ and leaders handled this virus:

Massive class action lawsuits against cities and states and their individual leaders for the losses millions have suffered.

Massive out migration of the same – hopefully the ‘woke’ mobile and relatively conservative productive people will cancel out the blue voting slugs that will come with them to keep red states red.

I see most of the big blue cities ultimately becoming reservations or welfare plantations where there will be no self-sufficiency or opportunity for economic growth, and little opportunity for escape. Perhaps a hundred million Americans will be trapped in these reservations (little Venezuelas) with little future or opportunity.

The blue cities in red states will have an opportunity to reform due to the ultimate control and forced reform by the red state governors. The blue states with the blue cities: no chance. Cuomo and de Blasio make Tammany Hall look like a paragon of clean governance and efficiency.

There will be an outright revolt by the red states if we are ‘legally’ forced to “bail out” the blue states. The blue states created this mess and the only way a bailout would be accepted would be if bankruptcy was declared and the federal government were to actually run the state/city and have the state lose its congressional representation – in effect the state becomes a colony until it becomes solvent and emerges from bankruptcy and only then would they be eligible to reapply for statehood.

Pipe dream I know but that is the only way this mess is going to get fixed. The Democratic politicians must be voted out of power and the blue states/cities must be forced to reform or be taken over when they overtly fail which seems to be the blue plan.

The left is so short-sighted – their only goal right now is to defeat the Bad Orange Man – they don’t seem to realize they are setting up their own long-term destruction. Because the reality is that no one was harmed by the president’s actions (and many were greatly benefited by them) during the first three years of his presidency, so the left’s constant claim about Trump will ring hollow to many.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ring hollow? Their bell has been broken for a long, long time. It never was a bell of Freedom, but tyranny.

And now, the Declass has melted down their anti-freedom bell, and it’s now just a smoldering puddle of cheap Chinese metal and tears.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m confused, Dave:

Should we never forget that Fauci and Birx and the Dims gave us this Totalitarian bs, or should we never forget that China declared war on us with this virus? Or is there no difference between Fauci and China?

Jimmy MacAfee

Not a hair’s breadth.

Jimmy MacAfee

Clapper is mentally unfit for anything: he was ignorant of the London bombing as he was being interviewed by Dianne Sawyer, who was then in the habit of actually asking real questions:

“In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, taped Monday afternoon, Clapper was asked about the arrests, which had happened hours before and were featured on all of the network morning news broadcasts. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Chief Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan, who were also participating in the joint interview, were aware of the arrests.

“First of all, London,” Sawyer began. “How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? Director Clapper?”
“London?” Clapper said after a pause, before Brennan entered the conversation explaining the arrests.
Later in the interview, Sawyer returned to the subject.
“I was a little surprised you didn’t know about London,” Sawyer told Clapper.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t,” he replied.”

He apparently had a secret office, where he would sit and play Nintendo or pull down por% or something because he was the best embodiment of Sgt. Schultz I’d ever seen (at the time.) He has given us more of that recently – like abandoning his mic.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci and Birx are at war – on American business, on the American people. Same with all the governors (including the governor of what used to be Virginia; he used to pretend to be strategic with regard to this, but he’s strategically ruining ALL of our businesses.)

We should make a declaration of war against China. I don’t mean we should start shooting; we should end all relations with them, and protect Taiwan and make it clear that we are willing and ready to fight.

Then we should offer three choices for the American people, involving opening up without restriction now:
1. take hydroxychloroquine pre-infection, or after
2. wait for a vaccine
3. do nothing

Fauci has admitted that a vaccine might not be effective, and it may cause more harm than good. But Americans aren’t stupid, and we should be able to make up our own minds what to do with our health. One thing that needs to be eliminated right off-the-bat: Contact Tracing, via HR 6666, a tyrannical House bill that would never be sunsetted.

If there is a vaccine, I would only take it under these circumstances:
1. It was developed by the US Army (they study viruses, too, you know)
2. It was made and distributed by companies who only make generics
3. It was made and distributed AS a generic
4. It was made and distributed by pharmaceuticals which have no relationship with China
5. China isn’t allowed to use the formula

It’s a given that all attempts at “contact tracing” would be ended, epidemiologists (a very bad name ever since Tuskegee) wouldn’t be able to continue to treat us like Alabama sharecroppers, and we would be able to open up without restriction immediately.

Executive Order 777-888

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