Judge Emmet Sullivan Continues His 3-Year War on the Federal Justice System

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The Deep State sends a clear signal through Judge Emmet Sullivan. – If William Barr and John Durham think that bringing any participant in the Obama-era Coup Cabal that operated within the DOJ/FBI/Intelligence Community during 2015-2019 and still has remnants embedded in those agencies today to justice will be easy, they’d better think again.

That is the signal Clinton-appointed federal judge Emmet Sullivan is sending their way this week with his ongoing corrupt actions in the Soviet-style show trial of General Michael Flynn. After the DOJ moved to withdraw all charges against Flynn due to the rampant, heinous prosecutorial misconduct that has taken place throughout this three-year travesty of justice last Thursday, Sullivan has responded exactly the way he should have been expected to respond: With more judicial abuse of the defendant.

First, on Tuesday, Sullivan entered a minute order that allows the filing of Amicus briefs in the case, despite having repeatedly refused to accept hundreds of such briefs in support of Gen. Flynn during the course of the proceedings against him. Then, on Wednesday evening, the corrupt judge announced he was appointing a Trump-hating retired federal judge, fellow Clinton appointee John Gleeson to present arguments in opposition to the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the case. The appointment of Gleeson came just two days after Gleeson had penned a Washington Post op/ed piece slamming General Flynn.

So we can be sure he will be impartial in his service to the court, right? These Clinton/Obama judges are like a pack of cockroaches.

In that op/ed, Gleeson wrote, in part:

“The Justice Department’s move to dismiss the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn does not need to be the end of the case — and it shouldn’t be,” Gleeson and two co-authors wrote in a recent opinion piece. “The Justice Department has made conflicting statements to the federal judge overseeing the case, Emmet G. Sullivan. He has the authority, the tools and the obligation to assess the credibility of the department’s stated reasons for abruptly reversing course.”

To review, the DOJ reached its decision to dismiss after a U.S. Attorney in Missouri, Jeff Jensen, had conducted an exhaustive, 3-month review of the conduct by the FBI and DOJ/Mueller prosecutors in the case, and found a clear and indisputable pattern of rank and potentially criminal misconduct in what clearly was an effort to entrap and frame a 33-year veteran of the United States military.

Mr. Jensen, for those who may have missed it, is now a part of the Durham investigation, whose scope and staff continues to expand as more and more wrongdoing by Obama officials is unearthed.

With his moves of the past few days, Sullivan is sending a clear signal to Barr, Durham and Jensen that they are going to have to go through pure hell with the prosecution of any of those corrupt Obama officials if the trial ends up his court, the court of fellow corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson, and the court of any other federal judge who was appointed by Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self.

An impartial judge who hadn’t been hugely compromised would have tossed this case more than two years ago, when it first became painfully obvious that Flynn was being railroaded. Yet here Sullivan still is, taking the most extreme measures possible to extend the abuse of a true American hero. The obvious signal that sends could not be more clear.

The two-step solution to this is now equally obvious: Pardon General Flynn and convene the military tribunals. The federal courts, like every other aspect of the federal government, have been hopelessly corrupted by the only existential threat our country has faced since the end of WWII: The Democrat Party.

That is all.

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phineas gage

Anybody else increasingly suspect that magisTRAITORs Sullivan and Amy Berman Jackson are [out]”doing” each other for “Barry’s” attention/entertainment?

Jack Gruenstein

I read that Judge Sullivan is contemplating holding the Gen. in criminal contempt for committing “perjury” by pleading guilty and now trying to withdraw the plea. Not sure the Judge has thought it through. The Gen. was forced to plead guilty because of a threat by the Special Counsel to prosecute his son. Gen. Flynn’s lawyers and the prosecutor agreed the son would not be prosecuted if the Gen. pled guilty. This agreement was a material part of the plea agreement and was required to be disclosed during the plea proceeding. It was not disclosed and that failure implicates the General’s prior lawyer as ineffective and violating the ethics rules requiring candor to the court. The non-disclosure implicates the prosecutor in rank prosecutorial misconduct and violating the same rules of professional conduct regarding candor. In a contempt hearing, the Gen. would have a right to call witnesses and put all this evidence on record to show his “contempt” of court was not intentional or knowing but was the result of duress. So, does the Judge really want this evidence to see the light of day?

Jimmy MacAfee

Great post! Answer: bet Sullivan, whom I now have the utmost contempt for, didn’t figure on that.

I’m guessing they have something on him. Did the take any trips to Little Saint James? Just askin’. He isn’t brave enough to put his own ass on the line for this; he’s facing a bigger threat from somewhere, somebody.


Great article but it ended poorly as I seem to remember the globalist Republican RINOs pushing NAFTA, non-reciprocal trade, open borders, work visas, etc… all destabilizing the U.S. domestic labor market, and national interest.

President Trump has almost single handedly retooled the Republican Party into a paleoconservative patriot party and thank God for that.

But let’s not misrepresent history by pretending the Democrats were the only globalists guilty of selling this nation down the river because the Republican RINOs were 100 percent guilty too!


I will be interested to see how the SCOTUS case the other day would apply to the Flynn case. Pretty much the exact same thing happened in that case where outside parties were called in to continue an appeal without the participation of the original parties and the court unanimously shot it down. I would think that precedent applies here where the judge is bringing in outsiders with little knowledge of the facts to present a faked up case.

phineas gage

I completely agree with DB’s take on this–it is a clear warning shot across the bow by the desperate Obama goons. I would bet you a sizable amount of money that Obama had a chat with his good buddy Sullivan in advance of this.

Many people have observed how Obama erroneously referred to Flynn being guilty of perjury in his ‘phone call’, and now Sullivan a couple of days later is going rogue and considering charging Flynn with perjury. The chance of that being purely coincidental are vanishingly small.

This is so beyond the pale that I think it is a sign they are very scared right now.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think you – and all the other posters – are right. Sullivan is desperately looking to serve his lord and master, Beelzebama.


A quota hire, to satisfy the whims of another quota hire…

“A quota hire, to satisfy the whims of another quota hire…” to satisfy the whims of a LibTard still sore over not getting that pony they wanted for Christmas.

Rick Church

At this point I think a pardon would be counter productive. It would mean POTUS stepped in and took Gen Flynn off the hook not the court. If Gen Flynn can hang a little longer Sullivan will ultimately have to dismiss the case. Here is a


General Flynn is a warrior. He knows the war has been won but that the battle isn’t finished quite yet. Sidney Powell is a beastly warrior and she certainly isn’t going to be thinking anything other than decimating the deep staters completely..

I think Pres Trump is smart enough to know that the more the deep staters plot and throw tantrums the deeper the pit they dig for themselves. He won’t step in because he knows Flynn won and is going to bury the coup cabal. I’m willing to bet Gen. Flynn’s attitude is to root out the b**tards and fry them, no mercy.

phineas gage

Scary times–where is CJ Roberts?

I think the next step would be direct appeal to SCOTUS to slap Sullivan down for good, not military tribunals, but my knowledge of legal matters is minimal at best.


Tribunals at GITMO with a very restricted press presence and very close monitoring of any and all paid and planned ‘protests’.

Also, let’s begin the real and justified IMPEACHMENT process AGAINST ALL the anti constitutional ‘judges’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Special Prosecutor. To investigate Sullivan.

phineas gage

No we have had enough of those, and they are interminable. Quick removal from the case by CJ Roberts, with disciplinary censure. Removal from the bench by impeachment would be best, but that would never pass Congress.


That is why i said a fixed time frame of 100 days with a focused investigation, and not chasing innocent people down rabbit holes.

CJ Roberts is a feckless weasel and if we wait for him to lift a finger to clean up his house, well, we’ll have ‘light rail’ commuter service to Mars before that happens. He (Roberts) should be impeached which I know won’t happen either.

phineas gage

Sorry, will read more carefully before posting.

The ‘light rail to Mars’ line was a coffee-on-keyboard moment–well done.




And all the other corrupt ‘judges’, and another one for all the CV-19 short-selling stock holders in congress. And give the SP a limited time (100 days?) frame to get the investigation done with clear and focused instructions to do it “by the book”.

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