Burr Steps Aside For Now, But Will it Matter?

The Evening Campaign Update

North Carolina RINO Richard Burr “stepped aside,” i.e., was removed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday for the duration of the FBI’s investigation into his sketchy stock trades back in February. Burr [McConnell] was quoted as saying that he was concerned he had “become a distraction” from the committee’s oh-so-important business.

Given that Burr has spent the last three years using his committee to run cover for the Obama Coup Cabal at the DOJ/FBI/Intelligence Community, his removal from that post, even temporarily, will no doubt excite many who have been frustrated by his serial mendacity.

The problem, though, is that the GOP caucus on that committee is chock full of fellow RINOs with one lone exception. That exception is Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who is a rising star on the conservative side of the ledger. However, there is pretty much no chance Cotton would be elevated to replace Burr, given that he has the lowest seniority (5 years in the senate) among the Republicans on the committee.

Otherwise, you have this vertiable murderer’s row of RINOs to pick from as Burr’s replacement:

John Cornyn of Texas – 18 years’ seniority
Marco Rubio of Florida – 11 years’ seniority
Jim Risch of Idaho – 9 years’ seniority
Susan Collins of Maine – 23 years’ seniority
Roy Blunt of Missouri – 9 years’ seniority
Ben Sasse of Nebraska – 5 years’ seniority

Cornyn is the Senate Majority Whip and thus unlikely to assume the post. Collins, who has a tough re-election campaign this year, would be a very unlikely choice. Next in line in terms of seniority would be Rubio, followed by Blunt and Risch.

None of them would be any sort of significant improvement over Burr in the job. So, while Burr richly deserves everything that’s coming at him right now, his removal from this chairmanship is nothing to get excited about.

Not receiving quite as much attention is the fact that Senator from China, er, California Dianne Feinstein was herself interviewed by FBI agents regarding some massive stock trades made by she and her husband as the extent of the Wuhan Virus issue was becoming evident during January and February.

From a report at Forbes:

Feinstein’s husband sold millions in shares of Allogene Therapeutics, a California biotech company in January and February, according to Senate financial disclosures.

Feinstein came under intense public scrutiny for the sales in March, along with several other senators who made similar transactions.

Feinstein has defended herself, saying she had “no input” in her husband’s financial transactions during a CNN interview in March.

Now, a spokesman for Feinstein confirms she was asked “some basic questions by law enforcement about her husband’s stock transactions” in April, adding that she was “happy to voluntarily answer those questions to set the record straight.”


Feinstein, remember, was revealed to have had a spy for the Chinese government employed as her driver for 20 years back in 2018, and the FBI couldn’t be bothered to even ask her about that at the time. But stock trades, now that’s something our “premiere” law enforcement agency, led by the utterly worthless Christopher Wray, can really sink its teeth into.

Not that Feinstein doesn’t deserve the scrutiny – of course she does. But the priorities constantly on display by the FBI – or lack thereof – never cease to amaze.

Anyone expecting either senator to be truly punished for their actions related to these trades is living in a dream world. Burr might – might – get a reprimand of some sort from the Senate ethics office, but only because he has an “R” next to his name. Feinstein’s a D and long ago was rendered completely untouchable. Honestly, if keeping a spy on the payroll for 20 years didn’t earn her any trouble, what would?

Just more business as usual in the DC Swamp.

That is all.

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Cameron Howe

Those committee positions are sold via the party dues system. Highest bidder gets it. Usually it’s masked under the “most senior” moniker only because the most senior members have the largest war chests.

Jimmy MacAfee

Richard Grenell, by the way, IS revamping the Intel agencies, and a lot of people on the inside are actually very happy, while the Deep State Globalists are pouting and shrieking. Brennan’s reorganization of the Agency screwed it 6 ways to sundown, and he spent all his time trying to find ways to dismantle the US through sabotage. Including ending most Intel gathering by American Assets, and by decentralizing a lot of the functions, making each section self-accountable (like a station chief would have all the sections under one roof, while another would have all the sections under THEIR roof. He also used drones instead of actual intelligence, and bombing people indiscriminately was used as a substitute for actual Intelligence.

Brennan did was unconscionable, and he admitted the first of these two things:
1. He ordered the CIA to “stop stealing secrets.”
2. He ceded all Intel gathering to foreign Intel agencies
3. He therefore is directly responsible for the deaths of 17 Assets in China, who were turned over by the CIA to their deaths in order to “show cooperation.”

This is one of the things that needs exploration – how his malignant revamping of the CIA caused calamity to our Intel gathering around the world. Effing idiot criminal communist mothereffer.

Jimmy MacAfee

What would really make a difference is to let General Flynn produce a blueprint for the audit and evaluation of all Intel agencies. And an assessment of those suspected of leaking lies from Brennan et all to the press, followed by a suitable punishment. Death by hanging, perhaps.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think the dissolution of the committee would be in order, with a new one in it’s place. Problem solved. Start with no one from either party, except Cotton.

Cameron Howe

Shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers for Cocaine Mitch to let Cotton serve as chair for a few months, just while the investigation is conducted or until the end of the term. Will never happen, but a guy can wish.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Feinstein being investigated this is a sign that others – Princess Fossy Jaw, Barack Beelzebama and “Jillian the Hysterical” Brennan – and a thousand other “untouchables” are not immune to investigation. It’s a start.

Rubio has aspirations. Too late to think about getting taller, but he could sit taller in the saddle, if you get my drift. Most likely the horse would think he’s a fly and brush him off with her tail, but he could prove himself. Or at least have a chance to.

Cotton would be best picked.

ken Muracz

Very astute observations and very good comment


A Jeopardy clue today was on an asteroid missed earth by ‘only’ 45,000 miles last year and it wasn’t reported until it was only hours away, if only one could…, while Trump is at his first rally in Michigan this year. One can dream can’t one.

phineas gage
phineas gage

‘did NOT’

phineas gage

Thanks for the info about Cornyn, I did remember that he was minority whip.

So I guess it is Little Marco. They’ll need to provide the Napoleon hat and booster seat.

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