Fair Warning About That GOP Special Election “Victory” In California

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Republican candidates appear to have prevailed in two congressional special elections held Tuesday and Wisconsin. But as we all found out in November, 2018, the practice of “ballot harvesting,” i.e. rampant voter fraud, now means that appearances in California on election day can be deceiving.

First, there is no question that GOP candidate Tom Tiffany scored a resounding, 57-43% win in the election for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district. That outcome in what is a rural, traditionally Republican district was pretty predicable going in.

But the apparent GOP retaking of California’s CD 25 is another story. That was one of several districts the the Golden State that Democrats managed to flip in 2018 with their massive after-the-fact vote fraud efforts. The district was held by sexual predator Katie Hill, who was forced to resign last year after her multiple affairs with young staffers became public news.

The district, which straddles the border between Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, is a roughly-even district in terms of voter registration. On Election Day 2018, Hill went to bed trailing incumbent Republican Steve Knight, after polling in the race had pretty much all indicated a GOP win was at hand.

But that was when the Democrats kicked their voter fraud, er, “ballot harvesting” operation into high gear, and a week later, Hill had “won” by a fairly amazing 22,000 vote margin.

As things stand today, Republican Mike Garcia holds an 18,000 vote edge over the Democrat in the race, Christy Smith. Given that this was a special election and turnout was no doubt lower than it will be in November when the two will face off again, you might think Garcia’s margin is pretty safe.

But let’s keep in mind that every one of the 425,000 registered voters in that district received a mail-in ballot – or at least we can be sure all the registered Democrats did – and California’s “vote harvesting” system will now allow activists to go door-to-door to see if they can convince voters to complete ballots after the fact for their candidate.

It’s an insane system that completely destroys all pretense of sanctity of these elections, but it is the law in California and the Democrats proved beyond all doubt in 2018 that they are far more adept at stealing these votes than their GOP counterparts.

So, don’t put this seat back in the Republican column just yet. And remember, as you watch Garcia’s margin grow smaller and smaller in the days to come that this kind of legalized election theft in a huge population state like California is the exact reason why the founders of this country had the tremendous foresight to create the Electoral College system for determining presidential winners. This is also why President Trump and congressional Republicans must kill all Democrat proposals to implement universal vote-by-mail for the November election.

The Electoral College and in-person voting must be preserved at all costs. And I do mean all costs.

That is all.

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dennis winebrinner

sigh….. if the republican party in california had any leadership, and any organization, they would ALREADY be out there harvesting votes from any and every voter they could i.d. from either party.
and here’s an added benefit to out cheating the dems this one time….if they think you can do it again, they will not only drop their demands for nationwide vote by mail, they will oppose any attempt by republicans to get it


Dennis, I don’t want two wrongs to make a right. I want prosecutions to end all voter fraud!


I don’t want to become redundant as I’m beginning to feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again, plus the weather is finally getting decent in TN so I am going to be doing more outside work and less typing. Besides doing real tangible work always improves my disposition as so much of this is so depressing. I’ll resume my lengthy comments when I feel I have something new, and relevant. So to conclude:

I’m not losing faith in Trump, however,

He must soon do the following:

Declare another emergency and FORCE the reopening of the WHOLE Country – let them take him to court and have a battle royal over state’s rights vs the federal government. The stakes are too great not to.

He must end this state and Dem. sanctioned voter harvesting mail in fraud – at least for federal elections.

If Nancy Klink’s new 3+T$ ‘stimulus’ bill somehow gets through the senate he must veto it and demand prime time TV access to explain why he vetoed it and to state how he is ordering the country to be fully opened up as referenced above. He must also be brave and explain that he is ordering a major overhaul of the CDC and the FIRING of Fauci who has never been right about anything of significance, and that if a “vaccine” is ever developed it will never be IN ANY WAY BE MADE MANDATORY! HIPPA and every other privacy protection in every state will be protected. And no state or jurisdiction will be allowed to force businesses to collect personal data on ANYONE EVER for ANY REASON!

He must also state that all Obamagate investigations will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And he must also begin the discussion about how the administration is going to be looking for ways to hold the media, individual politicians, judges, and health care officials (“experts”), including big Pharma and big Tech etc. when they harm or censor individuals and their livelihoods.

Many of us have expressed these and similar POVs in recent comments; just in different ways.

It is a simple fact that the President must soon take these and other drastic steps to get America’s house in order and expose and defeat all these “fifth columnists” ASAP or the country, as we know it, will be lost. It is a shame that it took THREE YEARS to find a Rick Grenell to finally do something positive for the cause of truth and justice; Barr and Durham better not fumble it.

There have never been so many strong and well funded organizations inside and outside of government working at every turn to destroy our way of life and it is fast becoming a ‘perfect storm’ where Trump (and US) wins bigly and totally defeats these cretans or we lose the country. It is as simple as that come November.

PS: If the Democrat Machine in CA happens to ‘find’ 18,001 votes to ‘win’ the election for Christy Smith, and the DOJ (Screw the feckless and toothless FEC) does nothing to find the rank and obvious fraud then why should anyone in CA and other deep blue states bother to vote? If we can’t trust our federal government to enforce open, honest and fair elections which protects everyone’s vote as meaningful AND SACRED, then there is no need for any Republican to run in any blue state. So let’s end the charade and call CA what it is: a Democratic Party Soc*****tic Dictatorship build a wall along its border and divorce them from the rest of the country; ditto for most every other biue state.

phineas gage

Ric ‘Bad-Ass’ Grenell releases names of unmaskers; Biden is among them….

phineas gage

So there it is:


LA won’t reopen until there is a cure. Translated, that means never.

phineas gage

I refuse to link CNN or Reuters, but a poll released today shows Trump leading in key battleground states. Maybe that is another encouraging data point as well.

Biden leads nationally, but that is virtually irrelevant.


Isn’t it amazing how the Left was all about “standing up to ‘The Man’ “in the ‘60’s & when they became “The Man” they demand unconditional obedience?

As David Horowitz presciently observed, “Scratch a liberal, get a Fascist.”


Another good read to understand “progressives” and their fascist tendencies, try “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg

phineas gage

Yes–I’ve been re-reading The Stand lately by leftist Stephen King (although to his credit he was a hell of a writer), and it is eerie how many of thing events mirror what is happening now, except the whole thing was a right-wing military plot. Instead it is the Left that has done this–easily predictable if you know any history.

I know how King has blathered about how his novel ‘The Dead Zone’ foretold the rise of Trump, but he’s been silent about this. I don’t expect that to change.

phineas gage

Apart from whether the Dems steal the CA election, perhaps these two results are favorable markers for the GOP in the fall election. Then again, we’re probably too far out with too many variables in play for them to really mean anything at all.

phineas gage

12% is a lot to make up, but I think the Dems have it in them.

Don’t forget voter ID. Pelosi’s supercalifragistlic extravaganza bill eliminates that.

I’m expecting McConnell to cave. If he does and Trump vetoes, can they override?

Because it is through the looking glass time if this thing passes.

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