The Democrats are Redoubling their Efforts to Keep America Locked Down

The Evening Campaign Update

Today was a very, very busy news day. Here are a few of the highlights.

The Democrat brutes in charge of Los Angeles County extended their stay-at-home order through JULY. This is heinously abusive and un-American.

Also today, the leftists who run California’s state university system announced the are making the rash decision to keep all campuses closed through the fall semester. Utterly mindless.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the pace of the extension of lockdowns by Democrat officials is now beginning to quicken, not slow. They are determined to keep their parts of the country locked down through November in order to prevent any chance of an economic recovery during the 3rd quarter.

This is clearly a coordinated strategy between congressional Democrats and Democrat governors, mayors, county judges and other local officials all over the country. Warning: it is not limited to blue states. As we have seen, even in a red state like Texas, Democrat local officials are doing everything they can to discourage business reopenings and extending the economic and human pain for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, the Democrats also advanced the DC piece of their strategy to break the nation as San Fran Nan released the details of her $3 trillion fake stimulus bill. Very predictably, it is stuffed chock full of the Democrat pork wish list, including more money for abortion, Planned Parenthood, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a whole section on the promotion of rampant voter fraud via a nationwide mail-in ballot system.

In the Senate Wuhan Virus hearing this morning, Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine illegally displayed a “TK 4 VA” campaign bumper sticker on his laptop for all the cameras to see [see photo below]. This is a clear violation of federal campaign finance laws, which prohibit any campaigning and/or electioneering on on official government property. We can be certain that the Senate Ethics Committee will make absolutely no effort at all to hold him accountable.

Important to note that none of the other committee members did anything similar.

Image may contain: 1 person, beard

Everyone should take the time to watch this video of a Texas doctor with a perfect cure rate for COVID-19 using … wait for it …hydroxychloroquine combined with antibiotics and azithromycine. You know – the cheap, plentiful, well-known treatment that Dr. Fauci doesn’t want your doctor to prescribe to you.

Pay particular attention to the Orwellian tactics now being deployed by Walgreen’s pharmacists on any doctor who wants to use this treatment regimen for their patients. This kind of crap has got to stop.


–  Finally, the news-fakers at ABC News managed to create another bit of news-fakery today. Big surprise, right?

ABC’s DOJ correspondent Alex Mallin thought he had a real, bonafide scoop when he issued this tweet:

Hooooooboy, he done got him a “senior DOJ official” for a source right there. umm-hmmm, yew betcha.

Of course, as a DOJ spokesperson later clarified, DOJ has no intention of releasing these documents because they are ODNI documents, and the decision about whether or not to make them public rests with Ric Grenell, the Acting Director of National Intelligence.

It was Grenell, if you remember, who famously hand-delivered copies of these documents and perhaps others last Thursday to Attorney General William Barr. Corrupt media outlets like ABC have been assuming Grenell did that because he wanted Barr’s permission to make them public. As a matter of actual reality, though, Grenell delivered them to Barr because those documents are likely  to be very useful evidence in the investigation being mounted by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Grenell may or may not decide to make them public based on his conversations with Barr and Durham. If those two men convince Grenell that making these particular documents public might damage Durham’s work in some way, then they will likely remain classified for now.

That’s how all of this works, not the way ABC imagines. So, what else is new?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

DB, do you think the Dems are doing this because their polling data is now favorable, or are they just rolling the dice on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and hoping for the best?

phineas gage

So this assumes that Biden will in fact be the nominee?


In for a penny in for a pound… Its the only gambit they have….

Jimmy MacAfee

The Dems also want to keep the attention on the shutdown, and away from Gropey and away from the illegal operation by the Obumbsmell administration in the form of gunrunning . We also know this as “Fast and Furious.”

If you weren’t aware, President Obrador of Mexico is ready for some answers to why 200 Mexican civilians were murdered using the guns provided to Mexican drug cartels by Obumbsmell and his ATF.

In the international community, you can tell who seems to be betting on President Trump being re-elected;. the only case I’ll make for this is the Mexican President’s curious timing and request for an apology and ANSWERS:

“During his Monday morning news conference and over recent days, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador discussed concerns that some previous Mexican officials were briefed on the failed Operation Fast and Furious.

“Anyway, the United States Government still has time to offer an apology because it was another President, but in the end, it is the United States Government that has to explain this situation.”’

Why now? Could tthis represent the beginning of a re-visitation of that illegal scheme, and the beginning of a real investigation of Eric Holder, President Obama (whom I refer to as Obumbsmell)? The Mexican President would not – could not – expect any results with a future Dimocrapic administration; he would only make such a request in anticipation of getting results, and the only results he’ll get are from President Donald J. Trump!. Does anyone here think the Dims would do anything other than throw more obfuscation and cover over the former administration’s illegal activities?

So they throw outrage after outrage, with a northwestern governor promoting kidnapping of children from their families, in order to “quarantine them,” and the Queen of England (G0D rest her soul) encouraging the same thing and comparing what happened during the bombing of London to this virus. How extreme! Hysterical! How stupid.

There is plenty of time to discuss both. We are not children at a magic show.

Jimmy MacAfee

In Virginia, they’re opening up all right: forcing hairdressers and nail techs and Massage Therapists to become snitches. That is why I remain closed. I won’t do it.

The State of Virginia needs to open restaurants; restaurants (not buffets, which are another matter entirely, and I’ll explain my rationale for saying so) are not dangerous places. Busboys should wear long latex gloves; precautions should be taken; servers should be tipped higher than ever. Life should get back to normal.

As far as buffets go: I’ve witnessed people eating AT the buffet, standing, grazing, licking their fingers, and putting those nasty licked fingers on utensils; I’ve seen people sneeze without covering, wipe their noses, and behave as if they’ve been raised by pigs (which are cleaner than these people, because given a choice and opportunity, pigs will keep themselves clean.)

But I also am close to the people I work with; there is no “social distancing” (a term I find repulsive.) No possibility of that. So why would the governor keep restaurants (indoors) closed, but open other services? Maybe the little old lady population sent him angry letters and emails? They want their dam hair done. Fine. Open the restaurants while you’re doing that.

The Governor always talks about “contact tracing.” Screw contact tracing; prescribe the drugs and let people get on with their lives. Hydroxychloroquine appears to be more effective on this particular SARS illness than any of the regular drugs they prescribe for influenza. And wanna know a dirty, dark secret about influenza vaccines?

Some years, they may only have a 9% – 29% rate of effectiveness:

“This year’s flu vaccine “failed miserably” according to the CDC due to a current flu strain that showed up halfway through the season. As ABC 7 reports, in fact — the agency rated its effectiveness at just 9% against that strain and the overall effectiveness for the entire season at 29%. And this is the case nearly every year. Despite this terrible track record of not working, every year, the CDC continues to urge everyone to get the flu shot. What’s more, according to ABC News, vaccines against most infectious diseases are not considered successful unless they are at least 90% effective. Due to the flu virus’ ability to change so quickly, vaccine effectiveness usually averages around 40%.”

Jimmy MacAfee

That is, the flu vaccine is almost completely ineffective even considering how many people opt OUT of the shot; they’re only counting those who COMPLY with their little social engineering project.

Two things: antibiotic and vaccine manufacturing should be brought back from China, because the manufacturers can get away with shoddy, dangerous practices, and vaccines should be used for viruses that have a very slow rate of mutation. And they should NEVER be allowed to be attenuated with things that cause cancer, things that people are allergic to, and these vaccines should never be made with baby tissues (fetal cell lines.)

If Q is out there listening, give us a sign that you comprehend: Big Brother, which you call Globalism, wants us to be their medical slaves. It is an historic fact that Americans are as abused by Pig Pharma as twins in Nazi Germany. We want a helpful, useful, compassionate medical system, not a tyrannical overlord. This current virus is only about taking control.


Never a dull day…

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