Rand Paul to Dr. Fauci: “I Don’t Think You’re The End-All” [UPDATED]

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

This committee is a RINO feeding ground. – With a Senate Health Committee chock full of RINOs like Lamar Alexander, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Mike Enzi, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, be thankful that we have Dr. Rand Paul also among the GOP membership. At this morning’s hearing, Sen. Paul was the one and only senator on either side that attempted to take Dr. Anthony Fauci to task for his rank fear-mongering and consistently, catastrophically wrong predictions related to the Wuhan Virus.

Watch this clip as Sen. Paul lectures Dr. Fauci for proposing once again during the hearing that America keep all of its schools shut down this fall. A Transcript follows:



Senator Paul: I think that’s important, because in all likelihood is a good way of putting it, the vast majority will have immunity, instead of saying there is ‘no evidence.’ The WHO kind of fed into this by saying ‘no evidence of immunity,’ and in reality, there is every evidence stacking up, in fact a lot of the different studies have shown that it is very unlikely you’ll get it again in a short period of time.

With regard to going back to school, one thing that was left out of that discussion is mortality. I mean, shouldn’t we at least be discussing what the mortality rate of children is? This is for Dr. Fauci as well. You know, the mortality between ages 0 to 18 in New York data approaches zero. It’s not gonna be absolutely zero, but it approaches zero. Between 18 and 45, the mortality rate was 10 out of 100,000. So really we do need to be thinking about that.

We do need to observe with an open mind what went on in Sweden where kids kept going to school. The mortality per capita in Sweden is actually less than in France, less than in Italy, less than in Spain, less than Belgium, less than the Netherlands, about the same as Switzerland. But basically, I don’t think there is anyone who is arguing that what happened in Sweden is an unacceptable result. I think people are intrigued by it, and we should be.

I don’t think anyone is certain when we do these modelings. There’s been more people wrong with modeling than right. We’re opening up a lot of economies around the U.S., and I hope that people who are predicting doom and gloom and saying, ‘oh, we can’t do this, there’s going to be a surge,’ will admit that they were wrong if there isn’t a surge.

Because I think that’s what’s going to happen. In rural states, we never really reached any sort of pandemic levels in Kentucky and other states. We have less deaths in Kentucky than we have in an average flu season. That’s not to say this isn’t deadly, but really, outside of New England we’ve had a relatively benign course for this virus nationwide.

And I think the one size fits all, we’re going to have a national strategy and no one’s going to go to school is kind of ridiculous. We really ought to be doing it school district by school district, and the power needs to be dispersed because people make wrong predictions.

The history of this when we look back will be of wrong prediction after wrong prediction after wrong prediction, starting with [Nial] Ferguson in England.  So, I think we ought to have a little bit of humility in our belief that we know what’s best for the economy. And as much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end-all. I don’t think you’re the one person who gets to make that decision.

We can listen to your advice; but there are people on the other side saying there’s not going to be a surge and that we can safely open the economy, and the facts will bear this out.

But if we keep kids out of school for another year, what’s gonna happen is the poor and underprivileged who don’t have a parent that’s able to teach them at home are not going to learn for a full year. I think we ought to look at the Swedish model and I think our kids ought to get back to school. It’s a huge mistake if we don’t open the schools in the fall.

Thank you.


One of the myths that the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies have promoted throughout this crisis is that all the school kids are just fine because they’re being schooled at home by their loving parents. Of course, as Sen. Paul alludes here, the sad truth is that it is very likely that a majority of those kids have been getting little if any parental guidance with their school work since March.

And it isn’t just the lack of learning that will set these children back: a very large and constantly-growing number of them receive at least one meal per day at school and in many cases, two meals each day. Don’t let the Democrats delude you into thinking that those kids are somehow being taken good care of now that schools are closed, because most of them aren’t.

That’s a reality that Democrats love to focus on, but only when it is politically expedient for them to do so. But in their madness to take full political advantage of this crisis and attempt to make the pain as deep and long-lasting as possible, focusing on these disadvantaged kids has suddenly vanished from their agenda. I cannot remember seeing a single report on national or local news focusing on the damage, the real, lasting damage being done to these millions of kids.

At today’s hearing, only Rand Paul, the only true conservative Republican in the room, took the time and energy to stand up for those kids by standing up to Dr. Fauci and his desire to extend the damage through the end of this year.

That’s the truth, and it’s a damned disgrace.

UPDATE: At the hearing’s end, Chairman Lamar Alexander gave Dr. Fauci a chance to clarify what he had said earlier about closing the public schools nationally through the end of the year. Fauci “clarified” that that wasn’t exactly what he had meant, even though it certainly sounded that way. So, as is his habit in his far-too-frequent media appearances, Dr. Fauci once again provides conflicting answers that create maximum confusion.

That is all.

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Methinks Fauci is a faucing moron who gets just about everything wrong. He should have been a weatherman!~

Jimmy MacAfee

This is a clearer picture of what they have in store for us:


Note the repeated use of 666, in Bill Gates’ patent 060606, the patent for absolute tyranny; note the bill for contact tracing, HR 6666.

Now, just for a little levity…

Why didn’t they use other numbers? 070707? HR 7777? Because the devil wants an in-your-face demand for your submission. If you don’t think the devil is real at this point, nothing will convince you. Hillary Rotten and Barry Obumbsmell are evidence enough! Remember all the flies landing on his face? He smells like your papa’s bum?

But seriously – (had to lighten up a bit there) – anyone who doesn’t see the tyranny in these issues is beyond human hope. But as always, with man, it may not be possible; with G0D, all is possible. Just don’t take the mark or participate in their random searches of your bodily fluids. This is against G0D’s Will for you to submit to the Beast. The Lord G0D has your best interests in mind, the devil hates you.


Bunch of ‘interesting’ things about this pope. Not meaning to hijack DB’s site but the pope is considered by many to be the ‘Black Pope’ or the last pope. He’s called the ‘Holy Father’ which there is one one Holy Father and it isn’t the pope. Oddly enough this pope has a ‘close’ relationship with another person who wants to rule and his name in Emmanuel. Odd…

phineas gage

I still think the circumstances of Benedict stepping down to allow Francis to take over are suspicious.

phineas gage

Brennan used private contractors to unmask Trump officials

At Ace:


Jimmy MacAfee

If that’s accurate, they can be in more trouble than people employed by the US as employees. No union, no rules: NOCs. No Official Cover. No safe passage – anywhere.

They could be made to disappear. With prejudice. Or they could be waterboarded prior to a final dispensation. I recall that Brennan didn’t mind killing Americans overseas. Could happen to his own goons, eh?

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as kids being undernourished because of the lack of school meals:

I don’t see school systems asking for less money from their municipalities. maybe I’m wrong. Where is the money going? The school systems should still be providing meals, even if they have to hand them out at bus stops, or bus kids to and from school.

But liberals only think of kids as pawns, just as they think of African Americans and Hispanics are still their slaves and servants.

Well, not completely accurate: Liberals like the Epstein allies think of kids as toys, to be used illegally, immorally and worse. Or they think kids should be killed before they take their first breath. Not just pawns.

phineas gage

True, but overall Jimmy still has a good point–the vast majority of all that funding is eaten up by the educational bureaucracy, with preciously little going to the students for actual education and other things such as decent meals.

It’s why D.C. can have the highest per-student spending rate in the nation and largely graduate functional illiterates.

phineas gage

BTW, the rest of Texas opens, but not Austin, natch….


Adler isn’t even close to being a native Texan. He’s an elitist who grew up in a D.C. suburb and went to Princeton and the Woodrow Wilson school before getting his law degree at the University of Texas.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wanna see a big fat lie? Phineas linked this: HR 6666:

“No provision in this bill would make testing or quarantining mandatory. The bill includes privacy protections for the medical information of individuals that would limit how grantee organizations could share information collected with the federal government. (A large-scale disinformation campaign has made absurd claims about this bill.)”

What makes this a lie? Well, when it involves healthcare providers, who are licensed, the state can use the information gathered to make quarantining mandatory, as well as mandatory testing and mandatory vaccinations..

Remember the Governor of Nevada and Michigan, prohibiting the use of hydroxychloroquine? What gave them the right to usurp the FDA, which approved the drugs? they just took it upon themselves to engage in tyranny. (Nurse Ratched undid her mandate, after she was ridiculed and reviled widely.) They weren’t operating under federal guidelines, then, either.

So they are partly right: it doesn’t MANDATE a quarantine, nor testing, but it doesn’t prohibit it, either, if it’s the state doing it. And the state of Virginia already has demonstrated that it will use such information for the purposes of the State of Virginia, not the federal government. Nothing prohibits the state from doing so, either.

“Absurd claims?” Sounds like John Brennan wrote the bill.

phineas gage

These bills are all being written by ideological leftist lawyers in Pelosi’s office, then she calls in the Dems to vote in lockstep rank-and-file. None of them bothers to read what they are voting for, they just do as they are told like good Marxists.

Therefore, as Jimmy says, the language is riddled with loopholes. Nothing good–nothing–will come from any kind of tracing legislation.


In a country of 300 sum million people why does this one person run the all the health decisions. We don’t even run the country that way. We have over 500 buffoons that could add their two cents before a decision is made. What the hell!!!!!!!!

phineas gage

He doesn’t anymore–Trump has cut him out of the loop. This is why he is doing political PR and feathering his future media nest, from which he will criticize Trump for the next six months.

Early on Trump relied on his medical advisors to give him information about things he doesn’t know a lot about to guide him in a very uncertain moment. He got mendacious advice based upon wildly faulty models. He knows that now and has moved on.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is how medical dictatorships operate.


Maybe I missed the memo, but since when is that midget in a suit THE one who decides how a supposed free society operates? Oh never mind…..the media and/or libtards have crowned him.

phineas gage

Serious Napoleon complex….


Little man syndrome…

Jimmy MacAfee

Napoleon was far more capable.

phineas gage

That’s a good point. Fauci has just failed his way up to his Waterloo moment.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dr. Paul should have said: “I don’t think you’re the end-all; I think you’re the distal end of the digestive lumen.”

Thanks for the transcript, Dave!

phineas gage

Fauci is truly a snake, but he moves sleekly in these political games. It’s what he has done for decades. He hasn’t been a scientist for a long, long time. He will now be lionized in the media for days as a latter-day prophet, despite being shamelessly wrong on virtually everything.

As you point out, the true shame was that no one, other than Rand, had the balls to take him on and call him out.

Anyone looking for courage in the Congressional GOP is on a fools’ mission. I almost despise them more than the Dems for their spineless capitulation.

Jimmy MacAfee

My favorite Virginia snake is heterodon platirhinos, or Eastern Hognose snake.

phineas gage

I currently have a pet smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis vernalis ) and she is a small snake but very pretty.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nice! I’ve captured rough green snakes, but never kept them. does yours eat fairly well?

Most amazingly colored snake I’ve ever caught: at Myrtle Beach, a Rainbow snake, eating an eel on the sand by the lake.

Jimmy MacAfee

Phineas – you’re libeling snakes! If they could sue for the comparison, you might be in trouble!

Jimmy MacAfee

F Fauci.

It’s people like Fauci who engineered these mass-control experiments; I see little difference between what they’re doing in his organization, and in the CDC and in the WHO from the amoral Tuskegee Experiments. Try looking that up. TUSKEGEE. Not airmen. Human epidemiological studies.

As far as mass-vaccinations, there are said to be 33 variants of this virus. No vaccine will work on this kind of moving target. And we remember what happened with live-version of the Polio vaccine: it had in it a monkey virus, SV 40, which caused a whole generation of children to eventually develop cancers of various types. Do we trust your vaccines? HPV vaccines have caused a tremendous amount of death and disability, and for only 4 of the 22 strains that cause cancer.

Then we see the WHO having given African children a vaccine for tetanus, which contained birth control elements. This was exposed by whistleblowers, just like SV 40 and Tuskegee (after 40 years of an epidemiological study.)

Do we trust you? Have you given us reason to? The answer is no! And we have decades of experience seeing Americans and Guatemalans and Africans being used as human guinea pigs for your experiments. My answer to you: bite me, and STFU.

phineas gage

There will be no vaccine, and these jokers bloody well know it. The coronaviruses are a well known family of viruses and they mutate at a similar rate to rhinoviruses. You can expect a vaccine for the common cold at the same time–when h*ll freezes over.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and since they want the economy to shut down until there’s a vaccine, you know what that means: they’re a bunch of blinking saboteurs, pretending to be medical experts. (In wartime, you know what we do with saboteurs?)

We’ll still have to decide what to do with China. Frankly, I’m not opposed to a hardline approach. With German Intelligence showing that they (china) forced WHO to parrot their lies, I consider this an act of war by China against the West in general and the US specifically. And those who have collaborated with this act of war? A lot more than sanctions.

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