Latest Democrat/Media Narrative: The White House is Hogging all the Tests

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Here’s the most absurd question from President Trump’s press conference during which he bragged about all the testing we can now do, and further bragged that we will be able to do even more going forward. Which of course was a waste of time that fell on deaf ears in the corrupt, low IQ White House press corps.

I have no idea who this apparent 12 year-old “reporter” is, but she is utterly typical of the corrupt news media in America today. Watch as the President makes this very silly person look even sillier:


Child Reporter: There does seem to be a double standard here, Mr. President, where members of your own staff can get tests frequently when they need it, but ordinary Americans cannot. So, when will the rest of America have the same access that members of your own staff have?

Trump: Yeah, and you know what? If we didn’t get the tests, if we did no tests in the White House, you’d be up complaining, ‘why aren’t you getting tests for the White House?’ See, we can’t win, because if we didn’t get the tests you’d be up – I understand you very well, better than you understand yourself – and frankly, if we didn’t get tests, then you’d be up complaining about the fact that we didn’t have the tests. So, now that we’re doing so well on tests, so quick and so fast, 5 minutes, etc., and so accurate, you’re complaining that we’re getting too many tests. So, we can’t win.


That is the perfect response, and he’s 100% correct. For the past six weeks, since the fake “we need thousands more ventilators” hoax was resolved by the revelation of video of a New Jersey warehouse filled with thousands of ventilators still wrapped in their original boxes that New York City didn’t need after all, the media/Democrat hoax narrative has been to pound on a mythical shortage of “testing,” even though pretty much no one in the Democrat Party or the corrupt news media even knows how all those millions of tests would be used, or what useful information they would provide.

In fact, the entire motivation around the ‘MOOOOOOOORE TESTINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!” narrative was literally to produce the rapid increase in the number of diagnosed cases we have seen in recent weeks, so that the corrupt media could produce stories claiming that Republican governors were opening up their states despite the data indicating a – you guessed it – ‘sudden rise in infections.’

So, now our country has spent billions on producing millions more test kits, and this child reporter wants to shift the narrative how all those ugly, heartless Republicans in the White House are hogging all the tests! Obviously, the President had been prepared for that very question and knocked the answer out of the park.

But he’s right: He and his staff cannot win with the corrupt news media, which is always going to shift over to the next hoax narrative at the behest of their Democrat masters whenever any perceived “problem” has been resolved.

This nitwit reporter obviously wants America to be in a situation now in which every hypochondriac in the country can just run down to the nearest testing center anytime he or she has a headache or a cough. Even the scaremonger Dr. Fauci has been adamant that people should only be tested if they are showing clear symptoms that are typical for this specific virus.

It should be patently obvious to any person with functioning synapses in their noggins that the White House is a special situation. The country must have a functioning executive branch of the federal government, and that branch is going to cease functioning if both the President and Vice President are holed up in their bedrooms for weeks at a time.

Any legitimate news organization would take this child reporter and designate her for zoo and mall opening duty after asking such a putridly idiotic question at a presidential press conference. But given the ethically-devoid state of our current corrupt media establishment, she’ll probably get a raise for dutifully parroting the latest talking points memo from the DNC.

That is who these people are, and it is what they do.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Allow me to comment on Sudafed and OTC drugs:

Pseudoephedrine had the same ability to cause heart rhythm defects as ephedra (herb: Ma Huang) It was a Vioxx tort waiting to happen. It had little to do with meth. Last I saw, they’re still making it, and no less than before. It was a legal protection for Pig Pharma.

NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatories) also OTC drugs, are known to cause kidney damage (enough to require dialysis,) heart rhythm issues (including A-Fib,) bleeding ulcers, and minus the data of heart issues, they kill around 16,500 Americans every year.

Statins, which are fortunately still prescription, cause dementia and cognitive decline (maybe that’s Joe’s problem, and he’ll come off them in time for the election?) muscle damage and low CoQ10, an important substance for cardiac health; the Numbers Needed to Treat (NNT) show that it takes, for a healthy population, 1000 people taking the drugs to prevent 2-3 heart attacks or strokes. Biggest fraud in world medical history, bar none. (Even counting the current fraud.)

Some drugs that should be OTC: metformin, even though people with certain diseases (kidney, in particular, and liver) should not take it. It has an extraordinary safety profile, and it acts on the glucagon system (and others.) It does not cause weight gain, does not cause keto acidosis (unless used with a lot of alcohol or other drugs) and is generally well-tolerated, with some common side effects being diarrhea and abdominal cramping (both of which can be helped by the slow release formula.)

I’ve lived this shit for years, seeing it and watching people lose their ability to walk because of statins, or have cognitive decline, or drop dead on the track from the combination of pseudoephedrine and caffeine. And a lot more.

phineas gage

I would add in particular acetaminophen among the NSAIDs. No idea why hospitals use this so much. It is well known to be toxic to the liver, and when combined with alcohol can destroy the liver.


Some of us don’t have a choice when it comes to pain relief and anti-inflammatory drug needs.

Is it a big pharm scam, much of it likely. Will people die from the meds, thats a given. The problem is, it would be a tough measure to determine how many die because of the drugs and how many are saved because of the drugs. Do the deaths/saved ratio support elimination or continuance of these drugs and again, just how would you go about getting that measurement??

Because of two accidents I have fractured vert and collapsed discs from L1 – L5. Been on serious meds for 30 years, fentynal, hydromorph contin, demeral, morphine and was told by my Dr that I’d never be off these drugs because of the wreckage. But Gods grace I no longer am on this rot but do rely on ibprophine daily. I am actually thankful for it, as it reminds me daily where I came from, regarding pain, and where I am today. For this I give Thx where thx is due… to Christ our Creator.

Jimmy MacAfee

These – yours – are the very good reasons to take them. I understand the need; I work in a form of pain management.

But when athletic trainers and coaches and doctors and others call ibuprofen “Vitamin I,” it’s gone too far. They should be used for serious issues, such as you’ve experienced.

I’ve seen people on Hyro and Oxy, and they had migraines. I can usually stop a migraine almost immediately, normally. But these were REbound migraines, from the drugs. I couldn’t treat them, but a Chiro and detox cured both of them. The pain clinic that was treating them never thought a second to try that.

phineas gage

As I said, it varies a lot because I’ve never had those symptoms.

Jimmy MacAfee

The second largest cause of renal (kidney) failure in the US is misuse or overuse of NSAIDs. It has only recently been exposed that they also cause A-Fib. Aspirin is the only NSAID that doesn’t cause A-Fib, but it has problems of its own.

These drugs need a black box warning, even if they stay OTC. Caveat emptor.

And from my own experience? Two half marathons with Aleve in my system and my HR went up to 210, running at a medium pace, and was irregular. Since I knew it was the drug, I went home and waited it out. Normally, I can get my HR up to 180, and it usually comes down to between 60 and 80 within a minute. In the half marathons, I was looking for my angels to transport me Home.

Like the song by Pearl Jam says: “I-I-I, I’m still alive!”

No thanks to the generic form of Aleve.

phineas gage

I think it probably has to do with isoenzyme variation between people, which impacts the pharmacokinetics of metabolic breakdown and excretion at the liver and kidneys.

phineas gage

It might work for you–I know it is effective for many people. For whatever reason, not with me.

Carlos Dangler

Dang it, Phineas! I just bought a bottle of 1,000 Ibuprofen yesterday that will last me at least 5 years. Wish I saw your comment yesterday.

phineas gage

Lot of individual variation. Ibuprofen does nothing for me, but naproxen works very well.


Well gang, gotta go finish getting ready to go to work. Not sure if we are just having a restart meeting or actually gonna do a full days work. The texts were short on detail.


I have a hunch that Trump is sitting on the biggest troll of all times when it comes to this situation. Notice how calm and VP Pence are about some staff members testing positive? I think he and the VP have been taking HCQ. And when the timing is right he is going to drop this MOAB on the lying pack of jackal that call themselves the press. As I said, it’s just a hunch.


I think you may well be right. Then HCQ should be made available over the counter like many other treatments/prophylactics (condoms) – we trust citizens to use other drugs that can be dangerous or fatal if misused – don’t we?

phineas gage

That would probably not be wise, particularly because many people operate on the logic of ‘if one pill is good, ten pills must be ten times better’.

HCQ is an immune suppressant with well-known side effects involving the nervous system and heart, sometimes quite serious


I can agree to a point, but isn’t it time we stopped treating the average American an ignoramus? I think it is time the American population was forced to “grow up”, accept some responsibly for the choices and actions they make. If stupid people want to be stupid, so be it.

Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine) used to be an OTC drug and is now only available in limited quantity (at least in TN) through a pharmacy. Why can’t HCQ and other drugs with a proven safe use record (every drug has a side effect) be readily available in a similar manner to an informed public? It would be far better to have an ‘optional use’, cheap, available, and proven safe drug with probably a 90+% effectiveness rate than a “vaccine” with a probable ‘success’ rate of 30-40% that is “rushed” into use and possibly mandated, which could have serious unknown future side-effects.


You can thank the meth heads for the sudafed being OTC. It’s a precursor in the formula for home brew meth.


I concur. An RX from your doctor is the best. I think that if the President hadn’t come out in favor of it, it probably would have been hyped as a miracle drug by the presstitutes. If we had an honest press they’d be repeating Faucis 2015 praise of the drug. I wonder if somebody on the WH staff told President Trump about it. Seems the good doctor has been given minimal face time lately.



I don’t watch these jokers masquerading as serious reporters. The following are the questions, and answers I want to hear:

Since China created and allowed this virus to happen, what action is the administration taking to deal with the bad actor that caused this: China?

Is any action being taken with our allies regarding the UN such as resolutions or sanctions?

How does herd immunity work?

What is the progress of getting information and research about people who have developed antibodies? Also explain what are antibodies – much ignorance on that.

What is the administration’s plans to force the various governors and mayors etc. to open up America and to stop the mini dictators from trampling on their citizen’s constitutional rights?

What guidance is AG Barr, going to be issuing regarding such infringement upon the people’s rights?

Are people and businesses who have been negatively and needlessly affected by all these ridiculous edicts, threats and actions going to have legal recourse against said officials?

Are the plans to reform the CDC and other ‘health’ organizations to ensure a more correct and efficient response to this and future pandemics?

Going forward, are we going to continue to depend upon unproven ‘models’ and probably biased interpretation of the same to be the main or sole factor in the drastic decision to shutdown most economic activity, sequester and generally panic the general population?

If and when a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, will the population at large be forced to take it?What (HIPA etc.) protections are there going to be for the individual?

Is anything (stronger than “guidelines”) being promulgated by the administration to protect people’s rights now and in the future?

Will there be any other shutdowns for a similar (COVID-20) event in the future where we isolate the healthy rather than quarantine and treat the sick?

If these and similar questions are not asked, the President should state the Q & As in his open. I really don’t care about how many of this and how much of that is or will be available. He should also talk up the benefits of sunshine, proper diet, and how risky behavior and unhealthy lifestyle choices increase the vulnerabilities to certain segments of the population.

phineas gage

Meanwhile, the new desperate hope by NeverTrumpers is that both Trump and Pence will be incapacitated by the virus so that Pelosi takes over.

Actively wishing infection and death upon the president and vice-president. As DB always says, you can’t make it up.


Yep, “I am woman hear me roar…” until many revert to the “I’m just a little girl and don’t you dare beat up the little girl” victim fallback, when challenged, or criticized. I remember Walking Eagle did this in her first NY senate run against Rick Lazio, who supposedly violated her ‘space’ during a ‘debate’. Didn’t she also ‘cry’ (oh poor, poor, pitiful me) after losing an early primary to the Commie in 2016?

There does, however seem to be a new virulent strain (if i may borrow an appropriate current and poignant vernacular) of arrogant women politicians (MI and OR Govs, Chicago Mayor, senator Round Heels, Pocahontas), and obviously the old war horse house hacks: Klink, Waters, Lee, Wasaman-Sargent Shultz, and FrankinFeinstein.

The key here is, none of these women have been countered or smacked down to any great degree in their political careers. There are exceptions of course: Klink is not used to being countered and was able to project an aura of political ‘brilliance’, but since Trump takes it to her, she looks foolish; Round Heels was effectively taken out by the Hawaii Heroine, but since it was a girl-on-girl fight, chauvinism couldn’t be claimed and she folded up like a cheap suitcase. If Big Mike or The Opera becomes Trump’s opponent, he won’t hesitate to respond to them as he would a male opponent.

There is a lesson to be learned here for future male candidates – don’t needlessly bow down to women just because they are women. If women want to be seen as ‘equal’ and want to play in the ‘big league’ of politics, they should be treated as EQUALS.

And future politicians should not be fearful about losing the “women vote”, because many women, just like many minorities are predisposed to vote for the woman candidate, or the minority candidate, and you weren’t going to get their vote anyway.

phineas gage

The simple truth is that women, particularly unmarried women with dependents, tend to vote for big government, to serve the role of daddy and provider.

It is biologically wired, so it is hard to criticize the behavior, but this is the result after the intentional destruction of the nuclear family by Democrat policies in so many communities.

It sounds like a terribly misogynistic thing to say, but it is for this reason that I have always believed that the 19th amendment ultimately doomed this nation to a progressive socialist fate.


Yep, And I’ll have thoughts on that in a future article.

Bottom line: Politicians should not kiss up to groups who are predisposed to vote against them. It comes across as phony to your base and RINOs are becoming an endangered political species. You can’t have things both ways.

Walking Eagle proved that by calling us Trump supporters “irredeemable basket of deplorables”. She lost, not because she didn’t cater to us, but because she was so blatant about her disdain for half of the country and was generally an unlikeable and miserable candidate.

Advice to politicians: don’t go out of your way to antagonize and energize any group to vote against you; you need to appeal to some reasonable people in that group, but keep to your core beliefs and it will better serve you in the long run.


This reply was meant for Phineas’ first comment.

phineas gage

It appears to me that the media have in a coordinated manner over the last several months adopted a strategy of female reporters aggressively hectoring President Trump. The Acostas and Karems have largely vanished, replaced by this new group of Alcindor, Jiang, and others.

I don’t think it is accidental. The thinking may be that it will interfere with Trump’s combative style (which is very successful in humiliating them) and garner more sympathy by utilizing the female double standard. The Chinese reporter play yesterday was particularly obvious.

Carlos Dangler

I think the Child Reporter was Ouija Board Jiang. She was just wearing fake glasses and a rubber nose to hide her identity.

On SeeBS this morning they said “CBS asked the question” and then went to the clip of the Child Reporter. Or maybe SeeBS has a whole herd of young female Chinese-looking “reporters” now. Lord knows the ChiComs are probably demanding more for their money.

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