Elon Musk, Freedom Protester

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Come on over to Texas, Elon – the water’s fine! – It’s one thing when an owner of a hair salon in north Dallas, Texas defies the edicts of abusive local authorities by opening her business in the midst of a stay-at-home order. It’s another  thing entirely, however, when the CEO of the most politically-correct carmaker on earth decides to do the same.

But that’s exactly what Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, did on Monday, announcing his protest action with this tweet:

A bit later, Musk followed with this:

So, because the company made the stupid decision to locate its operation in the San Francisco/Oakland area, it was the only carmaker in America that was still on lockdown thanks the abusive Alameda County government. That county government is made up pretty much entirely of Democrats, so no surprise there.

Musk’s move comes a few days after he had warned California that he was fed up with being abused by the state and local government, and planned to move his manufacturing operation to either Nevada – which is also governed by an abusive and frankly not very bright Democrat governor – or to Texas. Musk made no further mention of that threat on Monday.

As previously stated, Musk is now by far the most prominent businessman who has chosen to directly confront the increasingly draconian edicts coming from Democrat officials. It’s important to remember that all of the protest actions stem from the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx originally sold the President and the nation on what was supposed to be a two-week stay-at-home strategy designed to “flatten the curve.” That’s what America signed up for – remember that?

That was supposed to last through the second half of March. But a week later, Fauci and Birx convinced President Trump that we needed to extend the “flatten the curve” strategy for another two weeks, and so we grudgingly did. Then, around April 6, they decided we need to go another two weeks after that, but the President at the same time made it clear that governors were free to start reopening their states under their own discretion anytime after April 15.

Most GOP governors took advantage of that presidential discretion, and began reopening their states around May 1, with a few acting even earlier than that.  But Democrat governors as a group have adopted an obviously-coordinated strategy to keep stringing these lockdowns out for as long as they can get away with doing so.

Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan has hers extended through May 28 now in clear violation of state law, and is already making threats to extend it further if the little people in her state do not bend to her will. Ralph Coonman Northam in Virginia has his lockdown extended well into June, with no real end in sight. Steve Sisolak in Nevada is moving as slowly as possible to reopen his state, and appears intent upon bankrupting as many of Las Vegas’s casino hotels as he can before relenting.

In Illinois, toadish Governor J.B. Pritzker has his state shut down through May 30, and also is already making noises about extending his abuse further. Andrew Cuomo says he’ll begin a very slow, phased reopening on May 15, but that remains under review. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is considering starting a slow reopening on May 15 as well, but has made no formal commitment as of yet. Gavin Newsom in California started a slow, phased reopening on May 8, but continues to issue rash, illogical edicts like shutting down Southern California’s beaches. In Pennsylvania, as we reported here over the weekend, well over 2/3rds of the counties are in open rebellion against the abuse of Gov. Tom Wolfe.

These Democrat governors have been boiling the American frog for six weeks now, testing and poking and prodding to see how much abuse their people will take before waking up jumping out of the warming water.

Elon Musk jumped out of that pot on Monday. This frog-boiling exercise had better end soon.

No photo description available.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

A must-see video, as long as it’s up:



Thank goodness Gen-X has found our generation’s CEO guru. Normal Americans respect Musk’s standing up for personal freedoms we as Americans used to take for granted. We’re tired of talking head politicians (see, Trump), and we’re tired of our captains of industry becoming a soy-infused class of PR-polished, politically-correct drones.

Elon is taking red pills, and handing them out. Keep it up, for the sake of American individualism and freedom. Keep going on Rogan, keep thumbing your nose at the boomer karens (“how *dare* he smoke weed!?!”), and keep ignoring the political class. Keep innovating at a pace that old companies can’t even fathom. Keep showing the cowering masses of Americans that being an American still means something in this world.


If I ever get requested to give my name at any business, I will give the Governor’s/Mayor’s name and his address and phone number. If that is not accepted, then I will make up a phony name like Joe Smith of Anytown USA, or will just walk out the door.

Beck had a 77 yr old MI barbershop owner on his radio program yesterday and he was great (has been in business longer than Whitmer has been alive) and refuses to back down. Shelly L was also on Hannity’s radio show. This is getting out and won’t be tolerated much longer.

Now Musk finally gets it – guess those Obama Green Subsidies are running out and he actually has to do something to make real money.

The desperation of the TDS sufferers is really amazing and it is forcing them to make unforced errors starting with ‘the One’s’ famous treason meeting on Jan 5, 2017. Now the various Dem and some GOP leaders are putting it all on the table to beat Trump (again) regardless of future and long term consequences. Beating Trump is apparently the hill they all want to die on. I say let them – they are self purging their own ranks and are setting up GOP majorities and wins in places previously believed unattainable for the foreseeable future.

Only wealthy societies have any interest and tolerance to play around with and be willing to spend money on frivolous causes like “green energy”, gay and other protected minorities ‘rights’ etc. When people are made poor, homeless and hungry, either by a “green deal” or a dictator’s plain to see actions, they will be very energized to Schiff-can the politicians who caused them pain.

Jimmy MacAfee

I can wear a mask, and have others in my business do so; I can (and do) wash my hands more than the average person with OCD; I can keep my business clean (and do); I can limit the length of my service (I will.)

But I will never provide the government, without a signed authorization from a client, their names nor contact numbers nor addresses, nor their time of service nor the date(s) of their service.

I will not sequester or quarantine myself if someone who is positive or suspected of being positive visits my business.

I will not let my employees work under conditions such as these, and will not open at least until indoor seating in restaurants in normal volumes is approved overall.

I will not submit to vaccination of any kind, nor require them of any employee.

Y’all can kiss my a$$ if you think I’ll put myself, my staff, my customers or my business in jeopardy. Do you have contact tracing for every Walmart customer? Gas stations? Will you require that of outdoor restaurants’ patrons?

Jimmy MacAfee

From an e.e. cummings poem:

“Olaf(upon what were once knees)
does almost ceaselessly repeat
“there is some shit I will not eat”‘

phineas gage

Cummings is one of my favorites. Solid conservative.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, in a time when his Conservative/Libertarian perspective wasn’t very well articulated by most. Leftists hated him – I heard that as Leftist college profs gagged at his name.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some businesses may choose to shut down permanently, if they have the option to do so. This falls entirely on the Democrats, not on the President, and we know who to blame (aside from China, which is working in lockstep with the Dems.)

I’m looking forward to Mr. Musk keeping his promise to move.

phineas gage

And those that wait too long may not be able to do so:


Jimmy MacAfee

Virginia’s “re-opening” is like not opening at all. They’re beginning phases of Contact Tracing, and they’re going to require self-quarantines for people who are exposed to anyone exposed to a virus positive person.

There are questions about HIPPA (privacy) as the state is requiring that salons, nail techs and Massage Therapists keep client names, dates and contact numbers. This would be normal for Massage Therapists, anyway, but HIPPA rules prevent them from distributing private information unless a client signs a statement allowing for those records to be recovered.

So the State of Virginia is asking businesses to be ready to provide names and other information, which may include days, weeks or months of personal data. This creates a conundrum for Therapists, who must break federal law in order to satisfy state law.

Secondarily, there’s the issue of quarantines: if an employee comes in contact with a virus-positive client, they must self-quarantine. This is an onerous requirement for small businesses, and even larger businesses like Massage Envy. It means the employee has to risk exposure to breaking federal law, coming into close contact with potentially sick people, and then giving up their livelihood if they even come into contact without becoming sick themselves.

Eventually, the state will mandate vaccines for all healthcare practitioners, which is unconstitutional, because they will not mandate the same for servers at restaurants (a potentially more explosive vector.) As it is in Virginia, they will allow open air restaurants, but not dine-in;
they allow the use of beaches for exercise, but not for sunbathing.

Those conflicts with reality make me think that most employees in these places (all of them) are better off staying unemployed. Owners of such places also are taking risks, legal and otherwise, if they choose to open with Contact Tracing and quarantine-by-contact rules.

No thank you. Contact Tracing is tyranny, and so are quarantine mandates.

phineas gage

I linked to this in yesterday’s thread, as it pretty much confirms what you have been saying:


Jimmy MacAfee

This claims that patient privacy will be protected. Just like your Social Security number was supposed to be used only for Social Security, not as it had been utilized for a million other things. While it is true that you don’t have to provide most of your number, mainly your last four numbers, the Social Security number has been used for fraud, theft and other crimes against SS number holders.

They also claim that this will not involve people being quarantined. BS. Health Departments will have every opportunity to misuse the data.

I would prefer not to be tested, unless I become sick and show symptoms. of something greater than a flu, and if I am sick, I will take time off and not expose anyone anyway. But I will not cease operations because someone I’ve seen has been tested positive.

I will not take a vaccine of any kind, which will be another eventuality of Contact Tracing – whether or not they admit this to be part of the package.

Testing and quarantines have become a monster, worse than the virus itself.

phineas gage

BTW, there is no truth to that old canard about slowly boiling the frog. Frogs have abundant nociceptors in their integument and would be jumping out of the pot way before it got hot.

Carlos Dangler

“nociceptors in their integument”?

Whew! You guys are hard to keep up with!

Carlos Dangler

Sorry to post twice! The regulators took so long to look it up in their medical dictionary that I thought it didn’t go through.

Carlos Dangler

“nococeptors in their integument”?

Whew! It’s hard to keep up with you guys!

phineas gage

Musk did have solid business reasons to originally locate Tesla headquarters in California, but at this point he clearly regrets it.

I think it is likely he relocates, and Texas would be the most logical choice. I can’t figure out why he is also considering Moe Sizlak’s Nevada, but he must have his reasons.

If more and more businesses begin to pick up and move to red states, conferring a clear benefit on those states that have reopened, the difficulties of the fascist governors will only increase.

Governor Wolfe in Pennsylvania appears to be doubling down. Rather than directly confront the people, he is threatening to cut off state funding to non-compliant counties, thus hoping his local thugs will do the job for him.

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