Why Joe Biden had to be the Democrat Party’s “Presumptive” Nominee

The Evening Campaign Update

You all understand by now that the fix was in for Joe Biden, right? Everyone gets why Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe literally had to be the Democrat Party’s “presumptive” nominee for the presidency this year?

This “presumptive” nomination was never in doubt. It took me a long time to figure that out, but the simplicity of it all finally popped into my head earlier today, as I was editing my third “Obama Knew” piece of the last four days.

Yes, Obama knew everything. He knew from cradle to grave. He knew about all the illegal spying on the Trump campaign beginning in late 2015 and continuing right into the Trump Transition and even into the Trump presidency. He knew about the Clinton Campaign and DNC splitting the costs for the fake Steele Dossier, and knew it was all based on lies from agents of foreign nations like Russia.

Obama knew about all the FISA fraud and the effort to entrap and frame Mike Flynn. He knew about the literal wiretapping of Trump Tower and knew about James Comey’s effort to entrap and frame new President Donald Trump. He knew about all the perjury and fraud and subterfuge and open sedition and arguably outright treason.

And guess who else knew about all of that in real time as it was happening? Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden.

That, folks, is why no one else could possibly become the presumptive Democrat nominee. Bernie Sanders never really had a chance. Nor did Preacher Pete, or Fauxcahontas or any of the other 7,000 candidates for the nomination.

See, Biden knows all the deep, dark secrets of the Obama years. He knows where all the bodies are buried. And more to the point, he participated in burying them. And even more to the point, he was the only declared candidate for the nomination this time who had that status.

Thus, Biden was the only person in the race who Obama and the evil minions who run the DNC could possibly allow to secure the nomination. After all, he had real skin in the game. If everything suddenly spills out into the public domain – as it has been doing in drips and drabs over the past few weeks – Quid Pro Joe is as much at risk as anyone else, including Obama.

Think about it: one of the things Biden knows – as Obama does – is that the DNC was not really “hacked” by the Russians in 2016, as the organization has falsely claimed for four long years.  Could the current DNC minions really risk having an unknown quantity like Preacher Pete walking into the Oval Office on January 20 of next year and trust him to be willing to become an after-the-fact accomplice?

What about Kamala Harris? Could she be trusted with the keys to the kingdom?

Fauxcahontas can’t even be trusted to tell the truth about her grandmother’s racial background. You think Obama can trust her to keep him out of all of this? Please.

No, this was always destined to be Biden’s “presumptive” nomination. He is the only candidate who is personally at risk, and thus the only one who could be fully trusted to immediately shut down any further investigations into anything related to Spygate/Obamagate on his first day in office.

Of course, the problem with this plan becomes more manifest with each passing day: Quid Pro China Joe is increasingly and obviously impaired. He is not capable of conducting a video conference call, much less the office of the presidency.

But note that I keep using the term “presumptive” nominee. That’s because Biden doesn’t have to be the actual nominee. All he has to do is remain semi-lucid for another couple of months, until all the party’s primary contests have come and gone, in order to ensure that Sanders has no ability to accumulate enough delegates to win the nomination on a first ballot vote at the convention.

Because, as Yoda said in one of those Star Wars flicks a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, “There is another.”

Yes, there is another. Another prominent Democrat who also has plenty of skin and personal risk in this game. Another who has been waiting in the wings all along, hoping for a chance to jump in and steal this nomination.

That, of course, would be the Pantsuit Princess herself, Hillary Rotten Clinton. The same Fainting Felon who was supposed to win the election in 2016 and sweep everything under the rug the day she assumed office in 2017. Oops. But now she might get a second chance to finish the job.

It’s all becoming clear now. It just took awhile to figure it all out.

That is all.

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I think it’s even simpler than that. Trump is going to win. The DNC knows that Trump is going to win. For that reason, they chose Biden because he’s a throw-away candidate. When he loses, the DNC will have risked nothing and no one of importance. And in the OMG likelihood that he pulls off a victory, whoever is chosen as his running mate will assume the office within ~6 months of Biden taking over….and then collapsing under the weight of the office.

Biden is a throw-away.

Jimmy MacAfee

That point has merit. If so, you’ll see very few house and senate candidates hitching their wagons to his. Especially if they’re expected to have their wives or daughters within groping distance of the old coot’s grasp. He’ll bring them down, and they know it, because he has all the magnetism of a genital wart.

There is another speculation, whether it’s legal for him to run or not: the words Obamagate were used specifically to keep Barry and Michael from running as husband/husband team, with Obumbsmell as VP. This might have merit, since Barry Obumbsmell wasn’t a legal candidate the first time. He’s opened his own door.

Not gonna happen now. Obumbsmell has some Saudis ready to spill.

Carlos Dangler

David – I disagree when you say that “Obama knew”. It’s a helluva lot deeper than that!

It should read “Obama ordered” or “Obama approved”.

Carlos Dangler

You, as always, are correct David!
That’s why you have an awesome blog and I just hide behind a catchy nickname.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny: Obimbo didn’t know how to run a cabinet meeting the first time; Jarrett reportedly had to run it for him (thanks, Mommy!) The only thing he knew how to do was to create conflict, commit illegal acts, obfuscate, lie and steal from the American public; plot and scheme, orchestrate illegal schemes and smile for the cameras. He had no empathy for anyone – (except for himself, when he was seen weeping at all the applause) – and as far as actual information goes, he didn’t know that he didn’t know, and he didn’t know what he didn’t know.

Just because his IQ is likely closer to 100 doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable of great evil. He showed us that.

phineas gage

He’s a community organizer Alinskyite communist thug. That’s what he has always been, and that is what he was as president.

Carlos Dangler

That’s a great link, p.g.!

Who does she need to service this time? Obama??

Or would letting Gropey Joe do his thing be enough? Those hugs on the campaign trail (assuming Joe makes it out of his basement) would be highly scrutinized and probably very entertaining.

If only she was 14…….. Ooops! Carlos’ mind was wandering again.

phineas gage

I really can’t see the DNC machine going for a novice like Cuban, and virtually all of their potential governor replacements have greatly damaged themselves during this lockdown–Newsom, Whitmer, Cuomo, etc. They also don’t have any replacement candidate that can draw the black vote.

Hillary is really their only realistic choice.

phineas gage

I agree with your central thesis–the main flaw that I can see is that Biden at this point likely doesn’t remember any of the coup machinations, so replacing him would really not pose much risk to Obama and the other conspirators.

David Rhodes

Wouldn’t this theory require quid pro china Joe to remember? His decline was amazingly fast and will go unabated in the coming months. By the time the election comes around they will have to feed him from his wheelchair.

phineas gage

Sorry David, I didn’t mean to duplicate your post.


Potential draft of Gavin Newsom? He makes Dems swoon + he has all the “progressive” bonanza rides?


If we’re speculating on whether the Dems will nominate someone who knows where the bodies are buried, and will keep them buried, why not stay with Biden despite his obvious mental decline? Walking Eagle will do no better in November; even as Joe’s replacement or especially if she is his #2.

Or do the Dems go with a fresh face as in a Cuban, a billionaire who can self fund and is ‘reasonable’ sounding? Either way their base is irreparably fractured.

A case could be made if they are looking for a safe no baggage candidate, they go with a senator like a Sherrod Brown, OH, or a Tester, MT, or a Manchen WV, and save their ‘up and coming stars’ for 2024 when Trump won’t be on the ballot.

Off course there is always Lurch Kerry, who served in Vietnam (for like three months) who was rumored to being recruited several months ago. What is Algore doing these days?

I don’t trust anything these people are saying or trying to do, and I still feel they will try to pull some other rabbit out of the hat with an October surprise. Maybe even install some sympathy candidate in October if Biden were to expire after actually getting the nomination in August?

I won’t rest or feel comfortable until Trump wins on Nov 3.


“Bona fides”

Damn I hate spell Ck!


Well, looking at the comments above and assessing DB’s post, it looks to me like Trump gets reelected and a few of Obama’s henchmen go to jail. As for Obama, not a chance he gets indicted, much less convicted or jailed. The Swamp will never allow the first (half)black president to go to jail. But at least we can expose him for the fraud he has always been, destroy his legacy and ensure that he becomes a universally disgraced former president for all of human history. That works for me.

Toni Magnusson-Cooper

Excellent post

Jimmy MacAfee

So, looking at Dave’s thesis – nomination by blackmail – who else has a shot? Who else has the goods on everybody, and can control the party?

Eric Holder? Mexico has requested (demanded) a new investigation into Fast and Furious. Which is about time Mexico will get some answers, since over 200 Mexican civilian were murdered using F&F guns, (and one brave Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry.) Then there’s the probability that Holder’s firm, which represented General Flynn, acted on behalf of Holder and tried to keep the plea deal going. Holder is not in a good position, even if he did once say he was considering running. We know more about him than he knows about us. And he is just about ready to see an investigation – a part of Obamagate.

Mittens, a crossover? Mittens had better have a double-jointed back, because no one else will be kissing his patootie or anything else down there. He doesn’t know anything about anybody. he’s too feeble to fight the cowardly lion.

Some (former) generals or admirals think they have what it takes; in reality, their lips and noses are still brown from the last administration: no amount of pig-brand lipstick will remove the stain. And their ability to blackmail is seriously attenuated; most of these guys needed someone to give them a tip at the urinal. And they mostly have short fuses, physically speaking.

Since the CIA thinks its a good idea to run former agents in political races, there could be someone from that world. They have plenty of dirt, but no shovels. Anyway, there goes the Bernie bros. Gone. Brennan is delusional enough to think he has what it takes, and knows enough about everybody, and he’s delusional enough to think he’s popular. Hell, he was delusional just thinking he was up to running the Agency!

The ideal candidate for the Dims is Satan; he’s the author of all their misdeeds, lies and murders.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Satan’s fair-haired boy, Jeffrey Epschteen, has gone on to face real justice. He had a lot on everybody. I mean EVERYBODY. Because his friends did EVERY BODY, in one fashion or another, no matter the age, gender or amount of blood they had left in their body.

Jeff Bozo still wants to rule the world, not a province.

Gates is narcissistic enough to think he has what it takes, and he might have enough on everyone. But everybody hates Bill – (even his friends.)

Warren Buffett is too close to G0D. Not in relationship, in number of breaths left? (repent now, Uncle Warren – I mean that sincerely, as someone with the same haplogroups wants what is actually best for you in Eternity.)

Nobody in the primaries, if you can call them that, caught fire. They’re as popular as a burning owl at a pizza party, if you get my drift.


I agree with the Biden assessment as all these coup cabal actors needed to have someone they knew would shut down everything investigatory about their treason attempt.

Where I don’t agree is that Cruella Clinton will sidle in there at the last moment and rescue the day for the criminals. She has WAY to much baggage and is thoroughly despised by a broad swath of the Dem base. To great a risk, imo.

Personally I see the DNC looking to a guy like Cuban. They’ll backroom him into guaranteeing to close out all investigations. He’s not that well known, comes across as a reasonable, level headed guy who happens to be a billionaire. A Dem Trump clone. They have nothing original that is acceptable to the citizenry so they’ll fall back on trying to copy Trumps brand. imo

Jimmy MacAfee

Backroom, for sure. I still think they have (or had) someone like Mark “the Simpsons character” Warner in mind, or Northam. Someone no one has been mentioning, lest someone do opposition research.

Northam has skeletons, but they’ve been exposed – and he’s not going anywhere. They’ll be doing internal polls to see if the African American community will tolerate him. My guess: he’s as popular there as Kamasutra Harris.

Warner is going to be caught in the espionage trap he and Burr and others promoted against General Flynn and President Trump; Warner kept insisting that he had inside info, just like Schitf. Now that this disinformation has been exposed, with all the relevant testimonies saying there was no collusion, his star will be falling faster than Satan being thrown from Heaven. (I suspect he’s attacked to that star, too.)

Whomever their candidate is, he/she’ll have to be approved by Satan – and the pope.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree that Joe has them by the hairs: I’d written one of my many (unread) comments about Quidpro saying: “Stiff me, and I’ll bury the whole lot of you!”

Clinton did this to Quidpro, too, because she knew all about Burisma; she had/has a lot of other stuff on him, and she had/has more than anyone knows on virtually everyone. She paid for the dossier, didn’t she? That was just a smidgeon. Epstein’s dead, but Weiner’s laptop is still alive. Same with the DNC server.

They delayed the convention to give Quidpro time to become maximally senile, for his wife to force him to withdraw; he will have to have a VP named by then. I suspect that they have several names, and they have to be – (as Boarwild says) – unindictable. Hillary Rotten is closer to being indicted by the day, the hour, the minute. Since she’s got more baggage than even Obumbler (decades worth) and it’s a running bet who will be indicted first. I’m thinking that her tentacles all have to be chopped off and dried in the sun, while Obimbo’s tentacles are mostly those who are facing indictment. So she’ll be presumed to be the nominee, as Dave says, for the reasons Dave says.

H. Rotten Clinton still has tentacles, but they’re being exposed one-by one. All of the scheming to get Trump is as damaging to her as it is to Creepy Joe, but more.

For Obutthead to be as exposed as he is – (by President Trump, who is careful to predict those things which nearly always come true) – it means his appendages are fighting for their own lives. Guessing: Odumbo’s time will come before H. Rotten.

As for who the Dims will pick, it’s a war of attrition: who has the least baggage? Joes mind is gone; Rotten paid for the dossier and everything else. And Obubblehead has no tentacles left, and may well set the whole thing on fire. His victories are always pyrrhic; his accomplishments all in ashes. I can’t say who will replace BlowJoe. Not someone close to Ostumbler.

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember when they were trying to get SchmoeJoe to run against the Coughing Felon? She stomped that one out, like a punk stomps a cigarette, cause she’s a one-womyn blackmail machine. He learned from the best!


Well, we all have been kicking that can around for sometime now. It’s going to be interesting to see how they will go about it. Joe is not in his right mind for sure. I don’t know whether to be happy at the prospect of watching the Dems go all in on a three, oops I meant two time loser or not. But then again, it’s their only hope now. But Boarwild does have a point. My thought is that if she does get indicted it’s going to be comedy gold if she tries to run.


DB – for the first time think I’m going to disagree with you: think she’ll have her hands full fighting off an indictment. Think Barr’s playing for real & for keeps. Moreover, since what has unfolded vis-a-vis Obamagate, Trump will have extra ammo on this front. “Lock her up” could be for real this time + she’s already lost twice.

I could be wrong of course. Thoughts?

Michael Ruggiero

I believe that has been the plan.But the indictment was an unforeseen problem.Now we wait to see how the dem stains react. Just my opinion from the recent news.

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