Obama Knew, And Now We Know, Too

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

It has grown increasingly obvious over the last few weeks that Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self was fully aware of and likely involved in the planning of Spygate from the very beginning. The drip, drip, drip of newly-declassified documents, most of them forced out into the sunlight by Acting DNI Ric Grenell and Attorney General William Barr, is providing an increasingly transparent picture of just what the former president had to know and when he must have known it.

Over the weekend, we talked about the fact that then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was stunned to discover during a meeting on January 5, 2017 with Obama and James Comey that Obama was fully aware of all of the details surrounding the effort to entrap and frame General Mike Flynn, including the fact that the FBI was illegally recording Flynn’s phone calls during the presidential transition. This meeting occurred more than 3 weeks before the FBI’s carefully-choreographed entrapment interview with Flynn.

So, we know that Obama was intimately involved in that piece of the growing Spygate scandal. But it is almost certain that he was much more deeply involved than that, going all the way back to the germination of the effort to spy on and entrap certain members of the Trump Campaign, which we know began in late 2015.

We know that because all of those efforts were being conducted out of FBI headquarters under the umbrella of a counterintelligence investigation. As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy told Captain Tick-Tock, Sean Hannity Friday evening, counterintelligence investigations are conducted for the president, and their progress is included in the president’s periodic intelligence briefings, which Obama received on a daily basis.

Here is a clip of McCarthy’s comments, followed by a transcript:


McCarthy – What I’m saying is not that the president sits there and directs that there be counterintelligence investigations. What I’m saying is that, unlike criminal investigations, counterintelligence investigations are done for the president. The only reason to do them is to inform the president with the information he needs to protect the United States from foreign threats. They are not like criminal investigations in that regard.

So, in principle, the information from a counterintelligence investigation is for the president. And here, we know at various junctures we have  actual factual information that this investigation was well-known to President Obama.

Hannity -Ok, so, if he knew, and this is all happening, he had to know about it from the get-go. Doesn’t that also imply that he would have been updated about all of this, if he’s the one that needs it for national security decision making?

McCarthy – Sean, if things were working properly, the President should’ve been alerted about it and informed about it. It was a very important investigation. If they actually believed what they were telling the court, that it was a possibility that Donald Trump was actually a plant of the Kremlin, it would have been derelict on their part not to keep the President informed.


Now, think about the implications of what McCarthy is telling Captain Tick-Tock in this clip. Everything, every element of Spygate, was coordinated out of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, which at the time was headed up by Bill Priestap, who reported to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. This is why the demonic Peter Strzok had such a heavy role in every piece of the operation – he reported directly to Priestap at the time. So did FBI agent Joe Pientka, who conducted the Flynn entrapment meeting along with Strzok.

Comey and McCabe and Strzok have all claimed that the FBI formally kicked-off its counterintelligence operation against the Trump Campaign at the end of July, 2016, in an operation they named “Crossfire Hurricane.” But we know from a variety of documents now in the public domain that FBI and CIA operatives were in fact targeting Trump campaign people like George Papadopoulous way back as early as November, 2015.

We also now know that the FBI was engaged with and using information provided by British spy Christopher Steele throughout this entire time frame. And we also know that the FBI was fully aware that Steele’s information – which consisted mostly of salacious rumors provided by agents of Russia and other foreign governments – was highly questionable and very likely false. And finally, we also know that the FBI and DOJ were fully aware that Steele’s efforts were being funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, which Clinton controlled at that time.

All of this is information that Barack Obama His Own Self almost certainly became aware of through his daily intelligence briefings.

Think about what else was going on under the rubrick of Crossfire Hurricane. That known-to-be-false information provided by Christopher Steele was being used by the FBI as its foundation for defrauding the FISA court and acquiring a series of illegally-obtained FISA warrants. The FBI used one of those illegal warrants to justify the tapping of Trump Transition Team phones, including General Flynn’s.

Obama knew. All of this. Every bit of it.

Now, think back to last Thursday and the breaking news that Acting DNI Grenell had hand-delivered a satchel filled with additional documents directly to Attorney General William Barr. What if those documents included copies of those daily intelligence briefings that were provided to then-president Obama during this time frame?

This could explain why President Trump suddenly switched from using the term “Spygate” to calling it “Obamagate” over the weekend. Obama’s sudden realization of how exposed he had left himself in all of this may have also motivated his decision to leak the tape of his carefully-scripted phone call with the “Obama alumni association” on Saturday.

Obama knew. He knew everything. Throughout the entirety of the 2016 presidential campaign, we had a sitting U.S. president fully aware of and actively participating in a spying operation on the nominee of the opposition party. He thought he was invulnerable because surely Hillary was going to beat Trump.

But then Trump won. And that victory by Trump necessitated the mounting of a coup d’etat on American soil in order to protect Obama and all of his his team, a coup effort that started with the attempt to entrap and frame General Mike Flynn.

Sidney Powell, Flynn’s badass lawyer who has had access now to far more information than is currently in the public domain, certainly thinks this is the case:

Obama knew. Everything.

This sure will be an interesting week.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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If America is ever dumb enough to vote for Biden’s #2; that is exactly what we’ll get: #2.

phineas gage
phineas gage

This is what Jimmy Mac was referring to vis-a-vis ‘contact tracing’:


Scary stuff.


The only thing I’d really dispute about this article is the source material. Don Bongino has a great point on this which I think is likely more actuate.

Dan points out that the whole of the narrative was used in an earlier run, like a story line. He suggests Steele was more a facilitator to add ‘credibility’ to the story. The story was originated by Glen Simpson from Fusion who is on record as visiting the White House numerous times in the early time line. With a few modifications, insert different names, Steele adds a few tidbits to give the dossier some favour and viola!!! Obamagate. brought to you by Fusion GPS made in America.

phineas gage

If Rush does have to leave or retire soon due to health reasons, Bongino would by my choice to take over the microphone.

phineas gage

Steele was just a front for the op to make it look legit, Simpson was the middle-man faciilitator.

The dossier material was almost certainly concocted by Clinton hitman Sidney Blumenthal and the rest of his weasel posse.

They needed the dossier to justify all the spying and FISA abuse that had already been done–to save their necks and to try to execute a coup.

It was outright treason.


“It was outright treason.”

I’d agree and they should stand on trial for that. Any resulting conviction(s), they should also bear the whole weight of the law as would any other treasonous actor.


Ric Grenell found something serious, of that I have no doubt. PDBs? Email chains? Hard drives loaded with both? Whatever it was, Sidney Powell added gasoline to the fire by declaring this “went all the way to the top”. And then Trump tweets “OBAMAGATE”.

Obama’s “leaked” taped conversation is the tell. It’s desperate a attempt to get key talking points started. The DNC and their propaganda wing have got their talking orders. Let the lies and spinning begin.

This will indeed be an interesting week.

phineas gage

Trump using the term ‘Obamagate’ is going to drive the media batsh*t.

I am sure that is his intention. He manipulates them with ease.


I give you the 87,693 thumbs up I have saved over the years.


It is time we change our strategy – quit ripping Joe Biden. Let me explain and I want to hear what DB readers think.

Logic would dictate that Biden would also be intimately involved in this conspiracy, unless ‘the One’ felt he was too incompetent to be trusted… Logic would also dictate that he should have been the nominee in 2016; the fact that he didn’t even run showed who was firmly in control of the DNC.

So now that Walking Eagle’s influence is obviously greatly diminished and she is past her expiration date (This whole post 2016 election attempt to take down Trump was to save ‘the One’s’ “legacy”, Walking Eagle, and the other players running the agencies involved); enter Biden. Obviously Biden’s expiration date has long since passed, but to reference General Patton’s damning with faint praise remark about the British General Montgomery, he is the best general they have. Well, Joe is the best the Dems have, and the more I think about it, they are going stick with him as long as he maintains body temperature.

Political strategy 101 dictates that we should support the weakest possible candidate against out candidate, Donald J. Trump. So Joe it is. Therefore I will no longer be mocking Biden with nicknames such as Gaffe O. Joe, Sleepy Gropy Joe, or Quid Pro Joe etc.

If a pollster were to call me, and ask my preference for the Dem nominee, I would unequivocally say Biden. I would call myself and ‘independent’ and say I would vote for Biden in November. The vast majority of polling organizations seem to want to create bogus polls, so I say let’s help them out in their endeavor – especially since no one with brains believes polls. That is except for the Democrats, who live and die by polling ‘data’; let them DIE by getting polling data that Biden actually has a chance and it forces them to stick with him.

I would also tell the ‘pollster’ that I would vote straight Dem for the down ballot races.

It is time we get strategic and not merely reactive.

Jimmy MacAfee

You seem to be forgetting that most Dem voters know he’s a chunk of charcoal, with crap for brains; they all know that the VP candidate will be the President. No one will be voting for Biden: they’ll be voting for his running mate.

I did. I voted for Palin, not Ace No Name, AKA “Songbird.” I did not cast my vote for him.

And nobody in the Dim Party will be voting for QuidProGropeyJoe, either. We have no choice but to continue to put him in the spotlight, so that they’ll have to replace him. And therefore piss off all the disaffected Bernie voters. Unless, of course, they choose Bernie or Lieawatha, in which case they lose Wall Street entirely.

phineas gage

That assertion flies in the face of political history, which shows that by and large people vote for the top of the ticket and that the running mate is fairly irrelevant, except to procure a politically vital state.


Agree Phineas, people vote for or against the top of the ticket, and a majority ‘voted’ for Biden with no idea who his VP was going to be.

However, had he announced with certainty who his VP would have been prior to ‘Super Tuesday” then the idea that people will be voting for the VP might be more valid.

However, in a rare exception, I only voted for Ace because of Palin, so in that regard, Biden’s pick may have some, but very little, influence in the outcome. People who are going to vote for Biden or his VP pick are likely to vote for ANY Dem. regardless of who is his VP.

Jimmy MacAfee

If you read the stories, the press, real and fake: no one believes Joe can be President. Not anyone. Therefore, they’re voting for the VP, whomever it will be. They already know, the leadership, which is why no one is talking about it.

Those supporting Biden are supporting the party, not the candidate. And they’re voting for the VP.

I’m done writing here. Have fun. Bye.

Jimmy MacAfee

During the primary, I opposed Mittens because he turned out exactly as I predicted: an intentional loser, a wimp and a coward. I didn’t think about Paul “the Weasel” Ryan as VP; as is usually the case, he didn’t factor in.

Likewise, I didn’t vote for Trump because of Pence: I voted for Trump because he was Trump.

So normally, when a candidate isn’t a feeble bag of demented crap, we would look at parties choosing for the top. Whether or not they’ll replace Biden is moot: the person they’ll replace him with, if they do, will be his VP candidate anyway.


Paul RINO Ryan goes down in history as the only candidate to ever lose a debate to Gropey Joe.

Biden wiped the floor with him. Ryan’s a douche.

Jimmy MacAfee

They give us false dichotomies, and they have for a long time. Few exceptions.

Jimmy MacAfee

I did end up voting for Mittens, because back then, I voted for the lesser of two evils (and now I have decided NEVER to do that again.)

I’ll vote for Trump. I’d never vote for another RINO. Ever.

Jimmy MacAfee

Normally, yes: but if Palin had not been on the ticket, No Name would have lost by the biggest margin in American history. I would have stayed home if he’d picked a booger out of his choices. Like a Jeb.

“By and large” is not the same as “extraordinary circumstances,” which were in place then as now.

Cameron Howe

Sorry but I disagree Jimmy. If Ace had picked his good buddy, and safe choice, Lieberman, I think he would have had a better chance. He could have campaigned on bi-partisanship in time of crisis as opposed to “Mavericks”. As I recall, the popular vote in ’08 went 52/48 in most of the country, and Palin was a huge factor (in the negative). Remember the Saturday Night Live skit with “I can see Russia from my house”? The election was over after that. Granted I have a skewed view of these things on the Left Coast, but most of the conservatives I knew were scarred of Palin, not McCain, by November.

phineas gage

I think the question is moot, because I don’t think there is any way that Biden will be the nominee.

If he is, I will be shocked.

Jimmy MacAfee

There was an order by Comrade Obama for the Intel services to all share information, more than is customary; this order was given around that time, presumably to engage in interdepartmental collusion against the President.

It raised eyebrows at the time, and few remember this. Some do. I do. You folks probably do, too.


Yes Jimmy, I remember it well.

No president should be allowed to issue ANY EO during the time he is in a true “Lame Duck” status; including pardons – especially when control of the oval office changes control from one party to another. If it was or is such good policy or so necessary, then why didn’t the president do such orders earlier in their administration where they would be part of the election evaluation?

BJ Clinton changed the water standards just prior to leaving the White House causing a rise in the cost of water nationwide to saddle the incoming Bush II administration with a negative. Why wasn’t the cleaner water standard changed during his first term if it was such a vital public safety issue? He also pardoned the FLAN (if memory serves) terrorists and other partners in crime for no valid reason.

‘The One’ opened up presidential phone call monitoring to all 17 intel agencies in Jan 2017 (again,why not before?); remember all those ‘leaks’ to the MSM (D) in near real time as soon as Trump assumed office. Talk about ‘national security’; what foreign leader would ever trust a secret conversation with a US president under those conditions? Clearly ‘the One’s’ action was meant to undermine and cripple Trump and his administration’s ability to conduct the duties of his office.

Elections were always held in November, but originally the inauguration was in the following March. Part of the reason was it took that long to actually count the votes in the 17 and 1800s. The inauguration was moved up to the current Jan 20 date during FDR’s terms. It should be further move up to at least Jan.1 if not sooner.

The United Kingdom has the turnover almost immediately and that seems to work well for them; we should consider doing the same. While that may not be totally practical in the US, the power of the outgoing administration should be severely limited unless there is a declared emergency that is approved by congress.

phineas gage

Sure–that’s probably where you can estimate the beginning of the political weaponization of the intelligence agencies.

They had it all planned out. The only person they didn’t count on was Mike Rogers, who unexpectedly had conscience and integrity.

Jimmy MacAfee

G0D bless Mike Rogers! American hero!

Jimmy MacAfee

Start getting the orders for hemp rope. Does anyone manufacture enough for all the people involved?

Grenell needs to get the SCIF material and release it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not only did Sch## know all of this, (that there was no “collusion.) so did Mark Warner. That the Russians did NOT hack the DNC servers. All of that has come out. They knew it all, all along. And all the others on the Senate Intel Committee, too, including Burr. And the former House Majority Leader, who works for Faux News. Remember him? Why is his name not coming up? Paul Ryan. He had to know; he let this phony investigation slink on and on for years.

A template has been set. The judge in the Roger Stone case put him and his attorney under a gag order.

That means, when Schitt and Brennan and Comey and all the other conspirators others are put on trial, they and their attorneys should be under a gag order as well. Any leaks will be considered from them, the defendants, and the press should likewise have to answer for their criminal activity (collusion.)

Goose: meet gander.

phineas gage

A lot of congressional Deep Staters hedged their bets in the wrong direction in early 2017, assuming that Trump would be taken out quickly (even they were not direct participants) and wanting to be on the right side when it was over. That would include Ryan, McConnell (although he was very careful, as always), and others such as Trey Gowdy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Or they’re hirelings for Faux News, like the evil Paul Ryan, an insider who remains an insider.

phineas gage

Yes, they cashed in but they are out of power and playing an increasingly weak hand.

phineas gage

Let them keep it up. Day by day the evidence will keep emerging, and they will begin to jitter apart like a poorly made Chinese toy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Panic mode. NBC Cuck Toad even misrepresented Attorney General Barr’s words in a way that indicates that Toad should be fired, just like Dan Rather and Mary Mapes and Brian Ross.

I see a lawsuit against NBC coming, even if they did correct the falsifications. Chuck Toad must be removed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Most of the criminals have television gigs, don’t they?


What I would also like to know or find out is how many more “Crossfire Hurricane” ops were being run against the other (and considered more likely GOP nom. winners) candidates like Cruz, Kasich, Jeb, and Rubio? I firmly believe there is no way only Trump was targeted. It may seem irrelevant now, but if it was as broad reaching as I suspect, this could capture a whole lot more rotten eggs who operated out of the 7th floor or the Hoover Building. Just the fact that there are NO known FBI ‘whistleblowers’ speaks volumes of the FB(Integrity) of that whole organization.

Mr. President: FIRE Wray NOW and get someone in there who will gut the entire leadership of “America’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency”.


Happy Morn’n all

A flurry of comments, awesome. Excellent observation Gregg. I pondered a bit about that in wondering just how far they went, investigation wise, into the other nominees. Pfetty sure that evidence is still there as they likely would never just abandon it but keep it as an ace in the hole to be played when needed.

What they have on Jeb??? Probably a note from his mom to step down would be all that it would take.

Jimmy MacAfee

Likely they had something on every one of these, especially Jeb. Whatever they would have on Cruz would be an Avenatti-style claim, more than likely, but it would rattle Cruz – while President Trump has stayed remarkably steadfast. Angry, loud, boisterous – but steadfast. The others would fold their tents and welcome President Elect Clinton, (showing once again what good losers the Republicans want to be.)

No one could have endured the daily onslaught of slime as he has. I pray for his continued resilience! amen

Jimmy MacAfee


phineas gage

I think we will eventually learn that Obama was using the intelligence agencies, and particularly the NSA database, for research on political opposition beginning with his second term.

They got a taste of how powerful this could be with the IRS investigations, and then expanded it to the intelligence agencies. As DB says, he got arrogant because he assumed that there was no way that Trump could win. That was a fatal mistake–the mistake of relying on the worst presidential candidate in history.

Jumper Bones

I keep forgetting that these S.O.B.’s tried to entrap Papadopoulous as far back as November 2015. That alone speaks volumes to me, that this was orchestrated from the top. Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Blackmon.


I don’t think the wiretap of the Flynn call to the Russian ambassador was illegal. I believe that it is legal for the FBI to eavesdrop on all calls to and from the Russian ambassador.

Leaking the unmasked name (Flynn) participating was probably illegal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Flynn told the FBI agents that he knew his conversation with the ambassador was being observed, and that they knew what was in it.

phineas gage

Yes, that was the trick. Listen in on the Russian ambassador and in that way record Flynn’s side of the conversation to then use against him in the frame-up.

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