Next Democrat/Media Hoax Narrative: Quarantine Trump!

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, so, we have a new Democrat/corrupt news media narrative coming, likely as soon as today. It’s being facilitated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who dramatically announced he was placing himself into “modified quarantine,” whatever that means, after not-really-coming-into-contact with a staffer in the White House who has tested positive for the Wuhan Virus.

Fauci, in keeping with his subversive actions on behalf of the DNC, naturally chose to notify CNN first of his new situation. Here is how the news-fakers at CNN reported their “scoop”:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, told CNN he will begin a “modified quarantine” after making a “low risk” contact with the White House staffer who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The “low risk” assessment means he was not in close proximity to the person who tested positive during the time when that person was known to be positive for the virus.

To err on the side of caution, Fauci said he is doing what he calls a “modified quarantine,” meaning he will stay at home and telework, wearing a mask continually, for 14 days. He said he might also go to his office at the National Institutes of Health where he is the only one there. He also will be tested every day, he said, noting he was tested yesterday and was negative.

If he is called to the White House or Capitol Hill, he will go while taking every precaution, he said.


Trust me, Fauci isn’t going to have to worry about that last part. It has become obvious over the last 10 days or so that President Trump has become fully wise to the destructive game Fauci has been playing with the American public throughout this crisis, and has essentially eliminated his role in any policy decisions going forward.

And take a close look at what that article says: Fauci was not in close contact with anyone at the White House who has tested positive, and freely admits it. Not only that, he himself has been tested, and the test came back negative. The odds are very good that anyone who has made a trip to the grocery store in the past 3 months has come in much closer proximity to someone infected with the virus than Fauci did, so by Fauci’s standard here, everyone in America should be on “modified” self-quarantine.

And besides, wasn’t testing supposed to be the magic bullet here? I mean, all the Democrats and their media toadies have done over the last month is scream about “MOOOOORE TESSSTINGGGGGGK!!!”

This bit of fake drama has one purpose and one purpose only: To set up a narrative claiming that both Vice President Pence and President Trump should now be quarantined, since both men have likely been in the same room recently with Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, or her husband, presidential advisor Stephen Miller.

As freedom protests ramp up across the nation and more and more cities and counties move into open rebellion against the draconian shut-down orders, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Democrat governors, mayors and county judges who have been attempting to extend the pain as long as possible are about to have to begin reopening their states in earnest. In other words, their hopes of extending all of this all the way until November is about to fail.

You have to remember that every action Democrat politicians take is based on polling data. They are no doubt seeing bad polling data popping up, so they’re going to have to start folding up this particular tent and pray for Fauci’s vaunted “second wave” of the Wuhan Virus to start popping up along about September, as the weather starts to cool again.

In the meantime, they have to find some way to keep Trump off of the campaign trail, and deny him the ability to hold rallies. What better way to do that than to mount a new hoax narrative pressuring him to stay quarantined in the White House? And how better to kick that narrative off than by using their favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci?

So, do not doubt me on this, this new hoax narrative is coming, probably starting today, just in time for the Sunday morning talk shows.

The depths of Democrat depravity truly knows no limits.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I think Fauci IS BEING TOLD TO SELF QUARINTINE as in Shut up and stay out of this.

Someone probably told him he had his chance to be a positive in this and he (deliberately) blew it.

Be gone Tony, and take your scarf queen girlfriend with you.

PS: You can use one of her scarves as a mask and give your real one (remember, “We’re all in this together”, to a real health care professional, or a hair stylist or a cashier – in other words a productive person.


I dunno about that… He may have been told he’s less relevant certainly but I think he has little man syndrome. He too is an egotistical little shrew who yearns to be in front of a camera to tell everyone just how smort and importunant he is. He has a failed history but these types are completely self unaware. CNN will stroke his tiny ego and try to build a “Trump fires Expert now we’re all gonna DIE” narrative. and I’m almost out of popcorn… the real emergency.


Happy morn’n all…

Another spot on article. Its almost to easy to spot the next hair on fire narrative coming down the pipe. Usually starts in the cnn and msnbc cesspools.

I think the reason the liberals seem overwhelmingly anxious about the Nov election is because they simply cannot fathom keeping up the energy it takes to keep producing and fanning these fake narratives. They are getting exhausted. At this point they HAVE to keep screeching like banshees, they have NO other options.

phineas gage

Yes, but it is principally because they have Joe Biden as their candidate, and no valid replacement.


Sleepy Joe is one element of this conundrum. They have zero policy points they can run on except free everything and now the upcoming voter fraud gambit so support their free everything. They truly offer nothing beneficial to the citizens of the Republic. Hence their only specialty is to cheat, lie and steal everything they can. And they are losing energy trying to maintain the continual impending doom narrative. Its amusing.

BTW… To all the moms that may frequent this site… Happy Mothers Day. Hope you have a special day together with your family. Go outside and have some fun in the sun.

phineas gage


phineas gage

Part of the price the lockdown states will pay is businesses moving to open states. I expect this to be the first example of many:

Jimmy MacAfee
Sharon Campbell

I’m very concerned you are correct in your assumption. As soon as I heard Fauci was going into quarantine my red flags went up. I find myself thinking surely the Dimocrats are not this evil, but each time they prove the are. I also think President Trump is on to Fauci big time & just doesn’t want to announce his decision regarding Fauci to the world which would give the lame stream media new fodder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Could be that Fauci is self-quarantining because he’s been exposed – as someone incapable of telling the truth? Or at least as someone who never gets it right? Just a hunch.

phineas gage

I think he’s trying to use this to gain attention and maintain his media celebrity status, because his time at the White House is over.

phineas gage

As states like Georgia began to reopen in late April, the media issued a torrent of doom-and-gloom predictions of huge spikes in infections.

In fact, Georgia’s rate has fallen. A major reason is that Governor Kemp, rather than just sending sick people back to nursing homes to allow the virus to spread rampantly and kill more elderly people (as Cuomo has done), conducted an intensive campaign of disinfecting nursing homes. In other words, he actually used focused action on the source of the problem, rather than uselessly demanding the entire population stay locked down and delay herd immunity.

A tale of two policies–one focused on solving the problem, the other implemented entirely for cynical political reasons and having disastrous results. These people are despicable, and I hope this boomerangs on the entire lock-down crowd.

Jimmy MacAfee

I pray your conclusion in the Name of Jesus the Messiah, amen

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci is glib, charming, and superficial. All the elements necessary of NPD. History indicates something along those lines, considering how often he has extolled the virtues of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in the past, but suddenly reversed course.

Anecdote repeated hundreds of thousands of times is no longer anecdote.

Just like the people who report getting the flu after taking a flu shot. Millions of people appear to have this reaction. Is it the same flu they’re being inoculated against? Unlikely. But the fact is, they’re getting sick anyway, from some form of influenza. You’d think this “anecdote” would be examined, but it’s not.

I will not take the flu vaccine; I will not take the CCP vaccine. Period.

Jimmy MacAfee

A casual understanding of NPD is that lying is always involved. The use of the models he and Birx used does not seem innocent, a minor error. He states that he doesn’t like models, but he obviously uses them!

I have a model for him: turn over your phone, email and other records of communication, particularly with Tedros the China Guy.

Fauci has just about run out of ammunition. He’s been wrong so many times, he’s shooting blanks. Loud noise, no projectile.

phineas gage

Watch for the next move–state enforced immunizations because it is a communicable public health risk.

Jimmy MacAfee

I expect it; that is the line I will not allow them to cross. We all know Gates (of hell) wants to either ink or chip people who have HIS vaccine, and those who don’t have his Mark of the Beast cannot buy nor sell.

I will not take the Mark of the Beast, either in the form of this vaccine or the mark showing my submission to it. Screw them.

I did what Christians are supposed to do: obey the law. I’ve had people trying to set me up and get me to work illegally – (no friend will ask you to do something illegal.) Many vaccines are made from aborted babies – (let them try to tell you they’re not!) Look it up. MMR vaccines.

We have solid experience with the cancer-causing vaccine, which was the attenuated (live version) of the polio vaccine. Millions of Baby Boomers got that vaccine, and it caused unspeakable numbers of cancers in us. Look it up: SV 40.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my posts are easy to ignore because they’re so many and so long. If you do one thing this day, look up the history of Simian Virus 40. That’s SV 40.

Second thing – and a reason most African Americans don’t trust the medical system: the Tuskegee Experiments. It was an epidemiological study, which I believe the current malady is as well. We’re all lab rats.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the underlying purposes of the medical dictatorship is to drive businesses out, so that people with hidden assets (including Chinese) can come in and buy at firesale prices. President Trump has done all he can to prevent this takeover of assets – a kind of eminent domain by the wealthy against the small businesses in most cities. Especially for those businesses that rent, and whose landlords won’t give an inch.

Lesson most businesses should learn from this? Buy, not rent.

I’ll be back to work again in a week. Likely will be partially employed. We’ll see. It’s given me time to clear out the business of those unproductive things that have marginalized us, so we’ll be leaner, more profitable and could actually benefit from the closure in the long run. We’ll see.


I hope Trump and Pence and other ‘Trusted Advisors’ are taking HQC prophylactically for at least two reasons: To keep from getting CV-19 and to be able to say it works as a preventative.

Thoughts about the following quoted paragraph:

“You have to remember that every action Democrat politicians take is based on polling data. They are no doubt seeing bad polling data popping up, so they’re going to have to start folding up this particular tent and pray for Fauci’s vaunted “second wave” of the Wuhan Virus to start popping up along about September, as the weather starts to cool again.”

If that is true, and I believe it is for the most part, I can’t imagine any polling showing anything positive about keeping this lockdown going.

People want to get out, people want to see sports, people want to see real money from real paychecks, people want to not have to be beholden to the government for whatever pittance that may come their way via a welfare payment, or go through the bureaucratic hassle of getting loans they may not be able to pay back and didn’t need or want prior to Mid-March. People want to be able to visit their elderly family and friends, people want to be able to go to church, have/attend weddings, meet people in bars and clubs, go to movies, take a flight, and do everything they were doing two months ago.

With all logic saying this should not be polling well, at least some of it is happening for other reasons; political reasons! I say fine, go ahead all you Democrats, and some RINOs, go ahead and destroy your jurisdiction’s economy and health – ultimately it will survive and recover at least to some degree, but your political career is and will effectively be over.

All of you must really be stupid not to see this. The only logical reason you guys/gals are doing this is to take down Trump, and to do this you are creating the destruction of your cities and states? How stupid and petty you must all be.

News flash: Trump isn’t the Bad Orange Man, and cutting off your nose to spite your face just shows how absolutely small and petty you all are. I see 10 to 20% exodus from your cities/states within a year after this is over – and you will be losing the tax producers as Cuomo said last year: the wealthy provide the most tax revenue and they are the most mobile, they will be leaving bigly soon.

Example: Blue Nashville just became TN’s largest city, the (D) Mayor is keeping it closed down much longer than the rest of the state and now wants to raise property taxes 32%! Who in their right mind would want to stay there when there are great alternatives?

Regarding the potential “second wave” coming in the fall:

No one is going to be willing to go through this again and there is no way Trump is going to do anything more than reissue distancing, mask, and hand washing guidelines. There will never be another mass shutdown – ever! Whatever happens in the future will be treated as a local natural disaster much like a hurricane; if and when “hot spots” occur, assistance will be sent to that area or areas like FEMA does in their disaster responses.

That will, or should, become the new disease doctrine.

Final thought: With Trump as president China, or any other country had better make sure another “accident” like this never happens again. A COVID-20 coming from China will have dire consequences for them – of that I have no doubt.


Fauci should be “modified quarantine” in one of Andrew the Cuomo’s rest/nursing homes.

I think every Center for Disease/Democratic Control (CD/DC) “expert” and every Democratic ‘Policy Maker’ from the Senate, House, Governors, Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs, State and local health and medical “experts” should also go and visit Andrew the Pious’ rest/nursing homes – visit the troops so to speak – to get first hand knowledge of the Scamdemic.

I’ve always been told the former or recovering addicts make the best counselors (the been there done that theory) so let’s have all these folks exposed to this in order to get real knowledge and real data.

In the military, people who have been exposed to actual combat almost always make better leaders than novice officers who have the ‘training’ but not experience. After all, how does one become an “expert” if he/she hasn’t experienced the situation that he/she is supposedly “expert” in.

Jimmy MacAfee

I especially like your opening comment; to that I’d add a directive that Fauci not be allowed hydroxychloroquine, if he should become infected – (same with Bill “Devil’s” Gates.)

I had a dream from the Lord where I was in a church, and a young black woman was brought in, all covered up and wrapped even in bandages on her hands and forearms. She was positive for the CCP virus. I was told by the Lord to touch her, to develop immunity. I did so, and everybody thought I was trying to make her feel welcome, in spite of the “danger.” I was too embarrassed to admit that my purpose was to be exposed, not to make her feel better! I figured that my exposure was entirely a matter for the Lord to deal with.

I wouldn’t recommend this, but you are right, Gregg: we are all exposed. The difference is often a matter of viral load, something you never hear much about anymore.

One thing you also never hear: if you have type 2 diabetes, you are nowhere near as threatened by the virus IF YOU KEEP YOUR BLOOD SUGAR UNDER CONTROL! And metformin (which the pharmaceuticals hate, because it’s now generic) actually has other benefits: for example, people with type 2 diabetes live shorter lives than average, compared to those without type 2 diabetes; when using metformin, the life expectancy of people with type 2 diabetes is LONGER than those without type 2 diabetes! (No wonder they’re trying to sell us some other crap that can give us keto acidosis and death!)

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