Big Swath of Pennsylvania Now in Open Rebellion Against Democrat Governor – UPDATED

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

***UPDATE: This has turned into a bit of a flood. A friend in Pennsylvania just sent me the following information:

We are now up to 10 confirmed counties that are defecting from Wolf’s Communist State today! Each has given a formal notice of re-opening – OR – an official announcement they will not enforce unlawful orders.


4 counties are suing Wolf:


6 more counties have legislators demanding Wolf reconsider their counties. More pressure needed!!


Contact the District Attorney of your county! If they will go on record that thru will not enforce Wolf’s orders. State police can still wrote tickets through DOH, but the DA has final say in each county regarding anything criminal.

Contact the County Commissioners and demamd they follow suit with these counties.

The 24 counties that moved from red to yellow on May 8 are:


We have 67 counties in PA. We have an idea where 44 of them stand. That leaves 23 more counties as unknown. Most of these are SE counties.


The southeastern part of the state is, of course, where the Democrat stronghold of Philadelphia resides. It appears that Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh lies, also remains under the Governor’s boot.

[End Update]

Wow. Big, big news today coming out of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. There, the County Board Chairman, Jeff Haste, issued an open letter to the people of the state that he was making the decision to re-open his county in defiance of Democrat Governor Tom Wolfe’s absurd, illogical order extending statewide lockdowns through June 5.

Several things to note here: Dauphin County is home to Harrisburg, the state’s capital city. It is not some rural backwater, but a robust county with roughly 280,000 residents. Haste himself appears to be a Republican, although his bio page does not list a party affiliation. In his letter, Haste carefully lays out a wealth of factual information that Gov. Wolfe would rather the public not know about.

Here is the text of that letter in its entirety:

May 8, 2020

To the People of Pennsylvania:

Enough is enough. It is time to reopen the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and return our state to the people (as prescribed by our Constitution) and not run it as a dictatorship.

When COVID-19 first entered our state, we needed to take quick and decisive action to minimize its impact. The state was closed so that we could flatten the curve and ensure that our health care systems and hospitals were able to function within their resources. Pennsylvanians complied.

COVID-19 was an unknown foe. We had a lot to learn and have since gained a better understanding. Make no mistake, to those with impaired immune systems, certain medical conditions and the elderly, COVID-19 is dangerous and can be deadly. Now our citizens understand what is needed to protect themselves and others. We see how to implement these procedures as we go to the grocery store or big box stores. Our smaller businesses, restaurants, realtors, dentists, doctors and more have seen and learned what needs to be done. Data shows that COVID-19 is a critical issue in confined living areas and with our elderly and immunity-impaired populations. The general population can continue to work and function within the “new normal.” Our businesses and citizens have learned this; however, the governor and his health secretary have not, thus part of the reason for the Wall Street Journal giving our governor a failing grade.

In Dauphin County, our health care systems and hospitals sprang into action and prepared for the worst. Overall, the worst did not come. Some of our facilities had more than 40% of their beds empty, not performing routine procedures. As of this writing, 48% of our 141 ventilators are in use; six (4%) are in use for COVID-19-related cases; 62 (44%) for non-COVID-19 cases; and 73 (52%) are not in use. Clearly, our ventilators are not maxed out.

Let’s put some of the numbers in perspective, since Gov. Wolf and Health Secretary Levine say decisions will be “data-driven.” As of this writing, Pennsylvania has a total of 54,238 cases, or 0.4% of the state’s population. Dauphin County has 764 cases, or 0.274% of our population. Pennsylvania has 3,616 deaths, or 0.028% of the population. Dauphin County has 29 deaths, or 0.0105% of our county’s population.

Here in Dauphin County, 192 (25%) of the 764 cases are in nursing homes, while 24 (65%) of our coronavirus deaths are in nursing homes.  If you remove the nursing home cases from the equation, 0.2% of the county’s general population has tested positive. Not 20%, not 2%, but 0.2%.

Since Gov. Wolf closed the state to minimize the 54,238 positive cases, more than 1,793,200 Pennsylvanians have lost their jobs. This decision has ruined the livelihood of millions of hard-working Pennsylvanians in exchange for 0.4% of our population. I have great sympathy for those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. I also have great concern for the families that now have to struggle with financial concerns, mental health stress, addiction and more because of the shutdown. Again, our governor has pitted groups of Pennsylvanians against one another.

And he has not included county commissioners in this process.

This need not happen — enough is enough. We should focus our efforts on making sure our nursing homes have the supplies, staff, testing and whatever else they need to protect their residents and staff. Our health care systems and hospitals have shown they can handle the pressures of COVID-19 and have capacity to spare.

Allow our businesses and communities to reopen. For centuries, our people and businesses have shown they can adapt to changes to survive and prosper. They cannot, however, do a thing when a dictator and an unelected secretary place them in lockdown.

I trust and have faith in the great people and businesses of Pennsylvania to operate in a manner that protects those of our population in harm’s way and allows our residents to go back to work, enjoy their communities and have a quality of life. I, however, have no faith in Gov. Wolf and Secretary Levine’s ability to do the right thing.

Open the state and return our Commonwealth to the people.

Enough is enough.


Jeff Haste
Dauphin County Board of Commissioners


It’s important to note that officials in Lebanon County, PA issued a notice similar to Haste’s, saying they will begin to reopen their county on May 15. In addition, sheriffs in Cumberland and Perry Counties posted notices on Facebook stating that they will make no effort to enforce the Governor’s ongoing orders.

Folks, this kind of action is going to continue to grow all over the country the longer these despotic Democrat governors try to extend the pain being inflicted on their citizens for crass, partisan political reasons. These shutdown orders are patently unconstitutional and simply unprecedented in any medical crisis in our nation’s history. As Mr. Haste points out, we now know that what we really had with this virus was mainly a threat to our senior citizens, and the best approach to containing it would have been to focus quarantine and other protective measures on people above the age of 65 and the nation’s nursing and retirement communities.

What we did instead was an act of national insanity.

So long as all we had to go on was a catastrophically inaccurate statistical model and the pronouncements of Drs. Fauci and Birx, the general public was willing to go along with this abuse in the name of saving lives. But, as more and more information comes to light demonstrating how wrong and counterproductive these statewide, thoughtless stay-at-home and economic shutdown orders have been, more and more freedom-loving Americans are reaching the point that Mr. Haste has obviously reached and telling their abusive governors, mayors and county judges  that enough is enough.

I wrote on Wednesday that Shelley Luther was just the canary in these governors’ coal mines. Last night’s action by Chairman Haste shows the fire in that mine has been lit and is beginning to spread. If these Democrats do not relent soon on this obviously coordinated strategy to needlessly drag this pain out in an attempt to impact the November elections, they will end up paying dearly for it at the polls.

If they do not relent and continue to become more and more abusive in their enforcement efforts, the outcome could ultimately be much, much worse than that.

Enough is indeed enough. Stop this madness.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The empirical nature of even the simplest facts is more than enough reason to not only distrust, but refuse to obey those who DARE to remember that they serve, not RULE the people who gave them their trust. The avuncular attitude they convey is even more shameful when we remember that , while the rest of us are suffering because of their abuse, THEY GET A PAYCHECK WITHOUT INTERRUPTION, and suffer none of this. Has even ONE of these autocrats deigned to offer a “We join the citizens of our state by committing to forward the best interests of our people by waiving our salary for the entirety of the duration of this pandemic without expectation of retroactive compensation” ? I think it should apply to every state, every county, every elected official in this great country. Let’s see if ANY of them find out what the meaning of ALTRUISM is.


The decision to shut an entire country down over a virus that kills mostly old people was absolutely insane. Models from Imperial College were crap, shoddily constructed and inaccurate. Yet they won’t admit it and back down. It’s time to lock and load, in my opinion. Someone should hang for this, to make up for the millions of people who are suffering from this idiocy.

Cut immigration, send the H1Bs and other visa holders home, and let working people get back to earning a living.

Jay Whitcraft

I said it would not go much more than a week sometime ago. Now we are here. Will the PA national guard be called out? What about Michigan? IMHO before June 1, either these stupid Governors back down or there will be blood in the streets. My money is on they back down. Jay


To the CommonWealth of Pennsylvania for no Liberty you alone can bring the enemy Death We The People Did not stay Home When the British came.

marty lopez

About time folks began standing on their hind legs. No government long exists without the support of the people.


Yes, many in PA nursing homes are dying from Chinese virus. But- – how many will die from drugs and suicide from unemployment and resultant poverty? Huh, Wolf?? Wolf has not mentioned one word about this. I am in Chester County. Bet Wolf will extend his personal shutdown to either September 30 or December 31. Either way, hundreds of thousands will be standing in Wolf bread lines stretching for miles.


no they won’t


Does anyone still think that this will end without bloodshed?
Vote in November as your life depends on it and then be prepared to protect and defend the government that we vote for.


Keep your powder dry.


Remember in November!

phineas gage

Awesome–props to the patriots in PA.


My brother, who lives in PA told me the state was effectively “dry” because of the closing of the States ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) stores since the shutdown.

He said they supposedly tried to set up an online ordering or call in order system (you know like most every restaurant and store that was allowed to operate was able to figure out how to do) to pick up orders curbside, but the wizards of smart at the ABC were unable to make it work.

I despize every aspect of government that expands its powers needlessly; just seen too many cases where it does not work well, or efficiently at a reasonable cost.


Any organization upon reaching a certain point in growth starts losing efficiency and cost effectiveness as it moves from limited control vectors into widespread control vectors. Those vectors being mostly the human kind.

Thats why conservatives back smaller government, less intrusion more effective management. Liberals are diametrically opposed, which of course we all know this to be true.

Gotta go make some sawdust… cheers


Wait until all the Schiff that was going on at the Center for Democratic Control (CDC) comes out:

The fact that they and the WHO were in cahoots with XI to ensure this economy crippling and people murdering Plandemic would be a weapon used to hurt America versus China, and possibly beat Trump is all going to become very apparent.

The facts are, “Big Pharma”, the B & M G’s (and many other) foundation(s) have the CDC and many other government agencies under their extreme influence and control.

Hopefully it won’t take three years for Trump to find someone with the guts to expose this medical dictatorship. Hey Nancy Klink, please do have some hack like Schiff open hearings on the medical corruption of Fauci’s CDC and implicate more of your hacks.

Maybe after Ratcliffe takes over at the IC, Grenell can be made the acting, or the number two banana under the Surgeon General to get to the bottom of the CDC cesspool and their spectacular failure to diagnose and control this Scamdemic. They, as an agency, have utterly failed in their mission to protect the country and provide accurate information upon which appropriate executive decision and action rest.

Jimmy talks about sunshine and vitamin D in killing off the China virus; lets get that same sunshine exposing the medical corruption at the CDC.

We shouldn’t have to rely on Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch and a handful of real reporters to “get to the bottom of” every bit of rampant corruption in the swamp.

I still can’t get over the big deal made of the FBI/DOJ college admission cheating scandal and the trials of a couple “B” lister actors’ trials… Who the F cares bout that in the big picture?

That is Chicken Schiff compared to the multi Trillion dollars and the many millions of jobs lost to the bogus and contrived predictions of the “Experts” at the CDC.

Screw ‘the One’, I want Fluki, the Scarf Queen, B & M microslop head’s on a pikestaff over this.

Deal with the WHO and Xi latter.


The corruption can be somewhat overwhelming when you consider all thats been happening and coming to light these last 4 years. Banana republic on a global scale. Where does one start in righting this ship??

I agree with your assessment Gregg. I’d start with the immediate threats and the scam thats unfolded with the covid shamdemic. Take those responsible to task and hold to account the lost jobs, economic devastation committed on country, business and individually. The debt incurred by country is staggering and like all debt has to be paid back. Income loss by business and individuals cannot be made up… its gone.

The ‘experts’ who pushed for the isolation of the healthy, completely opposite of known methods of containment, should lose their jobs and be discredited enough so that they cannot simply move to another position.

Trump should go after these destroyers first which would hopefully give pause to those schemers looking to insert their next round of mayhem. Spank these hard and then, set up a guard to keep watch for the new attacks and go after them full throttle. In the mean time keep the the ongoing ‘investigations’ going to put some sunshine on the corruption past. Unearth it all and allow the facts to completely incriminate and shame the criminals. imo


There is still some ‘American Spirit’ left in PA. Jeff Haste has courage to take on the LEFTIST powers that are so desperate to sink President Trump. Imagine what hell will break loose in Trump’s second term. It’ll be like opening the gates and releasing the dogs . . and THEY know it.


the bigger story in Pa. is that the clueless bald headed idiot (wolf) administration blew it big time. they left the virus run rampant in the nursing homes. 68% of deaths are in the nursing homes. Now they try to cover it up by making the rest of Pa. pay.

Leo Higgins

Archbishop Vigano and a number of other high-ranking Catholic prelates have written a brilliant appeal regarding this COVID-19 overreach – concerning both the religious and secular implications – and we are all invited to sign it. The window to sign it can be found here: . Please click on “English” in the top-left corner to both read the petition and see a list of prominent signatories.
Catholics! And others! Let’s get behind this well-crafted appeal, and get TPTB to actually notice us, for a change…


Trump screwed up majorly. He NEVER should have given a platform or credibility to Fauci or Birx. He has a perfectly good Surgeon General who should have been put in charge of the “Corona Task Force.” What Jeff Haste wrote could have – and should have – been written a month ago. Trump now needs to step up on behalf of the people and say the DOJ will aggressively pursue anyone who attempts to further enforce this insane lock-down. Open every business, and arrest anyone who tries to interfere.

Chad Bigly

I just love it when random nobodies on the internet think they’re smarter than President Trump or think they’re privy to something he doesn’t know. Maybe he should hire you since you clearly have it all figured out, random Internet Nobody. I insist you apply for a job immediately. Go! Go! For the good of the country!!

Jimmy MacAfee

I think President Trump gave them the rope, and they’ve hanged themselves. Fauci is a laughingstock in most eyes, tied with the feeble and corrupt WHO and now exposed by a former colleague. Nah, it wasn’t a mistake. And the ever-arrogant Bill the Cat Gates has been shown to be insane with lust for power.

Gotta show people, not just tell them.


Agree. Esp. after Fauci’s corruption started to come out, the DC lack of preparedness,and why did no one look at or question that model? Trump needs better advisors, people who are less trusting and swampy.

phineas gage

HIndsight is 20/20. We did not know then what we know now. He made the decision based upon the advice he was given, weighing the possibility of large number of deaths.

I would criticize him for not being aggressive enough with the reopening–it should have been pushed hard several weeks ago by the time it was clear that the pandemic risk was overblown.


President Trump is, if nothing else, a teacher, clearly informing anyone who wants to learn what the left is all about. He is also a brilliant strategist, and seems to always have his finger on the pulse of the American People; at least his people. He also has a great deal of intuition and a near impeccable sense of timing which has served him well.

However, he is involved in delicate balancing act in dealing with this Plandemic:

He is president of a nation that is at a dangerous tipping point.

So far he has shown the nation the true character of these oh so compassionate Democratic ‘leaders’, exposed them for the frauds they are. However, the time is rapidly coming where he will either have to declare another national emergency – this time against the Domestic Economic Threat posed by these mini Dictators – and overrule ALL their edicts and save the country’s economy, or risk losing the country and his election to the dozen or so mini-dictatorships.

Very soon he will have to step in and end all this nonsense or he will be blamed for the ensuing violence, inflation, and depression that is sure to come if the idiotic and ineffective lockdown and shutdown continues much longer.

If he loses this battle with the leftist dictators, he is done and since they (the winners) will write the history of his one term presidency, it will never be seen in a favorable light five, ten, twenty, fifty, or a hundred years from now.

So far most of his instincts have been spot on and consistently positive and he has been masterful in keeping his conservative base firmly in his corner, but if this keeps up and HIS people lose their jobs permanently, can’t get food, and are forced into long-term poverty and or debt (and I define long-term as three months) he and America will be defeated. He needs PA, MI, and OH to win; it would be great to pick up several other purple states, but if this economy doesn’t get reversed by HIS bold executive action to overrule the economic saboteurs masquerading as governors, then he will lose in a landslide.

The “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID” mantra will ultimately carry the day over every other accomplishment. All the Dems will have to do is find someone remotely appealing to come and save the day as Biden will NOT be that guy, but the Dems will find another no-name like BJ Clinton was in 1991-2 and Obama was in 2007-8 to carry the day with billions of dollars worth of “in kind” donations by the MSM (D) to said no-name.

How much longer will Trump allow the terrible lesson of the left’s intentions to be seen versus, the need to recover the economy from their actions? If he steps in too soon to stop these governors and mayors, he’ll be seen as a dictator (so what at this point); if he waits too long, he’ll be a sure loser.

Jimmy MacAfee

The governor of Virginia is slowly re-opening things – but not the beaches, except for swimming and running and exercise. I disagree with his limitations: beaches and sun kill CCP virus. Rails and other things won’t carry CCP virus in bright sunshine. He should open beaches during daylight hours, and close them after dusk – or we’re going to lose a lot of business to North Carolina beaches and others.

But he’s apparently cognizant that he’s got to open things. Unlike Michegone’s Nurse Ratched, and Californication’s Gravid Newsom, and Penn’s Little Wolfe Little Teeth. He’s a little smarter than those, even if he has the morality of most Eugenicists.

Might do some nursing home residents some good to get Vitamin D via sunshine; locking them up is making them prime targets for the virus. Which is why Gregg’s post about Rush is so very important: Florida is the Sunshine State. Bet the seniors are out in the sun. And I bet they’re being supplemented with Vitamin D in addition to that – Florida is NOT Pennsylvania.


I think tara reade is kind of hot. She has that cute sexy plumper thing going on

Jimmy MacAfee

What? Sexualizing her? Kinda Bidenlike, wouldncha say?

phineas gage

I don’t think that was a serious post. Junior troll.


County Board Chairman, Jeff Haste, has got it. He breaks down the figures for his county in such a way that an idiot can understand that the larger threat to the citizens is not the virus. It is the dem/commie elected officials in the state government. For ignoring the facts in an ongoing attempt to destroy the lives of the citizens they were hired to protect.
All one needs to do is go to the CDC website for the Covid19 death stats and see that the number in thier own report is much less than being reported by the msm. Unless the CDC has changed the figures by now, it shows the deaths to be much less when reported accurately, as deaths due to the kung flu and not as deaths with the kung flu as contributing factor. Usually in folks who are already dying due to other causes, the flu just pushed the process over the edge.
Kudos to this patriot for the guts to point out the obvious, if anyone was paying attention it was clear where the energy needed to be focus to fight this latest version of the flu.
Now lets see who else gets “woke”. Probably not the dem/commie gubernrs, they’re too much into the power trip aka Wolfe, Whitmer, et al for examples, to give it all up. What a rush, all that power.
Are there lamposts in PA?
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great post!


Happy morn’n

Maybe the fifth times the charm…

When your opposition is in the throws of self destruct its best not to interfere.

I sort of hope they double down on stupid which would seal their demise. Sadly yes some people will suffer even more, but… they will be removed for a very long time. A bitter pill, but its a war and the long game is more important. imo…

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