Evelyn Farkas: So Sleazy and Amoral That She’s Running for Congress

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Evelyn Farkas is back in the news today, and boy, isn’t that just so great? 

You may remember this raving nutjob from way back in March, 2017, when she made an appearance on MSNBC which became big news for a very brief period of time. I knew I had written about this sleazy Obama operative then, so I went and looked it up.

Here you go:

But was her son, Scut, involved?  What about his toady, Grover Dill?:  Speaking of stories you can’t find, a former Obama official named Evelyn Farkas told Mika Brzezenzski (or however you spell that name) on MSNBC early in March that she and many other Obama officials had indeed participated in an organized effort to circulate raw surveillance intelligence involving members of the Trump Transition Team, and had gladly shared the intel with members of the fake news media, unmasking some American citizens in the process.  She told this all to MSNBC gladly, and in a manner that made it obvious she is in fact proud of her actions.  She apparently did not understand that, in the process of that interview, she was potentially admitting to the commission of multiple felonies by herself, other Obama officials and members of the fake news media.  Thus, the fake news media has been jointly sitting on this story hoping it would just fade away.  Trouble is, the story has been getting a ton of attention in the realm of talk radio this week, so suddenly Ms. Farkas felt the need to go back on cable TV on Thursday to deny everything she had told Mika.  And her friends in the fake news media will nod their heads and move on.  Nothing to see here, all is well.

Yeah, remember her now? Is it all coming back to you?

Well, guess what? That little episide landed her in front of the House Intelligence Committee, which was run by honest Republicans at the time, for behind-closed-doors testimony. As it happens, despicable Democrat Adam Schiff had been sitting on the transcript of her testimony until yesterday, when DNI Ric Grenell forced ol’ Bug Eyes to release it and 52 others to the public.

Not surprisingly, when forced to discuss her MSNBC appearance, this amoral, ethics-devoid Obama loyalist (aren’t they all amoral and devoid of ethics, after all?), when faced with potential perjury charges, essentially admitted everything she had said in her first TV appearance was in fact a politically-motivated lie. Which no doubt appalled Mr. Schiff.

As reported by Sean Davis at The Federalist, here is the key excerpt from her transcript:

But Farkas sang a different tune under oath when questioned by lawmakers about what she actually “knew” about collusion.

“Why don’t we go back to that sentence that I just asked you about. It says ‘the Trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about their staff dealing with Russians,” Gowdy said. “Well, how would you know what the U.S. government knew at that point? You didn’t work for it, did you?”

“I didn’t,” said Farkas, a former mid-level Russia analyst who left the federal government in 2015.

“Then how did you know?” Gowdy responded.

“I didn’t know anything,” Farkas said.

“Did you have information connecting the Trump campaign to the hack of the DNC?” Gowdy asked.

“No,” Farkas admitted.

“So when you say, ‘We knew,’ the reality is you knew nothing,” Gowdy asked later during the deposition.

“Correct,” Farkas responded.

Gowdy didn’t stop there.

“So when you say ‘knew,’ what you really meant was felt?” he asked.

“Correct,” Farkas answered.

“You didn’t know anything?” Gowdy continued.

“That’s correct,” Farkas responded.



Oh, but here is the best part: This sleazy, amoral, ethics-devoid political operative for America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, is now of course the Democrat Party’s nominee to become the congressional representative for New York’s 17th district.

You could never, never, never, ever make this stuff up, folks. Not in a billion, octillion years.

That is all.

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Alabaster McGillicuddy

I f elected she would definitely fit in with the DIMM’s.


Excellent article! Learned a LOT!
The forking idiots we send to congress makes me puke.


More proof of #whoresnation!!


From Wikipedia on Nina Lowey:

“The 17th district is located in the northern suburbs of New York City and includes most of Westchester County including White Plains, Chappaqua, Greenburgh, Ossining and all of Rockland County, including the county seat New City, Haverstraw, and Congers.”

I remember hearing a decade or so ago that Walking Eagle was getting the skids greased for her bimbo daughter to ‘win’ that seat by getting her face time with a hefty and wholly undeserved salary (I think on NBC ‘news’ programming) on TV to run for congress. Especially since it was assumed that the elderly (she is now 82) Lowey would soon be retiring and give the young bimbette an easy win like Walking Eagle got in NY in 2000 and 2006. Since the district includes Chappaqua, it would be a perfect fit. A couple of house terms for seasoning and resume enhancement and who knows, another Clinton political career is launched.

However, Clinton the younger really proved to be inept and just plain dumb and unmotivated to pursue politics, or a TV career. (I feel the same about ‘the One’s wife and her soul sister ‘the Oprah’) How chagrinned Walking Eagle’s clan must feel now that AOC managed to pull off what their little dumbbell couldn’t.

So now we got this hack running for what was supposed to be Chelsea’s seat? Hopefully the GOP puts up someone decent and pulls off an upset – Trump should hold rallies in NY to force the Dems to spend real money in that state, especially if Cryin’ Chuck is seen as being vulnerable. It is a very liberal, but wealthy, district but this should be a sea-change election in the House. Let’s hope so. I’m hoping for some miracles, and if such miracles are to happen this is the likely year sans an unbeatable incumbent.


How come these cockroaches are all so butt ugly?


ummm did you see your avatar?!?!? Not the cutest… But my brain has dried out now and I’m not really able to put coherent thoughts together either… maybe thats why the Dems offered me a House seat…


It is her pay off for the hypocrisy she has displayed, in that district a yellow dog can be elected without a problem.


How many bug eyed crazies do we need in Congress, good lord.

phineas gage

Let’s see–AOC, Pelosi, DBS,….. yeah, there’s a lot of them


She’s got yellow eyes! Swear to God, she’s got yellow eyes!

phineas gage

Actually, looks more like exopthalmos to me….

Jimmy MacAfee

There is a medical condition(s) that you speak of, and there is being out of touch with reality that I’ve spoken of (certain sales-trades teach their employees how to spot someone, say, who is out of touch with reality.) This is evident in her case – lunacy – as it is in Pelosi, AOC and Schiff. Not one of them have a firm grip on reality.

I’ve seen both: medical conditions and lunacy. No question here.

phineas gage

Nita Lowey’s former district–she’ll win in a walk.


I hope a Republican runs against her just for the comedy factor when she has to try and counter the TV adverts. Running the video and audio of her while a chiron runs her HIC hearing testimony would be epic. Just run that one over and over in every time slot available.

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