Ric Grenell Should Stay in the DNI Job a Little Longer

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Before we get into the main topic for this morning, we need to call this out. The San Antonio city council has been completely overrun with Marxists. From the Mayor all the way down to the lowliest rookies on that body, it is now all-consumed with Marxist thinkers.

On Thursday, that council unanimously passed a resolution that literally turns San Antonio citizens and law enforcement official into Orwellian thought police. Check it out:

“…all persons are encouraged to report any such antisemitic, discriminatory or racist incidents to the proper authorities for investigation”. Be good citizens, comrades: Report your family and neighbors for speaking objective truth.

The Wuhan Virus comes from China. It is LITERALLY a “Chinese virus.” That descriptor, along with Wuhan Virus, is the most accurate descriptor of what the virus actually is. And the Marxists on the San Antonio city council just made it a crime to speak that plain, objective truth.

If you think this kind of crap is just happening in places like Seattle and San Francisco, you are living in a dream world. It’s happening right in your back yard.

Today should be a very interesting day. – On Tucker Carlson’s program last night, Fox News reporter/anchor Ed Henry reported on a “tip” he had received indicating that Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell had hand-delivered a satchel filled with additional key documents to Attorney General William Barr on Thursday. The delivery came shortly after Grenell had forced Adam Schiff to release the long-withheld transcripts of 53 interviews conducted by the House Intelligence Committee during its 2017-18 Russia collusion investigation.

Ed Henry says Ric Grenell spotted carrying documents to William Barr (Fox News screengrab)

From a report at the Daily Caller:

“But breaking tonight, Schiff may be even more panicked right now because I am hearing from two sources familiar with this that as early as tomorrow, Rick Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, is going to reveal even more documents shedding light on the Russia probe of President Trump and how Schiff and other investigators knew for a long time there was no collusion even though they kept saying they had direct evidence there was,” Henry said.

“What’s also new tonight, Fox is learning there is a second set of documents that Rick Grenell, who now has the job Clapper had, brought to the Attorney General William Barr today in a satchel,” Henry said as Fox News producers played a clip of Grenell presumably delivering the satchel.


Henry went on to say that he had been told that some of the contents of what is in those documents would be made public as soon as today. While that may seem improbable, what we appear to be learning is that Grenell’s involvement makes anything possible.

The pace of document releases and other revelations about the Obama-era conspiracy to fix the 2016 election and then to take down a duly-elected President has been quickening for several weeks now. Much of that is due to the decision by President Trump to fire former DNI Dan Coates, who was in the job to protect all the Obama flunkies, and ultimately replace him with Mr. Grenell.

Through his own force of will, Grenell is not only reforming the IC, he is also forcing Attorney General William Barr to move more quickly or be seen as a force of obstruction. As more and more of the documents that we know John Durham has been looking at for over a year now become public thanks mainly to Grenell’s efforts, pressure is also applied to Durham to get his job done more timely as well.

Senator Chuck Grassley, in an interview on Fox last night, said that he thinks that we will start seeing results in some form from Durham “in 2 or 3 months,” which would put it in the July/August time frame. Grenell does not appear to be interested in waiting around for that long, however, especially given that he stands to be replaced in the DNI job soon by nominee John Ratcliffe. So long as Grenell remains in that job, there is no reason to expect him to delay his actions to fit anyone else’s slower time frame.

All of this raises an interesting conundrum for President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. While there is every reason to believe that Ratcliffe is one of the good guys in this ongoing drama, anyone coming into a position as pressured and intense as the DNI job is going to have a pretty steep learning curve, which means the passage of some time before he gets fully up and running. That learning period would present prime opportunity for the myriad career deep state skunks within the IC to undermine processes Grenell has put in place to ensure all of this information comes to light.

With the November elections looming just six months away, this is time the Administration does not have to spare. Given all of that, it might behoove the President to lean on McConnell to delay a full senate vote on Ratcliffe’s confirmation until Grenell has been able to force the critical mass of withheld information out into the light of day.

As “acting” DNI, Grenell is able to remain in the job for a six month period, which would terminate in mid-August. Given the stunning results he has produced in just three months on the job, it would be a good idea to leave him there for another three. No one in U.S. history has been as adept at strategically-delaying Senate action than Mitch McConnell.

While every person of good intent for the country is likely happy that Ratcliffe is now likely to be confirmed, the timing of his confirmation now appears to have risen to one of very high importance, thanks to the courage and sheer force of will shown by Ric Grenell.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“With the November elections looming just six months away, this is time the Administration does not have to spare. Given all of that, it might behoove the President to lean on McConnell to delay a full senate vote on Ratcliffe’s confirmation until Grenell has been able to force the critical mass of withheld information out into the light of day.”

Brilliant, DB. I hope the president or someone on his team read your post. Grenell needs to stay thru the election.

Cameron Howe

Also, it appears that “Kung Flu” and “Wuhan Flu” are fair game in San Antonio. Those are more in common use, at least out here on the Left Coast. To be fair, “Boomer Doomer” and “Boomer Remover” are also popular.

I hope San Antonioians (sp) give reports to the “proper authorities” in much the same fashion that the New Yorkers have.

Cameron Howe

And…where was Lindsey Graham? I can’t stand to watch him play stupid all week on prime time.

“Since 2019, he has been the Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.”…
“a standing committee of 22 U.S. Senators whose role is to oversee the Department of Justice (DOJ), consider executive and judicial nominations, and review pending legislation”

phineas gage

He was making promises and cooing sweet nothings to Sir Tick Tock.

phineas gage

Regarding San Antonio, it doesn’t surprise me that these type of outrages are occurring in a nation plagued not so much by the Wuhan flu as the illiberal Left, but does surprise me how many of them are occurring in Texas.

They are thus far restricted to urban areas of Dallas, Houston, and SA so I guess that makes some sense.


There was also a report yesterday about the sheriff of Ector County (includes Odessa), TX with about 150,000 population getting death threats for – shall we say – overzealous enforcement of the unconstitutional China Virus edicts.


He actually had the gall to say people that came to protest should go back where they came from and get a job! A JOB?! Dumb ass!


This ‘sheriff’ makes Buford T. Justice look brilliant.

Speaking of a guy named Justice, did you hear about the Gov of West Virginia dropping the “F” Bomb during a press conference on opening up WV. Then he claimed it was an audio glitch and that he never ever used that word.

I didn’t know West Virginians elected a male Mother Teresa.

Why don’t these people just learn to shut the “F” up?

phineas gage

Yes, it is because of his fascist overweight thugs that he has released on the public.

phineas gage

Regarding Grenell, it is amazing how the actions of one brave individual can make such a difference, even in the bureaucratic maze of Washington D.C,.

Grenell came into the job with a DGAF attitude and completely changed the dynamics in a matter of weeks. However long he stays in the job, he will have been one of the most critical players in this whole affair.


Think what could be accomplished with Radcliffe as DNI and Grenell moved over into Wrays position. Instead of the traps and poison Dems like to use these two would be using flame throwers, to burn the rats out. Nuthn like the smell of napalm in the morning…

Jimmy MacAfee

Love it!

Jimmy MacAfee

True; he has been a man of valor.

Reminds me of the ski resorts where officials set off explosives in order to get an avalanche started before skiers become victims:

“The result is snowpack that is layered, with portions of ice, portions of hard-packed snow, portions of powdery stuff — a bit like the layers of sedimentary rock in a geology display. But this snow is ephemeral; the snows of winter last but a little while. It can move and change in moments.

Heavy, dense snow on top of lighter snow can slide; the wind can blow the snow and cause it to slip. A thousand things can happen, most of them bad. If the snow moves suddenly, it can bury a skier in a white instant.”

“On a full snow day” — a day after a big snowstorm — “we throw 360 or so bombs,” Goldstone said.”


phineas gage

The problem is that Mitch is a Deep State swamp creature who was fully aware of the SSCI machinations against Trump. He’ll want to get Grenell out ASAP.


True, Mitch is pretty swampy, but he is up this year, and he is 78. He is also smart and, at his age, should realize there is not much more to gain by being a DS sycophant any longer. With all this Schiff being excreted by some brave Trump people he should be looking to get on the right side of history and clean his senate house of the insider traders etc., and get totally on board with the Trump agenda.

It is his choice as to what he wants his legacy to be: just another sleazy swamp rat or a real government reformer working to the benefit of the American people. Logic would say he should do everything he can to fight for the right(‘s) cause.

If I were in his shoes, I would look to shove it so far up Schmukie’s A$$ for the malicious maligning he and Klink have done and said over the years directed personally at McConnell.

Take no prisoners Mitch and go all in for Trump’s MAGA/KAG agenda! Do the right thing.


I agree, Mitch is very swamp. I don’t believe Mitch will have a last minute change of heart and go full maga. He’ll take a few parting shots at piglousy and cry’n chuck but he’ll be departing, if and when he does, in status quo manner.

He has deep China ties and decades of swamp living that he won’t trade for maga ideology. His core values are swamp oriented and burned in… Not saying he hasn’t done things to benefit conservatives or the country as a whole, but self interests will over rule at the end of the day. imo


Grenell or Ratcliffe, I don’t think it matters about a “learning curve” my only concern would be his intentions – slow and deliberate like Barr, or speedy like Grenell.

Presumably Ratcliffe knows what is going on and, having gone through much of the Schiff that every other Trump and America ally has, is motivated to continue the reform of the IC. Ratcliffe is a smart guy; it should take him just about as long to “get up to speed” as it does to find out where the key to the executive bathroom is. Presumably Grenell is not going to vanish – hope he has real good security – and will fill in Radcliffe over a weekend. I see no problem with a passing of the torch unless Ratcliffe is a Wray or a Sessions type which I hope and pray he is not.


Let’s hope that by being nominated, Ratcliffe was made aware of what’s expected of him. To emulate Wray or Sessions should have been a disqualification at this stage.

Jimmy MacAfee

Solid points. There is now momentum.

Jimmy MacAfee

Look for Wray to find an exit quickly. Or for him to come out of the closet and show himself to be an ally instead of a collaborator.

Wray will be the next big story.

Jimmy MacAfee

Imagine if we had a Grenell in the FBI. There’d be no more 7th floor (like those buildings which were built without a 13th floor.)

Grenell is going to have his name turned into a verb, meaning:
To rid a government body of parasites
To destroy schemers and liars

Jimmy MacAfee

For those who doubt Q: Q had been saying “C before D.”
Elucidating upon this more recently, he/they said
C = Coates
D= Declass

This is a massive Declass.
Great job, Q!
And Grenell!

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as the virus goes, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus is sufficient. Or just Communist Party Virus (CPV)

It was the Communists who brought this into the world; they should be held accountable.

Carlos Dangler

I’ve been calling it the ChiCom Cooties. Hope that doesn’t get added to the San Antonio list. I’m too cute to go to jail (again).

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