Kayleigh McEnany Knows She’s at War With a Bitter Enemy: The Press

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is how she should answer every snide question she gets from these corrupt clowns. – It turns out that new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is really good at this. Really, really good. Watch as she ends yesterday’s press briefing by completely turning a loaded question around on Jeff Mason of Reuters:

For the record, I still don’t like the Trump White House doing these press briefings. They are counterproductive in all respects, including giving these preening peacocks the TV face time they so desperately crave. The vast majority of the questions that are asked during these engagements are not sincere efforts to acquire information to use in real news reporting, but gotcha-type questions like this one designed to embarrass or to create fake news that would not otherwise exist, and which has no informative value for the public.

But, if the White House has decided to revive these briefings now after a long hiatus for whatever strategic reason, it’s good to have a spokesperson like McEnany, who comes into the sessions incredibly well-prepared and has years of experience in dealing with these people and others like them on TV and radio. Note that she didn’t have even a second’s hesitation in going to the exact page of prepared talking points in her notebook and immediately turning this loaded question designed to embarrass her back onto the reporter and the press at large.

This is a tactic that should be used at every opportunity by this White House. The entirety of the corrupt news media has been at open war with the Trump presidency since before it even began, and there is no reason at all for McEnany to pull any punches. Past GOP White Houses have always tried to play nice with the reprobates in the White House press corps in the hopes that doing so would buy them a bit of positive news coverage here and there. Occasionally that tactic even worked, although it was generally a fool’s errand.

But this White House has no hope of ever being able to cajole any positive coverage from these corrupt news outlets, and President Trump understands that. There is no longer even the slightest pretense of objectivity in any of the national media outlets. There is no good faith at play here.

Thus, if you’re going to insist on holding these briefings, they should be treated as purely hostile engagements. There is simply no possible advantage to doing otherwise. Each and every question that does not come from OAN or John Roberts at Fox News should be treated as a hostile question, and even Roberts’ questions should be treated with a great deal of skepticism.

More than anything else, these engagements should also be treated and prepared for as opportunities to expose the media’s own hypocrisy. That’s what McEnany did with the question in this clip, and she has done it repeatedly throughout the two briefings she has held over the past week.

Many communications professionals would advise her against this tactic on the reasoning that doing so will only heighten resentments and hostility in the room, but that’s simply dumb reasoning. As I have been writing here since January 2017, it is blatantly obvious that the media’s resentments and hostility towards the President or anyone serving as his spokesperson simply cannot rise any higher than they already are. As a group, these people are nothing more or less than activist agents of the opposition political party, and they cherish that role.

Every White House has an obligation to keep the public informed about its activities. That is a given, and every administration must figure out the most effective way to achieve that objective.

The White House press briefing was enshrined as a daily activity during the Gerald Ford administration because that White House decided that would be a politically advantageous thing to do. Ford’s presidency lasted 2 years and 5 months. So, was it really a good strategy? Probably not.

The point here is this: There are a hundred different ways for the Trump White House to communicate with the public. Giving vain jerks like Jeff Mason TV time to ask loaded questions is probably not the most productive means of doing it.

But if you’re going to do it, at least have a spokesperson who is sharp, witty and incredibly well-prepared. Kayleigh McEnany appears so far to fit that description.

That is all.

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It was a thing of beauty to watch….

phineas gage

I’ve also heard reports that some of the ‘reporters’ and on-air ‘talent’ are becoming exhausted covering the president and dread the prospect of having to ‘cover’ him and his administration for another four years.

So this appears to be working both ways and more to the detriment of the press and their ‘reputation’. Great, because most, if not all these hacks, have glass jaws and NEVER EVER have had to deal with a president who correctly and forcefully fights back. They are all thin-skinned snowflakes so full of their self importance; not interested in getting a real informational ‘scoop’ but rather try to get a got-ya question to try to influence opinion.

Trump is right – they should be forced to register as a DNC PAC, and their ‘contributions’ should be counted as ‘in kind’ political contributions. The left started this by saying that Trump’s former lawyer gave an ‘in kind’ contribution to Stormy for her ‘silence’ – which she and Avenatti violated their supposed contract.

It is good that the Trump campaign is suing some outlets for damages caused by their ‘incorrect’ ‘news’ ‘reporting’, but that will take years to adjudicate…

Also, why can’t Trump and/or McEnany use a written “Town Hall” Q & A format after the jackals have had their turn and read the real or crafted (as the Dems have done since at least BJ Clinton in their Town Halls) questions? Real questions, especially from real people would contrast with those presented by the ones who should be looking to report real public interest queries rather than make news or try to sway public opinion.

This would also serve to convey a focused message that the administrated wants to put out. I would lot rather hear questions like: Dave from Texas…, Jimmy from Virginia…, Gregg from Tennessee etc…, than these verbal smackdowns.


Happy morning all…

I watched that briefing as well and the ending was especially epic…. it wasn’t a mike drop at all… it was a MOABs…

What I think is awesome is this young lady will smile to disarm you. Then after she walks away you realize she hasn’t gutted you, shes left you a bust on a pedestal.

I, along with everyone here, have been saying you cannot play nice with these people. You have to punch them back twice as hard. Its gonna take a long time because these people are complete dullards but if you ring their bells enough even they will back down.

So Kayleigh… keep hammer’n them and don’t let up until they tap out…


I had to laugh. She didn’t just smack them, she walloped them!

Jimmy MacAfee

They accused her of “being prepared” for that question. They have no idea.

I bet their kale smoothies and Starbucks lattes came up inta their throats when she laid it all out, right? In Malaysia, they’d call what she administered a “caning.”


Thats whats so hilariously funny… As if being prepared was playing foul… LMAO…

They fire the first shot then cry ‘we weren’t ready’ when the hammer drops on them.

phineas gage

Trump must see them as useful, and given his track record I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The whiny journalist lamentation was amusing, but by the same token McEnany was prepared for it, probably because she had a good idea that question would be asked.

The media are robotic and predictable, as DB often points out, and this drone just stepped right onto the land mine, and then pathetically wailed like the dismembered Black Knight. Good start for McEnany.

Bill Mason

I agree David. The briefings are a waste of the administrations time. However, McEnany’s “Drop The Mic” moment at the end of the briefing had me spitting beer out of my nose. CLASSIC!! Great job to her team for having her prepared.


These briefings are counterproductive in many respects, so why do them at all? I’m sure that has been discussed. But it does expose the general doucheness of the biased press. Giving them rope to hang themselves is always fun to watch. But this environment demands that you have an expert behind the podium. Trump has had good picks in Huckabee and now Mcenany, she clearly knows her stuff and is well prepared.

One of the biggest downsides I see to doing this is that you end up burning through press secretaries. It has to be exhausting. Sarah was good at it, but over time, you could see her no longer relish the slam dunks required to keep the narrative on the level. No doubt heading into the election later this year, Trump wants to continue exposing the hacks and their bias to help deflect the left’s attacks before people hit the ballot box. How long will Kayleigh last?

Jimmy MacAfee

She’s gonna last a long time. I’m seeing someone who was prepared extensively behind the scenes. Like SEALs or Rangers prepping for a mission. Plus profiling her targets. Profiling is fun, made popular by television programs, but it has important functions other than identifying UNSUBS.

One of many things I learned in years of coaching and teaching: if you can imagine someone’s voice, you can not only predict what they’ll say, but what they’ll do.

It’s obvious what these presstitutes are going to ask, and how they’ll ask them, and who will be asking. President Trump knows them very well. McEnany will have studied the press corps in great depth; I mean knowing each and every one of them, in detail: their histories, their personalities, everything.

However, President Trump usually brings a howitzer to the battle when someone with a knife with a 2 inch blade can do the job more effectively. He’s an old Navy Commander, in a sense, and likes to blow stuff up. More to fear from the quiet warrior who can take out your liver without you even knowing it. This woman is a surgeon.

Jimmy MacAfee

How can you add shyte to a septic tank that is badly overflowing already? (say this with a Scottish brogue)

The thing is already filled and running out every which way; so how can you increase press hostility, when they’re like the aforementioned shyte? (still in a Scottish brogue)

I wish President Trump “wouldn’t waller with pigs in the mud, because he only gets dirty and the pigs love it.” (read this quote in a Scottish accent.)

McEnany should be present during all the Coomunist virus briefings, so that when someone asks a bluntly stupid question, he can defer to her and she can knife them where they stand, and they’ll bleed out before they find their seat(Scottish brogue.)


I luv the scoots… wish everyone could own at least one… 🙂 Scottish on me mum’s side… german on my pappy’s side… Belligerent both ways to Sunday.

phineas gage

It’s why the only true James Bond can only be Sean Connery.


However if you can’t have Connery, go with George Lazenby ;<).

Jimmy MacAfee

I only know from DNA, but over 30% is Ireland and Scotland. Adopted, and unlike either me mum and da.


Absolutely agree David.

I’ve said the same thing in different ways over the years. These people are bullies, so smack them down every chance you get.

It’s like when we were fighting the Japanese in WWII. We attempted to ‘play nice’, surrender when thing were hopeless; our prisoners were treated horribly with about 30% in captivity dying (3% in German captivity). When we tried to take their prisoners, perhaps 1-2% surrendered. Then the suicidal Banzai attacks and later, Kamikaze attacks came. They gave no quarter and eventually we learned to give no quarter. Trump should do the same.

As you state, it is the same with virtually every aspect of the press. They declared war on Trump in 2015, and his administration on the day he won, and it has only gotten worse since then.

Fortunately he has taken no schiff from these jerks masquerading as objective journalists. I see his new add and it is good, buy kind of fragmented.

What I would suggest is he start tweeting who owns and drives what these ‘journalists’ asks.

When Joe or Jane Schmuckatelli ask these loaded questions he should say that Joe Schmuckatelli from CNN who is owned by AT&T which has X amount of influence from CHINA asks “Whatever the question was” and then respond.

He, or his spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany, should not have the cameras face the inquisitor, just like when he is going to Marine One.

This would serve several purposes:

1. Deny them face time.
2. Expose who and what organization is asking the question.
3. By repeating the question he/she would be able to intone the viciousness/silliness of the question and, most important, allow us who are somewhat hearing impaired, to actually hear the question.

For this reason, I appreciate Dave providing the transcript of pertinent aspects of the conversation.

Expose, expose, expose these people and their ‘news’ organization’s ties! Because we don’t care that Acosta is a jerk; we want to know is where the questions are coming from and what their agenda is.

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