The Motivations Behind the Fascist Democrat Governors and Mayors

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Today, we’re going to talk about what motivates these budding fascist mayors, county judges and governors, almost all of whom also happen to be Democrats. After all, they aren’t taking the actions they are taking against the unlucky people in their jurisdictions in a vacuum. These are all politicians, and politicians all have pressures that motivate them to act in certain ways.

To set this up, let’s first refer to a great piece over at that was referred to me yesterday by a friend. The writer, Mike Ford, goes through many of the facts I’ve written about here regarding how Drs. Fauci, Birx and their disastrously wrong statistical model have basically run our country for the last 3 months, and destroyed our economy in the process. The results have been catastrophic, have essentially destroyed the greatest economy on the face of the earth, and none of it needed to happen.

Here is an excerpt from the summary section of that piece:

Basically, the governors and mayors with the encouragement of the federal government denied the civil rights of broad swaths of the American citizenry. They abridged the right to earn a living on the unproven chance that it might save a stranger’s life. What’s worse, it wasn’t like we demanded that all of America make this sacrifice. No. We actually forced the weakest (financially) among us to carry this load. Interestingly, I find anecdotally that the folks most interested in keeping this shutdown in place until we are “perfectly safe,” aren’t the hourly wage, service industry workers who have been forced to shoulder almost this entire burden. Nope. It’s the “essential workers,” people whose occupation allows telecommuting, the media, and, of course, folks on government salaries.

Mind you, none of the above was done via legislative action, which might have made it somewhat more palatable. It was all done via executive orders, big and small. As new data comes in, we are seeing that all of this had little-to-no effect on the spread of the virus nor the number of fatalities. We trampled on the Constitution, destroyed our economy, and wrecked the lives of millions of Americans…for nothing. And we aren’t done yet.


Now, let’s look at the chart below, which was published by England’s Office of National Statistics last week:

No photo description available.

The chart is easy to understand: It shows the average mortality rate per 100,000 by age group. It is the single most compelling piece of information I have seen anywhere about the Wuhan Virus. This chart and this chart alone proves the case Mr. Ford makes in his piece at RedState.

Put simply, this chart conclusively demonstrates that this virus is a disease that kills almost no one under the age of 55. Yes, young people do contract the virus and a handful have died from its effects. Those deaths of young people have of course been massively trumpeted by your corrupt news media as a means of supporting the Democrat goal of keeping the shutdown in place, but they have been few and far between.

This data clearly shows that the intelligent way to have gone about dealing with this virus would have been to ask older people to self-quarantine and to allow anyone under the age of 55 to keep living their lives and more rapidly building a national herd immunity to this plague that will ultimately come about anyway. Had everyone just taken the example of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose very first act was to start working to protect elderly folks inside his state’s nursing homes, a huge portion of these deaths would have been avoided.

Instead, our government told tens of millions of young Americans – the vast majority of them in the lower-middle to lower classes in terms of income – that their jobs and businesses were “non-essential” and forced them onto the government dole. And now we have this ruling class of banana republic governors, mayors and county judges doing everything they can, not to reopen their economies and put people back to work, but to extend the pain out for as long as they can get away with.

In my weekly radio appearance with host Gregg Budell on FM 93.1 WACV in Montgomery, AL yesterday, we talked about what it is exactly that motivates these Democrat politicians to act in this way. To understand that, you have to first understand how the Democrat political mind in the 21st century works, which I talked about in yesterday’s Campaign Update, “The Real Reason Why Pelosi Won’t Call the House Back Into Session.”

Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

But Democrats are different – make no mistake about it. They don’t care about people dying or 30 million Americans having been put out of jobs; all they care about is politics. After all, the Wuhan Virus is killing mainly old people, and old people happen to be mostly Republican voters. Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer see this and their only thought is that man, this could really tilt a few congressional races in November if enough old people die in the right districts.

Those 30 million additional unemployed? To your typical Democrat politician, their only thought is that that is one huge target-rich environment of potential Democrat voters. If they can just keep enough of those 30 million on unemployment until November it could be an electoral gold mine.


Once you understand that and accept it, then you need to look and identify who funds Democrat campaigns in this country today, and the voting constituencies that put them into office in the first place.

Who funds Democrats these days? That’s easy: Billionaires like George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the rest of the very wealth, globalist class in this country; the radical environmentalist community; government workers; and labor unions, in that descending order. Make no mistake about it, the Democrat Party – not the GOP as the corrupt media still likes to claim – is the party of the very wealthy, globalist class in this country and their FEC filings clearly prove that fact. The radical environmentalists – the Party’s other major funder – are thrilled to death with all of this economic carnage, since it is what their Green New Deal would implement, anyway, and hey, our carbon footprint is so much lower! Seriously, do not doubt me on this.

So, we know who funds the campaigns; now, let’s look at a few examples of the constituencies these aspiring tinpot dictators are trying to please.

Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam is a great and easy example here. Northam governs what is by and large a very rural state that has two major population centers that vote overwhelmingly Democrat: Richmond, and the Alexandria/Arlington metro area. Those rural areas of the state have been barely impacted by this Chinese plague, but they vote overwhelmingly Republican, and Northam couldn’t care less what the people in those counties need or think.

The capital city of Richmond, on the other hand, has two huge Democrat voter blocs: Government workers and folks who were already on the government dole before anyone had ever heard of the Wuhan Virus. The government workers are all still getting paid, so they’re happy to have this extended vacation as long as Gov. Coonman wants to give it to them. The folks who are used to living on the government dole haven’t really been impacted, so what do they care?

The Alexandria/Arlington area is now overrun with federal government workers thanks to the vast expansion of the federal workforce during the Obama years, and they have the same story: They’re all getting paid to “work from home,” which for many means sitting on their butts playing video games, so they’re all fat and happy like the state government workers in Richmond.

Thus, at the end of the day, Northam looks around and sees he still has his cash flow in place, and his voters are all perfectly happy sitting at home doing nothing, so there is no price to be paid for just extending these draconian orders out for as long as possible.

In Michigan, Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer has much the same motivating factors in place: She’s just trying please her Party’s natural constituencies in cities like Detroit, Lansing and other metro centers.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown is just trying to please her natural constituencies that largely lie along the Interstate 5 corridor.

The exact same logic and formula applies in states like New York, New Jersey and California, and even in cities in Red states like Dallas and Houston in Texas, where Democrat County Judges Clay Jenkins and Lina Hidalgo have gone completely mad with power.

This really is the truth, folks. Decades of focusing on identity politics above all other considerations really has completely warped the Democrat mind in our country, and in fact makes that party the single biggest danger to the country’s ultimate survival.

They aren’t motivated by what is best for the country as a whole – that arcane subject never even enters their minds. They are motivated by two things and two things only: Money, and power, and how to obtain and maintain both.

And so, here we are.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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In the mindset of today’s intersectionalist Democratic Party, whoever is the biggest victim is the biggest winner, and can claim the lion’s share of government spoils. These largely blue governors are methodically destroying the lives of their own constituents, so that their collectivist “state” can become a winner in the Democrat “competition” and thereby get all the attention.

When that happens for non-political reasons, we call it “Munchausen by Proxy.” Think about it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Churches have obeyed because it was evident early-on that they were going to try to blame Christians for spreading the virus. We all saw it coming.

But the Church is not a meeting hall, nor is it the Pastor: we are gathered in Spirit where government officials who hate the Bride of Christ cannot gather.

millard fillmore

I saw Northam giving another of his speeches in the War of Northam Aggression and noticed that you couldn’t see his wife’s arm working his jaw,and her lips barely moved when he talked.

phineas gage

Jill Biden has given her lessons.


Here’s another good article about how Dems think.

Globalists like Soros thrive on destruction which shows you clearly whom they serve.

So why do wealthy AMERICANS want to destroy the very country and system that made them wealthy??? Simple… like David mentioned power and money. They will buy up everything they can at fire sale prices and will gain control over what gets produced and what to charge (rob) you of. Slime like Bill Gates who started MS by stealing software from others and selling at his own, remember DOS, Stacker etc… isn’t hindered by that little thing called morality.

What about Islam, why are churches closing? Churches are closing because the ‘church’ has been infiltrated by false teachers. The devil loves and has no problem with people teaching from the Bible when it contains no life or is doctrinally false, ie prosperity teaching. The church has been feminized, woke, and rendered to a position of flaccid protests.

But what about Islam?? Where is the greatest recruitment for islam happening in the US today. Prisons. Why are muslims being not only invited but encouraged and incentivised to come to the west, US, canukistan, UK, France, Germany… etc etc. The answer is plain. They muslims have been very open about it for decades, simply put, to take over the country from the inside. Flood the host country, take advantage of the host countries generosities and overwhelm their ‘services’.

Why muslims?? They become the catalyst for violence as they are very willing to act in any violent manner as required. When their numbers reach the tipping point, violence always ensues, which there are plenty of examples in the world today. Once the violence starts then governments can suspend constitutional rights and call on marshal laws. But rest assured they will only be in place until its ‘safe’. Readers Digest version of the marxist Dems game plan.

Jimmy MacAfee

China, as the presumptive World Dictator, has shown how it can squelch freedom, submit the Islamists, and put everybody but the rich (party members) in chains. Sounds like a few US billionaires and governors, doesn’t it? And the whole of the DNC.

Showing how they can dominate Christians and Muslims is part of their marketing package:

“Look at us! We can maintain order!”

phineas gage

The trouble with their plan is once the radical Islamists take over, all infidels are slaughtered without exception.

Hoping that you will be last eaten by the shark is not a good plan.


Very true. But globalists aren’t worried about that… The military would be brought in to remove their scourge. They are useful idiots, easily identified and easily targeted when their purposed is completed.

Frank Hammond

You left off JB Pritzker, Billionaire Governor of Illinois. The Pritzker Family owns the Hyatt Hotel Chain. Hyatt is the largest international Hotel Chain in China. The Pritzkers recently made a deal to build 60 additional hotels in China over the next 4 years. The Pritzker family has made Billions from their China holdings. Xi Jinping owns the Pritzker Family. JB does whatever the Chinese tell hi to do.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is worthy of headlines.
Sounds like Mini Mike the China Asset.

Anyone involved with Epstein is also owned by China. ZTE had the contract on the island, and it’s likely that they have what NYPD has.

Ben Colder

I think that the Dems are nothing but communists and we are now seeing what they really have in store for this country.I never thought it would happen so easy.Wait until they get back in power either this election or the next If Trump wins this next election we will see a holy sh== fit thrown by the communist party we aint seen nothing yet.I really think they think they have Trump on the run I don’t think they do but the fake news and the communists like to think they do and will try to say Trump is finished.I used to think that Americans would not put up with a communist take over but now I believe no one will do a thing.

phineas gage

Not originally, not even twenty years ago, but they are now.

It is the ultimate, inevitable destination of progressivism; the path always ends with the iron fist, the jack boot, and piles of dead bodies.

Jimmy MacAfee

I would lay ALL of this on Globalists and Globalism:
-All in the list Dave made are Globalists.
-Globalists wanted a ruined America, which they were getting under Obumbler and would have even more under Hitlery Rotten Clinton.
-Every billionaire you listed is a Globalist.
-The entire Dem Party is Globalist, and Never Trumpers as well.
-The Deep State is Globalist

What is the main ambition of the Globalists?

To destroy the US, and to replace a relatively benign United States of America with China as World Dictator, and with Islam.

But it all comes back to China and the Globalists. The only schisms are how China treats Muslims, and even Saudi Arabia isn’t complaining, nor Iran. Which means that Islamism in most Muslim nations is mostly a means of control, something made obvious through the years. Notice also that Western nations are closing churches, but not mosques.

If you’ve done any research, you will find that most of these Globalists have links to Satanism. This is no joke. And when you combine Bill Gates’ desire to RFID chip everybody to make sure they have taken his vaccine, Bible prophecy is coming true right before our eyes.

Globalism = Satanism


I got to believe that SOME of these gubmint workers have friends and family who are adversely affected and sooner or later have to know that the gubmint money will run out, the food supply will diminish and ultimately they too will be affected. They can’t all be this stupid for much longer, can they?

We don’t need but for 10% in the deep blue areas to wake up and #Walk Away. Just like with the other lefty core constituency groups, if 10% of them walk away ten states will flip to Trump and the GOP.

That is the battleground; that is whose hearts and minds have to be flipped. The Democratic Party has no real base; it is just a loose coalition of disparate groups who, in many ways are diametrically opposed to each other’s agenda. It is held together by fear, ignorance and MSM (D) propaganda. There is no inherent loyalty; most of their groups are bought off by empty promises for decades and government bribes via the various assistance programs which ultimately will never satisfy and are in fact contrary to the basic human condition of self reliance and advancement – especially in a capitalistic society. The carefully orchestrated Democratic Plantation is built on a house of cards which, prior to this scamdemic, Trump was effectively knocking down.

I hope and pray this scamdemic will be a three to six month pause in the MAGA/KAG agenda and represent the left’s last hurrah in their 90 year attempt to destroy American Capitalism.

The main reason I’m optimistic is because despite the decades long indoctrination of our people under fifty in the classrooms and the media, real life experience overwhelms ‘academic learning’. Trump, by MAGA has opened the door – to many for the first time in their lives – and has shown what is possible via economic freedom; this China lead biological attack which is fostered and needlessly extended by the dark forces of the Democratic left shows the opposite – AND THEY OWN IT!

Bill Mason

Man, I hope you are right Greg. But the under 50’s are pretty sold on socialism. I want to believe in the Red Wave in November. But right now I will remain cautiously optimistic.

phineas gage

That brings up a question I had about DB’s post.

“After all, the Wuhan Virus is killing mainly old people, and old people happen to be mostly Republican voters”

I had always thought, perhaps erroneously, that the elderly demographic was a reliable voting bloc for the Democrats, because of Social Security and Medicare. Thus the traditional Democrat tactic of scaring seniors by claiming these benefits would be taken away.

Perhaps this is wrong, and seniors tend toward conservative voting patterns based upon life experience.

Does anyone know the actual data pertaining to the political behavior of this demographic?


I don’t have actual data, but I have history and observation.

The transformation of the older/senior voting block mirrors the transformation of the South from solid blue Dem to solid red GOP during the last forty – fifty years as the old FDR Depression Era lemmings die off and the boomers grew up (politically) and became the dominate voters in that age group.


AMAC does everything useful that AARP does, without the preachiness and socialism.


I learned this from my father: He said when people get very old they often go into a new phase of “second childhood” which accounts for why some revert to falling for the people of a party who says they want to give them everything.

As for AARP and AFLAC and all the ‘regular’ insurance companies who pushed so hard for Obamascare, F them! They went for it for a lot of reasons, but the main one was that EVERYONE was going to be forced BY LAW (which should have been ruled unconstitutional for that very reason – CJ Roberts) to buy their product, knowing full well ‘the One’ was going to allow them to raise rates exponentially to cover the additional costs. The other reason was for complete government power and control of the people’s lives though medical rationing.

The one thing the stupid and greedy CEOs of Big-Insurance didn’t realize was that the whole purpose of Obamascare was to cause the rates to go up so high that within a decade the people would demand the government FIX IT and that would become the real Obamascare: Single Payer Government run ‘health’ insurance – Medicare for all.

‘The One’ even telegraphed it for all to see in a speech in the early 2000s.

From what I can tell most of our corporations project trends and demand three to five years out which works for the Obamascare “model”, but not for long term success after the decision making CEOs have left the company. Whereas I’m told the Japanese, for example, plan out for fifteen to twenty years, and thus are more conservative and successful in the long run.

phineas gage

Ditto there. After their efforts to push through Obamacare, I’ll have nothing to do with them, despite their ceaseless entreaties.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unfortunately, elders have fallen for the worst Leftist organization supposedly representing them:

I will never join.

phineas gage

Thanks–that is interesting and actually makes sense, in terms of shifts over time.

Perhaps I am guilty of holding an outdated belief.

phineas gage

Nothing better illustrates DB’s point:

Absolute power is quite simply all that matters to these people.

phineas gage

Meanwhile, Shelley Luther has been sentenced to jail for being an American citizen:


… and other true American citizens have just made Shelley Luther a semi-millionaire.

God bless America.

phineas gage

Great post. I agree with your central thesis, but I would also add two things:

*the Dems are taking great pleasure in sticking it to the deplorable Trump voters. They find this hard to resist
*as natural totalitarians, they are also intoxicated by this power

For both of these reasons, they have acted more broadly and dramatically than was wise. The backlash, political and otherwise, will be severe, although it will tragically come at the expense of terrible misery for most Americans.

National Guard food distribution has just started at the campus here today. Never in my life did I ever think I would see this in my country.


1st post of the day here…and getting told to slow down? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I hope you’re right about the backlash being severe. I agree with you about Dems being intoxicated with these powers. This is but a taste of what we would see if they could just have their way.

The road to getting back to normal, however, will be paved with all manner of liberal chicanery. Remember we are heading to the November election. As we reopen, look for the Dems and their media lapdogs capitalizing on ANY increase in infections or deaths. And I’m willing to bet they will use any data, good or bad to make their case. The truth will not matter…because the election.

phineas gage

As I have said before, expect a running day-by-day media death count, like in the old Nightline hostage crisis days.

phineas gage

I’m referring to the college campus at which I work. The entire parking lot has been commandeered today by National Guard for people of the city to come get food.

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