May 6, 2020 – General Discussion

Sorry this is late, folks – I’ll do better as time goes along.


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Covid 19 Question of the day: Why is it we hear next to nothing about central and south america?
I’ve seem one or two articles about Mexico. Tons on Asia, Japan and Europe, but nada south of


I had shared my letter to the editor with Lars Larson, who is the NW area equivalent of Rush.Got a text from my youngest brother saying he read it over the air today. My 3 minutes of fame! Actually, I was quite surprised he read it. Hopefully it will inspire others to write their elected representatives and newspapers.


Excellent; there must be hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who feel the same way.

There is not one excuse for any American to vote out every tyrant in every election henceforth and forever more.

If you read my “Hands Across NJ” article here over the weekend, you’ll note that NJ Gov Florio pulled his crap in the first yearn and it took three long years to get rid of him. It was hard because by then the anti-Florio passion had faded; I don’t think the passion and anger will fade this time as this is an election this year, and while virtually NONE of the tyrants are up this year, raising taxes is a far cry from having one’s business and life ruined.

Good Luck.


Our state GOP is feckless. They said after our last election they were going to start a recall effort. So far nada. Lars has been hounding them and they don’t respond. Even with Wreck It Kate doing what she just did, not a word. They might as well just close their offices and not bother calling any registered Republican for money.


Heres what we have to deal with here in canukistan. There is very little recourse when police go off the rails and they do very often. You can try to sue and if by happenstance you win you would like still be left owing a lawyer money.


HHmmmm The head banner graphic is all clowns… subliminal messaging??? lol


According to Rush’s open, NY’s Andrew the Cuomo is looking to (income) tax medical volunteers who came to NY from other states to help with the scamdemic because his state that HE HAS RUN INTO THE GROUND FOR THE LAST12 PLUS YEARS, has a 13 Billion Dollar shortfall and needs the taxes unless Trump and the Federal Government comes through with a bailout.

Another version of this ‘appreciation’ happened in NJ and possibly NYC during the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy in 2012. To help with the massive electrical power outages along the Jersey Shore, many electricians from Southern States volunteered and traveled north to NJ. Some were threatened with actual violence by the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) thugs who basically chased them away since many of the out of state electricians were nonunion. Restoration of power and the subsequent recovery was much delayed. I say to hell with any place north east of Harrisburg PA to include MD and DE.

Thank GOD TN is a right to work state, and as far as I know, many here are grateful for the help from out of state electricians who have come to Nashville this week to restore power to many thousands of Nashvillians (over 100,000 to now 23,000) after hundreds of power poles and other damage happened from our severe storms this past Sunday and Monday. Though not directly affected, I appreciate the outside help without gov. intervention.

phineas gage

he, he, heh. Poor Rep. Schiff. What I would give to have been a fly on the wall when he read Director Grenell’s letter. He is trapped in a web of his own spinning. Don’t release them and Grennell does and the whole flaming mess exposes Schiff for the liar he is. Release them and he still exposes himself for the liar he is. Oh the irony!


That is VERY suspicious….A Chinese guy, shot by another Chinese guy (article doesn’t specify but looks/sounds like they are Chinese), who conveniently kills himself. I’d love to see what they determine as motive.

If I were to dabble into conspiracy theory, I’d say this was a Chicom op on US soil. They were watching this guy and took him out because he was about to discover something that would point back to them concerning COVID-19.

A guess, you know, if you entertained that sort of thing 🙂

Jimmy MacAfee

Not a Seth Rich, but close.

phineas gage

The ruling class demands that you think correctly, particularly if you are of a certain color or ethnicity:

If not, you will be deprived of your rights and liberty, and reeducated.

So it goes in the insulated politburos of higher education, and it is being rapidly exported to the society at large.


DOH! Fox. :p

Just Me

The way they are going, Pox may prove prescient.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pox News. I like it!


I saw a segment on Pox about this. The problem is the processors.The supply/demand factor..Demand is down so processors are reducing the speed at which they process the meat.
To add insult to injury, the processors are offering less per head to the cattlemen (one of them said $400 less) but charging top dollar to the retail market..

The big box burger joints that have frozen product in their warehouses haven’t run out, yet. Places like Wendy’s who offer fresh not frozen so their supply chain has dried up due to the processors.

Coming to grocery market near you.


The entirety of the food chain has been industrialized by big corp and….. chinese ‘companies’ buying into the supply lines. Never a bad thing /s

If you don’t have a freezer, buy one. You can store a significant amount of food, even a small chest freezer. Toughest part of a freezer isn’t filling it, its keeping it rotated.

Buy product, where you can, from local small producers. You’ll get a vastly better quality product than you ever will from a commercial producer. Even if you pay more than at the store the quality difference far outweighs anything the stores have.

Best yet is wild game. If you are able, hunt, fish or grow your own. Barring that get to know a real farmer outside city limits… you won’t be disappointed and you will have a reliable supply.


So hoard, in other words. Great idea. Very me me me me me. i think I will survive on something else and let you have all the meat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to catalogue my fanny.


How Troll of you. Being prepared is not hoarding. Let us know how not being prepared works out for you when the local stores run out of basic foods. You should have at least a 30 day supply of food and water. That’s not hoarding.
And don’t count on the fast food joints, they’ll be the first shut down when the trucks stop delivering. Just look at Wendy’s – NO BURGERS FOR YOU!

As Walter would say: Dumb ass!


Oh that I could buy a freezer. At least toilet paper is finally not as scarce as it was.

Jimmy MacAfee

Local meat processors have been busier.

phineas gage

Societal prosperity brings sloth, stupidity, and arrogance – and the ability to engage in frivolity which can be detrimental or beneficial.

Austerity brings reality.

phineas gage

Constitutional due process is now unacceptable:

Unless you belong to one of the favored groups, that is. Two sets of rules, one for them and one for you.

Hell no.

Jimmy MacAfee

In our area, local cattlemen were complaining about the prices/sales they were getting for their animals. Now, suddenly, they’re getting a lot of interest in their animals, mostly grass-fed. (grass-fed has more of a nutrient called CLA) I think this is a regional issue, other than the box-food drive-throughs. Depends upon where you live. As long as there’s hay and cattle in your region, the shortage will be felt by the big chains. (Some of us keep enough venison for the year in the freezer, too.)

phineas gage

Wendy’s now takes burgers off the menu because of beef shortages.

It is coming.

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