The Real Reason Why Pelosi Won’t Call the House Back Into Session

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

You understand why San Fran Nan won’t call the House back in session, right? It’s because she and Chuck Schumer are trying to shame Mitch McConnell into keeping the Senate shut down.

Why? Well, it’s obvious: They want to keep the Senate shut down in order to prevent the confirmation of President Trump’s judicial nominees and other key nominees like John Ratcliffe, who is up to become the Director of National Intelligence.

Luckily, McConnell is having none of it, and called the Senate back into session this week with his main goal to specifically get those nominees moving again. He understands that it is crucial for the nation to get back to some semblance of normalcy as soon as possible in order to avoid a massive economic depression, and that America won’t get back to some semblance of normalcy if its elected leaders are all holed up in their basements like Joe Biden and Chris Cuomo.

But Democrats are different – make no mistake about it. They don’t care about people dying or 30 million Americans having been put out of jobs; all they care about is politics. After all, the Wuhan Virus is killing mainly old people, and old people happen to be mostly Republican voters. Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer see this and their only thought is that man, this could really tilt a few congressional races in November if enough old people die in the right districts.

Those 30 million additional unemployed? To your typical Democrat politician, their only thought is that that is one huge target-rich environment of potential Democrat voters. If they can just keep enough of those 30 million on unemployment until November it could be an electoral gold mine.

Am I being overly cynical here, unfair to your Democrat “friends”? Not really. Take a look at this great graphic I found on Twitter the other day:


Now, the saddest part of this list is that each and every element of it is 100% true. Go ahead – try to convince me otherwise.

What’s more, the list is far from comprehensive. Here are some other items you could add to it:

13. Tried to give more money to Planned Parenthood.

14. Tried to insert language mandating “ballot harvesting”, i.e., voter fraud, into two stimulus bills.

15. Outlawed the use of motor boats to appease climate change alarmists.

16. Shut down beaches despite the knowledge that heat and sunlight kill the virus.

17. Shut down public parks and then went for walks in them.

18. Shut down “unnecessary” travel and then flew the governor of Illinois’ family to a posh resort in Florida.

19. Threatened to arrest people for “crimes” they have made up out of whole cloth.

The list could go on and on: The point is that, while President Trump and his task force have been working 100 hours a week for the last 3 months trying to save lives and deal with this pandemic, the Democrats have been working 100 hours a week doing little but trying to find ways to take political advantage of this tragic situation and extend it out for as long as possible. This is who they are; it is what they do.

We’ve noted this many times, but it deserves noting again: They are only able function in this despicable mode because of the fact that they literally own the nation’s news media. It’s why Pelosi had zero concerns about needlessly delaying two different stimulus bills while millions suffered: Because there was no political price to be paid for doing so.

Hell, people who get all their news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS didn’t even know she was doing it. With no one in the media working to hold them accountable, Democrat politicians no longer have a social filter. What’s more, they know their core voters have been so brainwashed by these corrupt media outlets that there is nothing they can do, no act so repugnant, to make them vote for anyone else.

You don’t have to believe me – just take a look at this tweet from Harvey Weinstein’s attack dog Democrat lawyer Lisa Bloom:

This is Democrat core voters in a nutshell: They know Biden abused, harassed and raped Tara Reade, but they don’t care. If Biden’s the nominee, they’re voting for him anyway. Because Trump. And maybe science or something.

This is who they are; it is what they do. To them, everything in life is a political calculation. Once you accept that about your Democrat “friends,” everything they say and do makes perfect sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sir Cumference

Nasty Pelosi is pure slime.

Ben Colder

I can not understand why anyone that is totally honest with themselves could ever vote for a dem/communist and that is what the dems have become is communists nothing more nothing less they don’t even dispute that they are anymore.


Because they have been indoctrinated so, in the halls of education, start to finish. They were brainwashed to believe they are the victims and Dems are there to save them.

What IS stunning tho is that anyone claiming to be a Christian and votes Dem… a party of death, poverty, filth, overt lying and fraud, is either willfully ignorant or intellectually dishonest. You cannot serve two masters, you will serve one over another and there are only two choices. One is called the ‘Destroyer’, the other the ‘Creator’. Which master do Dems serve??


So will someone explain to me – David, this looks like a good job for you! – why Trump has not replaced the leadership in the FCC?? Mainstream media continues its in-kind contributions to the Democrats, its fomenting of treason and violence, and its censorship of conservative and Biblical thought. Wheeler and the four commissioners under him are all Obama appointees and even though three of them identify as Republicans, we’re already awash with RINOs and clearly these guys have no intention of any sort of neutrality or fairness.


Matt 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

People don’t generally wake up and plan to be evil. Choices are made along the way to walk upright and do whats right or to walk away from whats right to serving self. Power, money and notoriety are like drugs and the addicts seek to garner more, willing to do anything. Evil begets evil and when their heart is continually evil, God gives them over to that evil.

These people are and have surrounded themselves with evil which is why their districts are such cesspools top to bottom. I have a hard time believing they actually think they are helping, and like Mr Blackmon stated they don’t care…. period. Sad place to be, that they seek to gain the world and lose the most important thing they have… their souls.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sole reason Fossy Jaw isn’t opening this den of thieves?

They’re hiding the Schiff-notes.

phineas gage

Worse than you can imagine:

The Dems are clearly expecting the voters of this nation to reward the very people that have inflicted this misery upon them. This will be a test of whether we are truly Americans any longer, or simply subjects of the state.

phineas gage

On the Left everything is political and everything is in service of the ideological agenda., while the medial is entirely in service to the narrative used to advance the agenda. Power corrupts, absolutely.

The Dems are taking an enormous, generational political gamble with their pandemic strategy in a Hail Mary attempt to take down the Bad Orange Man while aggrandizing themselves. I think they are going to lose, in part because they do not have a viable candidate. However, it is also because in their myopic and deranged state they are seriously misjudging the American people and their response to what is becoming increasingly clear is a hoax, perpetrated primarily by Democrat politicians and bureaucrats.

Mitch has done a decent job thus far, but if he caves on bailing out the blue states, it will all be for naught. He better grow a spine.


I agree, many of their core supporters will vote (D) regardless. I think that wizard of smart Tom Arnold said he would vote for Hitler over Trump – despite people of his ilk calling Trump Hitler.

But I do think many previously apathetic or fooled Democratic voters have been seriously hurt by the many Democratic Mayors and Governors and will revolt this year by voting GOP this year. It is possible for a good GOP candidate to occasionally win in places like NYC and Philadelphia when things are really going to hell when run by Democrats.

Despite the probability of massive voter fraud (which I hope Barr et al are seriously going to be quashing this year and in the future elections) I’m beginning to see the possibility of a comfortable and larger win for Trump, if not an outright landslide. And his coattails will carry both houses of congress. I can easily see the following Democratic senators being severely challenged if not outright defeated this year because of the actions of their tone-deaf and radical dictatorial governors and mayors: Jones, AL; Durban, IL; Peters, MI; Shaheen, NH; Booker, NJ; Udall, NM; Merkley, OR; and Warner, VA. and 75+ House seats.

Admittedly I’m being optimistic, by not Pollyannish, and I would have never dreamed there would have been a chance to win any of these seats except in AL two months ago.

Even economically damaged Dumbed-Down voters will eventually rise up in revolt when their livelihood is threatened by extreme taxes (and this has the effect of a massive tax, coupled with a loss of mobility and freedom) and will take vengeance on whoever is on the ballot. Think about how great it would be if only half of these Dem senators were to lose because of their state’s politicians. 55 and a 1/2 GOP senators next year could be a reality.

Of course, it could go totally sideways and Trump could lose and the senate could flip because we have many ignorant voters conditioned to vote Dem, but I just don’t see it happening.

Carlos Dangler

As for New Mexico, Udall is retiring, so his seat is up for grabs. Sadly, I don’t think there’s a Republican that will capture it.

phineas gage

Every GOP president is Hitler, until the next one comes along. Then the previous one is suddenly rehabilitated by the media to bash the current one. Notice how W is now a media hero.

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