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phineas gage

With restrictions on doctor visits and elective, albeit important, surgeries, we are just getting a taste of what is coming if the Dems get full control of the health care system. Look at Canada or the NHS in the U.K. Or closer to home, the VA system.



You DO NOT want socialized ‘health care;’ It is rationed health care.

The average wait time for any surgery is a min of a year, but closer to two years.

I needed a cornea replacement, one year wait. Not a ‘supply’ issue either.. My neighbor needs heart surgery, told nothing before 16 months, here’s some pills. I went to the emerg in Nov because I thought I had a kidney infection. Waited TWO hours before seeing a nurse to ask me questions then told to go sit down and wait. I asked a fella beside me how long he’d been there… eight hours was his reply… I left.

Thats our ‘health care’… and its getting worse.


THIS is how your trip to socialism will commence as witnessed in multiple countries around the world. Remember marxists, communists, will use ANY excuse to erode your freedoms away until its to late for you to push back. Here in canukistan we are on the cusp of losing our country.

In early 2016 Communist ( substitute teacher) Trudope quietly signed onto the UN small arms treaty. Thats the disarmament and sovereignty loss paper under the guise of global ‘safety’.

Just yesterday Lil Potato announced a handgun ban that cities can initiate on their own. So banning long guns in common usage because they are black makes them assault style weapons designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, was the first step. Now the handgun ban isn’t federal but TrulyStupid has said any city that decides to ban handguns may do so. DISARM the citizenry.

In every country where the government has disarmed the citizens it always results in oppression and tyranny by the government. We in canukistan are not headed in that direction, iys a full out run. To our good nieghbours to the South… be fore warned the commies will try it there as well. Look whats been done with the scamdemic already.

phineas gage

It doesn’t surprise me that Trudeau did this. Is there no pushback at against this in Canada?

I have to imagine there are dramatic splits between the provinces, much like red states and blue states here.


Alls quiet…

Seriously we do NOT have any conservative leadership, none. There is supposed to be a leadership election but was cancelled because of covid. The **cough** leaders running are a mix of SJWs promoting inclusivity and other hogwash. So you can guess where this will all end up… in a dumpster.

What is sad. My wifes pappy, still around at 97, fought in WW2. All the blood spilled fighting social marxists at that time will have been in vain, as the world turns towards marxism with nary a shot fired. Being handed to the commies on a silver platter.

Thats why its even more important today than at any other time in US history, for the citizens of the US to fight back.

There are ideological differences within canukistan. The only real conservative provinces are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, generally. All the others pretty much swing liberal. Those provincial differences are being blurred out too as more liberals take over the cities. Our media is likewise liberal pravda secured by TruScum when he gave 500 million to media that reports favorably towards Liberals.

Bottom line we have for the most part ceded the country to marxists. I’m available for adoption… any Texans want company???



I feel for you…Canada seems like it is really plummeting into socialism post-haste. You would be welcome anywhere here. You warn that we here in the US need to fight back. We do, and patriots (those of us that believe in America’s founding ideals) are a vocal but patient lot. What happened in VA was a good example of Americans drawing a line. VA went all blue, and tried to roll out draconian gun control. Patriots and elected Sheriffs made it clear Libs were barking up the wrong tree. It was one of the strongest push backs I have seen in my lifetime. We still have faith in our laws and elections (mostly), and as long as we are able use the ballot box to effect change, protest when aren’t happy, we continue to live life. There have been times when I though there was enough of a spark for things to escalate, and it thankfully never came to be. I have faith that like minded folks know to keep that last tool in the toolbox until it is really needed. A lesson learned for the future though – conservatives in general need to be more active politically – if we could win more elections, we might avoid some of what we see now.


I emailed my state senator a copy of my list of accountability for Wreck It Kate and ere’s the response:

Greetings, thanks for the email and indeed, reopening is critically important. The extension does not maintain the shutdown, but rather a process to roll out reopening.

Rosie Shatkin

Legislative Policy Advisor

Sen. Arnie Roblan, SD 5

Office: 503.986.1705

He didn’t even respond himself his “legislative Policy Advisor” did. It’s no wonder my state has gone to he ll in a hand basket.


So the closure extension is now a “process” I am still waiting to see the process published.

phineas gage

Once you begin to hear those government buzzwords, you know all is lost. Prepare yourself for an endless series of advisory committees and three-month plans.

I fear that Oregon is entering into a Kafka nightmare.


I tried to find anything about the “process” this morning and it’s pretty much crickets. They are now allowing veterinarians to perform elective services for what that’s worth. And they are talking about opening up 5 rural counties once they approve the counties reopening plans. So yes, it’s gonna be a long, hard slog.


Politics aside, I think the best reason to vote these Libs out of office is what we are seeing in their states/cities. There is a direct correlation between liberal leaders and draconian enforcement of their unconstitutional edicts. The statements made by the Chicago mayor recently and the videos of heavy handed enforcement in NYC, etc just show that if there was no threat of constitutional limits, it would be 100x worse.


If this starts to be the norm, you are going to start seeing push back, or even violent civil unrest.

At a minimum, I hope there is an avalanche of lawsuits that bring to light the violation of peoples’ rights and set some precedents that you can NOT run a state or city this way during an emergency.


Where is ‘Judge’ Sullivan and his Monday, May 4, (that was this year, wasn’t it?) DOJ deadline on dismissing the bogus case against Flynn? Thought something was supposed to happen last week, and then yesterday?

Whiskey, Tango the Foxtrot?

Jimmy MacAfee

“You are posting too quickly.” Eff you, hall monitors.

I’m thinking that more and more exculpatory information – (and more and more evidence of FBI/DOJ criminality) – is coming out. Looks like an acceleration, and Sullivan is probably wringing his hands in frustration at the avalanche on the way. He has been made to look like a fool by the prosecutor, Brandon Van Graack-ack-ack. So much so that Sullivan started his own version of Biden-speak, talking about Flynn’s “treason.” He was – to put it lightly – insane.

How do you recover from being made into an absolute idiot? Sullivan should put all the prosecutors under arrest for their lying, disinformation, withholding evidence, obstruction of justice – and dear to any Judge’s heart, contempt of court.

Talk of Mueller being non compos mentis means that someone is seriously thinking of prosecuting him. 1 + 1 = jail. If he proves incompetent, then he’s been that way for awhile, and the real head of the “investigation” will be held accountable – and it would be about blinking time. Weissmann. He has never been held accountable in his past misdeeds, but that was before his team engaged in treason.

Judge Sullivan should be fightin’ mad. If not, he’s part of the scheme. Proof is in the pudding.

phineas gage

I have little to no hope for anything positive from Judge Sullivan, who let this entire charade of railroading an innocent man proceed this far down the track.

Jimmy MacAfee

He has one last chance to redeem himself. This would be it. Otherwise, his rulings on the Stevens railroading will be forgotten, and he’ll be remembered for being part of the General Flynn Choo Choo Express.

phineas gage

When have any of these deadlines been met?

The game is to delay and run out the clock, assuming that with a poitically-engineered Trump defeat all of this disappears forever.


Just to start the ball rolling: Anyone think there will be perp walks for the Flynn prosecution et al?

Jimmy MacAfee



It seems to me that they’ve chosen Strzok & Page as the fall guys and they did it on Comey’s watch. Strzok’s smart enough to have figured it out and is mostly keeping his mouth shut. Page, not so much.

phineas gage

Low-level. At higher levels reprimand or censure. The core problem is that the system is rotten through and through, and as such cannot investigate itself or mete out appropriate discipline.

Sharon Campbell

I’m of the opinion that our government has become so corrupt it will take years to regain honesty & only by keeping President Trump in office in 2020 can that be accomplished! What had been done to Gen Flynn by the FBI & DOJ is unbelievable, not to mention Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff et al & their abuse of President Trump. Rant off….

Bill Mason

I totally agree. In my state we are stuck with Deepstate Burr. I have voted against him in the last several primaries. And then hold my nose as I vote for him in the general. Too many people vote by name recognition and not by their records.

phineas gage

Graham from SC is just as bad. Both are entrenched members of SSCI and as such were part of the coup effort and now the ongoing coverup.

It’s why it is so laughable that Graham keeps coming on Tick-Tock’s show and promising imminent action. This has been going on for several years and credulous Tick-Tock still appears none the wiser.

Just Me

Indeed, Flimsy Graham (Chickasaw name translates to “Talks a Lot”) epitomizes the adage, “When all is said and done, far more is said than ever done.”

Jimmy MacAfee

In one of my few defenses of Graham, I will say this:

Graham’s statement on “not interfering with an ongoing criminal investigation” is correct, regardless of his own personal intent. The Senate is toothless, hearings are meaningless and the only real solution is real criminal trials.

That’s something that has to happen, regardless. And I don’t believe that Wray is working on that justification of his endless obstruction of exculpatory information. While it’s tempting to suggest that he’s releasing it at the rate prosecutors have unfettered access to the data, I don’t believe this at all.

What I find worse than anything is that Graham said Bill Gates should be in charge of pandemic planning. That was as close to treason as I’ve seen him, even more than he and No Name’s collaboration with ISIS.


The old saying: “Politicians are like diapers, usually full of Schiff and need to be changed regularly” has never been more true.

Our state and federal constitutions give us a chance to change diapers regularly – we need to do so to prevent future rashes.

Unless there is a COMPELLING reason to keep a politician in office they need to be changed!

The lethargic attitude of “better to keep the devil we have than risk the new devil” just won’t work anymore. There is no reason to reelect the same lousy people over and over – and in states where judges are elected, unless they make consistently good and constitutional rulings, get rid of them.

Everyone needs to get off their butt and primary out bad or mediocre politicians who are masquerading as leaders. Keeping or electing evil hacks just because they have a (D) or an (R) after their name just won’t work anymore.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unfortunately, the Old Guard is sometimes useful. No one but Old Mitch could have gotten so many judges. He may have faults, but the remaking of the Judiciary is critical in the long term.

Look how well the Old Guard (Fossy Jaw, “Korah” Nadler) and others are doing. Not. Very. Well. Every fake impeachment turns on them like a worm on a corpse. Nadler screamed bloody murder at being in session – because he’s a good candidate for a virus. *(He shouldn’t worry; it’s what he flies that’ll take him away.)

Then there’s the unelected Deep State: they’d like nothing better than a bunch of rookies who don’t know their way around. Many – No Name Ace – joined the Deep State and became traitors. So we can’t have it both ways. Goodlatte was doing a great job, when forced. He retired because he was serving two masters, and couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Same with Gowdy.

So term limits are potentially a good idea, but the Deep State control over our nation must be vanquished first.

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