Gov. Abbott: Texans Can Get a Haircut on Friday! Yee-hah!

The Evening Campaign Update

Yeeee-hah!!!! – In a press conference held Tuesday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that a raft of additional businesses are fixin’ to be allowed to reopen on Friday, May 8. Those businesses include barbers, hair salons, cosmetologists and tanning salons. He also announced that gyms will be able to reopen on May 18, albeit at 25% capacity.

Excerpt from a report at the Texas Tribune website:

The businesses will be required to follow certain rules as the state continues to grapple with the coronavirus. Hairstylists will be able to work with only one customer at a time. People waiting in barber shops will have to maintain 6-foot separation or wait outside.

Meanwhile, gyms will be required to operate at a maximum of 25% of capacity. Showers and locker rooms will be closed, and equipment must be disinfected after each use.

Abbott acknowledged people may want to see another type of business reopen — bars — but said the state is still figuring out how they can do so safely and did not offer a timetable.


Finally, I’ll be able to go get my shaggy head trimmed up!

Of note, Governor Abbott’s announcement comes one day after Virginia Governor Ralph KKK Northam extended his own lockdown order through May 16. It also comes as Democrat governors in California, Michigan and Oregon, and Republicans in Alabama and Ohio are finding themselves under increasing pressure to relent on their own draconian orders.

In California, a city councilman has personally sued Gov. Newsom over his idiotic beach-closing order:

Newport Beach City Councilman Kevin Muldoon personally sued Gov. Gavin Newsom in federal court Monday over Newsom’s beach closures targeting Orange County.

Muldoon, a vocal proponent of lifting the weeks-long lockdown imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic, filed the suit on his own behalf and was footing his own legal costs, he said. He called Newsom’s directive, handed down Thursday and put into effect the next day, unconstitutional.

Newsom’s order applies only toOrange County. A reopening date is unclear.

“Defendants have shown by their actions a willingness to ignore and to violate the fundamental civil rights of California residents,” the lawsuit reads. “Their actions … are persistent and capable of repetition unless they are enjoined by this court.”


In Michigan, the Detroit News published an editorial by its editorial board condemning Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer for her rampant abuse of power and and endorsing the legislature’s decision to file a lawsuit against her:

Whitmer is attempting to assign a noble purpose for her unilateral power grab, saying she needed to continue her emergency powers to protect health care workers from being sued by COVID-19 patients.

But the Legislature Thursday approved a bill that would enshrine that immunity in law, proving lawmakers are capable of working with the governor to protect Michigan.

They had offered to grant her another short-term extension of her powers, with oversight. But she refused to accept any conditions that forced her to collaborate with lawmakers.

The Republican-controlled Legislature Thursday also passed resolutions authorizing the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader to sue the governor.

That lawsuit should be filed ASAP.

From the beginning of her tenure, Whitmer has show disdain for both the law and regular-order governing, looking for every loophole to avoid dealing with the Legislature.

This time, she’s taken the state to a very dangerous place.

There’s no reasonable defense, in a representative democracy, for a governor to strip the legislative branch of its constitutional authority and assume dictatorial powers in perpetuity.


In Oregon, radical Alinskyite Governor Kate Brown eased some of her own abusive restrictions after coming under intense pressure in recent days:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has announced a limited opening of some state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, and other areas for day use in a partial easing of restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus.

Officials say day-use will slowly return to other state parks starting next week. The popular Columbia River Gorge parks and recreation areas and coastal areas will remain closed for now. Brown says Oregonians should recreate responsibly.


What all of this is teaching us is something most Texans have known for all of our lives: We are damned lucky to live in the Lone Star State.

Thank you, Governor Abbott, and God Bless Texas.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Free America

Abbott is still a POS! He could’ve commuted Shelly Luther’s jail sentence!! Hopefully if she does contract covid she will be able to get close enough to that POS Judge and POS Abbott and have a very long maskless discussion about the Constitution!

Jimmy MacAfee

Nurse Ratched is getting a lot of press these days; likely she’ll be Sloppy Joe’s choice. Could be Northam, too. But she’s a power-freak, a control monster who – like Obumbler – doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, nor does she even know THAT she doesn’t know.

That’s apparently a template for the Dims these days.

Good to see Texas gettin’ it done. I expect to be out of work for phase II and phase III, which would mean 5 and a half weeks from now. Trouble is, even opening sooner rather than later, I don’t know if I’ll have a business to come back to.

Big Al in NC

First….Totally agree with Gregg….nothing THERE left to be said. I’m in NC….with Chicken Cooper …He’s the governor (note the LITTLE “g”…he’s earned no respect with MANY of the rural folks) of this state…. Given the COVID excuse, he’s come out as a fan-boy and ruler of the “southern precinct” of New York…. “Do what THEY do, and I’ll have a dynasty.” (MY quotes, not his….but really not much off the mark. After all, NY keeps electing Cuomo family members. Sigh.

We have a hair stylist in our family….totally financially wrecked with this nonsense. Government funding is WAY behind the financial needs of the independent WORKERS that want to make a living in NC…. WE won’t let our family down, but the ELECTED OFFICIALS surely have. And, yeah….it’s a strain on MANY levels.

The “other” stylists, by the way, (many of whom do NOT have the resources within our family) are finally fed up…. Their stance now is spreading. They are now …..ACTIVELY…. participating in tossing Chicken Cooper to the curb.

November cannot come soon enuff….but when it does…. Well. Popcorn? Heck….invest in dairy products ’cause the butter to go on top will inspire the dairy industry. The “little people” (as in Christmas Vacation’s Boss of Clark) are now SO done. So many OTHER states are up and running….yet here we are in NC….WAITING for NY.

MANY here in NC can’t wait for the upheaval in November…. In my opinion, it will NOT diminish Ronaldus Magnus’s election…… But it may well stand alone as the monumental non-violent (I hope) RE-election of a business genius that fell into D.C. (Who ELSE in the political arena today could have taken the hits, lies and smears, yet smiles to us and tries to do his very best to keep his promises?)

Hint: It ain’t folks like Pelosi and Schumer.

Thank you President DJT.

PS: to Mr. Blackmon’s faithful: very sorry for the wordy comment….you folks are so much better at brevity…. But this one touched a nerve.

Bill Mason

Big Al, I’m in NC too. Heir Cooper has got to be done in November. Our “numbers” for what they are worth, are relatively small compared to others. OPEN THE DAMN STATE NOW!!


Brevity is not required and Dave is a good sport in giving us all a place to come vent share ideas and reaffirm that we are not alone in this.

Also, Dave I envy you. I am contemplating letting my wife try to “trim” my hair. God have mercy on me.

Jimmy MacAfee

Silas, my wife cuts my hair. (Just did awhile ago.) Used to be long enough to use scissors, but I wanted it shorter (no pattern balding nor thinning) and she uses clippers now. Easier to wear my Outback hat when I’m working in the sun. (It’s a looker, but I’m not, so where I go, it goes!)

Hope it goes well! My wife used to be a machinist, has a good eye, and is a precision-freak! First time she cut my hair mid 90s, she cut my ear, and I wouldn’t let her for a good long while. She’s got it down now!


Nice to hear. Since my chemo my hair is thinner. To boot it’s real fine. I still keep it Air Force style, but would grow it longer if I had a fuller head.


Still find it amazing the ACLU and the other ‘civil rights groups’ like the SPLC aren’t suing the a$$es off these dictators – guess some people’s ‘civil’ rights are more important than other’s.

Yet when Trump takes legitimate AND constitutional actions that are clearly defined in the constitution that he has the power to do so, every two-bit ‘civil rights group’ comes out of the woodwork to STOP him with immediate injunctions form lowly hack federal district ‘judges’ that not only block the order in their district/jurisdiction, but NATIONWIDE!

This is another lesson that must be learned before the 2020 election – that we can never elect another hack that will pack the courts with dictators who have lifetime appointments. If supposed civil rights do-gooders in this or any other group are giving money to the SJW lawyers and their groups they should stop right now. There can be no doubt that these ‘right’s’ groups are just front groups for the left, and they get most of their funding from ‘foundations” and GS, but we should never allow anyone in our orbit to give to their AA cause Same goes for other nice sounding, but radical groups like Green Peace, the Sierra Club, the WWF, and PETA. They are all…

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