New York Magazine: “Biden is at his best when he’s neither speaking nor appearing in public”

The Evening Campaign Update

Gee, I wonder what tipped them off? – I kid you not, this is an actual, real tweet put out by New York Magazine today:

You know what that “most effective strategy” the author is talking about happens to be?

HIDIN’ BIDEN!  I swear I do not make this stuff up. Here is an excerpt from the article to which the tweet is referring, authored by some guy named Zak Cheney-Rice:

Tara Reade Is Making It Harder to Hide Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s most effective campaign strategy has been to lie low and let people vote for whatever imagined version of Joe Biden congealed inside their heads. On Friday, he went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the Tara Reade allegations. It was not a good argument for changing this strategy.

It vividly distilled his party’s bigger plight. With the general election looming, Democrats have organized, rationalized, and voted themselves into the unenviable but richly earned position of having a presumptive nominee who’s at his best when he’s neither speaking nor appearing in public. While other campaigns busied themselves with big plans, stirring rhetoric, and disruptive ideological positions, Biden’s candidacy has been judged by one criterion to the exclusion of all others: whether it’s up to the task of beating President Trump.

In the face of mounting evidence that Reade’s allegations are more than the baseless smear his campaign has dismissed them to be, Biden has mostly faded into the background while his surrogates, supporters, and some pundits went to bat for him, deploying timeworn canards about sexual assault victims and what circumstances justify disbelieving them, or dismissing Reade outright before a fuller picture sees daylight. When pressed on the latest developments — that Reade told a neighbor and a former co-worker about her assault shortly after it’s alleged to have happened, according to Business Insider — columnists from the New York Times to the Nation stepped up to discredit her, and politicos from Stacey Abrams to Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed their support of the vice-president. Even Kirsten Gillibrand, who drew ire from within the Democratic Party when she pushed for Al Franken to resign after evidence of his misconduct surfaced in 2017, doubled down on her support.

We’re now at the point where corroborating testimony supporting Reade’s allegations meets or exceeds the threshold established by those made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump. Many of their defenses are now being deployed to protect a man whose efforts to nullify the former’s power and depose the latter are being framed by his supporters, and even some of his skeptics, as America’s best alternative to catastrophe, moral and otherwise. Opportunism guides political behavior as much as cynicism and hypocrisy shape it. That’s about as involved an explanation as this reversal merits, I think. More striking is that Biden hasn’t had to do much of the defending himself. Mounting evidence supporting Reade’s claim makes things harder, but he’s largely staying true to the strategy that’s guided his campaign since early on, which holds that the winningest Biden is one to be imagined, not seen, heard, or even thought about too hard.


You could never make this stuff up, folks. This piece published in what is very much a far leftwing rag just demonstrates clearly that liberals everywhere understand that their candidate is an utter boob who is not only incapable of holding a high-pressure job like the presidency, but equally as incapable of serving as his own spokesman. This author, who is surely a Democrat or he would not have his job, openly admits that Biden’s campaign is all about hiding the candidate and hoping the public just projects its fondest desires onto him and elects him in spite of his obvious and rapidly advancing mental impairment.

We should commend Mr. Cheney-Rice for his frank honesty in admitting the Democrat/Biden charade, while at the same time utterly condemning him for his obvious support for Biden’s success. Because hoping for the election of an abject invalid to the presidency is rooting for America to fail.

But that is your corrupt news media, circa 2020. It doesn’t get any more illustrative than this.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

The continued candidacy of GropeyJoetheQuidProSchmo proves an old theory I’d had for several decades, since HW Bush was medically attenuated by Graves’ Disease (actually attenuated by the destruction of his thyroid, medically.)

The theory? Presidents aren’t Presidents. They haven’t been for a very long time, starting point being debatable. Obama couldn’t even hold a cabinet meeting without Diphylla Ecaudata (the de facto President) holding his hand. He was a schemer, that is true, but he had absolutely no managerial skills whatsoever. Zero.

They didn’t care if the Coughing Crook took over afterward, because she was/is physically incapable of doing the job. But as I said: no one (but Trump) is an actual President these days. Which is why President Trump is so resented by those who think it’s THEIR job to do HIS job.

Joe is proof of that. They actually don’t want someone who has a conscious thought in his brain.


So now the DNC and Biden’s ‘handlers’, according to this Cheney-Rice guy, hope that people vote for the ‘image’ of what Biden might be in the electorate’s mind? This guy is saying we should vote for a “virtual” president? Apparently the only qualifications needed to rule over America are be a Democrat who is opposing Trump. Anything to beat the bad orange man.

“It vividly distilled his party’s bigger plight. With the general election looming, Democrats have organized, rationalized, and voted themselves into the unenviable but richly earned position of having a presumptive nominee who’s at his best when he’s neither speaking nor appearing in public.”

Cheney-Rice is right about one thing: the DNC has organized, rationalized, and voted themselves into the unenviable but richly earned position of Biden or Bust! These people have set this up where Gaffe O. Joe has ‘beaten’ every other Dem presidential wannabe in this what everyone on their side repeatedly says is the most important election of our lifetime and Trump must be beaten at all cost. And they want to dictate our healthcare and every other aspect of our lives with THIS guy leading the way!

It is our own fault really when one considers the country elected an actual unvetted “blank slate” who was seen by many as an “empty suit” who could read a teleprompter reasonably well and belonged to a certain minority sans a criminal or known radical record. The bar was set real low 12 years ago; now apparently all you have to do is be a malleable lefty and maintain body temperature to be “viable”.

Hey, Mr. Cheney-Rice, Biden is not running for some third world blank hole, and if he is the guy people of you ilk and party want to face off against Trump, I say please do go for it by all means.

And when he loses, he can be the next Robert S. Mueller III (another shining example of brilliance) to be another “special Council”, the ultimate figurehead of another bogus Gestapo style lynch mob driven by hate and feigned contrived outrage at non existent crime(s).

Lets make sure this “plight” continues through Nov 3, 2020 and far beyond.

Trump is very fortunate in one way, despite the constant harassment from his political opponents of both parties and the MSM (D); he won against a very poor and unlikeable candidate with a lot of baggage in 2016. And, as hard as it is to conceive or believe, he is going up against an even worse candidate this year, and that will hold true at this point no matter who the DNC ultimately decides to pit against the president.


If and it’s a big if Joe Biden does actually ascend the steps to the nomination, he won’t last long. There is no way he will ever be allowed to debate the President. The first debate will be devastating and there will be no recovery from there. Joe will abdicate at the convention if not before. Then the real scrum will start. Bernie suspended his campaign so he’s still in play. All bets are off.


Another poor soul committed an act of journalism. He will be properly punished and ostracized shortly.

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