Do you Believe the Coronavirus Narrative?

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

Recently, a local talk show host asked a “get ‘em calling” question, “Who do you believe about the coronavirus?”

If the question was designed to be frustrating, it certainly was. Do people choose to believe someone and then stop asking questions? I hope not. As we’ve seen, the esteemed scientists we were supposed to believe were spectacularly wrong –again and again.

Unfortunately, the talk radio host’s question is moot since those who don’t believe the narrative are being forced along with everyone else to comply with orders from politicians they elected and bureaucrats they didn’t.

The coronavirus narrative, as if anyone needs a reminder, is being given as the reason why millions of Americans have been robbed of their jobs, their freedom, their rights to travel, and for many, their life savings and their life’s work.

For the sake of argument, let’s consider the question of who you believe as if it actually made a difference.

Why not listen to everyone rather than deciding who to believe in advance?  Test their logic and look for holes in their credibility. At least then you’ll have a better idea of who not to believe. In times like these, that narrows it down considerably.

While it has been widely reported that sunshine kills the virus, many Democrat Governors still insist that you are “Safer at Home”.  The usual suspects ignore any new information when it doesn’t fit their narrative. What’s more, they proceed as if no one ever heard the new information!  How silly is it to keep believing them?

If Will Rodgers were alive, he’d be joking that government bureaucrats told everyone to stay indoors for their own good, even after it was discovered that sunshine was part of the cure. Sadly, it’s no joke.

The primary reason that was given for shutting down the country at all was so that we wouldn’t overwhelm our medical system. Medical personnel and health care workers have been laid off. Hospitals are near empty, yet power-hungry governors refuse to relinquish their “emergency” powers regardless of the facts. How is it not sensible to ask whether the response has fit the crisis?

Now, it is widely known that the projections on which an entire country was shut down were overblown and flat-out wrong, yet once again, the same Governors stubbornly hold fast to the old projections to justify their growing precepts. Why should they be believed about anything they say?  It’s reasonable to question their motives.

The same governors have quietly admitted that 9 out of 10 people who test positive for the virus will need no medical treatment at all—not even an aspirin.  A free-thinking adult would ask why in light of that fact, it was necessary to force healthy, law-abiding citizens to be forcibly shut in their homes, have their jobs taken away and make them dependent on the government for their sustenance. Asked and answered.

The lust for power and the desperate advance toward authoritarianism is the virus that has fueled the Democrat response. That is cause to be suspicious too, and it’s darned important to be concerned about how they would continue to abuse their power in the future if they aren’t definitively stopped.

The piece de resistance for the loss of all credibility is when you are told that it is too dangerous to doubt or question those with the power to destroy your life. Democrats and their loyal base told us this almost immediately. If you dare to question their prescribed narrative, you are a murderous, evil cad. Oh, and you’re a racist too.

Believing them and ignoring this ubiquitous tactic can be hazardous to your health. When you no longer have the option of saying “No” to their demands,  they are.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.


That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

The biggest danger is that most of us won’t be willing to drop everything and let the government tell us what to do – entirely as a result of this fiasco – next time. And there will be a “next time.”

The good that is coming out of this? There will be far fewer flu deaths next year. Not because of vaccines (which have failed every year, and spectacularly.) Mainly because people will be told to stay home if they’re sick. And hygiene suddenly is being practiced – it really is.

I was working out at a gym as this began, before the government got involved at the state level. An older woman was there, coughing and saying “what a bad cold” she had. Dumbass! Even in normal times, did she think we wanted her bug? Insensitive moron. Same with where I work(ed.) People come in with a bug, and expect service? Not anymore, bub. Not anymore.

So some good will come out of this. And being more skeptical of (especially local) government and the press is something that comes at a good and critical time. Tyrants will be tyrants, but you don’t know ’em until they take off the veil. Veil’s off. Now we know.


The old saying: “Politicians are like diapers, usually full of Schiff and need to be changed regularly” has never been more true.

Our state and federal constitutions give us a chance to change diapers regularly – we need to do so to prevent future rashes.

Unless there is a COMPELLING reason to keep a politician in office they need to be changed!

The lethargic attitude of “better to keep the devil we have than risk the new devil” just won’t work anymore. There is no reason to reelect the same lousy people over and over – and in states where judges are elected, unless they make consistently good and constitutional rulings, get rid of them.

Everyone needs to get off their butt and primary out bad or mediocre politicians who are masquerading as leaders. Keeping or electing evil hacks just because they have a (D) or an (R) after their name just won’t work anymore.


This has to be the biggest most expensive fraud ever perpetrated on a free society with many trillions spent with the economic and mental fallout being incalculable, at least at this time, as it won’t be just an economic depression like the thirties, but a severe mental depression.

Brian brought the real cost to a community into perspective. When the majority figure what really happened much of the whole world will be pissed. Hopefully most will put the blame exactly where it should be placed: CHINA and on the “EXPERTS” at the WHO, the CDC (Center for Democratic Control) and ALL the “Talking Head EXPERTS” at the various XI and GS and Gates bought and paid for media that distorts and infests our thought process with impunity and with not control or restrictions. They don’t have to be right and rarely ever are. All these people /organization’s credibility is shot and should forever remain so.

In that regard, that may be one of the few good things that might come from this CHINA VIRUS.

It would be an easy knee-jerk reaction to blame Trump, a narrative the MSM (D) and their masters and most every Dem Politician is trying to convey; don’t fall for it. Did the President make a mistake? Yes. His mistake was FOLLOWING the advice of all his “EXPERTS” at the CDC etc. who were espousing politically driven “science” and models as irrefutable facts when there was absolutely no supporting data to justify the extreme(ist) measures that were taken. I doubt President Trump won’t ever give such credence to “experts” like septuagenarian, soon to be octogenarian the Quack Witch “Doctor” Fluki ever again. At this point who has made the biggest gaffe: the highly credentialed, but ultimately proven wrong with all his dire prognostications Dr. Fluki, and his CDC/WHO crew, or our own presumptive Democratic nominee Gaffe O. Joe.

Fluki’s gaffes have cost us TRILIONS; Gaffe O. Joe’s just so far cost embarrassment to his party and cause.

Next up, after the bogus claims of how this CHINA ‘pandemic’ is going to “kill us all” has been milked for all it is worth; we’ll get the repeat of the looming “climate change disaster” starring the old fossil Algore and his two bimbos Greta von Screwball and Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent.
That movement was running out of steam, but expect for it to make a comeback now that we are all panicked.
The key to take from all this


(for some reason this posted before I finished and before I could proof read it)

Correction from above: I doubt President Trump won’t ever give such credence to “experts”…
Should read: I doubt President Trump WILL…

To conclude:

The key to take from all this is to never, ever, EVER listen to or accept the word of ANYONE who uses MODELS to project outcomes.

I’d rather go to a fortune teller, as they might actually have a chance to be right once in a while for the simple fact they would be apolitical and not driven by a one-way political agenda.

JD Ducky

Using common sense regarding the novel covid-19 scam… what a novel idea!

phineas gage

A better question would be ‘are you scared of the coronavirus”?

Because that, more than anything, is what they want.


Math is our friend

So here in BC canukistan, currently we have had 114 deaths attributed to covid. Our provincial population is just over 5 million.

So 114 into 5 million equals 1 death per 43,860 people, rounded up. this works out to 0.0228 per 1000.
There were 2171 confirmed cases and 1376 recovered. And there is no widespread testing here so 50%+ recovery with no hospitalization would indicate the virus isn’t nearly as deadly as media and ‘experts’ what you to believe.

Compared to drug ODs, as of April 19th we had 372 ODs
work place deaths in 2019 were 138
Stroke 6500/yr with 14% dying IN hospital.

Here in the South Okanagan we are tourist oriented. Our town survives the winter only because of tourism. To date its been nearly two months of shut down now. At least 50% of the businesses will likely not open up again because nobody operates with a one month buffer let alone two. The guberments, fed and prov, have both stated maybe relaxing conditions between May 6 and May 15th.

We will not get a tourist season this year as nobody will be able to afford time of for a holiday now. Those businesses managing to open will very likely not make it thru the winter to come. Its official that the country as a whole is now in a recession, announced several days ago. Then to top it off our marxist leader has decided to gun grab because of a criminal going on a shooting spree in the disguise of a police officer. I smell a false flag op.

So back to the question of who to believe. DON’T believe the ‘experts’ and question everything. Do The Math and examine it yourself. NEVER trust a political. The politicals want power and shockingly will LIE to get it… I know hey, who’da thunkit…

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