Fascism: Democrat Fascists Double-Down in CA, IL and MI

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Make no mistake about this: You are now being conditioned by Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the U.S. news media to accept fascism in your lives and to demean anyone who dares protest the irrational, brutish edicts coming down from Democrat governors and mayors as dangerous racists who want to kill you.

Check out this report from California yesterday. There, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who on Friday shut down all of the beaches and state parks in his domain, on Saturday surrounded the state Capitol building with police fully-armored in riot gear to deal with a peaceful assembly of several thousand citizens. As the report linked above points, out, the cops arrested 31 of these protesters, most of them for not observing the Governor’s “social distancing” edicts:

‘Freedom’ protest against coronavirus orders leads to arrests at California Capitol

They came with babies strapped to their chests, flags waving and even a speedboat parked at the curb to symbolize California’s closed beaches.

Hundreds of people — likely more than 1,000 — crowded around the California State Capitol on Friday to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s social distancing orders amid a pandemic that has now killed more than 2,000 Californians.

With nary a mask in sight, protesters called Newsom a tyrant and showed their support for President Trump, evidenced by Trump 2020 gear everywhere, including for sale. But despite the president’s back-and-forth support of social distancing, most were quick to absolve him of their anger over current conditions in the Golden State.

Susan Dorrity, a retired mortgage broker from Modesto, said the president was smart to leave decisions about closures to governors.


So, right there in the first 4 paragraphs, your corrupt media treats you to a slanted headline that sneers at the word “freedom,” implies that the protesters are responsible for the 2,000 dead in California due to the Wuhan Virus, and smears the President of the United States. All that and more, in about 100 words. That’s very efficient brainwashing right there.

So, ‘freedom’ is not only bad, it’s deadly, and anyone who blames the situation in California on the Governor and his abusive edicts and not the President needs to be retrained. Got it?

As the guys at The Conservative Treehouse reported, the police who spent their day enforcing the Governor’s social distancing edict then went to the nearest officially-closed-by-edict public park and did this:


Meanwhile, over at CNN… – Despicable hack Jake Tapper had Michigan’s aspiring South American banana republic strong woman, Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer, on his Democrat talking point program Sunday morning. During the course of the interview, Tapper of course lobbed a leading question that encouraged Herr Gretchen to smear all of the thousands of protesters in her state as being racists and worse, and comparing them neo-Nazi groups. Because of course he did.

Herr Gretchen, plastic smile firmly implanted on plastic face, did not miss her cue, and this ensued:

Tapper: These protests came after President Trump tweeted (they actually started weeks before the President ever said anything about them) ‘liberate Michigan,’ he tweeted “the Governor of Michigan should give a little, put out the fire,” uh, he said that these are “very good people” about the protesters, to which the executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America compared those comments to president Trump’s referring to those marching a long neo-Nazis in Charlottesville as “very fine people.”

Is that how you see these protesters? In that vein, that extreme?

Herr Gretchen: Some of the outrageousness that happened at our capitol this week, you know, depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country. You know, the confederate flags and nooses, the swastikas, the, um, you know, or behavior that you have seen in all of the clips is not representative of who we are in Michigan.

And the fact of the matter is, you know, we’re in a global pandemic. This isn’t something we just negotiate ourselves out of as a political matter. This is a public health crisis that has taken the lives of almost 70,000 Americans, has put 30 million people into unemployment. We’ve lost in the last 24 hours almost the same number of Americans that were killed on 9/11, and that’s just in the last 24 hours.

We need to listen to the expertise in our institutions of higher learning and our health system and make decisions that are going to protect the lives of everyone. Whether you agree with me or not, I’m working to protect your life if you live in the state of Michigan. I’m gonna continue to do my job regardless of what tweets come out or what polls come out or what people think that is, you know, makes sense. We’re gonna listen to facts and science because we’ve got to get this right.


Ok, so, here are the key messages in that exchange:

– These protesters are all Nazis, racists, and you know, like, Hitler or something;

– The President is also a Nazi racist who is, you know, just like Hitler or something;

– Because science;

– Herr Gretchen is relying professors – you know, the same professors who brainwash your kids in our colleges are helping me brain wash you now;

– She’s in charge because she says so.

I think that about covers it.

Does this guy look or sound like a Nazi to you?

If he does, you are the one who needs re-training.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, heavy-handed Mayor Lori Lightfoot is spending her time harassing kids trying to play basketball, with an entourage that is not observing their own social distancing rules:

You could never make this stuff up, folks. Never in a million, billion, gazillion years.

Remember, Citizens! We are all in this together apart so long as you obey the orders of your superiors. If you disobey those orders and peaceably assemble to advocate for your dangerous constitutional freedoms, we are no longer all in this together apart, and you will be smeared and taken to jail.

Citizens! Be good citizens!

That is all, comrades.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I finally figured out who Witless Witmer reminds me of: Nurse Ratched. While it was easy to compare the totalitarian instincts of Hillary Rotten to Ratched – (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” movie version) – the physical characteristics of Witmer to the actress Louise Fletcher are unmistakable. The book is the most worthwhile version, and you actually get a better picture of Ol’ Witless.

I had to pray for forgiveness today, after hearing her labelling us all as racist; my subsequent desire to see her perish in a plane crash, or to suddenly develop a lethal illness of any kind was not what Christ calls us to think and hope for. I’m sure others out there are similarly repenting of those kinds of thoughts. I do hope the LORD deals with her, though, and makes her repent of her collaboration with the Communists in China, who persecute our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. May He protect them from further harm, and to strengthen their faith, and for our faith to be strengthened as well in the face of increasing persecution.


Jimmy, In religious matters you are a better man than me. I believe in GOD and the presence of an Almighty Creator who rules over the earth and universe.

But, my faith gets severely shaken when I see many good people (Rush for example) and many friends in my life who were salt of the earth people, and never did one thing to hurt anyone get stricken with cancer or other maladies at relative young ages and die; yet so many truly evil people live well beyond their allotted “three score and ten”. Gaffe O. Joe, a couple of ‘judges’ on the SC, Klink, Waters, etc. continue to soldier on ruining lives and generally being evil.

Also ‘natural’ (AKA as acts of GOD) disasters wipe out thousands of innocents. I know there is a master plan, but I just don’t have it in my heart to pray for or apologize to GOD for my wishes for the demise of these rotten to the core people to repent – at least not in our earthly state.

I don’t pray for these people in any sort of positive way – to me it would be like praying for Satin’s success. I understand that Satin is controlling them, but if I/we believe we all have “free will”, and these are not stupid or ignorant people so they are evil incarnate and are doing this all by their free will.

I do feel sorry and pray for the saving of the ignorant souls who have fallen under the spell of the earthly evildoers – they can be saved.

And I do believe the evil on earth will ultimately pay for their sins committed here, but until then I hate these people with all my heart and do wish them ill both here and now and in the hereafter.

I often think of these old Marine Corps sayings: I do not judge you, that is not my job, that job is for someone above my paygrade; my job is to arrange the meeting. And, “Kill them all, let God sort them out”.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Chicoms who run this site have blocked this – so I’ll try again as many times as I need.

Jesus forgave from the instrument of torture where he was nailed, having been beaten with a whip so cruel, it took flesh right from the bones on his back; He was almost dead when he was put on the cross. And he forgave them?

Not only that, but 500 witnesses verified that He was alive, in times after the three days He spent in death. Not just a smattering: 500.

In one of the first conspiracies (there are a lot in the Bible, including Jacob’s deceit with his mother, in order to secure his father’s blessing) the religious leaders said that the dsciples came and stole His body. With a contingent of Roman soldiers guarding the tomb, and the stone weighing what it did?

Jesus defeated death; He was no mere mortal man, and he was not – as some religious claim – an angel. He proved Himself to be the Son of G0D.

As far as death and misery: that all came from a very bad decision Adam made. We all suffer to this day from that curse. And Free Will is exactly this:
You are free to choose your own will, or G0D’s will.

Of course, unless you are looking for His will, you will not find it. Do as C.S. Lewis did, and investigate.


Spot on Jimmy… Glad to see people unafraid to share the Gospel.

I understand Greggs position too as I talk to many people when I sit out on the streets flog’n my CBG’s. The questions are always the same. If God is so powerful why can’t he wipe out the evil?? Why do good people die in accident, disease or by the hands of evil people. Because of one mans rebellion, Adam, sin and death came into the world. And, btw, Adam was told this would happen.

We can cry out, like David, for God to bring judgement against his enemies. God isn’t offended or waiting to smack us if we do but he will reveal a deeper grace whereby we can pray for them to be saved. Apostle Paul rounded up early Christians for death with fervent zeal and look what he contributed.

But for the grace of God, you could easily be one of those evil people given over to their delusions. They’ were given a choice of whom they will serve and rejected Gods son. As a Christian, to die is gain, its just hard on those left here to continue. Greater understanding comes with digging deeper in Gods word, without filters of denomination to skew the message.

btw happy morning to all…


Rest assured Brother. She will pay. I have to keep reminding myself God does the judging. You and I just need to keep trying to be a better Christians and leave the rest to God. As I keep telling my family and friends: God has got this.

Richard Hertz

I don’t know who thinks it’s a good idea to elect these horrible people for Governor. I get so pissed off the way they are running (ruining) their states. There are good people in these states, but the majority vote is clueless. I live in Florida and we just about elected a Governor who would be on crack, blowing a male escort in the Tallahassee mansion. I get so damn mad how so many people vote for someone in their stupid party that is garbage. Until the uninformed wake up, a lot of states are doomed…


It’s the communist playbook, indoctrinate the children and after the media repeats the same lies over and over again it simply becomes their truth.


This is the letter to the editor I sent to the Oregonian today. Feel free to copy and edit and send to your representatives in federal and state government. I will be doing so as well.

After Governor Brown’s edict to keep this state closed down until July 6th I think it incumbent upon her to accept responsibility for the following from May 1st onward:

1. Every job lost.
2. Every business shuttered that won’t be able to reopen and recover.
3. Every suicide related to this shutdown.
4. Every divorce related to this shutdown.
5. Every home mortgage foreclosed due this shutdown.
6. Every lost health insurance coverage lost due to this shutdown.
7. Every hungry person standing in line at the food bank due to this shutdown.
8. Every child that loses a parent or home due to this shutdown.
9. The lost revenue from lack of taxable incomes that keeps the state running.
10. Every depleted or cashed out retirement fund that was used to pay the bills one more month.

I am certain that there are other items that can be added but felt these should be highlighted.
The Governor might think she is saving lives, but what she is really doing is ruining lives and destroying the state economy. She might save us from the corona virus, but at a very high cost.

And one other thing, I don’t think Governor Brown is going to miss one paycheck, lose her health care or have to tap her retirement fund to weather this shutdown. Do you?


My bad I see that Mr Blackmon has already got an article about this. Guess I should check the front update page first, sorry



Oregon shut down extended to July 6th

phineas gage

Washington State as well.


As more people in lock down states sit in their homes watching folks in open states get on with every day life the anger and frustration will begin to boil. I just pray nobody loses their head and starts shooting. Then the dictators will really double down and the schiff will really hit the fan.

phineas gage

Silas, aren’t you in Oregon? It seems to me that that state may be the first to see violence, given the extremes of the governor’s edict.

The schism is going to go right down the I-5 corridor—perhaps similar dynamics in Washington State and California as well.


Yes, I live on the coast about 20 minutes south of Newport. As I posted about Wreck It Kate on Dave’s post about her, the whole I5 corridor is infested with dem controlled cities. Not sure how they’ll react once the realization sets in.

We lived in Beaverton which is west of Portland until last year. After all the anti fa crap
went down, I was bound and determined to get the wife and I out of there. Told anybody who would listen that the schiff was bound to hit the fan soon. Looks like her honor may precipitate that sooner than I thought.

So, Portland will probably go first, then the outlying cities. Salem, the capitol, will probably be crawling with state police and the national guard as soon as Portland pops. Then Eugene. Medford is still a pretty strong conservative area so I doubt there
will be much excitement. Ashland, just south of Medford, is full of second and third generation hippies who will no doubt hide in their houses. Most of the smaller towns and cities will be armed up and not taking c rap from anybody who doesn’t belong there.

Just read on the Oregonian website that Wreck It Kate is now considering open up some of the rural counties sooner than July 6th. If she does, then the schiff will hit the fan a lot sooner I fear.


Excellent Silas,

More people will probably die from the government action and an incalculable amount will be many times more severely affected than if they actually caught the ‘virus’.

Everyone should spread Silas’ worlds everywhere, not just in Oregon.

phineas gage

The Left has convinced themselves that this is a two-fer: a way to not only get rid of Trump by destroying the economy, but also to open the door for the statist power of their utopian dreams.

I don’t think it is going to work out the way they expect. We’ll know soon enough.

phineas gage

This may actually be a good thing. The Left is simply not able to control themselves in the Age of Trump. This presented such an opportunity to punish Trump voters that they could not resist.

This battle was going to happen sooner or later. They’ve played their hand sooner than they expected, and they will be fighting on political terrain shaped by Trump.

Let’s get it on.

jack johnson

Are you forgetting it was Trump that got us into this mess. Knowing these jackbooted commies would take advantage of this situation he still forced this on all of us.
I will never forgive him for this….never.

Jimmy MacAfee

Troll. Begone.


“Jack Johnson” should go jack his Johnson in his mommy’s basement.


I think you are forgetting some very important reasons to reconsider. Trump has endured relentless withering slanderous attacks his entire term to date. The enemedia has twisted and warped every word that Trump speaks for the sole purpose of character assassination. He’s working with a swamp bureaucracy that wants nothing more for him to fail with even those he’s chosen to advise him having duplicitous motives..

I’m stunned by some of his choices but have to ask myself if I could have done better in similar circumstances. I’m certainly NOT a blind follower and question many things that Trump has and hasn’t done. Hes only a man… prone to make mistakes.

Think you could do better under similar circumstances??? If so then toss your hat in the ring and run for office. Otherwise you might want to extend a bit of grace and get into the game yourself and support him.



I mailed this solution and recommendation to President Trump three years ago; wished he had taken it:

Every organization has a number two below the director or the SES in charge.

Therefore, FIRE EVERY one you can from the Obama Administration.

Unless you (Trump) have someone you really want to appoint to lead that organization, then you tell the number two Banana you are the acting director supervisor etc. Then you give the acting director one month to submit a plan to clean house, and upon approval, two months to carry out those reforms. If you succeed to my satisfaction then you become the director. If you fail to make a viable plan, or execute said approved plan, then you are fired.

Then Trump selects the number three Banana and repeats the process.

This would have served at least three purposes:

1) Purged the previous hack appointees who hung around long enough warming chairs and kissing butt to ‘lead’ these government agencies/departments.

2) Vet and get good leadership and actual reform. By promoting actual veterans within the various agencies/departments who actually know what is going on, there is a continuity, which would avoid much internal resentment caused by a Johnny Come Lately (JCL).

3) Avoid appointing your people, many of whom have turned out to be duds, and go through the actual nomination process when you actually find the right person to lead. This would improve morale by showing there are actual advancement opportunities from within.

I mean who is more likely to succeed in reforming any organization:

Someone from within who knows the inner workings, or some political appointee who knows nothing about the organization’s operation and at the very least will have a learning curve which would needlessly delay reform.

phineas gage

‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’

It’s happening fast.

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