Coup Cabal Communications: The Problem Lies in What we Haven’t Seen

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Many readers will be familiar with the Twitter account called “Undercover Huber.” No idea who is behind the account, but it has been quoted and re-tweeted by all manner of public officials and media personalities like Andrew McCarthy over the past few years. It has been an excellent source of fact-based research and commentary on the Deep State’s continuing efforts to hamper President Donald Trump and remove him from office.

Undercover Huber posted an excellent thread early Sunday morning exposing the DOJ/FBI cabal not for what we have seen in the reams of their communications that have been made public, but for what we have not seen in any of those communications. It’s great food for thought, and I wanted to be sure readers here got to see it. It is reprinted below in full.

Here is the text of the remaining tweets in the thread:

We’ve now got a lot of material from Crossfire Hurricane and Mueller’s operation.

A lovers’ quarrel, classified codenames, confidential emails, vulgarity, biased texts, internal debates about FBI/DOJ strategy, media leaking and more.

But there is one thing we haven’t seen in any text, any Lync chat, any email, any document, any interview, any Congressional testimony or any report.

Not in any of the thousands upon thousands of files released.

*The words “civil rights” and any concern for them* ?

Even the so-called “boy scout” with a conscience and head of FBI counterintelligence Bill Priestap seems like he was only concerned about setting up 30-year combat vet Flynn because “playing games” might make the “institution” of the FBI look bad & result in political blowback.

Where are the notes of FBI agents or DOJ officials saying, “gee, setting up a pretext to interview someone as part of an investigation we know is bogus might violate this persons civil rights. It might harm their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness even. Let’s rethink this.”

Where are the texts worrying about whether it is moral to try to get someone fired from the pinnacle of their career, a job as NSA in the White House, bringing their life crashing down around their ears?

Why don’t Comey’s memos about Trump asking if he can “let Flynn go” mention that the *Comey’s own FBI field office* wanted to let Flynn go a month earlier, because they had *nothing*, zero on him? Even after the plan Comey set in motion got Flynn fired in disgrace? Slip his mind?

Why is nobody writing a memo to themselves asking if they’re really doing things “by the book” when they keep sending in a spy they must know is lying to them, that they know is pals with “former” Russian intelligence chiefs, who keeps coming up empty, only with exculpatory info?

Why are there no minutes of any meeting between Comey’s crew debating whether it’s a good idea to flip a friend of George Papadopoulos, turning someone he trusted into a weapon wearing a wire against him, then suppressing that the one thing they got was yet more exculpatory info?

And when the “lead FBI attorney” on Crossfire Hurricane finds out that his prime target @carterwpage is a patriot assisting the CIA, rather than a traitor helping the Russians, why is there no email CC’d to everyone saying that, but a doctored, fraudulent one saying the opposite?

“Wow this guy was actually assisting our friends in the agency for years? He served in the military? Okay he’s got some unusual views on Russia but should I really lie to a court so I can spy on this guy, smear him in the press, destroy his business & try to throw him in prison?”

Nobody is writing that email, putting down those thoughts in notes, confiding to a close friend, sending an anguished text, worrying about what they could do to these people. Because they didn’t see them as people. Just targets to be destroyed.

But the FBI’s job isn’t to destroy people, or get them fired. It’s to investigate real crimes and protect the country. How does it “protect” the country to destabilize the presidency with a Collusion lie and deprive the intelligence community of Flynn’s renowned expertise?

Bear in mind as you read this that Comey’s crew & all the people who worked on Mueller’s team, and all of the media people who helped them are unrepentant. They don’t care.

It hurts Orange Man, so it’s all justified. They’ll destroy anyone or anything, as long as it destroys him.

Maybe Chris Wray can put some of this down in a memo and send it out on a training course. I’m sure that’ll fix this.

It’s no wonder that US Attorney John Durham is reportedly concerned that no whistleblowers have come forward.

It’s because they don’t think there is anything to blow the whistle on.

They’re all involved. Act accordingly.


Note: This is why it’s probably not a good idea to be demanding specific people are “locked up” or targeted for public investigation. That should only happen at the end of fair & due process. While Comey’s crew don’t think even good guys have rights, the truth is bad guys do too.


Think about it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Could this Huber guy be the Huber from Salt Lake City that Sessions appointed SEVERAL YEARS AGO to investigate all these players? If so, is he actively working with and for Durham and Barr?

I too also do want real and proper justice for EVERYONE, but if this all becomes smoke and mirrors and all we get is another ten thousand page “report” that is full of Schiff, well, the Washington Monument awaits.

We all are talking about the possibility of a CW breaking out over this BS ‘pandemic’ lockdown; well the same holds true for this coup d’ etat. If justice isn’t properly delivered to all, AND the KNOWN players walk free, especially if Trump were to somehow be beaten by fraud, then all hell will break loose and ‘proper’ justice will be a thing of the past and there will be anarchy, that no EO, “stimulus’ court ruling or verdict will fix. Especially if a perfect storm were to come together with the continued shutdown, no punishment, and a Trump loss.

I’m willing to buy into the fact that this conspiracy against America goes much deeper than we know, and that probably nailing the KNOWN players won’t get to the heart of the matter. Just like law enforcement wants to get to the money men behind the illegal drug users and petty pushers (the root of the weed and not just the flower – I get it), but if the KNOWN players (known small-time pushers) get nailed bigly, wouldn’t that make it real hard for the masters to recruit other pushers?

I know this, if nothing happens to the pushers, surly NOTHING with happen to the cabal that runs the pushers.

phineas gage

It isn’t him, it’s just a play on the name.

Given the largely passive response of most–particularly blue state–Americans to what amounts to the arbitrary and unjustified suspension of their civil rights, I think the idea of a civil war is dubious.

What is likely is a fracturing of the nation between the red and blue. This process was already underway, but now has been dramatically accelerated. What form this will actually take is uncertain, but it is coming.


Ok, let’s have two Americas. The Red States have most of the food and resources and enough ports. The Blue States have, the stuff that will make them a Turd world Country real fast. They will need us to survive a whole lot more than we will need them.

Question? Can we have walls on our ID, UT, AZ, NV line; on our PA, WV, VA line; and our IN, KY, MO, IW, and WI line? The Red Capital will be somewhere like Topeka or Omaha; the Blue Crapital can stay right where it is.

I’m willing to try to salvage VA and MI.

I’d be happy with that.

Ron Turner

if we dont finally get justice from these creeps , we will need another plan on how to save America
because the deep state would have won their criminal deeds and America will not be.

Jimmy MacAfee

There’s a lot we should be doing – we, meaning the current administration – already. Like breaking up Big Tech. All of this has been described, but no one wants to hold Fakebook, the Yellowstream Media and others responsible.

Fact is, there are a lot of things and organizations working against us, but we haven’t phrased the argument properly. For example:

The US Chamberpot is racist. And they hate rural people, too, whom they call “rednecks.” How do I know? They were screaming mad that black folk were finally getting jobs – real jobs, not just make-work jobs. Same in rural areas. Drives those rich fx crazy.

I went to college with a rich boy who wanted to be send back to the Czar’s Russia, where the rich were only as rich as the poor were poor. Contrast. In other words, he hated to see anyone but his class get rich, or even do well. He’d prefer to see them begging in the street – and some still do. Like the Chamberpot.

How do you fight them? Evil, corrupt, scheming. They love the Commie-Capitalist combo they see in China, where rich people (party members and their families) can kick people off their land with impunity. The only reason Bernie got anywhere as far as he did is because of them. Of course, they’re too stupid to see that open borders is, as Bernie once said, a Kock Brothers wet dream.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yellow journalism is alive and unwell – so I propose we call it Yellowstream Media. fits ’em.


I have a dispiriting thought; that these conspirators, regarded as heroes by the Left, who are tried and convicted today, will be pardoned tomorrow by the next Democrat administration.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’re already doing something worse – already:

“May 1, 2020
Kansas City, Missouri, officials are now requiring every church to submit a list of members and attendees along with their names, addresses and telephone numbers to city officials for tracking and surveillance purposes.”

Contact tracing. I hate to be a broken record, but they’re going to use this sh-t to turn us all into the Branch Davidians, and burn us down if they find it “necessary.” They aren’t even waiting for the next Demonrat administration.

To those pigs in Kansas City: you can’t have my Bible(s) nor can you have my gun(s.) Obvious you already speak Mandarin.


Does that apply to mosks? I would have some fun with that: I’m Mayor McCheese and I live at the whatever the mayor’s house address and give a 1 900-382-5968 ‘hot-line’.

Convert the numbers to keypad letters for imaginative fun.


Nobody is looking for public executions! Justice, yes! The penalties that fit the crime should be carried out no matter the individual or the severity. If death is the punishment called for than witnesses with no government service in their history need to be present to insure sentence is carried out. Treason is a crime with a jurisdiction civilians criminal courts have no further delaying recourses. I for one hope that what we don’t know is put out to the light of day.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree. Real information, not just another fake government conspiracy theory, like the 9/11 report. As much as can be shown, regardless of who or what it might embarrass.


All Coup members must be arrested , convicted and executed for their crimes.

phineas gage

Robespierre initially had the same idea….

Jimmy MacAfee

Just like that? No trial; no rights? No evidence presented? Sounds like something Comey would like. Are you a judge? A lawyer? Familiar with the Constitution?

If they’re found guilty (which I believe is the case) then I agree with your conclusion.

We may already live in a totalitarian system, made worse every day under Fauci and elected officials, but we won’t fix one dismal, broken, corrupt system by replacing it with the another of same type.

Our President has been very careful to obey the Constitution; is he wrong? I’m asking this in all seriousness.

phineas gage

Undercover Huber is almost certainly DOJ or FBI, quite likely high-level.

Jimmy MacAfee

Possibly. Maybe they’re too valuable in their current positions to be raised to Director level, but it seems that they have the integrity that most top officials appear not to have.


Yeah Jimmy, the Deep-State apparently have a lot of important people who are NOT Directors. Super-Duper Secret Agent “Strock, Stroke, Smirk” who had time to doink the help, text a lot, and interfere and keep the Lynching of Flynn “investigation” open…

Come to think of it, name me a Director who actually has come in and cleaned house. All the anonymous with fancy sub titles seem to be the ones actually running the show.

Wray, Haskell, Sessions, Barr (Jury is still out), whoever runs the CDC etc..

phineas gage

His take down of Chris Wallace was epic.

Jimmy MacAfee

The conclusion of this well-written excerpt? That’s what some of us have been saying all along.

Some people want pe-p walks and public caning; others want a fake trial followed by the guillotine or mass beheadings. Like in the French Revolution, or ISIS. Maybe burn a few in cages, while we’re at it.

I remember at a church I used to attend, when a leader had committed some pretty outrageous stuff; the pastor wanted people to know how seriously he/they took the Gospel, and removed him publicly. It was the equivalent of a public caning. Some people really got off on the spectacle, which was, in truth, not too harsh – but should have just been done in the presence of whomever counted as Elders and the lay leaders of the church. This was not fit for visitors, guests, or those who weren’t directly involved in the ministries. It was a family affair. If anyone was interested, transcripts of the pastor’s comments should have been provided. Some people really get off on public humiliation. Sick. It’s a form of humiliation-p0rnography for some.

I think the same thing about the trials of these creeps: let them stand for trials, if the evidence shows the need (which I believe to be the case) and let the trials be private, with full transcripts available. We don’t need Comey – who is practicing to sound like David Jeremiah – out there pontificating. We didn’t watch Aldrich Ames’ trial, either. Taking away his freedom to ever walk among men again is sufficient, if he’s found guilty. Same with Susan Rice, John Brennan and all the others. All of them.

I want no fake trials that will be the source of distrust in the future, like the Warren Commission, or the 9/11 Commission, the latter of which ended with a conclusion that was perhaps the worst conspiracy theory ever; the government’s conclusion was itself a bizarre conspiracy theory that we’re expected to believe, with hardly a word of truth in it.

But transcripts of these trials and proceedings, with little-to-nothing redacted? Fine. Go for it. But make it fair, and make it clear, and allow these people to occupy the filthy throne of infamy as long as our Republic stands, a wall of shame with their names written large and ugly.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED!, I tell you, that this guy still has a Twitter account that hasn’t been blocked or suspended.

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, many of the concrete buildings that had strafing bullet scars were left unrepaired in remembrance of the attack.

We need FS using the Washington Monument as the wall for these traitors! My only indecision is whether we have a one foot thick layer of protective mahogany protecting the monument, or whether we let the lead ding up the wall as a reminder of what happens to traitors when they try to take down a duly elected president they don’t like or want, and try to destroy the whole concept of what America is supposed to be about.

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