Fascism: Oregon Democrat Governor Extends Lockdown to July 6

The Evening Campaign Update

When I first saw this, I thought it must be a typo. But this is no mistake or joke: While more than half the states in the U.S. have now lifted stay-at-home orders, the people of Oregon will remain imprisoned within their homes for another two solid months, thanks to their stupid decision to elect Democrat Kate Brown as their governor. Gov. Brown announced on Friday that she was extending her order through … wait for it … July 6!

Here is the text of the order:

Office of the Governor
State of Oregon

Executive Order 20-03, declaring a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon, was issued on March 8, 2020, and declared a statewide emergency for 60 days, through May 7, 2020.
Pursuant to ORS 401.165 and ORS 401.204, I find that the novel infectious coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to threaten public health and safety, and remains a statewide emergency under ORS 401.025. Accordingly, I am extending t​he state of emergency for an additional 60 days, through July 6, 2020. Executive Order 20-03 shall remain in effect through July 6, 2020, unless extended or terminated earlier by the Governor.
Done at Salem, Oregon, this 1st day of May, 2020.
Kate Brown


The state of 4 million residents ranks 40th out of the 50 states in total number of cases diagnosed with just over 2,500, and has seen a total of 104 deaths from the Wuhan Virus, with 51 of those having taken place in more than 40 nursing homes around the state. Note that the number of cases diagnosed is about the same as South Dakota has seen, but the number of deaths is 5 times South Dakota’s total.

Obviously, Oregon’s main problem is poorly-run nursing homes housing elderly patients who are particularly vulnerable to this Chinese plague. But instead of attempting to intelligently address the heart of the problem in a strategic manner that protects the constitutional rights of the citizenry, this fascist Governor chooses to imprison her entire population for another two solid months.

As I discussed in this morning’s Campaign Update, we have a distressing and growing dichotomy in our country now between Free states and Prison states, one that breaks down almost exclusively along party lines. States with conservative Republican governors are by and large the Free states, and states with leftist/fascist Democrat governors are by and large Prison states.

Fox News displayed this map of states that were reopening parts of their economies on May 1:

The states reopening are appropriately shown in red, the color typically used for states that vote Republican in presidential elections. Note that this map does not show states that never had shut-in orders like South Dakota and Arkansas in red, nor does it include South Carolina, which had already moved to reopen much of its economy weeks ago. All of those states also have Republican governors.

The inclusion of Illinois, Maine and Nevada on this map is highly misleading. While the Democrat governors in those states did allow some very limited business openings on May 1, their states remain under heavy-handed restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

The political motivations for many of these ongoing statewide lock-downs are blatantly obvious at this point. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for Oregon’s 4 million citizens to remain under a lock-down order, with hundreds of thousands out of work and thousands of businesses lost, other than raw partisan politics.

Democrat governors all over the nation are playing at a very dangerous and despicable game right now, destroying people’s businesses and livelihoods and denying their constitutional freedoms in an attempt to try to impact the November elections. If the voters of this country reward them for this act of depravity, our nation may never recover from the blow.

That is all.

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You get the government you deserve. Don’t argue with me about this, it just the way it is. Those of you that are conservative living in Oregon, you have no excuse to live there. So the way I see it, they can stay locked down until they are absolutely bankrupt, not one soul outside their borders will care or feel sorry for them.


Oregon is a beautiful state and we’ve met some great people there. But Oregon suffers the same malaise that the whole of the US suffers from. That the communists flock to and take over the population centers, the cities, which leaves the ‘fly over’ areas without a vote..

As for deserving what they get, yes to a degree. Maybe the conservatives outside the cities need to fight harder. What is certain tho, is theres plenty of incentive for them to start standing up and pushing back… hard. Now is the time.

I for one feel sorry for the patriots that live there and don’t have the option to pull up and move. Anyone thinking its just that simple to uproot and move is themselves an idiot.

So patriots in Oregon have two choices,

1. To organize and take the protest to the very steps of the State and camp there until the commies back down. or

2. Tie a knot and hang on until the State collapses. Protect yourself and family because when the cities collapse it will get ugly fast.

The only easy day was yesterday.


Yes, another Governor wants to bankrupt their state in order to get a Federal bailout from the American Taxpayer, enough is enough, NO BAIL OUTS, let them clean up their own mess.

Sue C

I’ve been giddy for months, thinking President Trump had the IL democrats on the run.

I’ve lived in this God-forsaken state my whole life, my dad was born and raised here also. He was old-school, tradesman, tough as nails and respected by everyone he met. He started an auto body repair shop almost 30 years ago, has eight employees, including my brother and his sons. Solid shop, has a contract with the largest Ford dealer in the county for their bodywork exclusively. The shop is not a huge success, but provides enough for all to earn a living.

My dad had throat cancer and we lost him from complications with his feeding tube one year ago June 2nd, two weeks before his 50 year anniversary with my mother. My brother has taken over the shop, and I took over the books until he can learn. Things were hectic, but in a good way.

I’m sure you know what comes next. Covid-19 strikes and the shop has not had a steady week of work since.

SBA PPP: Called our bank April 2nd to get the details and was told to call back the following day when program opened up. The phone call I made the following day was just to take my name and put me in “queue” for a loan manager to contact me to help with the application, I was told I would be contacted “within 10 business days” but to go online to fill out the application. We received a call back from a loan manager April 15th, went through application information and by the time we had all documents loaded, the plan ran out of money. I was assured that our place in line would be kept if the program was replenished.

Fast forward to this past Monday, President Trump signs the bill replenishing the funds for PPP and we wait to hear from the bank. Wednesday afternoon I use the secure portal to request a status and receive a response stating the applications are being processed.
I read somewhere that the Treasury was blocking out some chunks of time for the small banks to get their loans through and waited. No response. I finally called and had a candid conversation with my banking contact and she informed me that NONE of her loans have been approved as of our conversation. She has been told all sorts of things to make it seem normal, but I just don’t have an ounce of trust in anything anymore.

I’m not sure what is going on here, but it reeks. I don’t put it past anyone at this point to freeze certain states out of the loans. Why not twist the knife a little further.

My brother had to lay off all of the workers, we have no alternative. There’s an appointment for one vehicle to come in the shop next week, but that’s it. The employees will collect on unemployment and get the additional $600/week “Covid-19” pay, we are just glad they can feed their families right now.

My mom lives off of social security and some revenue from the shop, she is living in fear of losing everything my dad worked so hard for. I’ve been living in a constant state of fight-or-flight and am physically breaking down. There’s no end in sight for us in IL – and all of the protests in the world are not going to bring our customers back in time.

There are more stories just like ours, and probably worse.

I am so sick inside, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can, or will do to stop this from happening.


Dear Sue C,

I feel for you. Stories like yours are just tragic and so unnecessary.

I know there are not many Republicans in IL, but have you written this word for word to your rep and senators and governor?

Have you written this to the President? If not, I recommend you do with the caveat that they will lose your vote and you and your friends and family will use their ‘free’ time to make sure they are defeated unless you see some effort and action to make you somewhat whole.

Senator Durban is up this year, your mission is clear.

Good luck and all the best.

Sue C

Hi Gregg,

Yes, we are energized! Just by nature of being a republican in this state, I’ve got all of my reps on speed dial and recruited a few others into our added e-mails – they are FINALLY energized too. The minute I figured out the hyper-inflation of the china numbers, I took it upon myself to come out of a self imposed social media hiatus (many years and have not missed it!) and change the conversation within my social circles. It feel like we’re making some progress. Tonight, my goal is to find out who’s involved in the recall process so that I can learn what I can to contribute.

I think most people would be surprised to know just how red this state is. It’s good to remember that this is the state that produced the most corrupt president in the history of this nation. Most of the thinking folk that live here have noticed the shift of loyalties from constituents – to the SPOH. It’s not that we are not fighting – it’s just that our fight is against so many layers of corruption. Prior to the lockdowns, the state was crawling with feds, making people nervous. Makes one wonder about the many dimensions involved in the compilation of “scientific data” used to justify our state sponsored demise. Just when I thought there was a crack in the foundation.

We are an essential business, but how do you get people to spend money they don’t have to fix a car they bought so they can get to work. The business had a bit of a cushion, but i don’t think it’s enough to outlast the fear ginned up by the media.

Our republicans reps bowed down to the gov lockdown and chose not to fight it for fear of making waves and losing favor with “Himself.” They’re online giving everyone tips on making the bast of the situation.

I wanted to bring another perspective to the conversation. I’m seeing a bit more hope today – the only good coming out of this is the hyper-focus of the electorate on just how nasty these IL pols are. We’re fighting over here. My mother and I refused to wear a mask yesterday at our local chain-grocer and were not denied entry. We’re going to keep up the conversations and hope for the best.

My young nephew asked me about chemo once, and I explained to him that it was like taking poisons that push your body to the brink of death hoping the cancer dies first. Sounds like our situation, hopefully this can work for the better overall health of the state.

Stay sane out there.


Sue C,

I study red and blue voting demographics quite thoroughly and what I often see is in the Red areas the GOP wins like 60-40 and i the blue cities the dem wins 75-25 , often with more ‘votes’ cast that actual residents in that ward – and many or those wards go 90+ Dem.

What has to happen is the red areas in ALL states need to go more like 95-5 for the GOP. Enough of these ‘moderates’ voting for Dems, or staying home because they are too lazy to learn about politics, or are wired to vote Dem, or they don’t like Trump’s style/tweets. It is like they look for any reason/excuse to not vote for the GOP candidate.

This is nothing less than committing economic suicide. I have never understood how only 50-55% vote in presidential elections and far less in mid term congressional, primary, or school and local elections, when much of the world don’t get the opportunity to craft or guide their destiny, and min many cases are forced to die fighting for, or flee to achieve a modicum of freedom.


To conclude: We have become “fat, dumb, and happy” over the years.

Well this ‘pandemic’ shutdown has made us neither fat, dumb (not anymore) or (most importantly) happy.

Time will tell if it is enough to turn the tide.


The only thing in Oregon that should be quarantined is Portland, the people there are sick from something far worse than the China virus, it’s called liberalism!!!


This is a test. Been having problems posting.


So, I will try this again

Jimmy MacAfee

Chitcago, Ill. and Baltiless Md. can’t even keep their streets under control; they can’t clean up piles of garbage, they are hopeless corrupt and they allow people to get away with murder – quite literally. Part of the problem is that if people don’t want to be governed, they won’t. Even China is going to fall, if the food runs out – (same could happen here, in truth.)

Given how limited government is at keeping order and safeguarding the peace, it is obvious that they require cooperation with the public. If the public tells the elected corruptocrats to go eff themselves, what are they gonna do when no one listens to them? Call mommy? Scream at the sky? Call out Aunty Fay (ANTIFA?) By the way, where is old Aunty Fay when actual fascism is present in Oregon’s governor’s mansion? Aunty Fay must have had a hip replacement and some stents put in, because she sure is a feeble old wench! When true fascism shows up, they’re hiding in Mommy’s basement and obeying the fascists – like good little fascists.

Dr. Denise Lopez Haugem

Do you people have any idea how discouraging it is to be conservatives in a state where vote-by-mail delivered a trifecta of power to the Democrat party. In a state capital where once vigorous debate and conservative positions held power, Republicans now must flee the state in order to prevent the quorum that would allow for Kate Brown and the rest to have total control. As an Oregonian who reads Mr. Blackmon’s column regularly, I am disappointed that his audience is lacking in outreach efforts to and solidarity with conservatives whose states have been over run. I encourage you to do engage in better political analysis than this.


Dr. Denise Lopez Haugem,

I feel for good people in Badly Run Blue States (BRBS). That is why I fled NJ for VA as soon as a military opportunity presented itself, then to TN when I saw up close and personal how Blue Arlington, VA was and Badly my Agency was run.

In 40 years I voted for a Dem (Gov Florio in 1989) once – won’t make that mistake EVER again (see previous article) and an Independent (Ross Perot in 1992) once because Bush the first was such a fraud, again I won’t ever waste my vote again on Independents or third parties.

You speak of outreach from us, as Jimmy asks: what exactly would you propose we do? How about inreach? By that I mean, how many people have you shown this website to? I found DB Update from Whatfinger as I got fed up with the Drudge Report turning liberal and anti-Trump. How many people can you show Whatfinger to? You, being a Dr., must have many people you can influence. I understand it’s bad business to put bumper stickers on your front door and if you live in Portland you might get vandalized, plus it is bad to risk alienating a portion of your business.

However, if you are a logical medical doctor, you must be appalled by what is going with this nationwide COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ shutdown particularly in Oregon. I think Dave and his commenters would love to hear your perspective. Welcome Aboard.

I would love to hear what is happening in Massachusetts West, and how it got to be that way?

Jimmy MacAfee

And the current dipsheep in the governors office in your state seems to be wiping her tush with the Constitution, even worse than Obimbo. Don’t you agree?

My advice? Teach people about the Constitution, and teach them real history, and let them choose between tyranny and Freedom. If your neighbors are too stupid to comprehend this, then perhaps you’d be better off living in another state. There are a lot of refugees (from New York, and California and Russia and from Eastern Europe) who lived under tyranny, and they wanted Freedom. They’re not bringing the Left to our states, but an awareness of what they lived under, and an appreciation that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Knowledge is power; Wisdom is even more powerful: read Proverbs, get wisdom. That’s my best advice.

Jimmy MacAfee

So perhaps you are right. What would you advise us to do? To say? How do you think our “outreach” could help? My advice to you is to start a Constitutionalist movement, as was the Tea Party. Liberals used to puff themselves up about how much they support the Constitution, and people like Dubya said things like “stop waving that G-D d rag in my face,” allegedly. Then came Barry Obumbler, who wiped his butt with our Constitution.

Maybe if Conservatives (CAPITAL C) in Oregon would add their voice to this column (as you have) then we would have something to talk about. It doesn’t cost anything but time and some research to post. (There is a no-trolls-allowed policy, remember.) What do you mean by “outreach?”

I would ask you this two-pronged question: did you vote for Donald J. Trump, and are you planning to vote for him in 2020?

As far as political analysis goes: I think we’re all pretty danged good here, each in our own ways with different specialties and interests. What we’re trying to do is to prevent OUR states from becoming like YOUR state.

Perhaps you might start by describing how your state became so warped by Demonrats, step by step? Dialogue is not cutting down a dead tree, y’know.


Hahahahaha….you dipsticks elect a crotch with a (D) next to her name just what the hell do you expect is going to happen? Given the opportunity she will have you begging for food and water at the local trough. I’m on the beach here in FL reading this on my Ipad and laughing my ass off at you so called ‘progressives’ up there on the northern ‘left-coast’……you’re pathetic. Hope Oregon withers-up and dies a slow death, not because I hold anything against Oregonigans but just cause you’re so freaking stupid!

Attila The Hun

Two thumbs up. You’ve nailed it.

M Allen

Well, good. Dumbass progressives elect these tyrannical dotards over and over. Let them sit at home. Until they feel enough pain they will never change the way the vote.


Do not comply! Open up now. They can’t arrest everyone.

Jimmy MacAfee

Considering how some states can’t even arrest murderers, they surely can’t arrest a non-compliant population.

The Chinese think this is our weakness; in fact it is our greatest strength, because we know what we’re fighting for: Freedom. The Chinese government is fighting for order, and are willing to give up all liberties in order to get it. Freedom means a little disorder at times, but it works. Too bad Jackie Chan believes “the Chinese people cannot handle freedom.” He’s not a lovable actor, in truth: he’s an admirer of tinpot tyrants, who can go bite himself in the arse.; we don’t have to weld people into their apartments and starve them to death in order to maintain order, do we?

In a Free state, people mostly want to do the right thing – many of us because we serve a righteous Creator. In a Totalitarian state, the state is an incompetent, venal, evil, thuggish pretend-god – in other words, Satanic.


Remember this lesson well; you get the government that you are too lazy to oppose.

Vote in November as your life depends on it and then be prepared to defend and protect the government that we elect.


Maybe this is a test… A test to see how far the left can go before Trump, Barr and the Courts and most important, the people intervene and smack them down; to see how far and how hard they will be smacked. Most of these Dem Govs. and mayors must feel bulletproof (take that however you will), but like petulant, ill mannered, and ill raised, bullies they will be smacked down.

Another thing the left supposedly decries: bullies, and just like their sexual offenders, they throw it back against us conservatives as the ones who are guilty. See Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

Not this time! It won’t work. We Americans forgive a lot (Too much) and put up with a lot (Way too much), but we will not stand by and let these governors and mayors take away our livelihood, or our hopes and our dreams. Like HANJ we got awfully smart on the constitution real quick.

If the left wants a CW, then we should give them their CW. The sooner the better, especially now since they obviously don’t respect election results and now are systematically taking away our freedoms.

Go for it Ms. Brown, Ms. Whitmer, and all the supposed male leaders who occupy their state’s governor’s mansion.


I believe you underestimate the will of the American people, particularly in your state(Oregon).
We have capitulated to the tyrannical decrees and will resist as long as the police do not intervene.
That is weakness and the tyrants know it and will exploit it. Unless the call to arms is sounded, and answered, this tyranny will continue.
That’s just the new American normal.


Well what do you know? Another Dem Governor elected or reelected to a four year term in 2018 and not up until 2022. Another amazing coincidence.

I really was not at all happy with the results of the 2018 election – while it wasn’t a “Blue Wave”, the overall results were not good. Yes, we did gain 1 1/2 senate seats, but we lost at least four senate that should have been very winnable: AZ, NV flipped to (D, MT and WV should have flipped to (R). Entirely too many states voted in way too many Dem Governors, and of course we lost the marginally Republican Ryan House.

We simply must do better everywhere this time around. Two Term Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is up this year and you have four of five Dem representatives to defeat. They all won by large margins (42,000 to 176,000 votes) and all were incumbents in 2018, so it may be very difficult this year, but if the Oregon GOP and Trump can pick off the weakest: Kurt Schrader (D) OR 5 – 176,469 – 134,720 it covers the coast and inland south of Portland, and Merkley plus gut the state legislature and any radical mayor etc. that would send a powerful message to Gov Kate Brown and the DNC. (see the previous DB Update)

BTW Trump lost Oregon 1,002,106 (50.07%) to 782,403 (39.09%) meaning over 200,000 people pissed away their vote on certifiable third party losers with unbelievably over 72,000 people did write in votes for basically nobody.

Come on Oregon, do better this year!

Over 70% of the eligible voters voted which is high, but Walking Eagle barely got over 50% meaning an unenthused turn out for Gaffe O. Joe or whoever and the non radicals not wasting their vote this time… Well let’s just say miracles can happen if President Trump were to hold a couple of rallies in Oregon – one on July 4 – while it is still ‘closed’ and one in late October.


The I-5 Corridor of Oregon runs the state. If you look at the map, most all the major population centers are along it. And every dam one of them is a dem stronghold. Oregon went from a red/purple state to blue in the late 70’s early 80’s. Then we made the mistake of passing vote by mail.

Now every uniformed/ill informed voter votes based on what they see or hear from the media. Even with this heavy handed act by Kate Brown, they will still vote for more of the same.

The rest of us don’t get to have a say. Those who can are leaving for Idaho or Montana.
it will be a decade or more before this states economy recovers thanks to Kill Em Kate.

W. Flyer

I attribute the loss of senate and house seats to the deliberate delay in releasing the results of the Mueller report until after the election. For 2 years, the media convinced a lot of voters of Trump’s guilt.


Don’t forget there were close to fifty GOP retirements – mostly RINOs and Never-Trumpers.

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