SHOCK: Morning Mika Just Destroyed Joe Biden’s Campaign

I’m not kidding, folks. Watch the 2-minute clip below and tell me how Biden overcomes this. [Transcript follows]:



Mika: Why not approve a search of her name in those [Univ. of Delaware] records?

Biden: [3 second silence] Approve a search of her name.

Mika: Yes, and anything that might be related to Tara Reade in the University of Delaware records.

Biden: [2 second silence] There IS nothing. They wouldn’t, they, they’re not there. And if they ha, if, if its th, I, I, I, o, uh, you know, I don’t understand what y-, the point you’re trying to make.

Mika: The point I’m trying to make is…

Biden: There are no personal records by definition…

Mika: …you are…the point I’m trying to make is that you are approving and actually calling for a search at the National Archives records of everything pertaining to Tara Reade. [speaking sloooowwwwly now] I’m asking why not do the same in the University of Delaware records, which have raised questions [Biden shuts his eyes tightly now] because they were supposed to be revealed to the public and then they were sealed for a longer period of time. Why not do it for both sets of records?

Biden: Because th-, the material [rapid eye-blinking now] in th-the d, University of Delaware has no personnel files and it has, but it does have a lot of confidential conversations that I had with the President about a particular issue, that I had with the heads of state of other places…that that would not be something that would be revealed while I was in public office or while I was seeking public office. It just stands to reason…the best of my knowledge, no one else has done that either. [looks like he’s begging for sympathy at this point]

Mika: [Trying make it clear once again] I’m just talking about her name, not anybody else in those records, a search for that.

Biden: [5 seconds of silence]

Mika: [Tries yet again] Nothing’s classified, not with a president or anybody else. [Very sloooowly one more time] I’m just talking about a search for Tara Reade’s name, in the University of Delaware records.

Biden: [3 more seconds of silence, and rapid eye-blinking] Look, I’m, uh, I mean, who-who-who, you know, does that search? [Goes silent again]

Mika: [clearly frustrated that her efforts to do this idiot a favor are failing] The University of Delaware, uhhhh, perhaps you set up a commission that can do it? I don’t know, whatever is the fairest way to create the most transparency.

Biden: [groans] Well, this is… look. Mika. She says she filed a report. She has her employment records still. She said she filed a report with the only…



To be clear, I had assumed this would be your classic effort by the fake news media to perform what the political pros refer to as an “inoculation interview.” That’s the process in which a candidate facing a tough issue sits down with a carefully-chosen corrupt interviewer like Mika to do a carefully-constructed interview in which the questions were all vetted in advance. The candidate provides carefully-worded answers drafted by staffers to those pre-approved questions, and the interview ends. The rest of the corrupt news media outlets then take the position that the questions have been “asked and answered,” and refuses to address them going forward on the ground that they are now “old news.”

In watching the interview, I still believe that was the plan going in, and things appeared to be going fairly smoothly until Biden chose to dissemble in answer to this particular, very simple question. I feel sure that Morning Mika fully expected Biden to answer with, “Sure, we can do that if you want to, but I already know that there’s no personnel records there – they’re all in the National Archives.” Something like that, anyway.

But he didn’t do that, and it obviously caught Mika off-guard.

It is also quite obvious that, midway through the interview, as Biden became increasingly incoherent, Mika suddenly realize that, oops, all those people who have been saying this guy is not right in the head are – gasp! – right. You can see it in her face and in the way she spends two solid minutes attempting to baby him through what is a very softball question with an easy answer, treating him at several points in the same way one would treat a 3 year-old toddler.

Thus, what was no doubt intended to be an inoculation interview suddenly turned into a potential death knell for a presidential campaign. These two minutes of video will now be used repeatedly, over and over and over again, by the Trump campaign and supporting Super PACs to flood the airwaves with ads that will devastate Biden if he ends up being the nominee.

Somewhere, Hillary Clinton is drafting the acceptance speech she will give after the big money Democrat donors convince Biden to hang it up in a month or so, and the DNC hands her its nomination for one final swing at the presidency.

Biden won’t be the nominee. Not after this.

That is all.

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Mika’s questioning was a surprise for sure and she stayed on point and came at him several times. What is clear to me is that Biden didn’t know what Mika meant by a “Search for Tara Reade”. This is the guy who still refers to “record players”.
I made a standing bet with friends in late FEBRUARY that Hillary would be the Dem nominee by brokered convention and I stand my that bet. It has been clear since January that neither Biden or Sanders would get the nod as the nominee. The only question is WHO will it be? And, I agree with others here that it won’t be Moochelle.

Jimmy MacAfee

Chris Matthews wants his old job back.

Jimmy MacAfee

Does he even have eyebrows anymore? His eyes – eyelids, eyebrows, everything – look washed out. And yes, that is the look of dementia. They apparently can’t even paint his face to make him look alive. I’ve seen corpses who look more alive! (really have, in funerals and in Gross Anatomy.)

I can see the headlines now:

“Walking Dead: First Zombie Elected President
Wife Avoids Close Contact in Order to Remain Unbitten”

Well, maybe being a Zombie would be the best excuse he has, because other things seem to be working against him:

Supposedly, he commented about the physical development of a 14 year old:


Two scenarios:

PMSNBDNC green room after the interview:

Mika to GS and Tom Perez: Well, oh GOD! I did my best to try to polish this turd, but as Ron White said: “You can’t fix stupid”. Making this guy look good is much harder than making Walking Eagle look warm, sincere, compassionate, innocent, and electable. Neither can be done.

I’m sorry, I failed and now you can hand him off to Madcow, or give him to Lemmon or Fredo at DNCNN.

If you wish, I can ‘resign’ like tingles if you buy out Me and my Joe’s contracts and give us a generous severance if you don’t feel we can carry your water in your leaky bag anymore.


PMSNBDNC executive and funder GS: Great job Mika, bet destroying Gaffe O. Joe was easier then you thought possible, the next Botox treatment is on us. Mission Accomplished! Your DNC masters will be so pleased, we might make you the permanent replacement for Tingles, but you will have to get the ratings up to over 100,000 in his former prime-time slot. You can bring your Joe with you or leave him behind, just get the ratings over 100,000.

phineas gage

The irony is palpable. Slow Joe went on with Mika specifically so she could lob a few softballs at him, have him issue a denial, and then the media would have their cue to declare the issue ‘debunked’.

Instead it all went up in flames, something like the Hindenburg. The humanity….


Mika committed an accidental act of journalism in spite of herself! LOL! Don’t worry, the Democrat Spin Machine (MSM) will swing into action and bury this. The video will disappear or be called fake…or edited. Then they’ll give the university a chance to purge the records and everything will be OK for Quid Pro Joe.


According to what I read earlier today, the records were already purged in early April when Tara Reade first came out with her story. Joe even said there’s nothing there.

phineas gage

He’s literally fading away by the day. They thought they could finesse it until the convention, but there’s no way that is possible. There’s no longer any way to hide him. They have to get rid of him.

phineas gage

I don’t think so. At this point I think the DNC knows they have to activate the ejection strategy, much sooner than anticipated.


Ahhh yes! Let’s put a demented man in front of a camera and ask him scripted questions. What could possibly go wrong? Despise the man, but pity him for this ongoing abuse by his family and the dems. There is no way now for the dems to roll this back. I shudder at the prospect of having ti listen to another vote for me speech from the Hilldog.


I don’t think it will be all that bad. She is despised so much that she will actually drive people away from the Dems. IF… she is inserted as the nominee, it’ll be a good thing… imo

AND… She may never get charged with her crimes, in this life, but she will be shamed permanently… fo evvaaahhh

phineas gage

I think the idea was to do the switch shortly before the convention so as to minimize Hillary’s exposure. To have to roll out the worst presidential candidate in history (until Biden) a third time this early in the game will, as Brian says, not play well for them.


Yep, I really think they wanted to keep the empty suit Biden ‘viable’ until about a week or two before the convention, now the Bernie wing is going to be reenergized to push for the Commie PRIOR to the convention – especially since he kept his delegates. Of course a tragic ‘accident’ or another (this time fatal) heart attack is always possible… Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes Schiff happens.

A hideous, unlikeable, but near ideological twin, and relatively competent and known Walking Eagle might have placated some of the Bernie bros somewhat in 2016, but not this guy, not this year.

If Bernie gets screwed AGAIN and doesn’t replace Gaffe O. Joe and if ANY Johnny Come Lately comes in to become the nominee there will be bigly trouble in Milwaukee. Stay at least 100 miles away from Milwaukee in August and if you must go near the city, don’t wear any red hats or shirts.

Nothing SEEMS to be working for the DNC in this ‘nomination’ process, but I won’t rest easy until Nov 4, when Trump is reelected; until then, we all must work like hell to defeat these people everywhere.

Sharon Campbell

Biden’s done….Hitlery is on the run, towards the DNC/Media nomination!

phineas gage

Agreed. As I’ve predicted before, Hillary/Michelle (unless the Clintons and Obamas simply despise each other too much).

Marshall Gill

Nah. I think if Chewbacca wanted the job she could have run, and won, from the White House. She would have been their first woman AND the first black who wasn’t half white. The Obama’s are done “working”, they just want to live as rich celebrities.

The Clintons have been running the show. They were the ones who pushed for Biden, knowing that they could get Tara Reid to come out against him after he had eliminated all opposition.

It will be a repeat of 2016. The only real difference is that Trump will utterly crush the Hildebeast so severely that Democrats won’t even be able to cheat their way to a meaningless popular “victory”.

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