How China Virus is Creating Political Flips and Flops

Guest Piece from America’s History Teacher, Larry Schweikart

As the fallout from the China Virus continues to spread—though the China Virus itself is largely contained now—the political ramifications are not raining down equally on all. As of this morning, Gallup has President Trump at over 49%—his highest ever in that poll—and Scott Rasmussen’s partnership poll also has him over 49%. IDB/TIPP has Trump now tied with the demented Joe Biden for the first time, with Biden slipping several points from just a month ago.

This is more than just Biden’s “woman trouble.” It represents a growing understanding by the American people that not just anyone can do the job of president, and that Biden is mentally incapacitated. While I don’t do polls, I’m guessing that Trump already has sailed past the lowest point he will see in 2020.

And I think the Democrats know it.

This has powerful implications for the state elections though. Those governors who have not locked down their states, particularly Kristi Noem of South Dakota, are being feted. The people of South Dakota actually threw a parade in their governor’s honor! Don’t expect that to occur in other red states, where some tyrannical or duped governors remain hostage to their doctors’ flawed charts and models. In Ohio, Mike DeWine—never a strong politician—has ceded almost all authority in his state to Amy Acton, the Department of Health Director.

Arizona’s Doug Ducey, coming off a 14-point win in 2018 (against an admittedly lame opponent) similarly is a prisoner of charts and graphs. Ducey’s actions—so far more than those of DeWine—seems to be sparking protests in the traditionally independent Arizona electorate. Protests are picking up steam, and Ducey was forced to threaten fines and jail time for any business that opened early. Ducey was a rising star who expected to move on to bigger things.

Not. Any. More.

On the other hand, some stars continue to shine. Besides Noem, Georgia’s Brian Kemp has likely cemented his position with Georgia re-opening; Ron DeSantis in Florida likewise is looking wise and fearless; and of course Greg Abbott in Texas, while not opening gyms or hair salons, nevertheless is moving in the right direction and refusing to use state coercive power to make people wear masks.

The flop governors will likely create a chasm in their states between themselves and those who support reopening, including President Trump. In Arizona, Martha McSally’s fate likely will rest on whether she forcefully comes out for reopening or (again) tries to play it safe and hide. Her comments on the Chicoms’ role in this have been encouraging so far.

Meanwhile, Democrat governors like “Comfortable” Ralph Northam may well have flipped Virginia in the 2020 election. Certainly much of the perpetually-paid beltway NOVA area will not mind a paid holiday, but the rest of the state may grow restless enough to vote for Trump in the fall. Prior to the China Virus, I thought such a flip was impossible.

If the Democrat governors maintain the lockdowns long enough, and if they become painful enough, it very well may move still other states to Trump in the fall. For every flop, there might be a flip.

Larry Schweikart is co-author with Michael Allen of A Patriot’s History of the United States, is author of Reagan: The American President, and has just unveiled his new US History teaching curriculum for grades 8-12 at


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Underreported stories: medical systems and hospitals are laying people off, cutting wages or cutting hours. (I thought this was an “all hands on deck” emergency?)

I don’t think the “sickness care system” will recover, but I do think the wellness care system will be just fine. Still hard to watch, because most of the people who work in the sickness care system aren’t bad people – they just want to do their jobs. They can thank the media for pushing the panic button. (There are good ways to “thank them,” perhaps?) We know who you are, media.

But also underreported: ER numbers in a lot of places are waaaay down; people who misuse the ER have figured out that it’s not worth going to the hospital to GET sick. The hangnail will have to wait. The infected zit isn’t an emergency. The hangover or slight cut isn’t in dire need of treatment.


“I don’t think the “sickness care system” will recover”. I fully agree.

The other service industries that will have a hard time recovering will be:

Entertainment, travel, hospitality, restaurant, higher education, brick and mortar retail, personal care, construction, and sporting events that actually depend on crowd attendance; big sports will probably survive on TV revenue.

Perhaps as many as 25 – 50% of those jobs will be lost for at least two reasons:

People will continue to be afraid or otherwise cowed into not patronizing them due to the lingering effects of the fear of the disease, and

People just won’t have the discretionary disposable money to use the ‘nonessential’ businesses.

This means that the 3.5% unemployment rate we enjoyed under Trump’s leadership and his economy will stay high – probably closer to 10% for at least the near term. This will force many people to – not “learn to code” – but learn real and marketable skills. Ultimately this will painful in the short term, but be a good thing in the long run, as the country will need English speaking people to fill the void when America’s industrial base is returned to the US.

If the federal government doesn’t get a handle on the production and distribution of this massive printing of monopoly money I see massive inflation on the horizon. Unless Trump wins and gets a strong GOP House and keeps the GOP Senate, say goodbye to the much needed infrastructure stimulus which would actually produce skilled jobs and benefit everyone . Who needs to rebuild an aging airport when very few people will be flying?

If Trump were to lose, say goodbye to the boarder wall and national security and get used to massive illegal immigration, more illegal drugs and trafficking, and a greater likelihood for more ‘pandemics’.

If the states, especially the Blue states and cities don’t get a handle on their fiscal mess, their employees will have to be laid off further exacerbating unemployment. Their budgets were already stressed to the max. and there just won’t be any federal bailout funds available.

With McConnell’s comments about having the states declare bankruptcy, I say good – it is about time irresponsibly run states live within their means.

I would go one further and issue this stern warning (and it would probably need a constitutional amendment to actually do this): If a state goes bust and the federal government is forced to bail it out, the federal government will also take over the operation of the state. This would entail the immediate removal of the governor and all of the heads of all of the departments along with many legislators. It would also relegate – demote – the state to the status of a territory like Puerto Rico where the territory would lose its voting representation in congress. Their delegation would still be in congress but it would be comprised of non voting members like DC.

Once the territory gets back on its financial feet and legitimately makes forced reform, then, and only then, will it be allowed to apply for and be considered for reentry into the union as a state.
It would be a similar process as the reentry to the union was for the states of the Confederacy. The Confederate states had to show they were sufficiently reformed to be readmitted. In this case, it would be financial reform along with a rewritten state constitution to prove future bankruptcy protections were in place.


As a NOVA resident, I resonate with the remarks concerning Virginia. As an elite defense contractor on the Beltway, my paycheck was secure even if they closed my office. In fact, my work unit was unusual for our supported Customer in that we kept working full time throughout this crisis. Anyhow, I was annoyed at the admonitions to patronize delivery/ carry out for restaurants. Sure, i could do this–but what about people now out of work? My church’s food bank here in Fairfax-freaking-County was hit hard by new demand. My fellow residents are all panicked, but I am reading how dozens of counties down state have single digit diagnoses for COVID-19.

But I have no faith in Governor Blackface.

phineas gage

Since Biden will not be the candidate much longer, it remains to be seen how things will shake out. Nevertheless, these numbers at the beginning of May for Trump are encouraging.

It is ironic that so many of the Dem tyrant governors were motivated by political ambition–such as Newsom in CA–but it may well be Noem who becomes the rising star out of all of this. I would take her in a heartbeat over someone like Nikki Halley.


If FOX comes out with a couple more “Biden leads Trump by 9 points polls, yet Gallup (I thought they quit the presidential polling field) polls now say Trump is at 49%, they will be seen as creditable as a CNN or WAPO poll.

Keep it up Ryan and you punk Murdoch kids who should know better.

FOX will totally lose it if Judge Jeanne, Laura, Tucker, Hannity, the FOX & Friends group and a few others from the “Five” leave to OANN or start some separate network.

At that point they can join PMSNBDNC and DNCNN and split the two or so million dolts three ways instead of two. FOX will come out the worst in such a group because the established lefty networks and are essentially captive audiences.

Ask MeAgain Kelly how well it worked out when she went from “conservative” FOX to “liberal” NBC

Fox had a great media model, but I guess their corporate ideology “Trumps” corporate success.

Just like much of the country is screaming for competent honest leadership and equal justice for all, we are also calling for honest factual news.

The three major cable ‘news’ networks have to realize that probably over 300 out of 328 million people DON’T watch ANY of their shows; clearly something is wrong with your corporate models – same goes for the ‘regular’ AllBillClinton , CeeBullSchiff, NothingButCrap “news” networks.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Murdoch brats don’t have the sense G0D gave a scuppernong seed.

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