Gretchen Whitmer: The National Poster Child for God-Awful Leadership

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This woman is a national menace. – The brain-dead, malevolent bullying by Michigan Governor Eva Von Whitmer is tearing that state apart like none other in the nation.

While free states like Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia are opening their economies back up, yesterday, this plastic-faced aspiring South American strong woman urged her state legislature to pass a resolution extending her irrational statewide lock-down for another 28 days. What she got instead was a massive demonstration in which thousands of freedom-loving Michiganders gridlocked traffic in downtown Lansing for hours while another group of them forced their way into the state capitol building and staged protests in the house and senate galleries.

Instead of extending Herr Whitmer’s “state of emergency” order that expired at midnight, the house of representatives approved a resolution to prevent an extension and limit the terms of any future orders issued by Whitmer to no more than 15 days. House members also approved a resolution authorizing Speaker Lee Chatfield to sue the Governor if she tried to extend the state of emergency via another executive order.

From a report by Channel 4 in Detroit:

 “We believe the law is very clear on this,” Chatfield said. “That’s why every extension since 1976 has come through legislative approval, because that is what the law requires. We followed the law today. We want to partner with the governor next week. We don’t want this to have to go to court, but should she reject our vote, that’s where we’re going.”


The state senate approved the house measures later in the day, and Herr Whitmer predictably promised to veto them. She also then issued an executive extension of the state of emergency order for 28 days. This is key, since her stay-at-home order does not expire until May 15, but requires the existence of a state of emergency to remain in effect.

To be fair to the Strong Woman, Michigan has been hit fairly hard by the Wuhan Virus, recording 41,000 infections and almost 3,800 deaths. However, just as in many other states, the outbreaks have been heavily focused in big cities like Detroit and in poorly-regulated nursing homes.

But Michigan is a largely rural state, and a big frustration to many residents is that the Governor makes virtually no effort to intelligently differentiate between the densely-populated areas and areas with extremely low density. The manifest stupidity of banning things like the selling of seeds, mowing lawns and the use of motorized boats on Michigan’s lakes – but not sailboats or kayaks – has also caused outrage among the more independent-minded members of the state’s population.

Making matters even worse, Herr Whitmer has responded to every protest effort with condescension and promises of increasing crackdowns, refusing to recognize the validity and constitutional grounding for most of their arguments. She has become the literal national poster child for god-awful leadership in this crisis.

How this abusive, Soros-puppet ideologue managed to be elected Governor in a state with GOP majorities in both houses of the legislature will forever remain one of the great mysteries of our time. The bad news is that she isn’t up for re-election until 2022. The good news for Michiganders is that, while her plastic face remains pasted firmly on her noggin, her ideological mask has come completely off. She will have a hell of a time convincing Republicans who no doubt voted for her in 2018 to repeat that bit of stupidity in 2022.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Wretched Whitmer is a weak, terrified little ninny – most bullies are. She tried to look strong banning hydroxychloroquine, but looked foolish for backtracking. Roping off areas of stores made her look like she has the IQ of a carrot.

She looks even weaker extending her unconstitutional orders. Power under control – which is the real definition of meekness – is a sign of strength. She has no strength; she is a coward.

Jimmy MacAfee

Time for her to resign; she is way over her head.


Like all good tyrants, she won’t. “She’s not the one who has a problem” it’s all those ungrateful sheeple who just don’t understand and are too dumb to figure it out that she knows what’s best for them.


The craziest part of this whole story hasn’t even happened yet. Stay tuned for Whitmer’s re-election…


Maybe, maybe not. Her getting re-elected will depend on the Michigan voters forgetting her tyrannical actions. If i were running the GOP national committee, I’d make sure there were commercials on every TV and radio station in the state making sure they remember at election time. They should be running them right now imho, and pointing out this is how tyranny gets a foothold and creeps slowly into their lives forever.

I have to laugh at all the people crying out about how the armed protesters are terrorists. I have even seen posts elsewhere of supposed veterans saying this. I see it as reminder of why we have the Second Amendment. Carrying a firearm makes the sheeple squeamish. As long as they aren’t pointing it at somebody or shaking it in their faces there is no terror except in the hearts and minds of the tyrants and their brainwashed sheeple.


Jimmy is right. There’s impeachment and even arrests for treason. NO WAY Michigan should be expected to put up with this tyrant until 2022.


“To be fair to the Strong Woman, Michigan has been hit fairly hard by the Wuhan Virus, recording 41,000 infections and almost 3,800 deaths.”

Media and people keep tossing out these numbers of ‘infections’. There are a few problems with this. We KNOW that Dem controlled areas, especially, inflate the deaths reported to increase the body count and to wrest more money from the Fed.

The problem with ‘infections’ is that its used to imply two things, one you will die if you get ‘infected’ and two with the fake death count numbers it makes it appear more deadly than it is. As more data keeps coming in every day its clearly showing that the virus isn’t anywhere near deadly as the media and Dem politicals want you to believe. Can’t justify a lock down and Rights suppression if the emergency doesn’t exist, which it never did.

What conservatives should be reporting is total population numbers and the total confirmed deaths due to covid. This would shine the light of truth and people would see for themselves what the scam has been all along. This would also give aide to those front line doctors etc who are exposing this lie for what it is.

Math is our friend.

Jimmy MacAfee

All the despots are Dims, (and a few RINOs.) Constitutionalists of every stripe are going to find it hard to vote Dim – even old-fashioned Libs. I see a revolt coming.

The fake press can’t keep playing “hide the salami.” (Reference to Gropey J.) And they can’t keep promoting tyranny before they become targets of the street. It’s gonna be Biblical!

phineas gage

Just wait for the summer heat to arrive with everyone locked down in those big blue cities.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind….


I’m hoping


Speaking of dictators:

Nashville mayor Cooper, who is the brother of Nashville’s congressional district representative, won a runoff election last November. He inherited a fiscal mess and his city was close to either bankruptcy or state takeover. He, for a Democrat, was at least trying to do a decent job at getting his city’s financial house in order. He won a runoff election against an absolutely horrible mayor who himself replaced the equally horrible bimbo round-heeled mayor Megan Berry.

Enter the China virus pandemic.

He is keeping the city (Nashville-Davidson county), which is an entertainment (music city USA) and convention mecca, shutdown tighter than a bull’s a$$ in fly season. And, doing what every Democrat always does, to cover the cost of the pandemic shutdown he is proposing a 32% property tax increase while denying Nashville businesses from making ANY money to pay for it.

It is estimated that every percent increase in property taxes reduces the value of the property by at least a thousand dollars in resale value.

Nashville-Davidson County is just one of six of the 95 TN counties that are keeping themselves closed. In other words 89 of 95 TN counties are opening for business – slowly.

A couple of years ago, Nashville edged out Memphis, another horribly run city as the most populous TN city. Both have crime problems and education deficiencies that far outstrip the rest of the state. Memphis is TN’s Detroit; Nashville is working hard to become the state’s second Detroit. Both cities are deep dark blue, run and dominated by Democrats and have the only two (of 9) Democratic congressional seats – I see a trend here. The rest of the state, with few exceptions, is red to deep red politically. It is among the best fiscally run state in the country.

We are opening up today similar to Texas and other well run red states.

To be fair, Nashville is the ‘hotspot’ for the pandemic, but a radio talk-show host made this very good and clear analogy.

If you fill up the Titian’s Stadium, The Hockey Arena, and some other arena, you get 100,000 people. In TN, the CV death rate is 2.7 people per those 100,000 people in the venues; the Nashville Death rate: 3.6! This justifies the shutting down and bankrupting the tax producing people in a city of over 667,000 people! And the ‘hotspots’ are in the seniors living facilities and the quarter of the city that has the highest proportion of recent immigrants…

Like with NYC/NJ/CT metro area, look for Nashville, Memphis and other major Democrat run cities to lose 10+% of their population in the next five to ten years – I only hope they also lose their ‘voters’, and the people who move out learn their political lesson and vote at least 50-50 to cancel each other’s vote so as to keep well run states and counties RED.


If the good people of Michigan wanted to, they recall her. The online petition everybody was talking about was a national online deal and had no teeth. Short of that, they are going to have to endure two more years of tyranny at her hands.

phineas gage

Somebody had told me last week that the Dems in Michigan have made the recall process virtually impossible.

Jimmy MacAfee

She will be driven out by protests, because the people aren’t going to wait 2 years. Ever hear of the Yellow Vests? (The fake press does its best to suppress news about the protests.) Time to rock the streets in Michigan, maybe? Already happening.

In Virginia, Northam has been a little more cautious; I have serious concerns about him (read: loathing, particularly as he’s a baby-killer and I’m an abortion survivor.) But he hasn’t gone half the lengths of Dar Whitmer, and probably has higher aspirations. He’d be better off slinking away and living a private life as much as possible.

But not Whitmer, who will have to move out of her state when it’s all over, after she resigns in disgrace. She fancies herself Wonder Woman (yes, that’s her profile: she thinks she’s Wonder Woman.) But she’s a vain, egotistical, moronic nobody who is good at running a con. Or was.


She’s drunk in the power. I think of her as the kid who ran for class president but lost. Now she’s the person in charge she always wanted to be and the good citizens of Michigan will dam well like it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Her name should be Dar; Gretchen means “pearl,” and there is no European equivalent. The only masculine equivalent, according to one source, is in Hebrew, and that is Dar. No way this is an actual woman.

“Durr” is a better representation of her intellect, though.

“Whatcha doin’ Dar?”
“Durr, I dunno.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Although a pearl is an irritant to an oyster, kind of like a round, shiny scab. Definitely a Dar.

phineas gage

She is definitely an artificially-cultured specimen, with major flaws. Nothing genuine about her.

Jimmy MacAfee

She does seem to get physically uglier every day, doesn’t she? Rock-jawed, hair all askance, hate-filled, glaring eyes. I know! Let’s carve an image of her to scare future invaders away! As before, a stone image from Easter Island. Ugly is as ugly does.

She’s going to be the poster-monster for Republicans everywhere; Liberals and Libertarians, who always poked at Bushie the II for his “war on terror” and shredding of the Constitution, don’t seem to be troubled very much at this wretch’s continued assault on Freedom.

That won’t last, as a lot of former Democrats (not the current Demonrats) have already left the plantation, having found that President Trump seems to be the only one willing to support the Bill of Rights. They’d all gagged at the time when they found that whatever Bushie did against the Constitution, Obama accelerated. Now they’re dealing with far worse. Michigan will go solidly Republican at nearly every level.

Take it to the bank. The ugly wretch will be on posters nationwide.


I kept trying to figure out why she looks so familiar and it hit me. She could be Caitlyn Jenner’s sister. My apologies to Caitlyn.

phineas gage

This could help Trump with Michigan in the fall. The blame for the fall-out will be (rightly) assigned to the crazed governor.

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