What Biden’s Deafening Silence About Tara Reade Really Means

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

How completely dishonest is Nancy Pelosi? – Today, she said she was “satisfied” with the way Joe Biden has responded to the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations against him.

To be clear, Joe Biden has yet to say a single word about the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations against him.

Your demented, despicable, disgusting, disgraceful, depraved Democrat Party in action.

Oh, but it gets better. Thursday morning, #FireChrisHayes spent hours trending on Twitter. Shockingly, it wasn’t trending due to outraged Trump fans going after the corrupt MSNBC host. No, no, no.

It was trending because Hayes missed the Media Matters/DNC talking points memo that has told every corrupt media outlet for 42 days now to completely ignore the Tara Reade story. That’s not just advice or a suggestion, mind you: That item on the official talking points memo literally says “Thou Shalt NOT Mention the Tara Reade Story” verbatim. It’s like a commandment for atheist Democrats or something.

Anyway, Hayes obviously missed the memo, and this clip was the result:

Thus was MSNBC’s wall of silence on the Tara Reade story broken. Loyal MSNBC viewers who have spent the last 3 years lapping up Rachel Maddow’s various Russia Collusion conspiracy theories immediately flew into a veritable Twitter frenzy, making Mr. Hayes persona non grata in their book unless and until he either takes it all back or invents a Russia Collusion conspiracy theory of his own. Given that he has already done that on numerous occasions, it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility.

This media-constructed vow of omerta on this accusation would be hilarious if it weren’t such a serious matter to Ms. Reade. Her story is extremely credible in the context of the very criteria set up by the whole #MeToo movement: She has never varied from the details, she filed a formal complaint at the time it took place, and numerous friends and family members have come forward to confirm that she told them about the incident over the years.

By contrast, the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford against Justice Kavanaugh had none of these supporting elements. NOT ONE. Yet, every corrupt media outlet in America gave them non-stop coverage not for hours or days, but for WEEKS.

Now, put yourself in Creepy Joe Biden’s shoes for a moment. If you were innocent of what Ms. Reade alleges, wouldn’t you have immediately jumped in front of the nearest TV camera to deny it in the most vigorous terms, filled with moral outrage? Would you have even considered sitting silent on the matter and refusing to do any interviews unless the interviewer promised not to raise the question for 42 long days while the accusation continued to sit out there unaddressed?

Because that’s what Biden has done. Not for a day, or for a week, but for 42 DAYS since Reade first raised the accusation. For those keeping count at home 42 days is the same as 6 weeks. A full month and a half since this awful man was accused of one the most awful things any man can be accused of, and he just sits there silent on the matter.

There are two very believable possible reasons for this silence. Either Biden’s silence is the silence of a guilty man, or it is the silence of an elderly, clearly impaired and rapidly declining man who honestly has no memory of who Tara Reade is or what she is talking about.

I’d put my money on the latter. Biden honestly cannot say that he did or did not do what Ms. Reade alleges he did for the simple fact that he has no memory of it either way. Hell, it became clearly obvious on the campaign trail that he barely remembers what he did this morning, and often doesn’t even know what state he happens to be in at any given time. Expecting him to confirm or deny something that took place 27 years ago is just asking too much.

Nevertheless, this is the guy your Democrat friends want you to believe is the best pick to be your next President. Given that, maybe you should be more careful in choosing your friends.

That is all.

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LMAO end


Doh! Not sure what happened but my bad about the ned there.


Again why now? She had respect for him? No she was scared by what could happen if she went public Politicians wield great power. Power they shouldn’t have. And they don’t care who they step on to keep it.

called Larry King ang an

joe schmoe

this aint the guy…it’s whoever his VP is and my money is on Shrillary……


Joe is toast. He will be replaced by the time of the convention. He will not be able to stand at a podium and debate President Trump. Even if he had a two way communications device and it was allowed, he wouldn’t be able to maintain a cognizant conversation.

The Tara Reade situation is the out. She is a Shrillery voter. Admitted Hillary voter. Dedicated DEM. What other reason does she have for coming forth now after all these years?

DNC spokesperson: Tara, we need someone to fall on their sword so we can get Joe off the ballot and somebody else might have a better chance to beat Trump. Can you help us? We know you will be vilified by our own people, but we will take care of you.

Am I a conspiracy nut? No, just somebody who has been following politics since 1969. The DNC will stop at nothing to keep power.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect you’re right.

Now to keep Bernie’s acolytes happy, they’re gonna go farther Left, with someone who can play both sides. Hillary Rotten was who I was thinking of, but Cankles will likely have a stroke by then. She’s still sick, just not out in public much.

They may just decide to fold, and let Joe piddle it away, and plan for 2024. That’s what I’d do. But then, I’m not a Satanist baby-killing Maoist chicken-effer with more money than sense, so it’s something I wouldn’t bet on.


The stakes got higher for the demonkrats, Tara Reade says she is willing to testify under oath.


Let us pray she does not suddenly become suicidal or suffer a vehicular accident of some sort.


I believe I heard that Tara Rede is still a lifelong Democrat and voted for Walking Eagle. Stupid is as stupid does.

However, as with Blasey-Ford, I have to ask, why now? Twenty Seven (27) years later? I’m sure the statute of limitations is long passed. She left the Biden team soon after and obviously put it behind her. And she has to know since she is accusing a Democrap she is going to get nothing by scorn, ridicule, and probably threats, and none of the slobbering support from the Avenattis and the Allreds of the world.

I’ll bet if she made the same allegation against Trump 42 days ago WITHOUT any foundation or corroboration including not knowing when it happened, but was sure it happened somewhere in Wash DC when Trump was a senator, or a congressman, or a councilman or a contractor, or while he was live on TV on the “Apprentice”…, it would have overwhelmed the China Wuhan COVID-19 Novel Virus Pandemic that is going to kill everyone that comes within six miles of someone who has it news cycle.

This is how phony and stupid this whole #MeToo (bowel) movement is pretending to protect and BELIEVE ALL women. Where is Blasey-Ford and her slimy lawyer to offer support and solidarity? Where is Diane FrankinFeinstien? I love how Nancy Klink and Walking Eagle will have to twist themselves into pretzels to maintain their endorsement of Gaffe O. Joe as more and more comes out.

The real tragedy of all this is that the real victims are and will be ignored – Tara Reade, despite her politics deserves to be heard and the crime thoroughly investigated.

The media has lost its monopoly and this cannot be hidden because of a little thing called the internet. Ask BJ Clinton about how the then unknown Matt Drudge broke the Monica story after Newsweek et al spiked it via Walking Eagle’s “Bimbo eruption Squad” and almost took down his presidency. He survived, but was rendered even more of a lame duck.

phineas gage

Which will last longer–the media blackout coverage of Tara Reade or General Flynn?

Clearly a rhetorical question. Das narrative uber alles.


I would say the coverage on Tara Reade is going to pick up steam. Chris Hayes’ coverage was the start of it. He decided to commit an act of journalism. He’s now being castigated for it, which has made the news and in turn is spreading the story. And now all the narcissists that call themselves journalists will start to break with the DNC talking points to be the first to be the next Chris Hayes.

As for General Flynn, Monday afternoon will be our first, real inkling of which way that will go. If the judge throws it out and reams the prosecution and his former counsel the press will probably go apoplectic. If not, crickets imho.

phineas gage

I love their little preemptive game about claiming the story is ‘debunked’, when it hasn’t even been investigated. Total lockstep. That there’s some fine journalisming…..


But, but I don’t have any demonkrat, oops democrat fiends, er friends Dave. There is no easy way out of this for Joe or the demonkrats. As I said previously, his wife and the demonkrats are despicable for what they doing to the man. But it’s all they have left now. Until the “convention” where I suspect they will have him step down for obvious reasons and install some other deranged individual in his stead. And maybe the Bernie Bros will riot. Interesting times indeed.


Biden’s deafening silence in this sordid affair proves without a doubt that he is guilty because if he were innocent of the charge he would be defending himself with every means possible. Her is a perverted pig, just like most of the dem’s!

phineas gage

They’ll just ignore it–they literally do not care. And Slow Joe essentially his telling his version of the truth when he denies, since in his declining mental state he probably doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast, let alone some that happened years ago.

phineas gage

That’s awful–until we have an edit function, I promise I will type more slowly and self-edit before posting.

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