New Revelations in the Mike Flynn Case Prove it’s Time to Stop the Madness

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Maria Bartiromo has good sources. – This sets her apart from Sean Hannity, Greg Jarrett and Sara Carter, the Tick-Tock brigade who have spent the last two years promising Hannity’s listeners and viewers that indictments of the bad actors in the coup cabal were always just around the corner.

Bartiromo didn’t promise that, but if you remember, she did tweet this on Sunday evening:

The case against General Flynn has not been dismissed, but so much new information has come to light since Monday that it is now blatantly obvious that he was, as his attorney Sidney Powell continues to state categorically, set up and framed by the corrupt cabal operating at the top of the DOJ and FBI in early 2017.

The latest tranche of information came yesterday in the form of previously un-released emails and hand-written notes that conclusively demonstrate that the FBI’s goal in the initial interview of Flynn was to set him up:

In a series of tweets last night, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy points out that, even after their clear effort to entrap Flynn at that initial Jan. 27, 2017 interview, FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka told then-Director James Comey and Dep. Director Andrew McCabe that they did not believe Flynn had lied to them, and apparently recorded that impression in their original 302 filing on the interview (which the FBI continues to claim was somehow “lost”). Comey has in fact stated this in public testimony.

McCarthy continues:

Seems worth reminding: for all the elaborate perjury trap planning, violation of protocol, and dissembling about 302 interview report, FBI did not think Flynn lied and thus never sought to charge him while Comey & McCabe in charge.

Charges were filed only months later by Team Mueller, under circumstances where there is good reason to believe they told him if he didn’t plead guilty, his son would be charged with a felony.

Judge [Emmet Sullivan] should vacate the plea and put onus on DOJ and FBI to tell us whether they’d feel good about going forward with a public trial of this case, so everything that was done and said, and why, can be laid bare. I think hell would freeze over before that. But let’s see.


As a reminder, and as the notes released yesterday confirm, the entire entrapment effort was based on a phone call that Flynn took with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Trump Transition in December, 2016. During that call, Kislyak raised the issue of outgoing President Obama’s recent imposition of new sanctions on Russia and expulsion of many of their “diplomats” (most of whom were no doubt spies) over allegations of Russian interference in the recent elections.

On the call – which was surreptitiously and probably illegally recorded by the FBI under one of its ill-gotten FISA warrants – Flynn advised Kislyak not to get into an escalating tit-for-tat with the Obama Administration. The notes released yesterday between Strzok and Pientka [Correction: The notes appear to have actually been authored by Bill Priestap, who was Strzok’s boss at the time of the entrapment effort.] reveal their plan to not play the recording of the call for Flynn, but rather to try to entrap him in a lie. This is because they knew they did not really have a case that Flynn had violated the Logan Act, and so they hoped they could build a case that he had lied to federal investigators.

As Comey and others have stated on the public record – Comey said it under oath to a congressional committee – no one at the FBI believed at the time that Flynn had in fact lied to Strzok and Pientka. Which is why Mueller and his American Gestapo thugs ended up coercing a guilty plea out of Flynn by threatening to abuse his son.

This is what was taking place under the imprimatur of the American system of “justice” in 2016 and 2017. This is the kind of clear and repugnant abuse of power that William Barr was brought in as Attorney General to identify and remove from the system. This is the kind of despicable deception of the court and abuse of the public trust that Judge Sullivan has allowed to take place in his courtroom for years now, as General Flynn has been bankrupted and forced to sell his family home.

When is enough enough? When will someone in a position of authority finally, at long last put an end to it and let this man who served his country honorably for more than 30 years get his life back?

McCarthy lays out the obvious solution: Sullivan should allow Flynn to vacate the obviously-coerced plea, which would then allow Barr to respond by withdrawing the charges.

At that point, the punishing of the real bad actors in this case should begin in earnest.

Just as I went to post this piece, President Trump issued the following tweet:

That’s certainly true, and it is fair to note that the President himself has the power to end this ongoing travesty of justice. What’s it going to take for you to act, Mr. President?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Dave: authored by Priestap, but the instigator who wanted the investigation/prosecution/railroading to continue was Mr. Peter. Strzok, that is. His notes to his lovely girlfriend are evidence of that.

CIA link.

Jimmy MacAfee

Judge Sullivan, for the record, has made some really Biden-like comments about Flynn (“treason?”) My hope is that he’s lucid enough to see that the gig is up, and that he doesn’t want to be remembered as just another corrupt, incompetent judge. Evidence is evidence, and Wray could not keep the evidence suppressed any longer, which takes away any cover Sullivan may have had. Wray should be removed as soon as the ruling comes down, either way.

Splitting hairs come Monday will not work. Outright dismissal is the only course of action, with a scathing rebuke of current and former FBI and DOJ officials. That is, if he wants to have a legacy that’s untainted by corruption.


We’ve known for at least 4 years (but more like 12) that it’s time to stop the madness. Problem is nothing ever happens to stop it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bushie Senior was the beginning of the worst parts of the Deep State; Willy Jeff was a continuation; Dubya accelerated the process, and President “Haman” Obumbler used rocket fuel as an accelerant. President Trump has done more to reverse course than I thought possible, or anyone thought possible. But there are years left to go to complete this – maybe a decade.

And the battle is never over. Not where Freedom and Liberty are concerned. As they say: “eternal vigilance.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Bushie the Elder was also a participant in Ollie North’ REX 84 (Readiness Exercise 84) coup attempt, as well as many others in the Reagan administration. It was treason against Reagan and the Constitution, which is why Reagan’s daughter Maureen said that North committed treason against her father and the country. And why Senator John Warner (not Mark) said that North “wasn’t fit” for the Senate.

I won’t join the NRA until they get rid of North. They screwed themselves with someone who wraps himself in the flag, but attempted to shred the Constitution. VCDL is a better 2nd Amendment organization, at least for Virginia. The best.


REX84 coup attempt? Can you elaborate sir? Not familiar with it.


Bingo Gregg… There are no coincidences… theres a long game at play here…


Wow, a lot of info here. Boarwild, you can get a decent overview of REX84 by highlighting and asking Cortana, which links to Wikipedia. Put it this way, until now, I liked Ollie North, and I felt HW Bush was just a grifter who rode on Reagan’s coattails.

What a wide range of commentary and a lot of scary stuff that I knew little about. 96 comments here; has to be a record.

It is soon going to get to where no one can trust anyone about anything.

9-11, flight 800, JFK assassination, for the most part I believe the gov’s. ‘stories’ only because I’ll go nuts if I begin thinking all this stuff might be orchestrated and true.

I have my own theories on Dec 7. 1941, I’ll save them till then.

Anyways, I’m dealing more with the here and now, but if you really want to get disillusioned find and read a book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen 1971. Might be hard to find, someone gave it to me thirty years ago and it has no ISBN number. What that book and other info has done has nearly destroyed my faith in the America I hoped was real. My conclusion is of all the presidents since JFK except Reagan and Trump – which is why they are so denigrated by the ‘Deep State” and most before Ike – were virtually the same; they just flew under different party labels.


So much obfuscation. Thx for the info Dave


Also wasn’t Bush senor on the ‘security detail’ of JFK in Dallas?? I’m not sure but think I read somewhere he was in on the pulling the detail from the drive.


Rest assured Lindsey Goofham will get to the bottom of it and correct it all. /s

Sir Cumference

Everyone and everything in the feckless pos clown Obumbler’s administration was corrupt, from Obumbler himself right on down to the bottom. The first thing Trump should have done when he took office was to fire every Obumbler appointee in the the administration.

Jimmy MacAfee

Should have. But he didn’t have the people to fire them. Some very bad people remain, but a lot have been removed. I don’t trust Haspel a bit.

Thought the military could be counted on, but not McMasters, nor Kelly, both of whom were saboteurs. Tillerson was an idiot. They were filling while K.T. McFarland, Breitbart-associated Steve Bannon were draining the Swamp. Bannon is brilliant, but outspoken and is doing more outside the administration than he could do inside. He’s absolutely right on China, and has been for quite awhile.

The FBI tried to entrap McFarland, but she navigated through their efforts and escaped; she was removed, anyway, and should not have been sent away. An investigation into what the FBI tried to do to her should be considered, at some point.


Yep, Inflation is my biggest fear personally as it is designed (through “unintended consequences”) to rob competent and responsible people of their savings and investments by making them worthless. The ying-yangs and financial dingbats won’t suffer as much in the short term because some gov program will help out for a little while. See Weimar Republic.

I am really surprised all the Quantitative Easing under ‘The One’ and HIS “experts” didn’t cause 10+% annual inflation during his years. Sooner or later though, this debt bubble is going to be uncontrollable and explode and Schiff all over us. The 1930s will look like boom times unless the government (Trump) gets a grip on the debt which he must do in his second term. And people better diversify their skill sets; this pandemic layoff is a warning. Unskilled service jobs just aren’t going to cut it when a society is made poor and can’t afford that trip, or that meal out.

The only bit of good news is the rest of the world has done no better in their fiscal management, so it just won’t be us going bust while others do well – except possibly China. But they too will implode because their model of governance won’t work in the long run; ten or twenty years I’m guessing.

Bottom line: Dark ages are on the horizon unless…


Got my gubmint check today. Yippee, all is well.

I do appreciate the initial reason behind it, but spending/printing what? 6 trillion dollars on this China virus so far, in relief (every trillion spent costs $3,000.00 per person in the country) is not the way to go. Indebting me and every other person in America to the tune of $18,000.00 each to give me/us $1,200.00 seems like a pretty bad return.

phineas gage

Not only that, the coming inflation spike from printing all that money will devalue your assets.

Losing proposition in the long run.

Jimmy MacAfee

The bigger the scheme, the greater the fraud, the harder it is for ordinary people to believe. Now that people are being locked inside their houses, banned from Worship services and gardening and doing normal things, two things are happening:

They see what happens when their liberties are taken away.
They have time to see who is taking their liberties away.

Bye. Off to the hills for some wet work.


Love to hear your thoughts on that Jimmy – and yeah, what IYO happened to the people?

Jimmy MacAfee

Killed. Disposed of.

People don’t think utter ruthlessness is possible, and that’s the key to the ruthless’ ability to get away with it. Same psychology as Flight 370. The people were killed early, later disposed of.

4 of the “hijackers” were found later in Saudi Arabia, having apparently risen from their fiery graves. Others were likely bound and gagged and put aboard the military airliners which were made to look like passenger jets. No insignia, though, and there are recordings of people yelling: “That’s not American Airlines! That’s not American Airlines!”

So ask yourself: why would anyone who murdered nearly 3,000 people be concerned with the welfare of a plane full of passengers? Incinerators and bone crushers aren’t rare.


IYO who are the perps? U.S Military Personnel? Deep State? Globalists?

I watched General Stubblebine’s video on YT; surprised they left it up. Also,surprised it hasn’t been viewed more often. The one posted by discerning Kate.

Jimmy MacAfee

Same people involved in the coup; 7th floor, for sure – and the rest of the Deep State – multinational. Compartmentalized, as in the Manhattan Project. Small pieces, separated.

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

To Kommrade KRAPolian Wray and Kommrade KRAPolian Barr:

We see glorified CRIMINALS every day !!!

We read about ‘INVESTIGATIONS’ all day long !!!

We see glorified TRAITORS every day !!!

When are we going to see INDICTMENTS ???

When are we going to see ARRESTS ???

When are we going to see BOND HEARINGS ???

When are we going to see TRIALS ???

When are we going to see SENTENCES ???

When are we going to see JUSTIFIED JAIL TIME ???

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember 9/11? When are we going to see a real report? Not the fake crap. Answering questions about Mueller’s suppression of FBI special agents who knew what was happening? Building 7? The report didn’t address it. Evidence shows it was demolished by remote detonation, as were the other buildings – though this one was the most obvious. How about that tiny little hole in the Pentagram (spelling intentional) that was far too small for an airliner? Eh? Waiting.

Ever hear of the late General Albert Stubblebine? He had the same questions, and a lot more. And yes, he has promoted some crazy ideas – (his take on 9/11 wasn’t crazy at all, though.)

So to answer your question: do you have what it takes to expose 9/11? And if so, then maybe you can help Barr unravel the unfolding tyranny that is being set upon us. Do you have any solutions? Can you redesign elaborate Army Intelligence architecture? Can you design a battle plan, as he claimed to have done in Army Intelligence in Korea? So do you have an advice I can pass along to the President or the Attorney General that might satisfy your demands?

Lots of good questions, but what insight to you have to share, other than all caps? Easy to sit in the bleachers and heckle! Were you silent as Obumbler stripped the military of ammunition and replacement parts for aircraft and sent thousands of Army regulars home? Conducted illegal wars, spending all our munitions and not replacing them. Did you speak up, or play it safe and say nothing? I’m asking this with all sincerity.


Don’t believe the “official” 9-11 explanation anymore either; after learning the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a total lie & a false flag as well as all the BS/open questions around the JFK assassination, a near 20yr unwinnable war in Afghanistan, & watching Intel & “law enforcement” attempt a coup of a duly elected president before our very eyes, I don’t buy “official” explanations any longer. I was a fool to do so before. If that makes me part of the tinfoil hat brigade then so be it.

Trump SHOULD NOT pardon General Flynn – Flynn isn’t guilty of anything so what the hell does he need a pardon for?

In a just world, we would see severed heads on pikes left outside the FBI/DOJ bldngs, left to rot & be picked at by birds. This – in & of itself – would serve as a just reminder.

Jimmy MacAfee

And the Pentagon? All the cameras turned off? Except one, and the video was doctored, after initially showing something like a cruise missile? And the small hole it made in the building? And the “high heat” that destroyed all the evidence? When the floor above still had a wooden desk with a computer on it until the floor collapsed? Yeah, real high heat!

And the flight over Pennsylvania? Cell phones didn’t work at that altitude at that time. The phone calls were made under duress, from the ground. Next question: what happened to the people. Answer: you don’t want to know.

And the thermate found in the concrete dust of the twin towers? And the remaining girders – evidence – dragged off to guess where? CHIIIIINA?

That’s not even a good synopsis. I could go on for hours. Same people running the destruction of the US via Bush and Obama are involved in the dispersal of the CCP virus. China was a participant in 9/11, as well as a lot of other countries we somehow call “allies.”

Planned obsolescence. We were/are scheduled for destruction. I wrote a short story during the Bush years, about cannisters containing bioweapons dropped from the sky, with the people below having been given vaccines. Or at least some of them.


About the same time as Democrats begin telling the truth and espouse honesty…


Ken Matthews filling in for Rush, just had straight-shooting Congressman Jim Jordan on the air and Jordan praised Barr to the hilt. I hope Jordan knows something we don’t, because most of us here are not impressed with Barr or anyone else in the government, the judiciary or many of the various state and local governments ‘leaders’.

Jimmy MacAfee

The difference between Jordan and most of us: we don’t know what Barr has to deal with:

Imagine Barr is a quarterback; his linemen suck and intentionally let the defensive tackles get through the line; his receivers either run the wrong routes or intentionally drop the ball, and his running backs continually fumble.

I see the current lineup being removed, like the prostitutors who wanted General Flynn to spend 6 months in jail, all the while knowing that exculpatory evidence was not only available, it is overwhelming evidence of a fraudulent prosecution. The DOJ will take years to hire (and fire) the right people for the job. Easier to fire them, but hiring is another story altogether.

I’m an employer (small.) I have an exceedingly difficult time finding the right people. They have to be skilled, have integrity, and not the types to make sh-t up, lie and steal, nor to make it a hostile workplace. I’d rather hire no one than to hire a termite who eats away at the foundation. Unfortunately the DOJ has to be staffed.

phineas gage

It may be that Barr will need several recruiting classes to begin to turn the program around. We may not have that much time.

Trumps’ re-election prospects are precarious, and if the Dems win all of this disappears forever.

Jimmy MacAfee

Your last line shows the gravity of the coup d’état by the people who want to eviscerate the entire United States:

“If the Dems win all of this disappears forever.”


“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

–President Ronald Reagan

Cameron Howe

Jimmy I think in this case, the QB’s WR’s are actually DB’s deceitfully wearing the wrong uniforms.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep. Good analogy.


One way would be to make it policy to NOT hire any parasite from the DC area. Making track history important, so working for the ACLU or SPLC would be an indicator for a non-hire.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d waterboard any local hire.


I follow this stuff pretty closely, but I have always missed it. What exactly was the charge the DOJ/FBI had on Flynn’s son?

It may not be my business, but it had to be more than a parking ticket. And how was the ” world’s premier law enforcement agency” and Flynn’s original law firm allowed to barter the charge for a “guilty” plea? This is Stalinist, Hitlerian, and Banana Republic “Justice”. And if they can do this to a 30+ year veteran, a three star general, a former Director of the DIA, and a presidential appointee they can do this to anyone, but apparently not to Walking Eagle and her band of merry cohorts.

Something really stinks here. I know there are plea deals made all the time, but they are always (as far as I an aware) given to the ACTUAL defendant, not to a relative, or friend, or associate.

That is the question I want to see answered. It is amazing to me that a spouse can’t be compelled to testify against their spouse, but somehow a prosecutor can leverage a son’s alleged crime to force a bogus guilty plea? This makes no sense.

Jimmy MacAfee

It was something they never prosecute, something that John Lurch Kerry and many many others have been doing with impunity: the Logan Act.

There’s your answer.


So Flynn’s son was violating the Logan Act?

Jimmy MacAfee

No. Fake charges. But General Flynn knows what being set up is all about; he knows what having your life destroyed is all about. Presumably he didn’t want his son going through what he was going through.

Those who tried to turn General Flynn to spare his son are the vilest scum on earth.

Jimmy MacAfee

My nominations for Attorney General, FBI Director, CIA Director, DIA Director if the current ones can’t (or won’t) do the job:

FBI Director: Rudy Giuliani
Attoeney General, DOJ: Sidney Powell
CIA: Richard Grenell
DIA: Michael Flynn


Flynn was already the DIA Director and I haven’t seen any evidence that his agency was successfully reformed or improved to any great degree under his tenure, so that appointment to me would be a net negative to me. Also the DIA Director post needs to be an active duty military three star. As far as I know, Flynn is not in the military – for in most if not all cases, the DIA Directorship is the last military posting in their careers. The Deputy Director is a civilian position; but why would Flynn want to take a demotion?

Also, when this travesty against Flynn is over and some or many deep-staters are held accountable, Flynn will have made even more enemies than he has now.

If I were Flynn, I would spend years concentrating on suing the a$$ of every person responsible for the crimes committed against him. Once the lawsuits are settled a decade from now, I would be looking to get as far away from the District of Corruption as possible and spend the rest of my life on a beach consuming adult umbrella beverages.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s what I would do, too. No way he’s put himself in the crosshairs ever again.


Best way to resolve this after Flynn’s case is thrown out is to boot Wray and put Flynn in charge of the FBI.

Jimmy MacAfee

When you look at the New Tyranny (same as the old tyranny, but more capable) and how they’re justifying mass surveillance (“contact tracing”) and combine it with the tech oligarchs’ collaboration with the Maoists, you can see we’re on the verge of a medical dictatorship – (at least they’ll pretend it’s medical.)

Worth watching.

Now when you look at how utterly massive this scheme is, and how many people in upper levels of Law Enforcement and Intelligence (remember that Strzok was CIA and FBI) then you realize that a single DOJ Attorney General or a single FBI Director are not sufficient. Recall if you will the number of collaborators who held the title of “Inspector General.” Also note that Hillary Rotten refused to name an IG for the State Department in her term (this has mostly gone unnoticed.)

Now, when you consider how massive the conspiracy is, from shredding the Constitution to dismantling the economy, you might not be so quick to throw shiit. I hear a lot of people saying:

“Get rid of them all!” But I have yet to read one who has an appreciation for how far this dictatorship has gone (and is going, because it is not defeated yet.) Fine, a foot soldier can bitch about this General or that Captain, but unless you see the entire field of battle, it’s much more complicated than any of us can imagine. This is war.

President Trump knows this. .

Jimmy MacAfee

Anyone remember Google working with the Maoists on a large number of projects? That the US military was unhappy with this? Technologies with which to spy on Chinese citizens, among other things.

Anyone seeing how Big Tech is de-platforming the two California doctors who are blowing the whistle on the fake (or overblown) pandemic? And how they de-platform anyone who disagrees with vaccines? And how they demonetize anyone who says anything against Big Brother? Or who promotes things that Dr. Fauci doesn’t like? As of now, there are 33 mutations reported in the CCP virus. Vaccines are a joke; might as well throw rocks at airliners.

We’re eventually going to be given a “social credit system,” like the Maoists against the Chinese people, and that will include “contact tracing.”

Now if our system has permitted these tech giants to put us under their tyranny, we have to consider how far this thing has gone. If Hillary Rotten Clinton had won, none of us with dissenting opinions and opposing voices would be free to speak – and probably would be dead by now.

See what Barr is up against? A government turned against the people. Thank G0D for President Trump.


My question is WHY has Barr or anyone done nothing in the way of guarding US tech against a known hostile government??? Why hasn’t Barr appointed an attorney to examine the censorship thats clearly against anything Christian or ‘right wing’ that is taking place on all social media?? Why haven’t the GOP introduce legislation striping these social media platforms of publisher protection when they are clearly NOT acting as publishers but private platforms??

Why hasn’t Alphabet, Google parent, and Microcrap, ie Gates, been hauled before a committee to answer for actually working with and for the CCP in developing their AI and surveillance systems?? They are effectively developing the system that will/is being used against people worldwide. When has working for a very real enemy been fashionable??

I see the President actively working to end this collaboration of businesses and agencies with hostile foreign govt’s. I don’t see much action on the part of politicals to aid Trump in any of this. WAY to many politicals on BOTH sides of the aisle have deep, decades long ties to China.

Unfortunately Trump will have only four more years. While Dems will continue to scream like banshees they know he’ll be out in four years. In four years the choice will have to be made, select another Trump, figuratively or really, and keep pushing forward against the marxists. Or elect another feckless neocon and go back to the swamp dwellers restoring the US of Marxism.

phineas gage

National media should also be dragged before committee to explain their outright regurgitation of Chinese propaganda.

This is elementary–all you have to do is follow the money.

Jimmy MacAfee


Jimmy MacAfee

Why hasn’t Congress? Either House or Senate?

phineas gage

Correction–not ‘laws’, Constitutional amendments. My mistake.

phineas gage

Sundance had a good bit on that the other day. Essentially K-Street writes the laws, the politicians pass them and are then paid off.

It’s evidently been quite a long time since politicians either wrote legislation or read it. That’s how you end up with Obamacare, among other things. Tyranny in the end.

For the nation to survive, I think it will require a convention of the states and passage of a mandatory term limits law, as well as mandatory balanced budget. From this perspective, that appears extremely unlikely.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ll answer my own question: Congress doesn’t make the rules nor write the legislation. That’s been ceded to “interests.” Read: lobbyists.


My beloved Grandma had a saying “Sue the [email protected]!” and it surely fits here. All of them.

Steve Lawrence

The Federal Judge that has allowed this to drag on and happen with impunity should be indicted.


Judicial accountability!?!? They already have that… /sarc off

Jay Whitcraft

The 1 and only 1 reason that I don’t want an instant and total pardon for Flynn, is that it might in some small way jeopardize his upcoming civil suit against the DOJ that will make him a well deserved multi millionaire! Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

I completely agree with you – but the civil suit should involve more than the DOJ; Flynn’s former attorneys bear a lot of the blame for pushing him to make a guilty plea. Negligence, incompetence or participants in the conspiracy against Flynn: there are no other choices.

Papadopoulos and Stone need to be compensated for their mistreatment, too. The FBI’s bizarre treatment of Roger Stone, and the press’ “mysterious” appearance at the arrest at 6 am mean that CNN and the FBI should be sued until they’re both dismantled or broke.

Tyrone o'Soros

I hope it’s the individuals involved and not the agencies who get sued into oblivion. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook for the malfeasance of these conspirators? Not one of these dirtbags should be able to have a shirt on their back for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, I expect that they have already moved all their financial assets to family members or some other safe location.

Jimmy MacAfee

Offshore accounts. Those will be looked into. Just like their “safe houses,” which have already been compromised.


“Sullivan should allow Flynn to vacate the obviously-coerced plea, which would then allow Barr to respond by withdrawing the charges.”

I think Barr could have withdrawn these bogus charges a LOOOOONG time ago. He chose not to. Barr is deep state he’s not there to prosecute he’s there to mitigate in the sneakiest way possible. The story being he ‘couldn’t’ prosecute because not enough evidence for a conviction in DC, for which there would never be enough.

Sidney Powell is a fearless beast and I truly hope she not only sues the corrupt law firms into nonexistence but also gets the slimey lawyers disbarred to the point of only being able to get Wendy’s door greeter jobs afterwards. I also agree with the notion that Flynn should be reinstalled into Trumps admin… Taking over Wrays position would not only be great but make a lot of Dems heads explode. Trump needs to install another Sidney Powell to lead the DoJ, only then would the USA be on a solid path back to greatness. and disband the CIA…

Jimmy MacAfee

I disagree. If you want to set a trap for a single animal, move quickly and get it done; if you want to snare the entire herd, take strategic steps to set the trap.

As the principal actor in the movie Predators says:
“That’s what I’d do.”


Thats assuming Barr is actually going to prosecute anyone. For which there is no evidence to believe that.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am not making any assumptions.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s all tied together: the CCP virus is tied to the Chinaphiles everybody apologizing for the Maoists is involved, one way or another, in the false prosecution of General Flynn. They are inseparable issues, because the parties involved are all in collaboration to destroy the United States of America.

On a related, great writer and Patriot – (Eric Rush) – used to work in research labs has a great take on the current malaise:

Jimmy MacAfee

I repeat myself: until a few months ago, the DOJ prosecutors wanted a 6 month sentence for General Flynn. And all the while, they KNEW the case was a sham.

This bears repeating.

If they don’t drop the case by Monday, as Judge Sullivan has indicated, and to show reason for the case to continue, Bill Barr can be considered an enemy of the People. It really is up to him.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m casting my vote for Attorney General Barr, at least until Monday (or if the charges are dropped prior to Monday.) Wray still needs to go. Soon after.

Peripheral note: Peter Strzok worked as a liaison between FBI/CIA, in Counter Intel. He’s deep in the attempted framing of Flynn. I don’t care where he puts his willy, nor whom he uses it on: I want to know more about his participation in this attempted rape of General Flynn.

phineas gage

One thing that is for sure: Wray has to go, immediately.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agreed. This is past the time when he should have redeemed himself, or revealed himself to be impartial. I have less than zero confidence in Wray at this point.

I think his silence demonstrates something: he’s either autistic, or he’s otherwise incompetent, or he’s a conspirator with the DS. Those are the only choices he’s given us.

Choices. He’s. Given. Us.

phineas gage

Conspirator. He evidently worked along with swamp creature Dana Boente for months to suppress the release of these notes to Sidney Powell.

Also, some claim that Boente is the one that persuaded Sessions to recuse.

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