Morning Joe Agrees to Serve up a Powder Puff Interview With Biden

The Evening Campaign Update

MSNBC and the Biden Campaign are coordinating approved questions and facial expressions as you read this. – News broke late Thursday that the circus clowns at MSNBC’s Morning Joe program will serve as the platform on which Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden will roll out his version of his ummmm…’interactions’ with Tara Reade when she was on his senate staff in 1993.

How Morning Joe got this gig over and above all the myriad CNN and MSNBC programs that were no doubt raising their hands and shouting “pick me! pick me!” at the Biden camp is anyone’s guess. Possibly it’s because Morning Joe is the lowest-rated daytime TV program on any cable news channel not named CNN. Possibly it’s because Biden has the hots for Mika or because he just loves Joe Scarborough’s pompadour hairdo and Church Lady good looks.

Whatever the reason, the presumptive Democrat nominee will be awakened and dressed by his handlers early Friday morning and shoved in front of his basement camera so that his abusive wife Jill can help guide him through the answers to the pre-approved questions that will no doubt be scrolling on a handy teleprompter. This should be god-awful TV, but it will be like watching a train wreck unfold in slow motion – you won’t be able to look away.

Can’t wait.

In other news on this rapid-fire Thursday…

– President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House today that he’d be glad to bring General Mike Flynn back into his administration. No doubt the corrupt reporters in the room all got the vapors on that one;

– The President also said he won’t need to pardon General Flynn because “he’s been exonerated.” Boom;

– Mr. Trump also said that he has seen intelligence that gives him a high degree of confidence that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology – though he would not go into detail when pressed for obvious reasons;

– The hospital ship USS Comfort sailed out of New York Harbor today. The ship had been docked at Pier 90 since March 30. The Navy says that during its time in NYC the hospital ship treated a grand total of 182 coronavirus patients, all of whom were discharged over the past week;

– Meanwhile, the hastily-constructed, 2900 bed field hospital in NYC’s Javits Center is in the process of being decommissioned and shut down after having been used to treat a grand total of 1094 patients;

– and finally, we had this from Catherine Herridge:

Only in an America saddled with an utterly corrupt Department of Justice and FBI could this Strzok guy still be walking around a free man. This must change, and soon.

That is all.


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So Gropey Joe will be interviewed by the guy who resigned under a cloud after a dead intern was found in his office? The irony, and quid pro quo, is heavy with this one.


I am not sure the entertainment value of his show is worth getting up that early.
Poor didn’t do nuffin Joe probably is not sleeping well tonight.


Yeah, um no – won’t give them the ratings, instead, I’ll let my friend Dave endure that and Reade (he he) his take later – That is why he gets the “big Bucks”.

Gaffe O. Joe is going to be on Morning Joe for a couple of reasons:

Two “interviewers” means more crosstalk and longer lead questions/comments means less time Gaffe O. Joe will have to actually speak, whereas a one on one interview allows for no diversion.

And since Scarborough’s name is also Joe, maybe he won’t call him Chris or Chuck. This simplifies Jill’s handling of her husband as long as she can keep Gaffe O. Joe form calling Mika Jill or hon, or his sister, or Tara.

About Flynn, I still think when all this is over, he and Powell will spend their time getting rich suing every one of these now, or soon to be, private citizens (and the DOJ/FBI/CIA and the MSM) for all they are worth which will take years. After that, it will be Margaritaville time on a tropical island beach with umbrella hat drinks.

There is no way he stays working for the gubmint or the Trump Administration.

Thirty five plus years of all this government BS is about all anyone can handle. Trump is very fortunate in that he only has to deal with Washington DC for eight.

Jimmy MacAfee

No one is gonna run with Gropey Joe. No one. The ambition now is to keep from getting too close to the creep, and costing House seats. So he’ll go on a run on the worst show in the country, because no one else wants near him.

It’s like endorsing someone who has just left a stinky load in the restroom, and won’t wash his hands; you might greet him verbally, but you won’t shake his hand. That’s Joe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Strzok is CIA; that’s how he’s still walking around a free man. This means that the FBI is only a part of the whole scheme to get rid of General Flynn.

I’d mentioned earlier today – call it a hunch – that Strzok was the most involved in the fake investigation of Flynn. Hours later – (or maybe simultaneously?) it’s been shown that the FBI found no fault in Flynn – (sounds like the story of Jesus’ trial, doesn’t it?) Strzok made sure the case wasn’t closed.

That means the CIA was involved up to their anuses in this. Not just HissyFit Brennan; others, some still in the agency, some not exactly fired as we have been told. (Like, where is Eric Cinderella these days? Was he a part of this?) A little birdie is singing, and the song can be heard from a loooong distance! Mockingbirds sing very early in the morning.

Conclusion: It’s gonna be Biblical.

Sharon Campbell

Comey, McCabe, Strzok & Page must be criminally charged or there is absolutely no justice in America! Just yesterday Page was posting snarky comments on Twitter & I commented back to her that she’d better crawl back under her rock.


Heh heh! With today’s revelations, she is going to need to find an attorney. Were I General Flynn, I’d be chatting up my attorney about a wrongful prosecution case with the complete cast of characters all named as defendants. Every last one of them.

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