The Inescapable Conclusion: General Mike Flynn Was Framed

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

You could never make this stuff up, folks. Never in a billion gazillion years. – During what had to have been the most ironic “Town Hall for Women” event in world history yesterday, given the two participants’ history of serially abusing women, the Pantsuit Princess spent about a minute and a half bestowing her formal endorsement upon Quid Pro China Joe Biden. Hilariously, the elderly, clearly impaired and rapidly declining presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party actually appeared to nod off on camera for about 15 seconds while the Fainting Felon was droning on:

Continuing to run this declining man out there in front of the cameras by his staff and his craven wife is disgusting. This is elder abuse, folks. There are laws against this stuff. Is there no one on earth who actually cares about Joe Biden as a human being? The evidence available to us on the public record indicates the answer is ‘no.’

Speaking of evidence on the public record… – The law firm that formerly represented General Mike Flynn (which also happens to be the law firm in which former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is a partner) just suddenly and completely coincidentally realized this week that it had been illegally withholding 6,800 pages of potentially exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case and turned it all over to the court of Judge Emmet Sullivan yesterday without prior notice.

Why, it was like, totally just a “communications error” according to the firm, Covington and Burling, y’all. The firm assures us that the sudden “discovery” of this mass of documents had nothing at all to do with the fact that, last Friday, the Justice Department itself had released what current Flynn attorney Sidney Powell believes to be a treasure trove of exculpatory evidence, likely including emails and other communications between DOJ lawyers and the original Covington and Burling lawyers who worked on the case.

Think about it: If the DOJ treasure trove contains emails between those parties that had not already been turned over to the court by Covington and Burling, that would be clear evidence that the firm had been withholding relevant documents that should have been turned over years ago. So, presto changeo!, the firm suddenly “finds” 6,800 pages of relevant documents that had been withheld for years and blames it all on a clerical error. Nothing suspicious about this at all, folks – it’s all totes normal and stuff, or something.

Is everyone beginning to understand now why General Flynn decided to fire these lawyers last year?

Apparently growing weary of all of the lawyerly shenanigans that he has allowed to continue to take place in his court for years now, Judge Sullivan responded to Covington and Burling’s latest muck-up by ordering the firm to examine all of its files one more time and come back to his court on Monday, May 4 and swear under oath that it has now turned over every document in its possession that is in any way relevant to this case. The evidence available on the public record indicates that the Judge has a better chance of winning the Mega-Millions lotto than he does of getting an honest response from this firm.

Sullivan is not the only guy who is tired of all the nonsense. Crusty old Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee during the first two years of this travesty of justice, sent a letter over to Attorney General William Barr on Monday, accusing former Acting AG Oily Rod Rosenstein of obstructing the Judiciary Committee’s previous inquiries into the DOJ’s conduct of this case, and urging Barr to make all documents related to the case public as soon as possible.

Here’s that letter:



The inescapable conclusion to come to, given all of the evidence that we now have on the public record, is that Sidney Powell is exactly right when she says that General Mike Flynn was entrapped and framed. He was framed not by some Mafia outfit, but by an utterly corrupt FBI and DOJ whose senior personnel were functioning just like some Mafia outfit. Even worse, it is beginning to appear as if Flynn’s own original lawyers may have actually been working in cooperation with those corrupt FBI and DOJ personnel who, remember, were all tied into the Mueller Investigation and all the rampant corruption that entailed.

This is an epic, disgusting scandal for the ages. If Judge Sullivan, after the revelation of all of this monstrous deception and chicanery taking place in his court, cannot at long last summon the personal integrity to summarily dismiss this case, then the time has well and truly arrived for President Trump to issue a full and complete pardon to General Flynn.

And then, just for fun, the President should make every leftist head in America explode simultaneously by re-hiring General Flynn, not as his new National Security Advisor, but to replace the worthless, corrupt Christopher Wray as Director of the FBI.

That, folks, would be real justice.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to see Holder wearing orange. He’d look good!

Drew Beckmann

Guess who is a partner at the Covington law firm? Check out their website and you can confirm it is one Eric Holder of the Fast and Furious debacle where he refused to testify and was held in contempt of Congress (The first ever AG to do so).

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you; I posted the fact that he is a partner, but my posts are too lengthy. It’s worth highlighting. Thank you!

Why not pardon Flynn?
Because it needs to be done by the Judge, so that he and counsel can continue to expose the hoax, and one day be made whole (legally speaking.)

Funny that the law firm has the same name as the school that was persecuted by the WaPo, CNN and every major media outlet in the country, the same ones who are now getting sued and in some cases have settled. Covington Catholic.

Let’s hope that Holder is disbarred, and his firm is treated as it ought to be.

Jimmy MacAfee

“This time, breaking up a company might be a good thing? Especially when Eric Holder is a member of the firm.”

Vile man; vile agenda. Connections to OK city bombing, too, according to some.


Flynn as FBI Director is the perfect ending to an ugly story.

Show me

Washington DC is just a skating rink.

marty lopez

Thank you for fantastic article. As for Trump, Barr and judge Sullivan, the real scandal is that they have let it go this far. Shame on all three, shame that won’t wash off with all of McBeth’s perfumes. As for General Flynn, this is what you get for all those years of service as well as your total innocence.


“The Inescapable Conclusion: General Mike Flynn Was Framed” LOL! Most of us have known this for years. And then again for months…and then yet again for days…


Refresh my memory,

Didn’t Walking Eagle miraculously and amazingly find the subpoenaed billing records of her Rose law firm in her Whitehouse Quarters from the Whitewater S&L scandal the day after the statue of limitations expired – an amazing coincidence.

This woman has quite the successful pattern of hiding or destroying subpoenaed evidence yet she apparently NEVER OBSTRUCTS JUSTICE and escapes without EVER being charged and even gets ‘exonerated’ by Comey where “no reasonable prosecutor would pursue charges against her” since she did NOT “intend” to betray our country.

The DOJ must be real short on “Reasonable Prosecutors” – Just ask Martha Stewart, General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos.

There seems to be a whole lot of Amazing Coincidencing going on in the NCR and in your DOJ and FBI; isn’t there Mr. Barr?

No one decent in real law enforcement jurisdictions or police force believes in “coincidences” – it is high time you stopped…

Step up Mr. Barr, clean your house, or step down.


OF COURSE it would be great if Trump would hire Flynn to replace Wray … but he won’t. Trump has distanced himself from this rank injustice and, while he might make a few more noises to placate his base, he won’t take action. Maybe he can’t. After all, he has Fauci and Birx under his nose every damned day, promoting a narrative that is destroying the country, and Trump really isn’t doing anything about that. He still has Barr (Senior Executive Services) in place to delay any meaningful actions. The coup is about complete. Trump most probably will NOT win in November if there’s even an election. Let’s face it: when “freedom-loving” Americans let the left shut the country down, and when our champion Trump cannot or will not do anything about it, it’s probably “game over.” It was great while it lasted. A $1,200 “stimulus check” won’t do much if the stores are empty.


Just a little too negative srevekerp,

I still have some faith, I really want to believe that this balloon is going to explode and clear out a lot of this crap. Something big is going to happen this year BEFORE November.

Now the real question is which way will it go? Will we become Hong Kong where China/Deep State shuts down America as founded or will there be massive unrest and the American spirit rebounds stronger than ever?

I give it about a 50-50 chance of our country surviving as a freedom loving beacon for the world to emulate. If not, the world will fall into another dark ages.

phineas gage

That is about where I am, 50:50.

However, before the 2016 election I placed Trump’s chances at less than 30%.

phineas gage

Some are using the ‘crisis’ to scratch that anti-Semitic itch:

Don’t expect a word from this schmuck about Ramadan gatherings.

phineas gage

I should have checked the main page first–great post

Jimmy MacAfee

Last words:

How do you construct a firewall?
Does anybody think that it’s only government that framed Roger Rabbit and General Flynn?
Who is/are the biggest firewall(s)?
Who can make threats that keep the press from reporting essential news?
Who owns the press?
Who owns the firewall(s.)

More questions:
Why are officials all around the US persecuting Jewish and Christian groups?
Which country is the biggest persecutor of Christians and Muslims?
If US officials are persecuting Christian groups and Jewish groups, who are the officials allied with?
Was Mao a friend of Christians?
Is the current Mao a friend of Christians?
Is Bill the Blowsio a friend of Christians?

And more:
Hollyweird is full of actors; actors have unsavory habits: is their hatred of President Trump mostly an act, because they’re fearful of their unsavory habits being exposed?
Who owns Hollyweird?
Who threatened Hollyweird in the 1930s?
Do Totalitarians play fair?

If the firewalls come down, what will happen next?
If the firewalls come down, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at where this will lead us.

Have you ever seen Devil’s Advocate?
Is it a documentary?
It appears that way.

Jimmy MacAfee

Have to go help round up some runaway cows. Later, folks. This is just beginning to get interesting.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder where some of the prosecutors that Sidney Powell has named (in other cases) are in hiding? If they’re not in hiding, they probably should be. I imagine that the Law Firm in question will be talking to Durham, if they’re smart.

Billion dollar fines and tort-tort-tort aren’t a tickle in the nose, just a sneeze: they’re the plague as far as law firms are concerned. Look at the financial firms that were brought down by false charges, by corrupt, pathetic DOJ prosecutors.

This time, breaking up a company might be a good thing? Especially when Eric Holder is a member of the firm.

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as GropeyJoe goes: he’s a mean old man, and he was always a mean old man even when he wasn’t old. His personable side was always an act. Nasty-mean.

They won’t replace him until they arrange an accident for Bernie the Bolshevik, and until Gropey is so senile he can’t spill the beans – as he is likely to have threatened:

“You guys wanna take me out; I’ll take you out first!”

He’s an old fashioned thug, and they are waiting until Jill pulls him out. No other way. The threats are real. And they’re “hoping” one of their people will do a Breitbart on Bernie. Has to look natural. Once both are gone, out of the way, their D-horse candidate will emerge.

Bernie’s people will not be fooled. And wings falling off of planes are already anticipated.

phineas gage

I think they have been taken off-guard by the precipitously steep decline in Biden’s cognitive function and will now have to act much sooner than planned.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe. Seems about the right pace for what they’re trying to do. Except their plan(s) to Breitbart or Seth Rich Bernie are having to move up a bit. They’d hoped he would be a fading memory before they made their move.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder if Attorney General Barr knows people in Covington? Doubtless he does.

Before anyone suggests that I’m saying he was covering the coverup, remember that these people are interconnected in ways that are unimaginable to normal people. What this means is that Barr had to wait for the cards to be laid on the table, because law firms are by definition dirty. Not just Covington.

To close down the Deep State would require closing half the law firms in DC and in Nawthun Vahginya (my accent here.)

Now that the cards are being laid on the table, the betting is that certain law firms, and certain internationalist (read: “Globalist”) entities are going to be lawyering up. Lawyers for lawyers, kind of like Parents Without Partners, only evil.


I wonder if the original Flynn lawyers can be sued?


They sure can, just like doctors or corporations, and I hope they are bigly.

Cameron Howe

or disbarred

Jimmy MacAfee

Judge Sullivan now has his raison d’etre.

phineas gage

In addition, if Barr does not act now, then he is further revealing himself as a cover man for Rosenstein, Wray and all of the others.


I agree… And to go a bit further. Like I mentioned in another post I personally think Barr is somewhat complicate as well. Upon taking the AG position he is directly responsible for what happens in that department. period.

Unless he;s been at the woodshed the last few years I doubt he can play the ignorance card and state he wasn’t aware of Flynn’s problematic case. He could EASILY have appointed an outside attorney to review the case. This act alone would have given Barr an appearance of judicial impartiality and fairness.

I give Barr no respect simply because he’s allowed HIS department to literally destroy not only a solid patriot but also an innocent mans LIFE and FAMILY. All the while ALLOWING the REAL CRIMINALS to skate from painfully obvious and even ADMITTED crimes.

ALL thats come from Barr is the rumors that any day now justice will be served and Barr/Durham will drop the hammer. Just be patient. Sorry folks, that ain’t gonna happen. All they are doing is slow walking and looking for ways to mitigate the damage to the deep state.

phineas gage

I think he gave away the game early with his nauseating praise for Rosenstein after he (Rosenstein) had stepped down.

No need for that if you are intending to really shake things up.

phineas gage

I don’t see how Judge Sullivan doesn’t toss the case now. The question is what disciplinary action he pursues against the prosecutors.

Jimmy MacAfee

Questions for public and private concerns.

Sullivan is just a hammer.

phineas gage

I realize the Durham is the prosectuor to which this crimes will be referred. but as presiding judge Sullivan must have the ability to levy sanctions against those that have committed such grievous offenses in his court.

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