Trump Invokes the DPA to Protect the Nation’s Food Supply Chain

The Afternoon Campaign Update (Because it’s too Early to Call it Evening)

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump made a crucial move to protect the nation’s food supply chain. Faced with the closings of a number of food processing plants around the country – some of the largest of which, under the Smithfield name, are owned by Chinese interests – the President invoked the Defense Production Act to order food processing plants to remain up and running in order to ensure the nation’s supermarket shelves remain stocked with meats and other food.

Naturally, the Twitter perpetual outrage mob that has been actively praying for people to start going hungry so that we will have rioting in our streets  immediately knee-jerked to idiotic reasoning such as this from the mentally-impaired Jennifer Rubin:

Other leftist talking points you can find in response to Ms. Jacobs’ tweet include these gems:

– He’ll use the DPA on Tyson, but not to get more testing kits made! (Of course, he hasn’t needed to use it to get test kits made since so many great U.S. companies voluntarily stepped up to the plate to do it.)

– Workers have died in these plants!!!! (No, they haven’t.)

– What about Tyson’s liability??????? (He’s going to sign an EO to take care of that issue.)

And on and on the inanity goes. Expect to see all of these moronic talking points rolled out this afternoon by Juan Williams on The Five.

This is absolutely the right action for the President to take given the state of play right now. The U.S. population has taken all of the restrictions related to the government’s response to the Wuhan Virus quietly to this point, largely because of the various stimulus bills designed to mask all the financial hardships and the fact that no one is going hungry because of it to this point. But that peaceful acquiescence and the increasingly tiresome “we’re all in this together apart” messaging would go down the tubes in a hurry if the pork, chicken and beef suddenly disappears like all the toilet paper suddenly did back in March.

You want to see massive civil unrest in this country like Jennifer Rubin and her fellow DC dimwit brigade are wishing for? There is no surer way to bring that about than through large-scale interruptions in the food supply chain.

This is the right move at the right time by President Trump. All else is just so much noise parroted by a pack of critics who never missed a meal in their privileged lives.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Now DeBlowsio is threatening Jewish folks in NYC for attending a funeral. I see his days being shortened, shortened, shortened.

Or is it mene (counted) mene (counted) tekel (weighed) upharsim (divided)

You’ll be looking for a new ride, Wilhelm; this one is over.

Jimmy MacAfee

Silas et al,

If all this Chinese fraud and influence is so pervasive and ingrained everywhere, what makes anyone who buys from QVC or anywhere else think that having something stamped “Made in U.S.A.” means it is actually made HERE?

Not sure if the was rumor or actual fact but I remember hearing about how Japan in the 1920s or 30s changed the name of or named a new small town Usa in order to be able to stamp “Made in USA on its stuff being shipped for sale to America and elsewhere which caused American manufactures to stamp their products “Made in the U. S. A. or US of A.

I also remember hearing about how regulations were changed concerning rules of origin and what qualified to be marketed as being “Made in America”.

Under ‘the one’s’ (Chamber of Commerce?) standards, virtually every component in a solar panel could be made in China or Mexico and shipped here and some front plant (Solyndra) has a couple of workers “assemble” the panel here by putting like eight screws into the frame that covers the made in China panel and the frames are stamped “Assembled in the USA with a combination of US and foreign parts”.

Basically I remember the “rules” were a USA label could be on anything as long as something like a ridiculously minuscule 10% of the total value of the product was of USA origin.

The key is to quit buying any unnecessary cheap crap that you don’t need and now probably can’t afford anyway unless you can verify it is actually made here.

China routinely screwed us by manipulating their currency, well, by giving us this virus and forcing us to devalue our currency by printing monopoly money and making us all poorer, at least in the short term, we won’t be able to buy as much of their Schiff for the foreseeable future. That will probably hurt them economically more than us – especially if Trump gets our manufacturing companies physically out of Asia altogether.

Does anyone really need to by this year’s $1000.00 Apple I Phone, or get their kid a $200.00 pair of Nike athletic shoes when we are trapped in our homes anyway?. I think not. A $15.00 – $20.00 pair of ordinary sneakers will suffice in these tough times. Asia sweatshops will still be making the sneakers, but their corporate buddies won’t be getting $180.00 or 90% of the profits.


And therein lies the rub my friend. I love New Balance shoes and won’t buy any other shoe.
The are “made” in America. But they are up front that some of the materials that go into them are from outside the US. So, I still but them as they are being assembled here.

The Chamber of Commerce and the globalists screwed our manufacturing base big time. It may take sometime before we see a majority of products assembled here that have all their components made here as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t want to see us out of Asia entirely; there are a lot of things we just don’t have the numbers to create. If you remember the “good old days” of 6 months ago, we were at the point where we almost didn’t have enough workers to do the work we needed.

I’m not against international trade, nor am I against Free Trade, but everything was out of sync with China running everything – and as you indicate, if China wasn’t building it, they subbed it out to others. As President Trump has said: he wants Free Trade to be Fair Trade, neither of which the Maoists are capable of performing. Neither Free nor Fair.

I blame McKinsey.


I’ll disagree with you on your first paragraph Jimmy for the following reasons:

We produced 41% of the world’s GNP in the WWII years when there was a whole lot less automation and a whole lot less ‘education’, with a population of less than 140 million (42%) of today’s population We also had close to 14 million 17 – 35 prime working aged males in the military and basically supplied half the world with food, equipment and aid and led the world in virtually every aspect of technical innovation from ships to aircraft to all kinds of technology and outright WON a war against determined and formidable enemies. With 75% of the world’s manufacturing capacity in 1945, we also rebuilt much of Europe and a couple of Asian countries after the war.

What we don’t need now and proven by the COVID 19 shutdown is a restaurant capacity that produces 320 plus million prepared meals every day (reports say that one meal out of every three were prepared by restaurants in one form or another pre pandemic), nor the massive entertainment, travel, and marketing service industries and – most important – such massive governmental and higher educational industries which produce nothing towards and in fact often hinders America’s ability to produce tangible manufactured products.

I am in no way saying the all these service industries aren’t important to a vibrant economy – they are, but not to the degree that was our economy two short months ago.

The key is to convert at least one third of the service industry into the manufacturing sector. That will be a slow process as there is much vocational training needed to accomplish this. Real hands on training.

The culture and economic shock caused by the pandemic and the shutdown will forcefully cause a transformation from many of these “nonessential” jobs – the sooner the better.

We don’t need more people; we need more people capable of doing more diverse things by acquiring several skills. In my case, I can do many manufacturing tasks, most construction jobs, car and other maintenance, office administrative work, teaching, and, I’d like to think, write.

Maybe if we didn’t murder an average of a million of our own people a year for the last 47 years – in what can be described as America’s shameful holocaust – we might have enough people where we wouldn’t have the (perceived) need to import “workers to do the jobs Americans (for $4.00 per hour in violation of minimum wage laws) won’t do”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Vietnam spilled the beans on the Maoists – the Vietnamese have a good deal going, and the Chinese wanted them to relabel.

Italy imported Chinese workers in order to say “Made in Italy.” How’s that workin’ out for ya, popie old boy?


So, just a little fun off topic but I laugh every time I watch this video. And Weird Al is a genius.


Where’s the video?

Jimmy MacAfee

Strzok was Clowns In America. Most people don’t realize that he was working with both organizations. The big question: who ELSE did he work for?

Sue C

It occurred to me the other day that this virus crisis could have been so much worse.

“OCTOBER 08, 2019 |
Trump Rids Major U.S. Container Port of Chinese Communist Control”

He ALWAYS seems to be a few steps ahead of the rest of the world.


Now is the time for President Trump to write up EOs stripping the Chicoms of any interest holdings in anything on US soil. Contracts for operations, Anything. International law be damned.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ve got their nasty fingers in everything, including certain types of insurance. This is interesting, because one of the types of insurance involves nursing home care, if I’ve read that correctly.

Genworth deal not inked yet –

This is odd. I won’t speculate – like to, but I won’t. The President should be looking into this.


I will take it one step further, Any US company that does not divest from China located plants and production gets an 85% import tariff on their products until they do. Painful for us in the short term, but long gain is what I am shooting for.


Also, my wife is a big QVC and home shopping network fan. She has agreed to make sure whatever they are selling she checks it is not made in China.

We all need to tell our suppliers USA made first. Even if we have to pay more for it.

Jimmy MacAfee

“China Oceanwide is a Beijing-based financial services company and real estate developer. It has an 88-story office building and a large residential construction project in Wuhan, a city in China that was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Genworth is a Richmond, Virgina-based company that’s descended from General Electric’s financial services affiliates. It is a major mortgage insurance provider, and it was a major provider of life insurance, annuities and long-term care insurance.”


Too close for comfort.

phineas gage

The Hillary endorsement was calculated. Now, when he is removed, she will say she fully supported him and now feels obligated to step in, etc. etc.


Phineas – don’t see HRC stepping in: she’s damaged goods & a proven 2x loser. If she does think the blowback from the Bernie Bros would be epic. They would see him as the rightful heir.

phineas gage

Combined with the agonizing video the other day of his wife talking while Slow Joe stares blankly and is barely unable to remain upright–it seems the cognitive decline is much more rapid than anyone thought.


Much a I despise Joe Biden, it is beyond words what his wife and the Dems are doing with this man. Which lends truth to the fact the Dems would run a dead man if they felt it would get them the win. A pox on all their houses.


I cannot think of one, NOT ONE decent Democratic ‘wife’ or woman in politics, or the ‘news’ media.

They are ALL reprehensible shrews and I wouldn’t do them with Bill Clinton’s little willie at gunpoint!

I fail to find words that can describe my feelings for Jill (elder abuse) Biden, Walking Eagle, Moochie, and every supposed female in that whole stinking rotted disgusting fraud of a party.

And some polls have Gaffe O. Joe leading Trump significantly.

Must be polling exclusively in Wuhan, Kiev, Moscow, and the non Bernie wing of the Dem party USA.

phineas gage

O/T, but does Slow Joe actually fall asleep here?

phineas gage

Very glad to see this–I had been quite concerned with what I had been reading about this. It was the right action at the right time.

The anti-Trumpers are so inane, but the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel are the Never Trumpers like Rubin. They are groveling worms desperately hoping to score new sinecures with leftist media organizations now that their days as conservative grifters are over, thanks to Trump (which is why they despise him they way they do).

Jimmy MacAfee

You should apologize to worms.


The chinese should be offered a fair price and forced to sell their American Business assets. In addition remove them and their students from American soil. Their actions were equal to that of war. If we don’t address this now, many more Americans will die in an actual war. The chinese are preparing for war with America in the near future.

Jimmy MacAfee

You can see them making their moves already.

Today I saw something awesome: training, where one jet intercepts another. Have never seen that live. Good job, young men (and women.) We’ve got the best!

I have a special bullet for a Maoist, or for many Maoists, if they should ever be so unwise as to invade. Works fine on deer.


I would like to think our navy and air force would be able to stop an actual invasion. If not, then we should to the pentagon what we should to all this national and international ‘health’ organizations – DEFEUND THEM!.

Jimmy MacAfee

It depends: Obumbler left a number of mines for us to step on. First of all, he kept the services from getting ammunition.

That’s right, while the IRS and other federal agencies were getting billions of rounds of 40 cal hollowpoints, the Armed Services didn’t have enough ammo to practice on ranges, We were out of EVERYTHING.

Had we engaged in a war with Russia, as Yipyip Errordog had attempted to initiate, there is a good possibility that we would have lost. Military people acknowledge this, but it isn’t spoken of openly. We were a short distance from Vlad the Impaler sending nukes, which Obumbler would not have answered. We were inches away, and our upper level military had to work feverishly to slow the crap from turning into an avalanche. It wasn’t fear of defeat that worried them: it was an extinction event for humanity, not just the US.

We still have a ways to go, like getting F-35s ready for naval platforms. We cannot afford to be chicken hawks: we need what we now have in the Whitehouse, and we need our services to continue to rebuild.


Yep, And I want an investigation to find out all about the ‘need’ for civilian non law enforcement agencies to so heavily armed, or armed at all. What and when did that happen? Was it just Obama, or Bush Jr, or even Clinton???

What about their weapons ‘training’? I can tell you about my sorry military weapons training.

Disarm them now President Trump.


“This is the right move at the right time by President Trump. All else is just so much noise parroted by a pack of critics who never missed a meal in their privileged lives.”
David,love your way with words. Great ending to a fine article!

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