GOP States vs. Democrat States: The Differences are Very Clear

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

With Texas Governor Greg Abbott now moving fairly aggressively to reopen Texas and its economy (the 10th largest on earth), the differences in approach between Republican governors and Democrat governors are now becoming increasingly stark.

Abbott now joins Republican governors like Brian Kemp in Georgia, Henry McMaster in South Carolina, Ron DeSantis in Florida, Kristi Noem in South Dakota and Kevin Stitt in Oklahoma in lending a sense of urgency to getting businesses reopened and people back to work, rescinding stay-at-home orders in the process. Noem, along with Republican governors in 6 other states (Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming) in fact never even issued such an order for her state.

Unsurprisingly, not a single Democrat governor showed similar restraint. Democrats literally live for the chance to lord political power over common people, and the Wuhan Virus provided the best such opportunity most of them have ever had to do so. As New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy told Tucker Carlson with a smile on his face recently, he “wasn’t even thinking about the Bill of Rights” when he issued his own order, and there can be little doubt that most, if not all, other Democrat governors also never gave such arcane concepts as individual freedoms a second thought. Drs. Fauci and Birx had advised governors to use their judgment in ordering their people to stay at home, and by God, the judgment of every Democrat was to knee-jerk to such an order.

Today, as Republicans are now rescinding the orders they issued, here are the actions we have seen in recent days from Democrat governors around the country:

Virginia Governor Ralph KKK Coonman Northam – On April 15, he extended his order for the closure of “non-essential” businesses to May 8. On April 23, he extended his ban on “non-essential” surgeries for another week (there sure is a lot of “non-essential” stuff going on in Virginia, huh?). On March 31, he extended his stay-at-home order through June 10. Truly, this a man on a mission.

Michigan’s plastic-faced Strong-Woman Gretchen Whitmer – After earlier extending her stay-at-home order through May 15, announced on Monday that she wants the legislature to step in to further extend it for another 28 days. Whitmer claims to have the power to do this herself (power she has exercised, rightly or wrongly, already on several separate occasions) but after receiving pushback from members of both parties in the legislature, she is now looking for political cover.

California Governor Gavin Newsom – While Newsom has surprisingly performed fairly reasonably during this crisis – with notable exceptions, like getting burned when he purchased thousands of Chinese respirators that don’t work – it is important to note that his own stay-at-home order doesn’t even have a planned expiration date. In mid-April, he rolled out 6 requirements that must be met in order for him to begin rolling that order back. As of today, those requirements have not been met, and aren’t likely to be met anytime soon.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom WolfExtended his stay-at-home order through May 8.

New Jersey Governor Phil MurphyOn Monday announced that his own indefinite stay-at-home order would remain in place “until further notice.” At the same time, he outlined a gradual plan for reopening that hinges almost entirely on the current false media narrative about “more testing.” In other words, he’s really enjoying this exercise of authoritarian power and has no plans to give it up anytime soon.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – What can you say about this guy? His feckless lack of leadership and preparation have been largely responsible for this outbreak across the United States, and the media-directed national panic that led to so many needless draconian restrictions across the country, as governors of both parties failed to realize that their states were not like New York, not at all. Cuomo still, to this day, has not shut down the petri dishes on rails that are New York City’s subway cars. To. This. DAY. He got caught short on ventilators because, in 2015, he made the decision to forego buying 15,000 of them at bargain prices, spending the money instead on nebulous “climate change” nonsense. He has utterly and completely failed to protect senior citizens living in the state’s nursing homes, which have been the centers for a huge portion of New York’s massive COVID-19 death toll.

Naturally, Cuomo’s performance in this pandemic has made him a folk hero to the corrupt news media and most Democrat voters, and he is a virtual shoe-in to be re-elected to an unprecedented fourth term in office this November, 2022.

Holy crap.

It’s hard to be optimistic about America’s future when voters keep electing and re-electing Democrats to positions of power. Granted, Republicans aren’t a hell of a lot better, but as we have seen during this epidemic given to us by the ChiComs, they at least exhibit some level of respect for the rights of their citizens, and observe the need to take those into consideration while also taking actions necessary to protect the public.

Where the respective governors of each party are concerned, the contrasts in approach are in fact very stark and unambiguous.

Keep that in mind when you cast your votes in November.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thought of moving to Texas a few times and nearly bought property there as well. This is why I love Texas…. Should I ever get the chance to move…. It’d be a pick between the Smokey foothills and Texas.

Jimmy MacAfee

A metaphor:

As I go off for the day to cut dead white ash, to be used for erosion control and firewood, killed by the Emerald Ash Borer from China, there are many parallels: many offspring of these dead trees are everywhere; one day, they will gain a resistance (though forestry officials are dubious about this.) Like the Gypsy Moth, which was supposed to strip all of our hardwood forests, this is supposed to do the same to very useful and valuable trees, (the leaves also happen to be the food source of frogs and other amphibians, in addition to their timber value.)

I have one tree that was partly affected, but still lives. This is true of what happens to Asian trees afflicted with the beetle: partial defoliation, because of low densities of insects. My tree has developed, at least for now, its own resistance, or perhaps, like a viral load, it was subjected to a smaller attack. Younger trees need to learn the same kind of resistance; I have thousands of these small trees, scattered everywhere, many of which I expect to grow into big trees.

From this generation, giants will arise. We will not be defeated by bugs.

phineas gage

American chestnuts and elm trees have yet to recover after many decades.


While trees, shrubbery, bugs’n birds etc. cannot learn to over come environmental obstacles the programming built into them by our Creator has endowed all organisms to adapt to their surroundings.

Speciation is actually a loss of genetic information and leads to vulnerabilities from various pressures whether environmental or outside organism attack. Information requires an intelligent source and means to convey that information. Information cannot just ‘appear’. Odd how the very large majority of the “Fathers of Science’ recognized and gave credit to God the Creator.

But yes… from those saplings will arise giants. its awesome.

phineas gage

Learning occurs in birds, very rapidly in the brighter species, and can even occur to a limited extent in insects, particularly those with large mushroom bodies such as honeybees.

Speciation can involve loss of genetic information, but often involves gain as well. For example, much speciation in plants involve polyploidization events. Genome duplications even happened at several critical junctures in vertebrate evolution.


Theres a difference in learning such as some birds using a stick to dig out termites and adaptation to surrounding environmental changes. Adaptation involves the genetic coding of an organism such as the 30 year long E Coli experiment that showed the bacteria could adapt to a very different environment, at a cost of losing a lot of genetic information.

Organisms cannot simply take on or make up genetic materials as the evolutionist would have you believe. Even the ‘theory’ itself contravenes every Natural Law there is, without except. The examples of genetic material passing to another organism by various means, ie viral etc are extremely rare and its in the high 90’s that the material, as with mutations, is detrimental to the organism, if taken on by the organism.

Its like the difference between respirators and ventilators. People tend to get things mixed up or don’t understand the differences when they are actually completely different. But we’re not here to debate this topic as much as I’d like to.

phineas gage

Yes, I’m aware of that. Your post just referred to learning per se. I should also point out that behaviors themselves evolve over time, including learning behaviors.


One thing I notice missing is appeal to God. “Science is the answer” even on conservative presentations. Sad.

Jimmy MacAfee

There is a Greek word for “sorcery,” which is found in Galatians 5:20 and Revelation 18:23: the word is “pharmaceia.” From which the term pharmacy and pharmaceutical come.

The Bible isn’t against medicine, but it is against the use of them as agents of a false god. Like Bill the Cat (Gates)


Bill (Legion) Gates… fixed it for you.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, when you look at the failure rate of vaccinations for influenza, it’s startling. Psalm 91 is what most Pastors ought to be teaching, if they’d ever dust off the Book once in awhile.

G0D gave us sunlight for more than one reason: exposing the darkness is one of them. For some of us, that is our job. Messengers are often treated harshly, so we don’t expect to be liked, loved or even tolerated. Especially in places under Maoist rule – like NYC and all of China.

phineas gage

Let’s not forget the glorious Governess, Her Royal Highness, Michele Wuhan Grisham of New Mexico. She just recently extended the stay home orders to May 15 for no apparent reason. The NM DOH maps that show hot spots in various counties also show that those counties are where they have done the most testing, by far, so obviously if you test more you’re going to find more cases. The rest of the state looks clean, but can they open back up? Nooooooo! Of course not! However, the Mayor of Grants, NM, is publicly disobeying the Governess and reopening City Hall and the City Golf Course and encouraging local businesses to reopen against the Governess’s orders, implementing safe measures of course. We need more leadership like this! And more people willing to push back by opening their small businesses against the orders.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ask yourself: is your Governor, Mayor or Judge killing you? Serious question, because…

“Microbiologists: Testing shows lockdowns are actually harmful
Doctors say death rate similar to flu, and sheltering at home weakens immunity”

“Two California physicians with advanced degrees in microbiology contend that their testing of more than 5,200 patients along with public data show the coronavirus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu and that the sheltering-in-place policy in the United States and most of the Western world not only is unnecessary, it’s harmful.”

“Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California, told reporters their testing and the data worldwide indicate the case fatality rate is less than one-tenth of 1%.

‘”Do we need to still shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically no.”‘

So while they’re killing the economy, they’re simultaneously killing you – if you live in a state where you are required to “shelter in place.”

Jimmy MacAfee

In short, Witless Whitmeyer and DeBlowsio (and the others Dave listed +) are committing mass murder.

Maybe they got their inspiration from the Maoists: instead of putting people in fields to work to death, to starve to death, to die of deprivation, the first stage is to kill everybody by ruining their immune systems.

Consider this: there will eventually be another Maoist virus sent our way, and with people’s immune systems weakened by being caged indoors, without even the exercise yards of a prison, they’ll be all the more vulnerable to a second or third Maoist virus.

Anyone who thinks this is the only salvo they’re going to fire is insane.


The message of further lock downs has been given but buried under an avalanche of disinformation and information overload.

Its been mentioned that this fall, of course, could result in additional lock downs. I think the marxists were rather surprised at the compliance people demonstrated toward their edicts. Come Oct/Nov I’m willing to bet the Dem/media will trot it out again as a ‘resurgent’ and much deadlier version of the previous.

It was never about safety… only power and corruption.

Jimmy MacAfee

You nailed it – especially the part about public compliance and the surprise (and delight) of the Left regarding our (temporary) submission. They’ve completely misinterpreted public compliance with public sheepliness. If we are sheep, it ain’t their flock – and we have only one Shepherd. Yeshua/Jesus.

Spot-on with your conclusion.

Jimmy MacAfee

To paraphrase Dune series writer Frank Herbert:

Control is an illusion; bureaucracies always become aristocracies; scratch a rebel and you’ll always find an aristocrat.

Interesting that OCrazio, the wannabee rebel, doesn’t want people to go back to work; she has said this, and she means every word; does she think that the checks are going to be written forever? She reminds me of the Muslim nations around Israel, who told the Palestinians to flee, that they could come back. Hasn’t happened; won’t happen. And when people refuse to work long after things open up, employers aren’t going to be interested; they’ll be asked:

“Why haven’t you worked for the last 2 years?” (Assuming that they’ll qualify for unemployment for 2 years.)

OCrazio should be fired from Congress, and forced to live on a Congressional pension – after we cut those pensions to a quarter of what they are now. (Life’s hard, you stupid twit.)


Sorry about the broken up post, got to remember to let this thing do it’s own line wrap.


I live in Oregon. This state is run by the Peoples Republic of the I-5 Corridor.
The chances of there ever being another conservative leaning governor here is
lower than a snowballs chance in hell.

Surprisingly, Governor Brown has had a fairly light touch compared to other Dem
governors. I don’t listen to our local news stations anymore (we live on the coast
but get Portland stations and frankly Portland can burn to the ground and most likely
will if they don’t open the state soon) so not back sure when we will open back up.

Jimmy is right about the food chain unfortunately. Been trying to stock up a little and
just got an email saying my 30 day emergency food supply was on it’s way. (shameless
plug for My Patriot Supply) so we should be OK as long as the water company stays
operational. Working on that angle as well JIC.

Stay safe, be well and stay alert (as we used to say when I was in the Air Force: We all need more lerts. ;P )

Jimmy MacAfee

I have stock (almost dead stock) in Seychelle Environmental; they make water purifiers that have an excellent profile. (Hard to drink from on a long distance run in the mountains, though; have had to resort to drinking from mountain streams.) Right now, if they knew how to play their cards right, they’d go up from 5 cents a share to dollars.

My advice: if you have a well, have a hand-pump available if power goes out; if you live in the city, get bottled water, but also get portable water purifiers (like Seychelle’s and others.) Make sure they can filter out lead and other heavy metals, and microorganisms. Water is more important than food.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, because if it does, the Chinese army will be marching through your neighborhood, at the invitation of people like DeBlowsio and Governor HalfWit.

Jimmy MacAfee

The good news:

The emphasis now in most areas is self-care; doctors’ offices are turning into Wellness Care, instead of Sickness Care. I’ve seen this, and it’s hopeful.

What has also happened, both good and bad, is that people are discouraged from allowing themselves to become sick in what are mostly behavior-related illnesses. Most people with Type II diabetes are obese, never exercise and eat the worst crap imaginable. They’re not being shamed for their behavior: they’re being threatened with the CCP virus. (I am too, but I didn’t “earn” the diabetes.) Many people don’t “earn” diabetes, but many do: like high blood pressure, and A-Fib (caused by NSAIDs in many cases) the cure is to change eating and exercising habits. Or you’ll be vulnerable – much more vulnerable – to infections, and not just the CCP virus.

People ran to the doc for every little sniffle, and this alone has made our healthcare system unsustainable. I still see this to some extent, particularly with Medicare. Doctors feel like pez dispensers. That has needed to change for a very long time, and there is an unspoken conflict between many physicians and Pig Pharma, and demanding, indolent patients.

Good news is that people can change, if they want to.

Jimmy MacAfee

More good news: this should spell the end of unjustified polypharmacy in nursing homes and in your home. I’m guessing pharmaceutical stocks (some of the bigger offenders) are going to be dropping. (Some, like Barr Labs, are doing great things.)

A lot of generic drug manufacturers stand to gain al lot (note: I have interest in TEVA) because it’s the reconstituted drugs that are making the difference. Other old drugs, added to hydroxychloroquine, seem to have some positives. Then there are the novel innovations (UV therapy for lung diseases that has been mentioned and is undergoing testing – much to the despair of the Fake News.)

Pig Pharma is about to find the trough empty; Good Pharma (and others) are going to set records.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sorry to be off-topic, but there’s more: many of the elderly I know would have 2-3 medical (or health-related) appointments every week. They seemed to delight in going to the doctor or other healthcare professional, just like some people would insist on going to the PT every time they got a little tennis elbow. As long as someone else was paying for it, that is.

For some, these appointments are essential; for others, their visits are either entertainment or a form of social supremacy, a status symbol – because having a personal physician was historically a sign of great wealth. (Still is, but it’s usually other people’s wealth.) Nothing has changed, except that more people have misused the system. I’ve seen a LOT of those over the years, and many are exactly like the patrons in restaurants who are demanding, demeaning and never tip (or tip ridiculously low, to the point of being offensive.)

Now, some medical offices are testing patients over 70 in parking lots. This is for two reasons: to protect the patients, and to protect the staff/physicians. Whatever the reason, it’s no longer an invitation to misuse the system. This is not a bad thing, unless you’re one of those who want your doctor, nurse or NP to be your waiter/waitress.

Bad Bart

Okay, but don’t discount the fact that Medicare rules one visit or procedure per day, to “mitigate fraud”. Which means the caretaker has to take off extra days from work to uber the oldsters around.


Correct, NY will again in all likelihood vote for and reelect Andrew the Cuomo or Andrew the Pious. But I do think Cuomo is shot in terms of running against Trump.

As of now from what I’m hearing NY is slated to lose one congressional seat to redistricting. Maybe with NYC virus mess this, it might lose two with a mass exodus this year in time to be reflected in the census. It would not surprise me to see perhaps a million people alone leave the NY, NJ, CT metropolis in the next couple of years.

Many conservative demographers fear the blue voter flu invading states like NC, FL, TN, and TX will turn red states purple and purple states blue. Me, I think the influx will basically be a wash as the middle class and upper middle class (like me) are leaving the NY and NJs. While the 90% Dem voting dregs stay on the welfare plantation, so I’m not too worried about the blue state invasion.

PS: I was very disappointed with the Trump conference on the Rose Garden yesterday. You have seen my comments on what I wish he would say in a speech with NO media questions. The sooner he does this the better.

I also heard gov. Kemp’s conference while waiting on Trump and he could be a rising national star to compete with Pence – his only blip was appointing Loefler instead of Collins to the senate. He is showing real leadership.

Also More fake news hyperbola: KIM is apparently still functioning at 98.6 Deg F

phineas gage

Sundance has some rather….interesting thoughts about that.

phineas gage

Don’t forget Moe Sizslak in Nevada; Vegas is about to revolt.

TIco Tico Magnetico

Krist Noem is the Governor of South Dakota (not South Carolina, as you wrote)

TIco Tico Magnetico

Oops — typo— should read, ” Kristi Noem is governor of South Dakota”

phineas gage

Of course Whitmer with her stunning intellect and sensitivity has declared that the unwashed masses are too ignorant to understand her leadership brilliance and to get on board with the glorious state.

She really is a commie thug straight from central casting.

Jimmy MacAfee

She should be monitored for compliance with her own directives. DeBlowsio is being watched like a hawk.

phineas gage

It is worse in Virginia–Blackface and his henchmen are speculating that a limited shutdown may be required for two years. Exactly how many businesses do they think will be left in Virginia by that point?

Not a single government job will be lost in NoVa, of course….

Jimmy MacAfee

In certain states with draconian and unconstitutional rules, if this leads to food shortages, rioting and social chaos will follow; there will be a lot of problems that no one wants to consider and those responsible for keeping everybody from working will be in all kinds of trouble (at least we know which leaders have Secret Service Protection?) Not calling for anything, nor threatening, but some will reap what they’ve sown if they let this thing become what Tyson Foods is warning about:

“The food chain is breaking.”

When Tyson puts out a statement like this, the economy needs to be brought back to life, and that’s a big “or-else.”.

Just stating the obvious.

phineas gage

This is the big unspoken secret. I posted the video clip of the endless food line in Connecticut last week.

In the red states that are reopening there are likely to be limited shortages as the damaged food supply lines attempt to adapt, but unless there is hoarding these probably wont be too bad.\

In the blue states, especially the major cities, all h*ll is going to break loose.

Jimmy MacAfee

The contrast is what is going to start the ball rolling: DeBlowsio has someone drive him 12 miles so he can walk in a park, while the subways are filled with offal and urine and people who are using them as toilets. It won’t be long before they have to shut the things down, which means that people will not be able to get food nor drink, nor go to those jobs that are left. It’s only a short step until DeBlowsio has to order Martial Law, and it’s likely the Governor will remove him by force – even if Cuomo is bad, he’s not as bad as DeBlowsio.

DeBlowsio had better stay in his mansion and consider this. The food chain in NYC is much more tenuous than his little imagination can comprehend.

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