No More Daily Wuhan Virus Task Force Briefings – Will America Survive?

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

UPDATE: Naturally, about an hour after I posted this piece, the White House reversed itself and called a Task Force briefing to begin at 5:00 ET. Mark Steyn, guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh show, seems to think the President is going to simply make a speech. We will see.

Somehow, I think we’ll all be ok. – The White House announced this morning that, for the 3rd straight day, there will be no special press briefing by the Coronavirus Task Force this evening. The corrupt members of the White House press corps, all but a few of whom function as agents for the Democrat Party, have now gone into outright panic over seeing their daily opportunity to grandstand for the TV cameras while arguing with and interrupting the President of the United States suddenly evaporate.

That, of course, was always the major flaw with the format of these briefings. Once you give this collection of sociopaths, hacks and general reprobates a shot at being on camera, they will always, without exception, abuse that opportunity as a means for self-promotion. That reality, combined with President Trump’s inability to avoid speculating and getting into interminable exchanges with corrupt reporters like Jonathan Karl, Jim Acosta, Yamiche Alcindor and Paula Reid, ultimately robbed these briefings of any real informational value.

The capper came following last Thursday’s briefing, during which Bill Bryan, Under Secretary for Science and Technology at DHS, detailed the results of a study that demonstrates that heat and sunlight help to kill the Wuhan Virus. Instead of focusing on this very positive news and asking questions designed to obtain as much information about the study as possible, the corrupt reporters instead focused other subjects and then spent the next 3 days promoting the false narrative that the President had advised the public to drink Clorox and inject Lysol.

So, you combine an undisciplined President with an utterly corrupt press corps, and this is the inevitable outcome. Which is too bad since, during their first 2-3 weeks, these daily press briefings had actually consistently delivered very useful information to anyone who watched them live. But even that benefit had long since passed, as the briefings ultimately became platforms for the President and Vice President to repeat the same statistics and advisories over and over again.

Presumably the President will return to his habit of engaging the corrupt reporters during meetings in the White House or as he leaves to travel aboard Marine 1. Today, for example, he has invited the press to be present when he holds a meeting with various major business leaders.

This format is vastly preferable for one overarching reason: The reporters never get their faces shown on TV. This mutes their ability to engage in shameless self-promotion and renders them far easier to control. It also makes it much easier for the President and others to ignore irrelevant questions.

Again, this is all too bad, but it is what it is. It’s as much President Trump’s fault as it is the fault of the press, but the reality is that if we had anything resembling an ethical press corps none of this would have become a problem.

At the end of the day, the country will somehow survive without its daily dose of Yameche Alcindor or Jon Karl.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Time for the action to begin! By that, I mean Judge Sullivan, who now has things right in front of his face. If he fails to dismiss the charges with prejudice, he will be shown to be something less than independent (and that’s being more diplomatic than I usually am, quite an understatement.)

I’d also like to see some leaders from other nations come to the pressers, and support what the President is saying and has been saying. And some more of the survivors of the CCP virus, too, who benefited from the use of hydroxychloroquine, which is in regular use.

It was good to see the corporations who are actually helping, like Barr labs and others – not Pig Pharma – come forward and speak about their participation in the process of making masks, respirators and other things. This tends to tamp down the fake press’ and Bill “the Cat” and the CCPs (DNC) attempts drive a medical revolt against the President and the American People.

Good work, Mr. President!



I would have much preferred a speech explaining antibodies and how they work to self immunize, the effectiveness of sunshine, exercise, vitamins, good diet, good hygiene and common sense, quitting smoking and the effectiveness of existing HCQ etc. treatment, what is heard immunity, and that if and when a vaccine is developed IT WILL NEVER BE MANDATED – optional like the yearly flu shots.

Give the patriotic company executives their due but ignore the press and their questions except to highlight specifically how wrong they and their Dem political masters have been.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump didn’t waste his time arguing with fools; he cut them off and shut them down. His habit of taking questions from hostiles is still intact, but that can be useful, if he does what he’s done this time: provided a clear answer, but stopped the question dead. Like the stupid question by the Chicom moron about Kim; he flat out shut that one down, and the other leading question by a dope who asked him if he deserved reelection, which he used as an opportunity to describe all the things he and his administration has done right, and didn’t give her a chance at rebuttal.

I don’t mind these briefings if he’s going to conduct them in this manner.

Jimmy MacAfee

Watched the news conference (part of it) online. Seemed to be pretty tight, but I didn’t see all of it.


Mark Steyn in for Rush says President will have an address to the nation at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

I hope he lowers the boom on the WHO and CDC “scientific” community, citing how they and their “models” have ALWAYS been not just wrong but WAY wrong.

I hope he talks about the benefits of sunshine and vitamins.

I hope he speaks to the availability of HCQ (along with other already available medicines) and its proven ability to not only be an effective treatment, but also its likely effectiveness as a prophylactic.

I hope he humbles himself by admitting it was a mistake to take the seemingly prudent action to save lives by allowing the CDC and the WHO and the big medical – one size fits all – “community” to basically shut down the country and gravely hurt many businesses and industries

I hope he tells the most radical states that they are on their own regarding restrictions, and that they will NOT be bailed out for the financial repercussions of their leaders.

I hope he explains the facts about how the COVID-19 numbers are being counted, categorized and inflated to create a political result.

I hope he states unequivocally that there will NEVER be a requirement for anyone to vaccinated for this – virus vaccinations will be optional just like the 30-40% effective yearly flu vaccine.

I hope he explains the surveys taken showing how one out of every eight New Yorkers statewide, have been shown to have developed antibodies against the virus meaning they had it and in many cases didn’t even know it and in effect – self vaccinated.

I hope he has a bunch of Executive Orders that will refocus and spell the CDC’s role in this and in future possible pandemics.

I hope he names some real doctors who have at least seen a patient in the last ten years to be the new experts at the CDC.

Many more thoughts but I would be happy to his these today.

phineas gage

He won’t do any of that–he’ll just discuss the reopening, which basically has a May 1st target.

phineas gage

I would argue against the characterization of Trump as undisciplined. It is certainly easy to think so at first glance, which is all the Left ever does. As someone said a while back, ‘the Democrats take Trump literally but not seriously, while conservatives take Trump seriously, but not literally’.

I thought so for some time myself. However, over and over again Trump is either proven correct in what he said (albeit bombastically), or is turns out it was a media distraction effort.

I think much of Friday was about distracting the media from North Korea over the weekend–I think that is the major behind-the-scenes strategic planning event and it is exceedingly delicate.

In addition, I think the reopening plan is set and Trump concluded he had squeezed as much public communication use out of these media manipulation sessions as he could. He certainly wasn’t doing them for the benefit of people like Acosta.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with your characterization of the President. He is not “undisciplined.” He does, however, do his best to make his point in a way that anyone should be able to understand – and the press’ deliberate misunderstanding and mischaracterization of his words is something they use to try to upset him. It is a tactic I know too well, when someone feigns ignorance in order to harass and frustrate. It is largely a female technique, but some of the almost-men seem adept in using the technique.

I had said in an earlier thread that these briefings had become “useless,” and that he was putting his administration in jeopardy if he continued to allow the medical/media-mafia monsters shot after shot at him. The risk of being hit was/is too great.

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