General Mike Flynn’s Abusers Must be Punished [UPDATED]

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

“The top of the FBI was scum…human scum.” – President Donald Trump, April 18

That they were, and with Christopher Wray in the Director’s job, apparently still are. We have known for more than two years now that the human scum at the top of the nation’s utterly corrupt highest law enforcement agency in January, 2017 framed Trump’s first National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn, got him fired, and that Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller and his staff then bullied him into entering a guilty plea by threatening his family. That’s what we have known for all that time just through what has been available on the public record.

Thanks to the December, 2019 Horowitz Report and the margin notes and footnotes that have been declassified over the last month, we know that the human scum atop the FBI from 2015 through 2019 systematically defrauded the FISA Court through the conscious use of false information, often provided by agents of foreign governments, including Russia. And, after last week’s forced release of additional documents in the Flynn trial, we know that corrupt DOJ lawyers, acting in concert with corrupt FBI officials, withheld exonerating evidence in that trial for well over two years.

In her supplemental filing last Friday, Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell wrote, “All this new evidence, and the government has advised there is more to come, proves that the crimes were committed by the FBI officials and then the prosecutors. The government’s misconduct in this case is beyond shocking and reprehensible. It mandates dismissal.” She is a master of understatement.

If Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo is right, the dismissal of the case may be coming this week. Here’s a tweet she issued Sunday evening:

“It was all a total fraud. A set up.”

UPDATE: Here is a clip of the report Bartiromo aired on her program Monday morning (it takes a minute to load, so be patient with it):

Again, we have known these things beyond and reasonable doubt since 2018 just from what has been on the public record, yet the corrupt “human scum” within the FBI and DOJ have chosen to keep stringing this case along with unending delays and supplemental filings in a vain effort to find some graceful way out of it.

That effort hit a wall after Attorney General William Barr appointed a Missouri U.S. attorney to review the DOJ’s internal communications in the case specifically to determine whether key evidence had been withheld by DOJ employees. The release of said key evidence last Friday demonstrated that this examination had borne fruit.

Few people in American history have been as heinously abused by federal law enforcement and the U.S. court system as has General Flynn. That systemic abuse goes all the way up to the judge in the case, Federal District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has steadfastly refused to dismiss the case even in the face of the overwhelming evidence of rank, possibly criminal misconduct by lead prosecutor Brandon Van Grack and his underlings.

Given his established pattern of working to protect the institution of the DOJ above other considerations, it is likely that Barr will try to let the case be dismissed without also punishing all the myriad bad actors involved in it, many of whom, like Van Grack, are still on his staff. That would be a malfeasance on his own part, but there is little anyone will be able to do about it. At the very least, Van Grack and every DOJ employee whose fingerprints are on this travesty of a frame-up should be fired, and Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, the FBI agents who falsified their 302 reports from their initial interview of Flynn in January, 2017, should have the book thrown at them by John Durham.

Regardless, it will be a happy day to see General Flynn exonerated, if Bartiromo’s information is correct. Let’s pray it is, for his sake and the sake of his family.

That is all.

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phineas gage

New corroborating witness for the Tara Reade allegation.

The modified limited takeout of Slow Joe has begun by the Clinton mob. The one who got the ball rolling last week, Peter Daou, is a Clinton stooge.

Hillary will be in place as the nominee before the convention.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, she will. The Coughing Crook will be their choice. But by then, she’s going to be under indictment.

Thomas D Berry

Don’t be ridiculous—the ones you are recommending to be punished are Democrats…you can’t punish Democrats…I think it’s in the Constitution.


Yeah… stoopidhead conservatives those 3 letr guyz din do nuff’n wrong. Stoopidhead raaacists massagenists


I’m dreaming here. Once Flynn is exonerated, send everyone in the FBI/DOJ/CIA etc. a blanket email giving them a week to come clean and whistle blow.

Whoever comes fourth with real, accurate and verifiable evidence will be saved. Whoever does not, a randomly drawn number from 0-9 will be made and the ‘public servants’ in the above agencies whose SS# ends with that number will be lined up against the Washington Monument in front of a FS. They will then outfitted with a chain for a belt and flown over the Atlantic Ocean…

After a couple of days we will get some actionable information and ACT ON IT.



I hope Gen. Flynn, upon his exoneration, immediately sues the pants off of the FBI and anyone involved in his prosecution. Then, Trump should hire him again and put him back on his cabinet.

Ben Colder

If one had to bet on this one it would be that no one will serve any time at all even tho they used gestapo ways to get the General.Who is going to give him back his life?


I agree with Jimmy on that there will be no excuse(s) valid enough on DoJ/FBI sides to be able to skate on this. Just as he mentioned when the sides were changed those responsible should have laid the cards on the table or canceled everything. Instead, they were allowed to carry on, business as usual.

So again… BARR is also responsible in ALL this malfeasance. On taking his position he could easily have appointed an outside attorney to review the matter of Flynn. He would have at least LOOKED like he was impartial and interested in justice served, yet sat on his hands while this stellar gentleman Flynn had his life destroyed and besmirched.

Unfortunately I have to agree with Alex too… Will anyone be punished??? By the DoJ… very unlikely given Barr has let Comey, Brennan, MaCabe and others skate on solid factual crimes.

Flynn should set Sidney Powell loose on these parasite law firms and his first ‘team’ of representatives. Sue them out of business take every asset they have and have them disbarred as well. As for the DoJ/FBI just means taxpayers will be on the hook for the bill. Those parasites probably won’t lose much, some fired (big deal) and others simply moved to another office.

Sadly the once great USA is looking more like a banana republic each day. very sad.

Alex Fitch

And will any of the human scum be punished for their disgusting behavior ?


Business as usual in Washington DC. Home of scum.

Jimmy MacAfee

The DOJ and FBI might complain: “We’re holding the bag for something Covington did.” That won’t wash; the FBI/DOJ could have exposed this from the time the players changed the field. Someone on the inside of both organizations is involved. Not was: is.

I’ll finish with this comment, and have to go:

This is why those people who doubt things will get done and justice served are both right and wrong: evidence of current FBI/DOJ participants is plausible, and with that, the fox is still in the proverbial henhouse.

Maybe it’s time to burn down the henhouse, fox and all.

Jimmy MacAfee

FBI Director Wray had to have known about this, and could have ended it all as soon as he got his feet wet – but he didn’t. Could have been strategic, but I’d give that about a 15% probability, with 75% intentional, and 10% negligence, incompetence or some other non-malign intent. The slow-rolling of the release of exculpatory evidence COULD have been by design, to throw a net around the whole cabal. Like I said: 15%. Low probability.

At the very least, the DOJ and especially the FBI have some serious explaining to do; if they won’t go after the collaborators in this, they have proven themselves to be collaborators themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

I would like to add to the list General Flynn’s first defense attorneys, who allegedly told him that he would be “treated like Manafort,” of some derivation of those words, and that his son was going to be prosecuted if he didn’t plead.

Now, we know that this is how the FIB and DOH act and have acted historically, with a few prosecutors Ms, Powell has named; they’re thoroughly dirty. But what is worse is that these threats came through the attorneys, who should have known better.

There is also an unsubstantiated report that his law firm had connections with the phony Russia investigation:

“BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn’s First Law Firm Hired Deep State FBI Attorney At Same Time They Were Repping Flynn – Did They Share with Flynn this Conflict of Interest?”

“A key player in the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign was Trisha Anderson, who, at the time, was the No. 2 lawyer at the agency’s Office of General Counsel.

“Despite having no specific experience in counterintelligence before coming to the FBI, Anderson was, in some manner, involved in virtually all of the significant events of the investigation.
Anderson told members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in August last year during closed-door testimony that she was one of only about 10 people who had known about the Trump–Russia investigation prior to its official opening.”

How do you say: “conflict of interest?” This is where I hope Mr. Durham is going: RICO.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tort: “a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to civil legal liability.”

If Flynn’s original attorneys set him up, they’re also liable for fines, disbarment and a tort. Not a tortilla: a tort. A big fat tort. Not just the attorneys who (mis?)represented Flynn: the entire firm, since Anderson was apparently playing on both playgrounds at the same time, as someone higher up in the firm had to know.

Jimmy MacAfee

The article I linked used quotes from the Federalist. I would highly recommend looking at the link for the full text. The conclusion of the Gateway Pundit article is as follows:

“Because Flynn was targeted for his FARA filing, Covington had a conflict in representing him since they assisted him in creating the FARA application in question.”


And “Judge” Emmet, a Reagan appointee was supposedly one of the ‘good guys’. He was the “judge” who at one point said to one of Mueller’s hack persecutors: (to the effect) you are not trying to get the defendant to sing, but to compose in an effort to bring down the Trump Administration.

Someone obviously got to the 72 year old jurist (just like ‘the One’s’ henchmen got to the CJ of the SC to render Obamacare “constitutional”) to get him to change his “judicial tenor” and, in effect, join the cabal and start ruling the ‘right’ way.

If this is the case, he should be removed by impeachment along with Roberts and that other hack judge Amy whatshername, and any other “judge’ who is repeatedly making prejudiced rulings that always go one way; just like all the FBI FISA ‘errors’ that always went one way.

A couple of dozen impeachments of conflicted, corrupt, or otherwise compromised “judges” will go a long way towards draining the swamp. It must be done in order to get ‘fair’ trials.


Judge Emmet Sullivan. Did not mean to imply Emmet was his surname

Off topic but current:

TN talk radio this morning was talking about Biden’s digital rape of Tara Reade, which happened in 1993 and speculated who Biden might appoint to the SC since he stated he would appoint a female minority to the SC. The speculation was that he might appoint Anita Hill to the court. 1) to fulfill the campaign promise, and 2) to finally and formally apologize to Hill for his failure to scuttle Clarence Thomas’ SC nomination when he was the head of the Judiciary Committee.

The timeframe is significant because the Thomas confirmation happened several years BEFORE the Biden Reade rendezvous. A flimsy allegation about a pubic hair on a coke can is a far cry from a corroborated, but still alleged digital rape.

Regardless, and to be sure Biden did not actually say he would appoint Hill, but since when are SC and other (some of which are lifetime) appointments made by apologies, quotas, and paybacks? Remember the convicted corrupt Illinois Governor Blagojevich was caught trying to sell ‘the One’s’ senate seat to the highest bidder. Even the Democrat Machine in IL couldn’t abide by that; Blago was just too blatant in his corruption.

Many say there is no difference between the Dems and the GOP and in many cases, that may be true, but I can’t remember ANY time or ANY instance where a Republican politician pulled this crap.

No one will ever convince me that ‘the one’ didn’t buy off Walking Eagle with the SOS post.

phineas gage

And you are correct, there will be a dismissal, but no punishment for those responsible.

phineas gage

To paraphrase Raymond Donovan, ‘where does General Flynn go to get his life back?’


Monetarily, his attorney, S. Powell will sue, DOJ, FBI and possibly individuals. Emotionally, what they have done to this patriot and his family was pure evil, reprehensible, corrupt…really no adjectives for this. Indictments MUST happen. Rule of Law must be upheld and Flynn needs “his” day in court to see these treasonous perpetrators convicted and go to jail. However, Flynn and his family will NEVER get back those years lost and the incredible stress and toll this took on them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Hopefully, they will heal.


General Flynn is broke .Sidney Powell took the case because she can sue a long list of perpetrators for their eye teeth. Some will settle for one tooth and affidavits incriminating others. Ms Powell has job security. General Flynn could come out ahead.

W. Flyer

I believe Flynn copped a plea because a felony conviction would required having his military pension taken away.

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