The Corruption of the U.S. News Media Continues to Intensify

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Every time you think the American news media could not possibly become more depraved and corrupt, they go and fool you again. – Let’s go around the horn – as all the baseball players used to day back when America still had baseball – and take a little review of some of the highlights of despicable, corrupt media behavior over the past couple of days…

Example #1: It’s the question that doesn’t get asked that reveals the corruption.

Guests on the various Sunday morning fake news shows included Georgia Gubernatorial loooooooser Stacey Abrams, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and fascist Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. These are three of the harem of Democrat women being mentioned as potential running mates for Quid Pro China Spindly Finger Joe Biden.

Guess which current hot topic none of these potential veep candidates were asked by their respective Democrat agents posing as journalists? That’s right: The subject of Tara Reade’s increasingly credible sexual assault allegation targeting Crazy Uncle Joe and his spindly finger.

Proving yet again that the sin of omission is one of a corrupt journalist’s favorite tricks of the trade.

Example #2: San Fran Nan gets the same “question that isn’t asked” favor from utterly corrupt hypocrite Jake Tapper.

Watch as Nancy Pelosi gets the kid glove treatment from Tapper as she recites her false talking points:

Now, a real, actual journalist might have thought to ask the despicable Speaker a few follow-up questions:

– Ummm…didn’t you call President Trump a racist for implementing his travel ban back on January 31?

– Do you not realize that the “tens of thousands” of people you are talking about are American citizens?

– To be clear: Are you really stating that those thousands of American citizens should have been left imprisoned in China?

– To be clear: On February 24, 24 days after the President issued his travel ban, you were filmed walking around San Francisco’s Chinatown telling people that it was completely safe and there was nothing to worry about. Are you admitting you were wrong to do that?

But of course, nothing but crickets from the Democrat operative who gets paid by CNN to protect depraved Democrats like Pelosi.

Example #3: These people are soulless ghouls.

Watch as MSNBC’s hack Nicolle Wallace celebrates the Wuhan Virus because it hurts President Trump’s polling numbers:

Quote: “He’s down at 38%. Pence is lower than him. I mean, he needs those people whether he likes what they say or not. And I wonder what you think about whether or not there’s some silver lining there, that some of the things that we’ve been talking about for three years may be finally catching up with him.”

You could never make these people up. Not in a million gazillion years.

Example #4: These people are soulless ghouls, part II.

And speaking of hacks, here is NBC’s Chuck Todd celebrating the Wuhan Virus for giving us cleaner air and thus, “better views.”

I’ve pointed out several times now that one of the outcomes of our dealing with the Wuhan Virus as we have done has been to deliver the America envisioned by radical environmental alarmists in their “Green New Deal”: Decimated airlines, limited travel in cars, an utterly destroyed tourism industry, negative economic growth, millions of people out of work, cowering in their homes hoping for a government handout.

But hey, our carbon footprints are lower and we have better views, so isn’t life wonderful?

This is your corrupt national news media in action, folks. Never, ever forget who and what they really are. These people hate you, and would rather you were dead.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

I quit watching fake news years ago when Dan Blather was doing the so called news.I got so fed up with that liar that is when I shut off the news on tv and have not watched it again.I do not even watch the locals they are just as bad.I go on the net to get news but you have to be careful of that also a lot of lyin goin on.


You are on the money Ben. There is a huge amount of disinformation and corruption that its easy to get caught up and lost in the weeds. I think most are just tuning it out and it all begins to sound like the adults in Charlie Brown cartoon.

Haven’t watch ‘TV’ in decades either. I tell people to unplug all the time, stop filling their brain with poison.

Jimmy MacAfee

Right: Donna “Brain Dead Buffalo” Brazile tweeted:

# PresidentPelosi shortly therafter
#MLKweekend is underway

The latter portion a cryptic link to the death of Martin Luther King, the middle quite obvious. Marblemouth Pelosi hasn’t given up on the idea of being the first Pres, be sure of that.

I suspect the worms will be feasting on her soon enough: 80 years old, feeble and becoming as demented as “Fingers” BIden. (Mob name for QuidProGropeyJoe)

Jimmy MacAfee

Hillary Rotten (cough cough) Clinton allegedly called Brazile “a brain dead buffalo,” and that isn’t an inaccurate description; Abrams’ code name should be “Tank.” She’s got a similar physiology, though she can’t shoot straight and her ammo has become wet and as incendiary as a full diaper; that wide gap in her teeth makes her look like Leon Spinks – (though Spinks is arguably prettier, smarter and more talented.) Having once had a similar gap myself, it isn’t a big deal to close it, (but that would involve keeping her jaw from flapping long enough for a Cosmetic Dentist to do the work.) “Tank” Abrams, not to be confused with the Abrams tank.

phineas gage

That nickname has been floating around a number of sites for several weeks, and I believe the derivation is, as you indicate, the military tank.


Ouch…. 🙂


Does Nancy Klink have Tourette syndrome or Parkinson’s disease? What is with her left hand flailing around during her two minute and thirty second non answer and the twenty seconds of mouth maneuver (fighting with her teeth?) waiting for the hack Jerk Crapper to lob the softball?

I’ve seen wide open wide receivers waiving their arms less at quarterbacks then her answering Crapper.

Just remember everyone – she is the most powerful Democrat in the country and second in line to the presidency. Trump and VP Pence should not be together in the same room that is open to the ‘journalists’ who work for the people who want us dead. Just sayin’

I keep thinking about the largely ignored report that Jimmy has mentioned several times about the narrowly aborted attack on the WH as Klink and Hochstetter were about to board a SCIF equipped plane. And wasn’t it that p*g Donna Bazile who was heard mentioning President Pelosi?

We as a country must never ever allow this hideous creature, and anyone of her ilk, to ever again be just two heartbeats from the presidency. That can only be accomplished by taking and keeping the house in GOP hands.

Maybe she should be Gaffe O. Joe’s running/play mate (he could easily confuse her with his wife and sister) and should be his VP candidate. I’m joking buy how great would it be to retire both of these demented dangerous people at the same time?

The Ice cream (b-itch) and the unfrozen Caveman Senator; bet they could both fit in her sub-zero multi thousand dollar freezers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, these people want us dead, as you say. So I’ll pull a Chuck Toad, and paint sunshine on a dog turd:

“There’s no greater antidote to suicidal ideations than having someone wishing you dead.”

For those losing hope, remember that these devils WANT you to lose hope! Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nicole Wallace, who is celebrating the virus and thus celebrating death, should be encouraged to go on a date with Creepy Joe, where they could suck each other’s fingers like Creepy does to his wife’s. I’ll arrange it ASAP.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Three Stooges (Governor Whitless, Abrams “the Tank” and Salad Dressing Amy the Nastiest) could also be tagged The Witches of Beastwick, (or some derivation of that name.) The Triad of Evil rideth forth on a lame donkey, all hoping to have Creepy Joe point his finger at them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe there’s a bright side to this pandemic; maybe the national dog will get a flea bath, and major media will suffocate in flea and tick powder? From the pressers, we can see that most of those asking stupid questions are mere parasites.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, the good news is this: advertisers are fleeing, and so is the revenue source for these mindless meatheads.

And since Pig Pharma makes most of its crap in China, thanks to McKinsey and Company and others, including a long list of problematic (to put it mildly) transgressions and bad advice, and since the American people are now recognizing that all of this evil flowed from China (in some cases, from China to Europe and then to here,) Americans aren’t as interested in “asking their doctor” about the latest made-in-China drug. So the advertisements should be on the way out, because we all know where most of the drugs are manufactured: China. And the media is funded by blood money.

By the way, speaking of blood money, McKinsey has been in involved in the opioid epidemic. That’s just ONE of their transgressions. You could write a book. But the flight of jobs to China is another one – a BIG one. Watch Tucker demolish this former executive, not like Tic Toc, but with a very sharp filet knife:

The press is losing advertisers at a time when Americans are searching for actual information that isn’t tainted with Leftwing nihilism. It’s destroying itself, just as Brian Stelter claims he “cries himself to sleep at night” over the loss of “the way things were.” I hope he’s not the only one crying, but the shareholders and CEOs of those companies who own Big Media.

phineas gage

Good analogy. Another great thing about Tucker is that he isn’t constrained to reciting memorized lists.

In many cases, I don’t this the corporate heads care about ratings. If they did, there is no way CNN would keep doing what it is doing. It is driven now in part by foreign money and in part by intrinsic ideology.

Jimmy MacAfee

The press can never be free as long as it relies upon foreign money. I don’t mind the foreign press; we sometimes rely upon them for good reporting in an age where our own media has been bought and sold.

But advertising dollars – don’t minimize the impact of those revenue streams! There’s only so many ways to launder money.

Jimmy MacAfee

In fit of actual journalism, the NY Times (2018) published an article about McKinsey:

But the interview I’ve linked of Tucker Carlson, which ought to be called “Interview with a Vampire,” Carlson asks some really probing questions. Unlike Tic Toc, he lets his guest answer them, instead of launching into some other narrative where Tic Toc gets to shine the light back on himself. Carlson knows how to ask questions. He should be training journalists and reporters, because whomever is teaching them is doing a shirtty job.

I’m sure the Times got backlash for exposing McKinsey. They seem to avoid a good story whenever possible, the same way Maggie Haberman avoids the truth.


“This is the DNCs corrupt national propaganda media in action, folks.”
Fixed it for you! 😀


It becomes clear when we remember that they are carrying the water for their parent companies business partner—the CCP.

Just look at ChiCOMCAST and their billions invested in Universal Beijing and movie production with the CCP.

Then consider viaCOM and their holdings in China. Each one requires a domestic partner owned by CCP.

And then there is Disney.

martin l scott

Our nation is in a very, VERY dangerous period for liberty and our way of life. It’s make or break in next few months with the lockdown and ruin of the lives of many.

phineas gage

For the corporate honchos, sure, Chinese cash is their motivation. It the reason why Zucker is given free rein at CNN.

However, the rank-and-file mentality goes back decades, before China had ever risen to its current status and far before Trump’s election. These people would be doing what they are doing regardless of Chinese money or any other influence. As DB says, it is who they are.

Jimmy MacAfee

They were under the control of Clowns In America – (and still are to some extent.) The kennel is full, and flea-sharing is a pandemic in itself.

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