Houston Restaurant Proves Texans Have Grown Weary With Their Politicians

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Texans are growing weary of their state’s stay-at-home orders and putting people out of business and jobs. Few are growing more weary of these patently unconstitutional orders than the law enforcement personnel who are tasked by craven county judges, mayors and a weak Governor to enforce those edicts.

We discussed the pushback that Harris County’s child County Judge, Lina Hidalgo, received Wednesday when she issued an order that all residents of the county of 4 million must wear a mask anytime they go out into public. That order was met by immediate responses from Houston police and Harris County sheriff’s deputies associations blasting the Judge and advising their members to refuse to destroy their relationships with the public by enforcing such an absurd, draconian and likely illegal edict.

Today, we have this very important story out of Houston:


Harris County law enforcement officials backed down as the owner of the Federal American Grill decided to re-open his restaurant on the city’s west side despite orders directing restaurants to be closed except for curbside orders. Multiple law enforcement agencies in Houston said they were not responsible for enforcing the ordinance.

“We’ve complied 100 percent until now,” Brice told the Houston Chronicle. “What I don’t like is that the government is picking and choosing which businesses win or lose. They are sinking the economy. We have to stand our ground and get people back to work.”

After he announced the re-opening of his restaurant for dining-in, customers flocked to his side. Brice said he is only seating up to 30 percent of his capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

In contrast to Dallas, Houston law enforcement officials chose to not enforce the prohibition against in-house dining at the restaurant.

“No law enforcement officers or agencies attempted to stop or cite Brice for defying Harris County’s stay-at-home order, which limits restaurants to delivery and takeout orders in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus,” the Houston Chronicle wrote.

The Houston newspaper contacted several police agencies including the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Fire Marshal, Precinct 5 Constable’s Office, and the Houston Police Department. Each said that a different agency was responsible for enforcement of the to-go or curbside only orders.

In contrast, law enforcement officials in Dallas ticketed the owner of a hair salon after she re-opened in defiance of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ stay-home order, Breitbart Texas reported.

So, these brave owners of one Houston’s hundreds of fine restaurants have decided to reopen their doors, and the various city and county law enforcement agencies have so far avoided confronting them by passing the buck. What will happen when the owners of those other restaurants, having observed the lack of enforcement, decide to follow suit?

Why, if the refusal to enforce the stupid orders keeps up, people might even eventually be able to get a haircut again, as salon owners inevitably join the trend. Oh, guess what? People are already getting haircuts in Georgia and Colorado, whose Republican (GA) and Democrat (CO) governors aren’t as afraid of their own shadows as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Oh, yeah, and the GOP governors on South Carolina, Nebraska and Oklahoma have also decided to exercise real leadership in their own reopenings.

Abbott, of course, is waiting on approval from his “strike force” consisting of no fewer than 13 committees and subcommittees before taking any action that might put people back to work, reopen businesses and allow people to eat out and have elective surgeries. As a reminder, the Governor didn’t need a single committee at all to convince him to take away people’s jobs, destroy thousands of Texas businesses and basically shut down the state’s hospitals – but for the roughly 1,400 beds in a state of 28 million being used for COVID-19 patients – back in March.

Funny how that works. And Abbott, remember, is a Republican.

The owners of the Federal American Grille are the canaries in Abbott’s coal mine, the first droplets in a very large tsunami coming his way if he doesn’t get his butt in gear and start putting this state back to work. The Governor will hold another “news” conference on Monday. If he doesn’t have some real, bold “news” to report at that conference in terms of putting Texans back to work, he is likely to have a state filled with peaceful civil disobedience on his hands by Friday.

The Texas GOP had better wake up before it loses the state entirely. Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump issued this tweet:

He may as well have been talking directly to Gov. Abbott.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

Good for them This insane BS has to stop we have to get back to work or there will be a depression like no one has ever seen.may be to late as it isthe dem/communists want one for sure they think they have Donald Trump for sure.

Jimmy MacAfee

When RaapJoe’s campaign suddenly begins to turn on China – as it has – then you know the message is being sent.

On the issues of President Trump being pissed at the Georgia Governor: I suspect that the President hasn’t “lost his nerve,” but is allowing the governors and mayors to make themselves hated by everybody with half a brain. When Dems become tyrannical – or more than usual – it usually results in a change of the guard. 1994 was such a time. 2010 another.

Abbott should keep this in mind, as he is far too timid; so should the Governor of Ga., who should be proceeding with caution, not abandon. The tyranny states – Dem run – are going to become Red States. Including Virginia.



Copied below from you link:

“The outlet reports — citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation — that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside there. He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently … it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon — with some reports saying he had shaky hands.”

I’ll bet the surgeon’s hands aren’t shaking anymore.

phineas gage

Yes, I had the same thought. Bad luck for that guy.

phineas gage

comment image

Jimmy MacAfee

Hilarious picture! Thanks for the laugh!

phineas gage

Pretty much confirmed now:


With no heir apparent, I assume China just moves in and installs a puppet?

Jimmy MacAfee

His sister, considered far more cruel, is in position to be in position. That would be bad, as far as reports indicate. His remaining brother is not interested in power.

The IQ of North Korea is far lower than that of South Korea, due to starvation, deprivation and an inverse formula for success (i.e. kill the creative and intelligent, and let the idiots run things and reproduce.) Eugenics at work! That can be changed over time. It’s not all a matter of breeding, as Eugenicists believe.

So perhaps some enterprising military official, seeing the possibilities of a prosperous North Korea (like the South) can be convinced in the same manner that Kim was convinced by President Trump. Similarly, not using the China model, but the South Korean model.


“So perhaps some enterprising military official, seeing the possibilities of a prosperous North Korea (like the South) can be convinced in the same manner that Kim was convinced by President Trump. Similarly, not using the China model, but the South Korean model.”

Or, and much more tragically, some hard liner, or Chinese plant, saw that Kim was getting too westernized in his dealings with Trump and decided to mount a focused coup to retain the status quo in NK.

That is assuming that Kim was seen as some kind of reformer and hence betrayer of their “Deep State”.

phineas gage

That is certainly possible, but Kim Jong-Un was in terrible shape, morbid obesity and a chain-smoker.

In addition, anyone attempting to assassinate a Kim lineage leader in NoKo would have to have brass balls of immense proportions…..

phineas gage

My understanding was that Korean culture is a patriarchy and sees women as inferior.

She’d have to be really ruthless to take and hold power.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is the fear, and your observation is correct; she is thought to be ruthless, and women are only treated better than dogs in that they’re not eaten.

Which means she won’t have the option to be a positive force, unless she has the backing of the military. Unlikely.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, I did a long post on IV vitamin C – not oral, but intravenous.

I witnessed someone with a diffuse small cell lung cancer get strong enough to endure chemo, after such treatments (out of country.) She continued the regimen for awhile, but when it was withdrawn, she didn’t make it. I don’t believe it was the cancer that got her, but the inflammation. Vitamin C (IV) likely would have saved her life, or at least extended it.

It was withdrawn when the local compounding pharmacy was shut down on some bogus charges (of course.) They don’t want cheap solutions, nor effective ones.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some very good satire on the “press:”

“Trump Says To Drink Lots Of Water, Media Reports He Told Everyone To Drown Themselves”


Jimmy MacAfee

Experts: A balanced, optimal immune system is key to avoiding coronavirus


On that note, some might be aware that the immune system has different reactions to exercise, depending upon length, duration and intensity of exercise:

No exercise = weakened immune system
Moderate exercise = maximally functioning immune system
Too much exercise = weakened immune system

if you begin an exercise program now – at home or outside – don’t increase your levels, duration or intensity drastically. Incremental increases are best – (something I’ve found in my own training over the last 43 years.)

Most prisoners, by the way, make use of their time in the exercise yard, where there is sunlight and other forms of exercise possible. Not all, of course, are the same. But generally speaking, they have an hour: not too much, nor too little.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unfortunately, we are not getting this kind of advice from Dr. Birx and whasisname.

Not the first time a non-PhD or non-physician uses more critical thinking skills than these talking heads. Practical advice only extending to “social distancing” and “good hygiene” is a joke.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some stupid politicians are telling their slaves to hide inside in air conditioned facilities, instead of going to the beach to cool off in the ocean:

“Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Closes Beaches to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’ – Then Instructs People to Flock to Indoor Cooling Centers Amid Heatwave”


Jimmy MacAfee

It is being studied:

“Detailed Description:
This is a single center prospective pilot cohort study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as an emergency investigational device for treating patients with a novel coronavirus, disease, COVID-19. Patients that meet inclusion criteria will be consented by the hyperbaric physician. They will then be transported from the ED or other unit to the hyperbaric unit maintaining airborne precautions based on the most current hospital protocol. All study personnel will have proper PPE at all times. The patient will then be placed into the monoplace chamber and when the chamber door is closed the patient will remove any respiratory filter/mask that was placed. The patient will receive 90 minutes of hyperbaric oxygen at 2.0 ATA with or without airbreaks per the hyperbaric physician. Upon completion of the treatment the patient will then return to the medical unit and continue all standard of care. Additional treatments (up to 5) can be given if warranted and agreed upon by the patient and all members of the team caring for the patient. After the intervention portion of this study, a chart review will be performed to compare the outcomes of intervention patients versus patients who received standard of care.”


Jimmy MacAfee

Now for the caveat:

“If you ask what I think insofar as the physiological rationale, I think HBOT is a viable option for COVID-19 hypoxia. I am unsure whether it is a PRACTICAL option.”



see my previous response.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments may be much safer and more effective than respirators. Trouble is, they are big, cost a bundle to make and operate.


Jimmy MacAfee

Meant ventilators, which are used for extreme cases. Sorry. There is a huge difference between the two:

“Many people are not aware that there are distinct differences between a respirator and a ventilator, and as a result, the two terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Indeed, as they are both breathing aids, this confusion is understandable, but their functions are quite different. A respirator is a mask-like device that filters fine particles from inhaled air, while a ventilator is a machine that assists with or performs the breathing process for medical patients. Perhaps further adding to the confusion of the terms is the fact that ventilator professionals are known as respiratory therapists.
The most important difference between a respirator and a ventilator is that, unlike a ventilator, a respirator does not perform any actual breathing function for its wearer. Instead, its purpose is to purify inhaled air before it enters the lungs by trapping harmful particles and fumes. A respirator usually takes the form of a partial or full face-mask that is secured in place with a strap. Its purification function is performed by a filter, which is fitted near the nose and mouth area. Sometimes known as “gas masks,” respirators are useful in a variety of situations in which air quality poses a health risk, from furniture refinishing to chemical warfare.”



Kudos to the Houston police and fire departments and their actions. Time for someone in authority to break the mold.

I am and will always be dismayed buy the gutless wonder RINOs and the “moderate” Dems who run on brave bold promises to reduce spending and cut taxes and reduce government etc. and then develop amnesia once they get elected. The real disappointment is they more often than not get reelected over and over.

One of the best things about Trump is he has shown the way on how to lead and govern. Be brave and take the heat – AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT – by keeping your promises. The manure stream media mob is nothing but a bunch of bullies. How do you deal with bullies? – smack them hard in the face (figuratively and sometimes literally – notice how it is always the left: De Niro, Biden, Waters etc. who espouse violence) and with the exception of the brain dead people in the left wing manure stream media mob, the bully backs down after his/her Attitude Adjustment.

One of the few good things about this ‘pandemic’ is that it has displayed who the good and bad politicians are. Now, will the electorate be smart enough to Schiff-can the bad ones? Time will tell, but the lines have been clearly drawn. It is a real shame that the Texas Governor Abbot has burned so much political capital and good will in his continued shutdown actions regarding this ‘pandemic’. My TN Governor Bill Lee, is very similar with his reluctance to stand tall, but he has announced he will finally open about 90 out of 99 TN counties with the now usual restrictions.

Abbot and the other Chicken Little “the sky is falling” politicians are proving to be feckless ‘leaders’ at best or tin pot dictators at worst.

Trump and the virus has shown and defined the enemy, now it is time to begin to meet and defeat them on the battleground of the ballot box beginning November 3, 2020. That day will either be as glorious as May 8, 1945 and Aug 15, 1945 (VE and VJ days) or it will be our nation’s Waterloo of June 18, 1815 where the remaining political good guys will be exiled – not to a nearby Elba, but to distant Saint Helena.

The opportunity is here for us to make the right choice; the question is what action will we take?
This is the last chance for many of America’s problems to be resolved peacefully, but it requires active participation from everyone in our Army. If we make the wrong decision in November, by being lazy, the peaceful option will be taken from us and we will be forced into taking the wery costly option in short order.

Jimmy MacAfee

Q stated years ago, as everything is revealed, that the evil ones will not be able to show their faces on the street. Governor Halfwit and Ol’ Fossy Jaw and others are among those who will be treated brutally once the exposure is complete. That is a proof that we’re seeing already, as people heckle them – and people like Fredo – with increasing vigor and frequency. Not all will be punished by incarceration: they’ll be free, but chained in ignominy.


BOOM… Mike drop…

phineas gage

Where is the logic in allowing people to aggregate in large numbers at grocery stores, yet shut everything else down?

I haven’t noticed a crisis epidemic break-out among grocery store employees exposed to hundreds of people on a daily basis.

It is time for Americans across this nation to put an end to this BS and get back to business.

Jimmy MacAfee

That was one of my points, one that others have made, too: the passing of money, or the use of touch screens or the placement of goods into bags all should be considered vectors (to somewhat misuse the word.) Cashiers being the main vectors, the goods and other thins being substances upon which biohazards are passed as well.

No sudden increase in the deaths of cashiers, are there? I suspect that most of them have developed a herd immunity, due to low concentrations of the virus. On the other hand, in China where doctors were inundated with patients with the virus, the viral load was enormous.

Viral load is something we aren’t hearing enough about. There are completely opposite outcomes in general, depending upon viral loads (other than those whose immune systems and respiratory systems are already troubled.

One other note: breathing rate. Normal respirations is between 12 and 24 per minute. Higher than 25 is an indication of serious illness, and not only this disease. Extremely low respiration is supposedly a problem, too (though when I’m relaxed at work, when I was working, it would be somewhere between 2 and 5 per minute.) Respiratory rate is something we’re not hearing much about, either.

The public is being treated to moronic repetition, with few forays into actual science. They don’t want us to observe, lest we begin to think for ourselves. Original thinkers are both prized and loathed – I can tell you that from painful personal experience.

As Q often says: “think for yourselves; trust yourselves.” While there is time.


Jimmy, regarding part of your comment:

“…China where doctors were inundated with patients with the virus, the viral load was enormous.”

Yeah, and the concentrated doses of the lead ‘virus’ is deadly too.

It is a cousin to diseases introduced on a massive scale to Arkancide victims, of which there is no vaccination or anecdote.

Jimmy MacAfee

(You mean antidote?) But funny! Kevlar is like hydroxychloroquine as far as externally induced projected lead poisoning, AKA Infectious H. Clintonitis.

Jimmy MacAfee

I appreciated that, and answered with a little of my own!


Yes antidote.

I am trying at times to introduce a little humor into my anecdotes.


O2 is key. There are doctors coming out stating the usage of ventilators may actually be harming more so than helping. The high pressures they are using is damaging delicate lung tissues.

Instead of ventilation they should treat breathing difficulties as they would high altitude sickness and use 100% O2. Even with diminished O2 utilization by the lungs the higher O2 will keep the patients alive until the body or drug intervention can over come the virus.

To nice out this am… so gotta get outside, hit the shop and make some sawdust… cheers

Jimmy MacAfee

Have a good one! What about hyperbaric oxygen tanks?


I’ve seen mention of hyperbaric chambers being used for possible treatment of covid. But they are not a serious practical treatment for various reasons.

Its found that covid attacks red blood cells freeing up the iron ion in the cell. Normally the iron ion is captured by the body and locked up in the liver and the lungs also trap the ion and send it to the liver. The ion is toxic to the body and when the virus attacks and frees up the iron ions it overloads the bodies response systems and O2 deprivation to the organs begins, thus damaging on multiple fronts. Readers digest version.

The breathing difficulties are because of the overload of ions at the exchange sites, aveoli. Coupled with a following bacterial assault which is why z-packs with HC is effective. This is the back story.

Problem with hyperbaric chambers is there are limited few available. They are great for decompression accidents, open wound healing and certain internal issues. Most chambers are located at coastal cities and a few universities scattered around the country.

Besides lack of availability they are costly to run and take skilled technicians to operate. Time spent in a chamber is also limited for obvious reasons, you have to many customers and its time consuming getting patients in and out of the chamber. Plus you tie up a medical technician as well in the chamber with the patient and intervention is limited if needed.

Using O2 therapy is far easier and is actually more effective overall. A simple mask delivering 100% O2 at normal pressures and the patient isn’t in a chamber and fully accessible should the need arise. O2 is toxic and especially so when dealing with higher partial pressures such as in an o2 chamber. With mask delivery and diminished lung utilization O2 toxicity would be greatly mitigated and still get the available O2 to the body and organs, as required or long enough for the body/drug interventions to over come the virus.

The psychological effect also has a big part in treatment too. The added stress on a patient going into a chamber doesn’t help the body in fighting the virus. Its stressful even when not sick let alone thinking your are going to die because of covid as our wonderful media has been pumping you with.

Something to ponder on…

phineas gage

In Dallas, too:


Kudos to Shelley Luther, who gives the symbolic finger to fascist judge Clay Jenkins

Jimmy MacAfee

Big thumbs up to Shelly Luther! Protests should extend to the doorsteps of these insane, power-drunk judges and all of their associates. As I’ve said before, they should be monitored, to see if they’re practicing what they preach, and if their friends and families are doing likewise.

Best example of hypocrisy: Fredo.


Great Job Shelly Luther!

So state and local governments are threatening to strip business owners of their licenses to operate? The reality is they have already striped their “nonessential” business ability to survive. What good is a license to operate a business when you no longer have a business to operate?

And how is it that liquor stores, pot stores, and lottery ticket sales are allowed as “essential” yet so many others are not? Could it just possibly be that the “essential” part of those “businesses” just happen to produce a large amount of sales tax revenue for the state?


I recommend to Trump that he tells the states that there will be no more federal support to your states, i.e. a bail out, for the loss of tax revenue due to you shutting down the business you deem “non essential”. From this point on, ALL federal relief money will go to the individuals and not to state and local governments.

And if you governors keep this up, you can declare bankruptcy and our federal controllers will take over.

My administration will also be carefully monitoring any attempts by you and your legislatures and your local leaders to raise taxes to draconian levels on the people or businesses who have received relief. We will make sure you do not get to siphon federal relief dollars given to victims in order to replenish your treasury due to your shutdown actions.

The federal government will not allow any kind of a ‘special tax’ on any federal relief funding. Such a tax would be a backdoor way to divert federal relief dollars given to individuals back to the state and local governments.

We will not allow any politician to victimize the people a second time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hair stylists and barbers should be allowed to reopen; nail techs and massage therapists should not. There are good reasons for this, including certain elements which include people who are trafficked – brothels, masquerading as massage and nail treatments. But Massage Therapists – real ones – are vulnerable themselves to people who come in sick, and bring with them every cold, flu and infection they carry. There is a need for those people practicing those professions to have the utmost in hygiene. And there is a difference between clinical massage and foo-foo massage, both of which are legitimate. What is not legitimate are the Asian (mainly) brothels which have slaves working for them, locked up and not allowed to leave.

It’s likely that the sailors who were infected visited Asian brothels. (so what else is new? Sailors/brothels…something no one wants to talk about in present cases.)

Healthcare workers – including Massage Therapists – should be given tests quickly. But when you figure that Walmart and other cashiers are as close to customers as you can be without touching them, and even self-scanners can pass along germs, it’s obvious that something is out of whack with the mandatory closures. Something seriously out of whack.

The only thing that is gonna fix this thing is exposure – low exposure, low viral loads. Also known as “herd immunity.” Everybody who survived the bubonic plague developed that, and same with many other historic pandemics. The danger? Viral overload. Which is why limited exposure is so incredibly important, and good hygiene is so critical, and why drugs like hydroxychloroquine need to be administered pre-ventilator, and widely for those who display symptoms.


Hey, I resemble those remarks about Sailor’s. Back then we didn’t have women aboard ship so we had an excuse. Sailor’s these days have don’t have to go to great length’s to settle their urges.
Oh, the monkey’s have no tails in Zamboanga….


You should watch the video of the two Commiefornia doctors talking about this panshamic. Both are virologists and are speaking about what they are seeing at street level. They CLEARLY are stating, repeatedly, that the numbers are showing that there are high numbers of positives and low numbers of deaths. Bottom line is the virus is NOT as deadly as you are supposed to believe.

They also state that it would be far beneficial to have people go about their daily lives with as much concern as they would be with the regular influenza. They state, which is backed up by numbers, that those asymptomatic people have a weaker version of the virus which the body can overcome easily, providing immunity.

Check the Reuters article about four prisons with cobid. Reuters is solid left wing and they are reporting 95% tested in the prison(s) show no signs of the virus. One prison being older and with health conditions shows the same numbers. They go on thru the article to spin it to a fear piece by stating these inmates could still show signs… Which anyone knows is a yawn and a so… Just because you show signs doesn’t mean you are going to die which is their messaging.

Sir Cumference

Doctors are being told to inflate the number of deaths by labeling someone of dying of similar symptoms as a covid-19 death. This is nothing more the the DemocRATs and left-wing MSM criminals attempt to make Trump look bad. There is no limit to the low level that DemocRATs will stoop.

Cameron Howe

It’s also a way to get federal dollars into the medical system and into state coffers. That’s why NY tacked on 3k cases the other day.

Jimmy MacAfee

Beginning to be pushback. Some deaths have been de-covidified.


DOH… Should proof read more before posting… Correction. 95% tested inmates show positive for the virus but no symptoms. Coffee not fully ingaged yet.

Jimmy MacAfee

Saw that – another example of herd immunity. Prisoners are likely safer in prison, than outside.


“…hydroxychloroquine need to be administered pre-ventilator, and widely for those who display symptoms.”

And used prophylactically

Jimmy MacAfee

Particularly for healthcare workers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Non-buffet restaurants should be re-opened, and employees should be among the first tested, and those employees demonstrating an unwillingness to maintain proper hygiene should be let go for-cause. I’ve always looked at buffets as potential petri dishes, because I witnessed people eating AT the buffet, licking their fingers and handling utensils; children were allowed to play in the food, and seeing someone sneeze at the buffet was terrifying and nauseating. Closing those would do a lot toward making us less obese, anyway. It was also sickening to watch people who could barely walk load up plate after plate because they were so heavy, miserable and grim, not enjoying their meal at all – they were getting their drug, and it was not happy-time.

Over the years, I’ve heard of many many many physicians who wouldn’t wash their hands between patients. These reports were from healthcare workers who worked alongside these morons. The quack who killed my mother (by withdrawing her from zanax cold-turkey and also thought it was a fine idea to conduct prostate exams on early-teen boys) apparently never washed his hands, either (he did use gloves for the prostate exams, for what that’s worth.) But the “doctor god” phenomena needs to end forever.

After all this is over, we need to keep our hands clean. Our health is our own concern, and sympathy for those who abuse their bodies with food, alcohol (and poor hygiene) will be greatly lessened.


M. April 27: just watched Gov. Abbot about opening up, and what a disappointment he has become- we need to open up more- not just this 25 percent capacity cra*. And there’s no reason why Salons cannot open. Stupid leaders.

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