The Tara Reade Story Might be the Democrat Party’s Real Plan B

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Guest Contribution by Gregg Updike

Boy, does the MSM (D) and the DNC really have to tie themselves up in knots in their attempt to thread the political needle in this election cycle.

The Democratic leadership and the left are users, plain and simple.  They use loyal donkeys to suit their purpose at the moment and dump them like yesterday’s trash when their ‘use by date’ expires.  Here are some examples:

Al Franken was propped up and helped over the finish line in Minnesota by the DNC’s Voter Fraud Division in his defeat of Norm Coleman (R) to gain a blue senate seat.  Then, to provide credibility and show they were all in on the #MeToo (bowel) movement, they dumped him as he became expendable for several reasons:

  1. To give the appearance that Democrats care about women. The left had to sacrifice a politico along with Harvey Weinstein – another operative who was dumped after being milked for all he was worth.
  2. To clear the field for his co-senator – Amy Klobuchar – to run for president; remember he was being touted as a possible serious presidential contender at the time.
  3. To knock out a candidate who was an easy target so that lightweight Senator Kristin Gillibrand (D) NY, would have less competition in her bid. I single her out because she showed phony righteous indignation to Franken’s behavior, but not so much to Bill Clinton and his enabling wife and others, when it could have mattered. Gillibrand took an easy opportunity to end a competitor’s bid.
  4. The blue senate seat was safe since the Minnesota governor was a Democrat and appointed an even more radical senator. Would Franken have been cashiered so quickly if the Minnesota governor had been a Republican? I think not.  Franken would have been defended to the hilt like all their other reprobates.

Other examples:

The Democratic Party used the new, “bright, clean, and articulate” (quoting Joe Biden) Barack Hussein Obama to sandbag Hillary in 2008 – they got a bonus when the Republicans ran the pathetic “hero” John McCain and got their empty suit figurehead elected twice.

They used Bernie Sanders in 2016, originally to show that Bill’s Wife could win in a semi-competitive race.  However, when it became way too competitive, Sanders had to be sandbagged AND bought off to protect Obama’s third term, and because it was “Her turn”.

As all of this year’s hopefuls flamed out, the Head Honchos of the DNC were forced to go with the ‘steady’ safe  warhorse Joe after trying to gut his chances with some planted anti Biden stories early in his run last year.  As every Democratic hopeful – except for Sanders – proved to be exceedingly bad and dropped out, Biden hung around and became the last viable choice to be used to take out the communist Sanders and to save the down ballot races.  Pocahontas was also used to intercourse Sander’s strong bid by staying in the race just long enough to split his radical base for Gaffe O. Joe to ‘win’ big on Super Tuesday.

Gaffe O. Joe was used to successfully take out the sure loser in order to prevent a down ballot wipeout.  Now, with the economic devastation wrought by the China virus, Trump is seen as possibly beatable.  That being their current perception, the DNC and MSN (D) are now desperately searching for a viable replacement and not just a ballot filler like Mondale was in 1984, to run against Trump. Choosing some creditable, appealing, and capable vice president nominee to garner enough votes for a victory is just not going to cut it – no one votes for a Vice President (even Michelle Obama) on the come.

This means the propaganda wing of the MSNDNC has to strategically get in gear to force Gaffe O. Joe to leave on his own accord, and not anger the entire Democratic voting base.  How best to do that?

They know they can’t use Hunter and the Ukraine and China connections because too many Deep Staters will also be taken down – Government Scandals can only be used against GOP Presidents.  That amendment is in the DC DS private constitution.  They have to find another angle to get Biden to leave. They have carried his gaffes and, to some degree, successfully hidden is intellectual deficiencies and mental decline for so long, it would be a hard sell to now use it against him.

However, they can carefully and gradually introduce a decades old sex scandal into the equation, but keep it on the down low, simmering, on a credible – to some, but relatively minor ‘news’ outlet – Politico.  That way, if it is determined that Trump is invincible, we’ll go with plan “A” and let Biden be Mondale the second.

However, if Trump is perceived by DNC internal polling as beatable in the next several months, Plan “B” will be activated if the DNC think they have a viable (Mark Cuban? Andrew Cuomo? Gary Newsom?) replacement.  Plan “B” will be launched with many “Breaking News” stories that will come from an exhaustive media ‘investigation’ of the “Politico” reports on then Senator Biden’s sexual misconduct, demotion and firing against and of Tara Reade back in 1993.

Gaffe O. Joe’s campaign will have been effectively scuttled.  The Democratic Party will have ‘real’ evidence as to how much they care about women.  They will then get to pick who they want to run against Trump, since there won’t any time to have a democratic type primary process.  Just like in the good old days, the Head Honchos in smoke filled rooms will get to choose the candidate.  This is all setting up well for plan “”B to be at least partially successful in that it could at least prevent a major fracturing of their base and gain a lot of points as a party who cares about the woman.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So nice to read such logical reasoning by the commentators!

Marshall Gill

You do have to wonder why she didn’t come out when Biden ran for VP, twice.


The simple reason is because Obama was and is somewhat smart and he wanted to live; didn’t want to become a victim of a tragic ‘accident’ like slipping in the shower, or being the next Ron Brown. However, I thought ‘the One’ would have made her a SC judge instead of Keagan.

She got the SOS position instead to set up all the graft and international money laundering systems to make her rich while still being able to sell out America under the radar. After setting everything up with GS, she left while the getting was good after the Benghazi disaster. There could be no more blips on her image. Her money, ‘the One’ and the MSM (D) had the skids greased for her big 2016 win and 2017 coronation as the first woman president in history Yippee!!!

Boy did we dodge a bullet with DJT who came on scene to rescue us just at the right time.


Sound reasoning Gregg.

But I think Mark Cuban will be inserted into the Presidential slot. My take is that the Dems will want and support a ‘clean’ shot as opposed to a baggage candidate. Cuban comes across as a calm and reasonable person with little baggage, especially political dem baggage. Plus he’s a billionaire which could come in handy but we know that Dems don’t like spending their own money.

Personally I don’t think Hillary has a chance, shes poison. To many hate her and see her as a candidate who couldn’t win a rigged election. Toss in a hatred by the bernie bros and I don’t think the DNC would risk fielding her again. Shes certainly spent some money trying, and failed, to plaster fill the face to make it more appealing, if thats possible. imo…

Jimmy MacAfee

Obumbler gave his approval for CreepyJoe because he knew Joe’s days as a candidate were short, and didn’t want to be blamed for sinking his campaign when Jill takes the demented old curmudgeon off the stage. If he hadn’t given his nod to QuidPro, everybody would have said that Obimbo crashed his campaign. Optics. Just optics.


Strategically sound article. You share the Dem’s dilemma tho, in that you couldn’t think of 3 possible winners for replacements.


Thanks drdirt,

You are absolutely right. I can’t think of one possible replacement which makes me believe the original plan was to punt the presidency this time like in 1984, giving the old warhorses their last hurrah, work on congressional gains/retention and rebuild the depleted farm team that was wiped out during ‘the One’s’ rein when the lost over 1,000 lower level pols; the same happened during BJ Clinton’s rein.

Last month I asked Dave’s readers to give me their ideas as to any decent prominent Democrat Pol they could support now or in their lifetime. I only came up with the late Mayor of NYC: Ed Koch. Phineas came up with former NY Senator Pat Moynihan. Both happen to be dead for over seven years seventeen years respectively.

I was also thinking of a Bill Gates, thinking he is well known via his tech products, relatively unknown politically and has oodles of money to self fund.. That is who the Dems really need, a self funding billionaire. The problem with Gates is he will be exposed as a hard core lefty globalist, he looks a little like an older geekier Tom Steyer – he is only 64, but Biden and Bloomberg look more youthful, and I think he much rather be the puppet master rather than the face of scorn.

I just don’t see Walking Eagle as related in my comment above..

Michelle, I’m only proud of America for the first time when my big eared Barry got anointed is a non-starter. The fact that she made it plain to everyone how she felt “trapped” in the Whitehouse and spent most of her time trying to ram Schiff down our kid’s (and our) throats via executive action or fiat, and posed as a ‘model’ for more fashion magazine covers than any other first lady, often in ridiculous outfits. Na, no way, and she won’t take Joe’s VP slot on the come either. Some people have speculated she might accept being someone else’s VP. Why? An infirmed Biden being forced out via the 25th amendment in 2021 is the ONLY reason anyone would want to be his VP.

Cuomo’s comment: “America was never really that great…” will sink him in any red state and probably several purple ones.

Any Twosome Newsom is a darling of the left, but that is as far as it goes.

The CO Gov maybe, but that would be in the future; he is only 44 – looks much older, only been in office a year, and is basically an older Pete Buttigieg with even less name recognition. Plus he is committing the unpardonable sin among Democrats these days – he is opening up Colorado like the GOP Govs Kemp and Stitt of GA and OK.

No Hollywood types need to bother. Hanks, Cruz, Clooney, DiCaprio, the Oprah or any other current male or female actor, is not Ronald Reagan. The few who might be are relatively conservative and are quiet Republicans.

So let’s have some fun and come up with some names and reasons why you think your choice is viable.

Sharon Campbell

Yes, David, I think you are on to something here. I’m still of the mind that the corrupt Queen of Benghazi will run in & take the Dimocrat nomination. It really depends on whether the DNC has the guts to tell her to go away, which I’ve seen no sign indicating that. She’s a Snake & keeps popping up her head….until it’s chopped off. (I continue to post your articles on Twitter.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Notice that all of Hillary Rotten’s pictures are airbrushed these days? And that she’s had some kind of work done? With her – cough cough – health liabilities, she’d have to run out of a basement, but that would be to her advantage: she is not personable, and like Joe Hidin’, she’s more popular the less she’s seen.

So I think you may be right.

Bernie’s people will insist on taking the nomination if Joe Hidin’ is forced to quit. You folks who don’t think they can get any crazier don’t know how restrained they are, compared to what they could be if it’s rigged a second time (or third, because Hidin’s lock on the race was secured by hook – again.) So the third on a match gets to light the fuse.

The only hope the Dims have is to make people hate President Trump, and they’re using a medical emergency to make the attempt. Pig Pharma, remember. doesn’t like it when DJT tells them to lower their prices, and tells them to come home from the CCP. Nothing the Dims are doing has anything to do with their candidate: all of their energy is spent throwing turdballs at Trump. Hillary Rotten is a turdball, so she fits the bill.


I appreciate you posting my articles as well Sharon:)

phineas gage

A bit outdated and pre-pandemic, but I don’t see any reason to disagree with the argument and conclusion:


Oh DNC please do run Walking Eagle again through another ‘fixed’ process. I might have been concerned if she had taken her defeat with grace and worked to expand her base, by at least appearing to work toward MAGA rather than being a whining sour puss for nearly four years.

Her biggest support base – ‘the One’s’ DOJ/FBI/CIA are no longer in place to produce another dossier.

She was basically running as an incumbent seeking Obama’s third term. Whatever advantage that may have given her is long gone.

Despite this huge economic setback caused by the China virus, everyone saw the positives that were real form Trump’s MAGA agenda. I don’t believe Trump will be blamed for the economic effects of the ‘pandemic’. His real and tangible leadership through this crisis has been on display for months now and most thinking Americans will want to return America to the three booming years of Trump’s economy rather than return to the eight years of Obama’s moribund economy with his managed decline agenda for America. People like jobs and job opportunities, lower taxes, less regulation and a greater prospect of world peace. A steady or rapid several month rebound beginning in May or June will time out nicely.

If Walking Eagle runs now, or ever, she will never be a Soaring Eagle and will be as much a detriment to down ballot candidates as Bernie would have been. There is one other big negative to Walking Eagle… The Clintons are now well known for ‘fixing’ everything regarding politics. Corruption and manipulation of the truth is synonymous with the Clinton brand.

And perhaps the biggest factor: BJ Clinton won by being a charming likeable people pleasing salesman – someone you could enjoy going out with, having a beer and watching a game with. Walking Eagle has no such qualities; she reminds every man of a screeching ex wife, ex girl friend, or mother in-law; finger nails on a chalkboard versus warm and fuzzy.

Cameron Howe

“And perhaps the biggest factor: BJ Clinton won by being a charming likeable people pleasing salesman”

Well that, and Ross Perot.
(His sax performance on the Arsenio Hall show and a dip in the economy didn’t hurt either).


With the Dims anything is possible. They have managed to get Bernie to bow down again. I don’t
see any of the former candidates being viable and garnering a following big enough to get the nod.

The question is, will those who have #walkedaway and independents want to give a vote for

Interesting times indeed.



“Think if they tried this it would blow up in their face: the Bernie Bros would see him as the rightful heir & go absolutely bat*** crazy.”

How can the Bernie Bros go absolutely “bat***t crazy” when they are already absolutely “bat***t crazy”?

They are as pissed off now as they ever will be, so I don’t see any downside in my scenario for the Dems, and possibly a few pluses as described.

This is what I think we all feel regarding Trump and the media and the Dems: They are actually giving Trump a free pass in many ways since there is no way for them to do more or be more against Trump then they are already doing. Even “Meathead” Reiner said the press is making Trump a sympathetic figure.

Once one is out of bullets, one can’t continue to kill.


What I mean is – if BiteMe is out & Bernie doesn’t get the nod; the Dems risk all the Bernie Bros staying home/voting Trump.


Yep, after rereading your comments, I get what you are saying, but the Biden shafting of Bernie already took out much of that sting.

All that has to happen (I do have to keep the article to a reasonable length, so I couldn’t include this) is for Bernie to get another ‘call’, and another house and car to match the ones he got in 2016 and earlier this year (a Yugo to match his Trabant?).

He then cites ‘health’ reasons (already had a recent heart attack) for dropping out of politics altogether. He would then have to release ALL his delegates to the chosen candidate. He is a commie, so he, more than any anyone, knows how the ‘system’ works.

He could also simply be Arkancided, given a glorious funeral/pep rally like the late liberal senator from MN: Pall Wellstone, or senator Ace McLame. He will be ‘mourned and missed’ AND easily replaced by another left-winger from Vermont. Even though the VT gov. is a Republican, he is up again this year so unless he appoints himself and wins Bernie’s seat, there won’t be any Ted Cruzes coming from VT.

After the election when they lose bigly, the DNC will have no problem purging their party of the likes of Biden, Sanders, and probably even Klink and Walking Eagle as their expiration date has passed and they bring nothing to the table to further the cause.

Some might say Pelosi and Walking Eagle bring in massive money, true, but they lost with all their big buck spending in 2016 and when they lose again this year they are toast. Even Stalin sacked his generals when they weren’t getting the job done for the PARTY.


Think if they tried this it would blow up in their face: the Bernie Bros would see him as the rightful heir & go absolutely bat*** crazy.

Keep the popcorn handy. The Dems are really painted into a corner. Their best tool right now is to literally burn down the country & hopefully blame it on Trump with the help of the ManureStream Media.


Manure Stream Media – I like it! Might have to steal/share that one. You are free to use my
“copywrited” Panicdemic. 😀

phineas gage

Many people keep speculating about this, but they never get specific about ‘who’ and ‘how’.

Is it really plausible to parachute in Mark Cuban or Gavin Newsom at the last second and expect them to be viable candidates that will garner broad-based support? Even Cuomo would be extremely problematic, as he cannot pull the minority vote like Slow Joe.

In fact, that is the problem with almost all of the proposed replacements–the minority vote. And putting a minority on the ticket as running mate is not going to be sufficient.

Michelle Obama has absolutely no political experience and would be a disaster for them. Even though I still can’t quite get myself to believe it, Hillary is the only viable option for them.


Have thought for a long time that Hillary was ALWAYS the ‘plan’ and that the entire Democratic political season was just kabuki.


Of the three mentioned I think Cuban will be the attempt. Coumo and Newsome weren’t that impressive during the shamdemic. Cuomo commited a dem cardinal sin… he gave Trump praise. Nusance isn’t overly popular right now either.

Cuban comes across as much cleaner, no political history, by that I mean dirt. The Dems will likely want to try a Trump clone. No, mini Mike was all wrong from the get go. Cuban is a billionaire and level headed and comes across as reasoned and calm.

Still think the mooch will vp. Valery J stated the mooch wouldn’t VP for Biden. Didn’t really say no for someone the DNC inserts. Plus I wouldn’t trust a liar anyway. If there is an opportunity… they’ll take it… Even if just to ‘make history’… imo

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