The Tara Reade Story Keeps Closing in on Hidin’ Joe Biden

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

“Joe Biden isn’t sheltering in place in his basement bunker because of the pandemic, he’s hiding from Tara Reade.” – Don Trump, Jr. tweeted that particular bit of truth Friday night after a new video and accompanying media reports had surfaced providing additional contemporaneous substantiation for the allegation by Tara Reade, a staffer for then-Senator Joe Biden in the early 1990s, that China Joe not only sexually harassed her repeatedly, but at one point also penetrated her with one of his long, spindly fingers.

Corrupt media outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times have done their best to provide cover for Biden – the story has, a full month after Reade resurfaced with her allegations, still not appeared in any form on CNN’s air or website – but the thing just keeps gaining legs regardless. On Friday evening, a video clip surfaced – first reported by The Intercept – of Read’s mother calling in to a 1993 episode of CNN’s own Larry King Show to complain about Biden’s horrific treatment of her daughter and the fact that she was fired for attempting to report the matter.

Here’s the clip:

Interestingly, the very leftwing Politico has taken up reporting on the matter in recent weeks, which will no doubt mean its executives will be taken off the invite list for future dinner parties at Jeff Zucker’s home. Here is how Politico summarized the call in its report this morning:

As first reported by the Intercept, an unnamed woman from San Luis Obispo, California, called into King’s show and said, “I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.”

Reade confirmed to POLITICO it was her mother’s voice.

King asked the woman, “She had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?”

The caller replied, “That’s true.”

In March, Reade accused Biden of digitally penetrating her in 1993 without her consent. Last year, she told reporters that Biden inappropriately touched her at the time, including on her neck and shoulder, but did not talk about an alleged assault.


As I wrote last month, the Wuhan Virus pandemic has been a stroke of great good fortune for China Joe. It has enabled his handlers to maintain their strategy of “hidin’ Biden,” keeping the obviously impaired candidate cooped up in his basement and away from any uncontrolled interactions with the public or the press. Biden’s shut-in status has also given the Democrat operatives at all the major media outlets the rationale they love to have to basically ignore any inconvenient news stories related to the creepy presumptive Democrat nominee on the excuse that there is too much bigger news to deal with.

Even with those excuses, though, the liberals at Politico have chosen to file multiple reports on this story and continue to pursue it. On Thursday, for example, Politico published a report detailing the rank hypocrisy on the matter displayed by Alyssa Milano and other leaders of the #MeToo movement. Turns out that we must “believe all women” unless the woman in question is leveling a very believable allegation at a prominent Democrat. But of course, that has been a consistent feature of the “women’s movement” for half a century now.

This continuing focus on the story is commendable because it means that Politico’s reporters are destined to become social outcasts among their utterly corrupt and worthless peer group so long as the publication continues to focus scrutiny on the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator. It’s a breach of corrupt media protocol that exposes the other leftist outlets as the rank hypocrites and frauds they truly are.

So, kudos are due to Ms. Reade for having the courage to do everything she can to warn America about the real Joe Biden, and to the editors and reporters at Politico for defying peer pressure to continue reporting on the story.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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1st Amendment Matters

Communist RINO runs this site


Huh? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot do you mean?

If you really have something meaningful to post you may have to couch it in terms acceptable to WP, but I and many others have successfully posted our POVs.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mean the site managers? Agree. Not Dave.

Show me

I believe Tara Reade.


Show me, I believe her too. Even if she was a proven nut like Blasely-Ford, I would still believe her because we have to believe all women don’t ya know. Crazy Hirono says so.


While I believe many of the various reports, links, stories, facts and opinions postulated by Jimmy and others, I fear we are on the verge of information and/or conspiracy overload regarding the US and foreign government’s ‘medical experiments/research’ conducted on their many victims over the years. This, coupled with the WHO, CDC, NIH, Big Pharma and the various foundation’s efforts to pay off or cover up their malfeasance is getting us to the point where nothing is to believed, trusted or understood.

Fluoride, I believe a toxic and hard to safely dispose of waste byproduct of aluminum production, was and still is being repurposed as a cavity preventative via our government controlled public water supply. Still, despite much evidence of damage, it is still being forced upon a largely unsuspecting populace. Proof positive that much of big government at all levels is inherently corrupt.

This “overload” of information by all media is, IMO, designed to confuse any issue to the point where no one pays attention to anything, or any news – good or bad. The derisive term ‘talking head(s)’ is used with good reason.

It is another form of dumbing us down to the point where many can be convinced to believe almost anything – like Trump recommending people ingest chemical cleaners – or nothing; to get us to just give up and accept almost anything.

Before I read the comments on this post, I was going to comment on Biden, and my point about us accepting anything still ties in.

Because of so much conflicting nonsense being spewed by so many in the MSM (D) we, the greatest country in the world with a population of 328 million are (so far) left with Joe Biden as Trump’s only viable opposition.

While I am happy he is such a weak opponent, it boggles my mind how such an old, flat out dumb and ignorant (and that was BEFORE he began his decent into dementia), corrupt and plagiarizing fraud, and a phony person who has an entire political life of nearly fifty years of accomplishing NOTHING actually has a chance of becoming, not only president, but leader of the free world. His whole career centers around winning easy elections in a very small and very Democratic state and riding on ‘the One’s’ coattails to easy victories to a largely ceremonial do-nothing post.

Republican presidents and presidential candidates occasionally select actual leaders (governors) with executive experience (Agnew, Palin, and Pence) to be their running mates. They also occasionally task their VPs into meaningful positions, like Pence right now. I can’t remember Mondale, Gore, or Biden ever being in charge of or accomplishing anything of significance prior to or during their vice presidency. All were empty vessels, all were senators with no executive experience and all came from easy to win states.

To quote Ace McLame when he was being interviewed by Don Imus in 2000 after he lost the primary to Bush Jr.: Senator, would you ever consider being Bush Jr’s running mate?

Ace: No I would not because the VP has only two jobs:
1) is to attend important state funerals of foreign leaders and statesmen and
2) to check on the health of the president every day.

Biden couldn’t win a single primary in his two prior attempts when he could have been considered sane. Now he is the best candidate his party can put forward? It makes no sense and SPEAKS volumes about today’s Democratic party doesn’t it?


Fully agreed Gregg… Its getting tougher to keep the focus for sure as there are sooooo many targets. One of the reasons why I keep mentioning whats up with Gina Haspel is because the CIA has a LONG and very evil role throughout its history.

She has close ties to Brennan and I’d bet my eye teeth shes involved in all of this massive campaign of information disinformation overload. To destabilize a country you have to cause as much confusion and distrust as possible so that the ‘solution’ will be more palatable to the citizenry.

Big industry, like big government, is NOT to be trusted. Thats been proven time and again. What people really need to do is demand term limits on politicals. END the career political. For the GOP/Conservative side there needs to be a vetting and commitment to justice and accountability. Dems/Liberals don’t care and would never abide by this. More justice and accountability from politicals would instill more confidence in government. Unelected bureaucrats need to be gone after with a hammer if they break the law or are clearly partisan. Pipe dream I know.

Lobbyists should be eliminated, they’re just bribery fronts. If not eliminated then ANY gov’t official or worker should not be allowed to be a lobbyist for 5 – 10 years. Big businesses should be very closely watched, especially techs. WHY hasn’t Google and microcrap been hauled before a committee and asked to explain their working with the CCP in developing AI and the social surveillance programs in China???

This whole web of corruption does cross political aisles, is international, does involve big corp. Do they all get together and plot…. I’d say nah. But the ones driving the plots are not on our level of reality for we fight against powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness. We need to pick our targets carefully and not chase to many rabbits.


Brian, I’ll have an article or comments on my solutions to bureaucrats and lobbyists.

Thanks for your reply

Sir Cumference

Slimy, creepy, hair-sniffing, groping, little girl fondling, senile Joe. And he wants to be president.
Watch Groping Joe fondling young girl. And the DemocRATs want to put this pedophile in the WH. Pass this on, everyone needs to see what a creep Groping Joe is.


Funny… but not.

Those people who shrieked that Trump was mentally unfit… are supporting Biden for President.

Its not even a secret among Dems and their base that creepy Joe isn’t fit for anything but a rocker and some apple sauce. Personally don’t think Killary will have any chance as shes poison but it doesn’t mean she going to sit by silently. I think that the DNC will hold off the convention as long as they can so that the puppet they put out front will have little push back, and the message will be to unify behind the chosen one, obviously. The who is going to be interesting. Mooch VP??

phineas gage

My best guess at this point is a Hillary-Michelle ticket.


Hillary I don’t think has a chance, to many reasons to not take her on.

I’m thinking of an outlier like the shark tank guy and Michael/Michele. The DNC will try to get a Dem copy of Trump to run… Thats my guess.

phineas gage

I would be shocked if the DNC tapped a political novice like Cuban. Way too loose of a cannon.

The club wants a club member.

Jay Whitcraft

IMHO as bad as Hillary would like another run at the President against Trump, there is no way she gets the nomination. The Dems look at her as a failure and won’t choose her regardless of what happens between now and the convention. She won’t be the VP nominee either. Once the Dem convention is over, that will be the day that she and everyone else in the world will realize that her political career is finally over once and for all. Jay

phineas gage

I think you are right, but much will depend on whether the Clinton faction or Obama faction holds the upper-hand in the DNC power struggle. I think the Clinton time is over, but they may still have cards to play.

I just don’t see who they can swap in for Joe that would be nearly as powerful as Hillary.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!”

Well, there’s obviously a conspiracy involving those who keep putting air into Hidin’s Joe’s lungs to keep him mouthing words. The man is mentally unwell, clearly. Looks like Joe is just another experiment, to see how far they can push a demented man to the public, and to have the public vote for him anyway.

But if you want to see a real conspiracy, look no further than the US Public Health Service and the Tuskegee Experiments. You can scream and shout till your head explodes, but this was an actual conspiracy against African American sharecroppers in Tuskegee, Alabama, where they allowed syphilis to rage in those infected in order to conduct an epidemiological experiment. (Barack Obama’s favorite preacher claimed they were injected with syphilis, but that was done in Guatemala and in prisons, not in Tuskegee.) Babies were born with congenital syphilis, and only Bill Clinton apologized for the terrible things the government did.

It lasted 40 years, and only ended because a whistleblower came forward. 40 years.

Look it up; I needn’t put up a link. They can’t hide everything.
People who believe Hidin’ Joe is going to be the nominee may be stupid enough to believe the government’s version of events – some still protest that the experiments were necessary, even though antibiotics were found early into the study.

Jimmy MacAfee

Off for the day.

Last question: why did Tara Reade, Gropin’ Joe’s victim, choose now to come forward? There’s an inside store there somewhere.

Smells of Hillary Rotten, who wants to be waltzed in at the last moment; she wants a do-over. The noose is dangling in front of her face, and she is about ready to pull her last ploy before the lever is pulled.

Jimmy MacAfee

If you want to go down the rabbit hole a bit more, read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey.” Conspiratorial, sure, but with a lot of background that is accurate:

“Physician and columnist Dr. Brobson Lutz examines a book that alleges a 1960s
medical conspiracy with global implications.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Hidin’ Joe will be replaced. They needed an excuse to replace him, right on schedule. This thing is about to blow up big enough to set him aside and their real candidate revealed (Satan?)

On a similar note, everybody is talking about vaccines as the savior of mankind. They are not, and those who relentlessly push them need to be exposed. One part of this is the polio vaccine/cancer link, a tragedy they’ve hidden for decades, right under our noses: SV 40. The polio vaccine that is (strongly) linked to a generation of cancer. I’d heard about this a long time ago, but the Medical Dictatorship wants to pretend it never happened. Like the press and Tara Reade. The big picture, however, is bigger than you ever imagined.

“Upon the discovery that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a new federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus. However, this law did not require that SV40 contaminated vaccines be thrown away or that the contaminated seed material (used to make all polio vaccines for the next four decades) be discarded. As a result, known SV40 contaminated vaccines were injected into children up until 1963. In addition, it has been alleged that there have been SV40-contaminated batches of oral polio vaccine administered to some children until the end of the 1990’s.”

A lot of things are going to be revealed – and much has been revealed already. Tara Reade will bring down Joe Hidin’. WHO knows the name of the replacement candidate. WHO?

edward p oneill

The old bastard is a filthy perverted liver spotted faced SWINE!!

phineas gage

I agree with you, but who is a plausible replacement?

Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting that NIH studies pooh-poohed the use of hydroxychlolorquine. They have a history of having dirty hands, and promoting vaccines regardless of the (human) cost.

The most feared words in America:
“Hi, we’re from the NIH; we’re here to help you!”

“NIH officials regarded her discovery as a threat to a pivotal public health policy; namely, mass vaccination. They tried to muzzle her, but in 1960 she presented her findings to the NY Cancer Society; whereupon NIH blocked her from publishing her findings. Meanwhile, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck’s Chief vaccine expert, published similar results at the same time, leading Merck to voluntarily withdraw its killed-virus polio vaccine.”

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