Clinton/Kerry Advisor Breaks the Democrat Omerta on Biden [UPDATED]

The Evening Campaign Update

Things are getting pretty hairy for Quid Pro China Joe Biden, though he is most likely blissfully unaware of it all. The video clip released on Friday of Tara Reade’s mother calling in to the Larry King Live show in 1993 to talk about Biden’s alleged sexual assault on her daughter has been making the rounds on social media all day. More importantly, the implications of the video – that, unlike any of the liar accusers of Brett Kavanaugh, it demonstrates clear contemporaneous proof that Ms. Reade told family and friends about Biden’s abuse and harassment – are beginning to sink in on the few remaining Democrats who still have a conscience.

One such Democrat apparently is Democrat operative Peter Daou, who served as an advisor to both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. After seeing the video of Reade’s mother’s call-in to King, Daou on Saturday posted a thread on Twitter begging Creepy Uncle Joe to quit the race. The full text of that thread appears below, but first, here is the video clip for those who have not yet seen it:

Now, the thread by Mr. Daou:

It continues…

4. Defeating Trump is NOT OPTIONAL. 5. To avoid potential catastrophe in Nov., #Biden should withdraw. 6. #Warren, #Harris, #Klobuchar, #Buttigieg, #Castro, etc. could replace Biden. 7. #Bernie can restart his campaign. 8. We can reboot the primary and give voters a choice.

9. This is the ethical position AND the smarter strategy to beat Trump. 10. We lose ALL moral authority if we embrace “the lesser of two accused rapists.” 11. Polls show other Dem candidates can win. PRINCIPLES MATTER. WE CAN BEAT TRUMP AND PROTECT OUR VALUES.

ADDENDUM 1: I made the same arguments about #Franken and #Kavanaugh. If #MeToo means anything, it CANNOT BE APPLIED ON A PARTISAN BASIS. And for the record, I also think the same standard should apply to Bill Clinton’s accusers.

ADDENDUM 2: My thread is not about #Bernie winning. I explicitly stated that Biden can be replaced with any of the other Dem candidates and we can restart the primary and give voters a choice. This is about RED MORAL LINES. Sexual assault is unquestionably one of those lines.

ADDENDUM 3: I want to defeat Trump and the GOP as much as anyone in America. I’ve spent my life fighting them. But we cannot defeat Trump with a lesser of evils approach. If you really want to win, DO NOT COMPROMISE BASIC MORAL STANDARDS. It is a sure formula for losing.

ADDENDUM 4: Spare me the “you’re helping Trump” b.s. The only Dems helping Trump are Pelosi, Schumer, and their establishment colleagues who have given him a space force, Patriot Act, trade bill, ICE funding, and all the rightwing judges his heart desires.


Obviously, if you hadn’t already figured it out, Daou is also a big fan of The Commie, Bernie Sanders, and supported him during the primary season, which, as he points out, hasn’t ended yet.

But…Daou is about to discover some harsh truths about the Democrat Party. The first being that, to the Democrats, PRINCIPLES DON’T MATTER, no matter how many tweets you issue in all caps wishing they did.

The second being that the #MeToo movement also has no principles, means nothing and in this case most certainly WILL BE APPIED ON A PARTISAN BASIS. If you think for one second that prominent #MeToo hypocrites like Alyssa Milano are going to suddenly develop a conscience and toss their favorite Unfrozen Caveman Senator overboard after having spent the last solid year ignoring the crystal clear reality of his rapidly declining cognitive state, you are living on Fantasy Island.

The third thing Mr. Daou is going to discover is that, before issuing his Twitter thread, he probably should have taken a moment to reflect on the fact that the consequences for Bill Clinton’s being a lifelong serial abuser of women were that he served two terms as Arkansas Governor, two terms as U.S. President and became fabulously wealthy and praised by Democrat hypocrites once he left office.

In other words, Daou’s decision to become the first semi-prominent Democrat to break the Party’s hush order on the Reade allegations is likely to end up being far more damaging to him than it is Quid Pro China Joe, unless other semi-prominent Dems decide to join him. If that happens, things could eventually get pretty dicey for Biden, even though he mostly likely won’t even understand it’s happening.

UPDATE: In what has to be considered an important development, CNN corrupt talking head Chris Cillizza becomes the first person from that despicable organization to break the silence on the Read allegations with this tweet:

Oh, my. Oh, my, my, my. Stay tuned.


Joe Biden Gets Trolled With His Cringey 'I'm On Team Joe' Campaign ...

That is all.

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Francisco Machado

A glaring problem confronting Democrats in any attempt to replace Biden: They don’t have anyone to replace him that’s as good as he is. No Democrat with an eye on 2024, the party’s next possible run at the Presidency, wants on their record the shellacking they’d get in this year’s election. Joe is almost certainly their best bet for holding onto enough seats in Congress to derail any economically beneficial legislation for four more years. He is the sacrificial candidate; he does not strongly motivate resistance voting for downticket offices.


We the People, need to take Mad Maxine Waters strategy and get in these reporters and politicians faces and make them believe there are consequences for their lies. Like that POS Acosta, saying he felt his life was endangered when he was actually shown to be totally at ease in the midst of the “vicious Trump supporters”. These leftists will lie as much as we let them.
The right has morals and character, the left is devoid of both.



My only concern about this part of your comment:

“No more pressers until the press allows good reporters with good questions to participate, and stops the foolishness in its ranks.”

Is it sounds eerily like when Gaffe O. Joe angrily shouted at one ‘reporter’ who actually asked a reasonable question: “Ask me the right questions”.

And we all saw how the press hit at Trump when he tried to ban Acosta from the press corps.

I think the Q & A should be done in a written format like this:

Trump: This concludes the information phase, it is now time for stupid questions phase submitted in writing.

(A picture of the reporter, their network and the network’s parent ownership is displayed on a TV screen next to the president along with the question)

MSDNC reporterette Ms. Dingbat Dumbbell asks – Why do I suck so much?

Answer: Because I refuse to Kiss up to you guys/gals

DNCNN reporter Jim Schmuckatelli asks – Why does my administration and my supporters suck so much?

Answer: Because we don’t listen to you or your “network”

Follow up question from Schmuckatelli – Why don’t you listen to and follow every suggestion and edict from the CDC’s esteemed “expert” Dr. Flluki who is obviously much older and wiser than you?

Answer: Because he is wrong more often than your “network”

Thankyou all for attending, this concludes this briefing.

Jimmy MacAfee

The President needs to have briefings at some point, but to limit them to 45 minutes, and to ask Fox and others why they promote the Governor’s briefings, but not the President’s? Perhaps the President needs to hold his briefings in a time slot not competing with Judge Judy, which is not a good time, and not in competition with the networks feeble attempts at “news.”

Right now, there is enough unearthed to discredit Fauci that he should never have the stage again; he’s been wrong about everything, and his collaborations with WHO (and Bill “the Cat”Gates) are more than a little troubling. His day is past. (Birx has done a credible job – so far.)

The fake study in the VA about hydroxychloroquine was incredibly tainted – the evidence of this crap-science is now available – and it is being used successfully and widely. Thanks to President Trump. (Now for the Vitamin C, and we’ll be on our way.) No more pressers until the press allows good reporters with good questions to participate, and stops the foolishness in its ranks.

Jimmy MacAfee

Off topic, but the President has stopped the briefings. Wise move! It was not just a waste of time, it was counterproductive. Case in point: Northam’s briefings never had the insane, stupid, repetitive, boorish and pointless questions aimed at the President. The differences between how the press treated the Governor of Virginia and the President of the United States are glaring.

My repeated comments that we are heading toward a medical dictatorship isn’t aimed at most doctors or healthcare systems; it’s mainly aimed at Pig Pharma (not the good pharmaceuticals.) As things are progressing, hospitals and doctors are losing tremendous amounts of money, and hospital systems and other medical systems are laying off staff. In other words, good people are being hurt, and that includes your family doctor.

ON the other side of things, Christopher Wray’s FBI is targeting doctors who use IV vitamin C, which has been shown to lower inflammation. The use of internal Vitamin C is not without controversy, mostly by those who don’t want an inexpensive treatment to supplant the expensive, worthless and shabby treatments Pig Pharma sells. Anyone who knows anything about the effectiveness of CBD oils and products knows that Pig Pharma fought relentlessly against these substances, more than they did against fish oil and glucosamine sulfate. Pig Pharma wants to rule the world, and vaccines are the thrust of their current gambit.

Jimmy MacAfee

I had a dear friend who had a diffuse type of lung cancer, and was near death (pneumonia) and went to Mexico for treatment, to get healthy enough for her body to deal with the cancer. She came back in amazing shape. Part of the regimen includes IV vitamin C, which helped keep the inflammation down and bolstered the immune system.

Back at home, she was able to use the therapy along with the “traditional” therapies and was doing quite well, but the compounding pharmacy that offered the IV Vitamin C was closed on false charges (or suspiciously delivered charges) and she had no more options. Every time she had used chemo, the Vitamin C helped tremendously. I know; I saw. But without the C, she withered away and she gradually drowned in her own lungs.

This reminds me so much of what is being done to COVID-19 patients, in places where governors decided to make it impossible to obtain hydroxychloropquine, and is now being done by Chris Wray of the Fools Buttheads and Incompetents. All the criminals of the Deep State (money laundering, drugs, sex trafficking of adults AND children) and all they spend their time on is harassing doctors who don’t sell Pig Pharma’s poison?

Jimmy MacAfee

The CCP connections with the DNC will be exposed. Many of us know it already. Those collaborators will soon find out what it means to be exposed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Rober, Silas and Gregg,

Agree with all of you – good posts!

The COVID attack by the CCP was coordinated: they sent people to Europe, to the US, to Australia. And they bought all the equipment that they could get their hands on, jacked up the price and are making an obscene profit for non-functional crap that doesn’t work. Watch Peter Navarro on Fox with Cavuto explain this a bit better, with an excerpt from the link by Breitbart:

“This is a war. It’s a war that China started by spawning the virus, by hiding the virus, by hoarding personal protective equipment during the time it hid the virus. And now it’s ironic, in my view, disgusting that they’re profiteering from that.”

How does that play into the election? The DNC is identical in aims and ambitions to the CCP, and the press is collaborative, too. The CCP doesn’t understand just how senile QuidPro is, and they think Americans are all stupid, fat, lazy morons. That is their view of us, and they think we can’t see for our selves that their candidate (Quid Pro) can’t flick at the urinal. That’s part of the equation. Senility isn’t sufficient for them to allow one of their chief candidates to be removed.

QuidPro is also full of a lot of things, one of them pride: he has enough pride and enough memories left to sink the whole shebang, the whole Dimocratic Party – and it’s clear that he’s willing to use that if someone threatens to take his place. He won’t go gently, and he is easily angered. Lot of people with dementia become combative like that. The difference is, most of them aren’t holding a live grenade. That’s why they’re now trying to humiliate him out of the race.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Jill will be the one to pull Gropin’ Joe from the stage, the only one who can keep him calm as he’s yanked. It will happen soon, and he’ll go away with a whimper.


Like invaders throwing themselves at the castle walls, we are going to see more and more ground troops (mainly Hillary and Bernie supporters) throwing themselves against the Biden campaign and the DNC. Eventually the walls will fall, and Biden will be out. What we don’t know is just how much of this is being orchestrated from within the DNC.



I’ll give you an FDR quote to ponder: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

We just don’t what their ultimate “plan” is.

PS: I also think this COVID -19 was at least in part “planned”.


I suspect the orchestration started as soon as Ms Reade went public. The #metoo / all women must be believed angle will crash against a very rocky shore over this. Politico is pushing this
and they are no friend of the conservative movement.

As I said, the powers that be are squirming over Slow Joe’s mental incapacity and their all in on Joe strategy.


Well, it looks like they are gonna slowly ramp this up. I think the powers that be have been squirming with each new public display of Slow Joe’s mental issue. I find it interesting that
suddenly after all these years, Ms Reade suddenly decides to go public. And it certainly didn’t
take long for the Larry King show video to surface did it? While I normally would agree with the
fact that the Dems/MSM would never care about this, they are desperate to defeat President
Trump and are likely to do anything they think that will insure that. Even if it means throwing a
loyal soldier under the bus.

The $64,000 question is who will be the new candidate be?

phineas gage

Hillary-Michelle. Book it.

phineas gage

Completely agree with Silas. It is almost certain that this is planned by DNC Central. Nothing happens spontaneously with the Dems. This is the beginning of the replacement of Slow Joe.

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