Is John Durham Working on a RICO-Style Case?

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

It is interesting, if nothing else. – One interesting aspect of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s decision to bring the Chief of the violent crimes and narcotics trafficking section for the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., Anthony Scarpelli, onto his investigation team is that Scarpelli has been a specialist in RICO-type investigations over the last decade. His job has been to identify domestic and international drug trafficking networks and bring the major players to justice, as he and his team did in the example described at this link.

In response to the piece on this that I posted last night, one cynical reader responded that Scarpelli is nothing more than a guy who was sitting around right now with nothing to do, so Durham brought him in to get him some work. Who knows – that could be right. But he has been in charge of a team of 23 attorneys and 20 support staff, so what are those 43 people going to be doing in his absence?

The other possibility that springs to mind – which seems more likely, frankly – is that Durham identified Scarpelli as having the skillset needed to help make whatever case or cases he is planning to bring.  Such cases would be brought against what we all know was a complex international conspiracy run out of the DOJ and FBI first to fix the 2016 election and then to execute a coup d’etat on American soil. This cabal wasn’t trafficking in drugs, but it was trafficking in disinformation and propaganda, and, as last December’s Horowitz Report and the recently-declassifed footnotes and margin notes clearly document, using what it knew to be false information in order to defraud the FISA court.

Prosecuting highly-complex conspiracy cases with hundreds of moving parts such as this one is a specialized area of expertise within the Department of Justice, and it is not something in which Durham himself has specialized. Just as Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller brought in rafts of attorneys who were specialists in money laundering, financial crimes, tax evasion and other areas to help execute his coup effort, we would expect a U.S. Attorney investigating the investigators to make similar moves in putting together his own team.

Which is why the selection of Scarpelli is so interesting. Take a look at his curriculum vitae as described at his Linkedin page:

Manage and supervise 23 senior attorneys and 20 support staff handling all aspects of federal violent crimes, narcotics, firearms, and money laundering investigations and prosecutions.

Counsel supervisors and line prosecutors regarding investigative, charging, and trial issues.

Review indictments, affidavits, forfeiture allegations, and proposed plea offers.

Evaluate requests for major investigatory steps, such as wiretap authorizations and GPS data collection.

Act as a liaison to law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, HSI, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Supervised and managed complex litigation involving an FBI agent who tampered with evidence in dozens of criminal cases.

Developed and implemented Office’s threats and escape prosecution protocol.

Top Secret/SCI Clearance.


Obviously, given the recent reports that Durham has spent many days holed up in a SCIF in recent months personally reviewing top secret information, that clearance is important. But all of the rest of those items listed could be directly relevant to Durham’s effort if he does indeed plan a real effort to prosecute the major players in the conspiracy.

Pay particular attention to this item: “Supervised and managed complex litigation involving an FBI agent who tampered with evidence in dozens of criminal cases.” In addition to the cabal’s efforts to defraud the FISA court, would that experience not be directly relevant to the effort by the FBI to entrap and frame General Mike Flynn and the multiple revisions of the 302 reports that FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors went to great lengths to hide?

Many observers, including journalist John Solomon, have speculated in recent weeks that Durham will likely only indict a few low-level players as sacrificial lambs and leave it at that. The move of Scarpelli onto the Durham team at least provides some hope that something bigger and more encompassing may be in the works.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jay Whitcraft

I don’t look for any real action until the end of the summer at least. From what little bit of information we get, it seems that the scope of this keeps expanding. IMHO President Tump is fully informed about the whole thing. Both Trump and Barr are so mad about what went on that they will for sure release the indictments at the best time for Trump politically. Jay


Jay, I’m not so sure that Barr is very mad about this. I just wish he would stay off the TV interview circuit until the day he and Durham announce indictments, arrests, and trial dates – AND NOT A FREAKING “REPORT” that will be oohed and ahhed about for about three days and be buried for fifty years out of bounds for any FOIA request until it gets declassified for public release by Barron Trump’s kid. Just like President Trump has released more of the JFK assassination file recently. Guess what, no one cared.


As I recall, from one of his interviews, Barr is more focused on Durham uncovering and prosecuting crimes than Durham writing a report. Barr has been telegraphing that this investigation is getting more complicated and they want to be sure they get it right.

I am still giving him the benefit of a doubt for now. If I were in his shoes, I’d want every I dotted, every T crossed and all the damn ducks lined up in a nice, tight row. My only
concern is that we get only low hanging fruit and nothing at the top. Time will tell.


I agree I want to get it “right” Silas, but think about this:

No one in the Obama DOJ or Mueller’s Gestapo gave a damn about getting anything “right” and they still managed to get a couple of innocent Trump associates in jail. They also bankrupted several and probably cost them years off their lives due to stress – no small punishment there.

Look at the Scooter Libby case where a rogue “special” prosecutor got a conviction on flawed evidence from a packed and prejudiced DC area ‘jury’.

My point is: while I want the DOJ “to get it right”, unless the trial is in some other venue – even Durham’s Connecticut is highly Democrat – a deserved conviction(s) will be as difficult to get for the Russia crowd as a fair trial was for Scooter Libby.

While I also agree that two wrongs don’t make a right and prosecutorial misconduct is very wrong, I’m just saying forcing the perhaps scores of ‘the One’s’ and Walking Eagle’s corruptocrats to spend millions on their defence for several years may be the only effective punishment they will get.

Now if Barr and Durham really do “get it right” and, unlike Obama’s DOJ, get real and legitimate convictions, (and I’m talking hundreds of government wide convictions and jail) then our wait will have been well worth while.

But, as a caveat, Barr has tolerated Wray as FBI director for entirely too long and this causes me to have grave doubts.

Ben Colder

I really hope someone has to pay but if I was to bet I would have to bet that some low level guy most likely will get sent to the slammer for a year of so and that will be that .I hope I am wrong but one has to be realistic .


Regarding Witless in Michigan. The legislature is Republican: 22R-16D in the senate, 58R-52D in the assembly. If the MI GOP is strong, Witless could have some power stripped; they apparently stopped her from giving a COVID-19 tracking data contract to her Dem buddies.

However if it is feckless, MI residents will have to wait until 2022 for relief. But it is their own fault for electing Klink Jr. in the first place in 2018..

Someday people will learn to NEVER EVER VOTE DEMOCRATIC AGAIN.

Just another little tidbit about Witless: Came into power Jan 2019, wanted to raise gas tax by 45 cents over the course to three six month phases at 15 cents each. Existing tax was 26.3 cents and would have been raised to a national highest rate of 71.3 cents per gallon. She apparently had to compromise; MI gas tax is now 42.48 cents per gallon – a 16.18 cent increase.

Democrats doing what Democrats always do – RAISE TAXES! Hey Michiganders! Are the roads any better with the new tax?

And we in TN pissed and moaned about a 6 cent hike phased in over a couple of years.


She said during the conference this morning concerning a Republican bill to curtail executive powers, “There is no way I will sign a bill that limits my authority as governor”.

She might be a Palpatine…


Personally I think this is a bigger ship than anyone realizes. Heres why I don’t really believe much will come of this.

The deep sate has been in operation for many many decades and are dug in like ticks. These parasitical ticks are on both sides of the aisle with the overt obvious ones like Shiff and Romney. They are criminal to the core from the tippy top to the criminals in training at the bottom.

Take the Afghan war. This wasn’t about freeing the country from islamic terrorists. It was all about protecting the poppy fields. Way to many soldiers were reporting hanging out near these fields waiting to engage the terrorists when they got to close. Bill Clinton as a Governor had drugs brought in by CIA planes as revealed by a CIA pilot whistleblower.

So because Barr has been a player with history in the deep state do you really believe hes going to bring down the show?? The corruption runs so deep and wide that to clean house would be to nuke New York and have two Walmart cashiers left standing in the smoking ruins.

Will Killary be brought to trial… I have a bridge for sale… cheap. These ticks at the top will walk, We are talking HUGE money, power and organizations like the evil CIA running not only cover but wet works too. Epstien certainly didn’t kill himself. Odd it all just disappeared off the radar.

IMO, the new guy on the team is going to be there to help mitigate and not prosecute to the fullest. There isn’t enough paper in the US to list the crimes of all the people involved. Will they go after low hanging fruit?? They’ve had multiple referrals HANDED to them and Barr let them skate.

If Barr were to prosecute the criminals… it would bring down the government. and be virtually never ending. To many, to big… so lets mitigate.


Brian, There is so much to say about your comment

Afghanistan also has huge deposits of lithium – more than anywhere else – for all the green new cars.

I wrote a funny piece years ago about the secret airstrip in Arkansas for the drugs – I’ll share it sometime.

I think you meant nuke Wash DC rather than NYC, but I’ll take four Walmart cashiers if you catch my drift.

Regarding our potential paper shortage, we could get the left over newsprint from all our soon to be defunct ‘newspapers’, or get some trees from your Canada:)

About bringing down the government – which would be a good thing in this case: Around 1979-1980, the FBI actually ran a sting operation against congressional corruption – so it can be done Mr. Wray and Mr. Barr. It was called Abscam and from what I remember forty years ago, FBI agents went into congressional offices acting as Arab Sheiks and bribed congressman and senators to get green cards for their family and friends. This was back when immigration fraud was actually considered a crime – yeah, shocking, I know. They had attaché cases full of cash and got convictions on about seven congressmen and at least one senator. The senator and one of the congressmen was my senator and my congressman from NJ which speaks volumes as to the quality of the people NJ sent and STILL sends to DC for the most part. The weird thing was a young 26 yr old upstart nobody was a sacrificial lamb ballot filler in 1978 against a (aprox) 13 term, 26 year incumbent and lost. However that now 28 yr sacrificial lamb ran again in 1980 and with the TAINT of the Abscam INDICTMENT and ultimate conviction after the election, and Reagan’s coattails the ‘kid’ was swept into congress in a heavily Democratic district, where he still REMANS today forty years later. He was a no name then and remains largely anonymous now and while he generally votes the right way most of the time, he has been in congress longer than Nancy Klink (1987); occupying space as a drone, a nice honest drone, but a drone none-the-less. The sad thing is if he were to retire the seat would probably be lost to the Dems – it is NJ after all.

To wrap up the Abscam case: I remember hearing after seven or eight indictments, the FBI shut it down for fear all the indictments and convictions would paralyze the house and the senate and possibly create a national security issue by having a temporally dysfunctional congress due to not being able to form a quorum during the cold war, the energy crisis, USSR invading Afghanistan and the Iran Hostage Crisis. Ha! We have a dysfunctional congress today with full membership in attendence.

Check out Jimmy’s link (has cursing) but it might make you feel better.


Its huge… and has been growing for a very long time. I gave an abridged Readers Digest version of a summary of the corruption of government(s) The US isn’t the only one, but IS the last bastion of freedom, essentially.

Thats why it IS important to push back. Take out the funding of the marxists. Its not good enough just to remove them from office but to push them all back into the sea. Destroy their party otherwise like a little leaven in bread, it will grow and return.

The scope of the corruption is akin to a HUGE multi-headed dragon. I read to the end of the Book tho… We win. We still have to do our part and fight, but we win.

Abscam… back in the day when the FBI was mostly apolitical. Those days are LONG gone.

phineas gage

I tend to agree, unless Barr wants to go out with a YOLO moment.

But the events this week are at least of some interest.


Bringing Scarpelli in tells me this: the investigation is far from over. If Durham got to the point where he needs help tying various threads together, processing data to make conclusions, etc., we’re probably months away from any announcement. I’m not going to hold my breath.

In other news our dictator in chief in MI is extending the stay at home order through 15-May, while lifting some restrictions.

Full details to follow 11am EST.

phineas gage

Completely irrational, since Michigan is one of the states well on the downside of the peak. You should keep Detroit locked and open up the rest of the state by the end of April.

phineas gage

The perfect outcome would be for the indictments to come down a week out from the election.

Never happen, I know. It would with a corrupt Dem AG like Holder or Lynch….

phineas gage

I’m encouraged. I have to admit, the RICO angle never occurred to me, but I understand how it could be applied here. Such indictments would have some serious teeth, so it may encourage lower-level participants to talk.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s a link to a video from Sgt. Friday, someone who puts all this in an entirely different perspective. Warning: very strong language:

A small synopsis of what he’s saying:

-President Trump has been interfering with the sources of revenue of the Deep State
-People who focus only on the coup attempt are stupid, because the problem is much larger
-Hillary Rotten had “accomplished” a lot as Sec. of State, allowing money laundering of all sorts, mostly involving illegal activities.

This new movement by the DOJ is very positive – the most positive I’ve seen. Sgt. Friday is also sick of the blabbermouths who focus exclusively on a narrow range of criminality, like TicToc and even some of the better reporters. I’ll disagree on one count: Tucker Carlson has the tiger surrounded, and when he interviews, he doesn’t use his position to smack people down: he gives them plenty of rope and treats them respectfully as they hang themselves. A former executive from McKinsey Corp. is one example:


Thanks for the link, I don’t normally watch a 30 min video, but if half of what he say is true I feel much better and gives me hope for the future.

However, Trump must be reelected for it to succeed. The MSM (D) should also be investigated for RICO and fraud.

Jimmy MacAfee

Durham using a SCIF is by far the most important development: it ensures no leaks. While some people like leaks – from “our” side, while they hate leaks from “their” side – having no leaks at all is critical to getting a case to trial.

The fact that Adam Schiffhead used a SCIF on board AF 1, and in the illegal prosecution of President Trump in the House “investigation” doesn’t automatically mean that all SCIFs are made equal. But considering that Schiffhead used a SCIF twice to cover illegal activities means that he might, himself, be on the chopping block? Doubt it; but there are a LOT of people who have been involved in funding the Deep State by illegal means who should be worried. Maybe they can cry themselves to sleep at night, along with Brian S.


A SCIF is only as secure and leakproof as the people who occupy it

phineas gage

As well as the security precautions. Remember the late Sandy Berger removing classified documents from the National Archives– not the same as a SCIF, I know, but still……

Carlos Dangler

He removed documents hidden in his socks and his pants! What a maroon! The Demoncrats called it “sloppy behavior”, but it earned him the nickname Sandy Burglar.


Durham getting something going would be a welcome relief from all the COVID-19 BS.

This reminds me of the abject frustration I encountered when I worked in a DC bureaucracy. My boss, who I liked very much, became concerned at my frustration on how things that were supposed to happen but were never happening because some jerk decided to use the bureaucrat tactic of malicious compliance to gum up the works. We had a discussion and I told him: “I need to get a win once in a while” and Something has to happen or what I am doing is meaningless.

I feel the same way about this today.

BTY and off topic:

There was a discussion on radio today about citizen’s rights. The focus was on the Democratic Governors dictatorship’s talking-point where they were talking about the people’s “Right to Safety”.

There is and cannot be any such right that Witmer et al is talking about.

So the speculation that people who suffer from high anxiety are not safe when CNN, MSNBC, WAPO and NYT are essentially anxiety mills. Therefore they should be banned and shut down as a threat to the ‘right’ of the people who suffer from an ‘anxiety’ virus to be ‘safe’.

Interesting concept; such an argument could be legitimately made if one uses the loony left’s logic on the way they are dealing with the ‘pandemic’.

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