The Tucker Carlson Monologue Every American Should See

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

I don’t have time to transcribe this entire Tucker Carlson monologue from last night, but wanted to be sure readers of the Campaign Update saw it, because it’s important.

The monologue is filled with facts demonstrating pretty clearly that stay-at-home policies have had little if any real impact on slowing the spread of this virus. These of course are facts that your government and corrupt news media are ignoring.

Here’s a link to the clip: Carlson Monologue

Here are some of the key quotes from it:

Carlson: The whims of our political leaders are no unquestioned law: Dissent has been banned, and that ban is relentlessly enforced by the willing stooges in our media, who have finally stopped pretending they don’t hate you. The definitely do.

What country is this? Well, It’s a country in a lockdown. We’re told we have no choice but to do this — to stop our lives completely. Mass quarantines, they tell us, are the only way to save lives. But that’s a lie.

They don’t know it’s true, despite what they’ve claimed. There’s no scientific record to consult. It’s never been done. We’re currently living through the largest and most expensive experiment ever conducted in human history. We’ve spent trillions of dollars, and crushed millions of people, purely on the guess that a nationwide lockdown would save us from the coronavirus. Has it worked? Was the guess correct?

Let’s look at the data: as of tonight, 8 US states have not issued shelter-in-place orders. The question is, have these states suffered for not locking down? And the answer is no, they haven’t, at least not yet. Currently, all 8 states are below the national average in coronavirus cases and deaths per capita. That’s not to say they’ve been immune to the virus. They haven’t been, but they definitely have not been hit harder than other states per capita.

Those states are smallers and less dense than some of the hardest-hit states. But you can adjust for this.

In a recent article, journalist and professor Wilfred Riley did the math on this. He performed statistical regressions that accounted for population density, income level, age and racial diversity. He put his formulas out there and challenged anyone to come to different conclusions – no one has so far.

He found that a state’s lockdown strategy had no effect on how severe its outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus actually was.

Are you surprised by this? Maybe you shouldn’t be. You can see the same trend at work in other countries. Sweden, most famously, has never locked down. Restaurants there have never closed. That country is still suffering from coronavirus, suffering more in fact than we are in the U.S. But the country’s epidemic appears to have peaked. And without locking down, Sweden has, and this is the key, has fared far better than other European countries that did lock down. That includes Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium.”

How can this be true? It seems to contravene everything we hear all day long. ‘Lockdowns stop the virus.’ That’s what they tell us, almost always at high volume and with maximum outrage and self-righteousness daring us to disagree. But in fact, there’s not much evidence that it’s true.

A new study by researchers at USC tested large groups of people in Los Angeles County for the coronavirus antibodies. They found that as of early April up to 5.6% of the entire county had contracted the illness. That means up to 320,000 adults in Los Angeles had already had it. At the time, the official number of infected people was about 8,000.

City officials had no clue – they weren’t even close. The virus had spread throughout a huge population right in the middle of the most restrictive in American history. What does it tell you? It tells you the lockdown didn’t work.

Maybe forcing people to stay inside all day isn’t actually a good way to contain a virus. Whatever the reason why it failed, it did. Our leaders guessed wrong: They claimed that a lockdown would halt the spread of the virus. It did not do that, not even close, and they need to admit that.

And then we need to change our approach based on the science. Not on their whims, but on the numbers and what we have learned.

But we’re not doing that. Public officials are instead by and large ignoring any evidence that indicts their policies or that might threaten their new and much-loved power. The don’t want to know what the facts are.

Indeed, some are now promising even longer lockdowns, maybe through the end of the summer, and even tougher punishments for those who flout them. These are Americans!

This is insanity. It is definitely not science. This is not science. It has nothing to do with the public’s health, much less the broader public interest. This is instead what happens when mediocre people suddenly find themselves with God-like power: deciding who can go outside, when people can get married, which medical procedures you’re allowed to have.

That’s a feeling of omnipotence, and they like that feeling. It fills an empty place inside. They don’t want to give it up. They want it to last forever, even as the country dies. But it can’t last forever. Because it’s not their country. It’s ours.


Is it really our country, as Carlson states at the end? It’s up to all of us to ultimately decide.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Sadly, as this article points out correctly, the ‘churches’ have also been complicit and empowering the tyrants.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is the Tucker interview all Americans should watch. McKinsey is part of the Evil Empire in China, selling out US interests to the CCP. Listen to this apologist douchbag.


Jimmy, I listened to the Tucker clip and a lot of good points were made. The McKinsey tool came off as a feckless weasel politician and Tucker did what he could to draw him out. IMO the best part was the intro describing this clown before the actual interview. The clown, just like a suspect in a real crime show, he minimizes his involvement.

If it were me, (I wouldn’t have done it in the first place) I would have been very apologetic about my role in selling America out to the Chinese. He was not; he obfuscated.

This is who he reminds me of:

NYT 1930s hack ‘reporter’ Durante who was basically a Stalin Stooge and an anti-American seditionist writing countless pieces for the Old Grey Lady which had real national creditability – “All the news that’s fit to print” – back then extolling the virtues of Stalin’s Communism while the vast majority of American’s faith in capitalism was being severely shaken. Durante was a propagandist for FDR’s brand of creeping s*****ism that he was inflicting upon the US at the same time; he made FDR’s move to s****ism much more palpable to the masses – especially during the time of major and real economic crisis.

He might as well be:

Any surviving Himmler henchmen at the Nuremberg trials saying to the court:

Well that was then and this is now and mistakes were made back then, but now we must look to the future… to analyze the errors of the past when everyone was in favor of the Hitler policy, and I only dealt with firing up the crematorium (the insurance part of selling out America per the tool) so we must move on and should not attempt to fix anything by assigning blame to (me or) anyone during that time when mistakes were made, when we can’t really fix it anyway…

Apply that to any other of history’s war criminals – it’s basically the same. The only problem is this Piece of Schiff and his connected company will get away with it.

phineas gage

I think if this happens, that’s the break point for this nation. As I’ve said before, I have no intention of living as a subject under the rule of these people. On your feet or on your knees….



phineas gage

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell:

phineas gage

Despite appointing that RINO insider-trading b-itch Kelly Lefler to the senate, GA governor Kemp has redeemed himself to some degree by opening Georgia- hopefully it will create a cascading or domino effect and most, if not all states will have to follow.

phineas gage

And if the Left succeeds in grabbing power this fall, we’re getting it, good and hard:


Super powerful. Spread it to all of your scared contacts. Long video but if you dont want to watch the whole thing start from the 27 minute mark and watch for 10 minutes.

phineas gage

This lockdown was a huge mistake, and we are likely to be paying for it for a long time, not only economically, but also in terms of political rule by leftist Dems. Bad, bad times ahead.


As bad as the lockdown was/is, I think the good that is going to come from it is the dictators like Northam, Murphy and Witmer – who gave this year’s SOTU speech rebuttal and therefore is or was seen as the new fresh face of the Democratic Party, the next Walking Eagle who was actually electable on a national level; well no chance for national asperations for her. And incompetent whiners like Cuomo and other governors who are always out with the tin cup crying for more federal relief and money.

They’ll probably stay in power until their terms expire in 2021 or 2022, but after that – they’re toast!

The real key is for Trump to prevail and continue to punish the left.


Even as a freedom-loving patriot, I was in favor of the early-March moves to quarantine and take steps to “flatten the curve”. At that time we were seeing medical system breakdowns in Italy and elsewhere. But that was supposed to be 3-4 weeks.

Power-hungry officials and politicians have forgotten that this was accepted by the American public as a practical step to avoid a massive infection hit at the same time. We did NOT agree to months of isolation (or more) to protect all people from catching this bug. And, critically, these officials do not have a legal leg to stand on as we now see any claim of “emergency” has now passed. It is time for Americans to remind our “leaders” that they are our representatives only. They do not get to ignore the constitution, and they do not get to legislate new rules and orders simply because a bunch of middle-aged women are scared of getting sick.

We have accomplished what we intended to, and the American people are now ready to return to real life, roll up our sleeves, and deal with this situation while keeping our country great. Those politicians who believe they can dictate how we live our lives are in for a rude awakening in the streets soon, and in the courts eventually.


Glad you’ve come around and see clearly now that the whole show was a fiasco.

The media and govt’s lied every step of the way. Take Italy for example. The media lied by omission. The reason Northern Italy got hit so hard was because of the predominant high risk demographic. Of that demographic the hardest hit within that group was older males whom smoked and drank heavily, underlying health issues.

ALSO not told was the open door to chinese workers that work in the underground sweat shops making knockoff goods so they could put the “Made in Italy” label on them China locked down internal travel but not international travel. Thousands of infected chinese nationals flooded into the Northern Italy to work in the shops with thousands more fleeing the lock down in China.

As for leading the way out of the lockdown… Looks like more and more to be the middle aged women. Theres more videos surfacing of women, MOTHERS, getting arrested for challenging the lock downs. Looks like the women are fearless resisters… where are the men???

Jimmy MacAfee

We’re at war, and our enemy is in our medicine cabinets. Some pharmaceutical companies are good, but most are in alignment with the ChiComs. Later folks, I’m outa here. Shouting at the wind gets tiresome. I’m sure my posts are tiresome, too. Bye.


Yep… gotta agree with the fellas here… Thankful Jimmy that yourself, Phineas and Gregg speak up regular. You guyz are a fountain of information, not forgetting Mr Blackmon either for the rather sound reasoning and gonads to host and speak up in defiance to the approved mantras,
Thanks to all.

You forget that you are not just bark’n in the wind. Many come, will read and if they don’t stay, they will at least have something to ponder on and a starting point for further investigation or discussions. Remember the third person sitting quietly near the back…


I concur with Phineas. And I too feel like a voice in the wilderness. But we aren’t. I suspect as time goes by, we will see more like minded,. free thinking folks voicing their concerns. It may not seem like it now, but the natives are going to start getting more restless as time goes by.

phineas gage

Not at all. You have an endless inquisitive and creative mind, and I learn something from your posts almost every day.

Jimmy MacAfee

No one – not even Tucker Carlson – will pick up on this. I understand how John the Baptist felt.

W. Flyer

We wish. Don’t you have anything else to do?

Jimmy MacAfee

Ma huang, an herbal form of ephedrine, caused about 120 deaths over a ten year period. Pig Pharma wanted it BANNED! But then it was pointed out that pseudoephedrine was just as deadly, and used by a lot more people. Ooops.

So they pulled pseudoephedrine, with the meth excuse. It was a great excuse; no one questioned it. And no tort cases related to pseudoephedrine-related deaths.

Jimmy MacAfee

You can still get it – pseudoephedrine – but it’s behind the counter.

Now to ban NSAIDs, killers of heart rhythm. Far worse than hydroxychloroquine, it appears, and far more widespread.

Jimmy MacAfee

We should ban NSAIDs; studies have shown that over 16,000 Americans die each year from bleeding ulcers and other complications – and those numbers don’t include the newly discovered cardiac complications of these popular OTC drugs. Like A-Fib.

President Trump mentioned suicides. Those numbers, too, will be coming up rapidly. His team is doing a poor job, and it isn’t even worth watching the BS on the pressers. President Trump is now a hostage. To Pig Pharma.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s look at Pig Pharma, shall we? And their slaves at the CDC? NIH? Have they ever thought about banning NSAIDs, other than aspirin, or putting it back on the prescription shelf? Nahhh. Too much money involved. No matter all the deaths. And then there’s the opioids…

Jimmy MacAfee

Commies blocking my comments on pseudoephedrine.

phineas gage

The early returns are not encouraging. Just as Trump has evidently lost his nerve, so have the American people.

By the time they wake up, it may well be too late.


Yes, Trump has lost his nerve. Very disappointing.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think I’ve discovered how the NIH study is flawed:

Supposedly, according to the NIH study, hydroxychloroquine causes an irregular heartbeat. So? So do most NSAIDs, other than aspirin. In fact, it is slowly being recognized that NSAIDs cause A-Fib in a high percentage of patients using these common over-the-counter drugs.

I wonder if the researchers “doctored” the data with NSAIDs? Whether or not they did, if it’s a matter of a choosing between A-Fib and dying of a coronavirus, there is not a choice: take the A-Fib!

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