The People Answer the Mayday Call of Distress

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

In the beloved film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy learns that she never needed a phony wizard to help her go home. She had the power all along.

Asked why she didn’t tell Dorothy this in the first place, the Witch of the North explains that Dorothy had to find that out for herself.

Under the guise of the changing facts of coronavirus, false and misleading statistics, inflated projections and even more inflated egos, elected officials and un-elected bureaucrats have robbed healthy, law-abiding citizens of their liberties.

After compliance, patience, and reasonable concern about the unknown effects of the virus, a growing number of Americans have discovered that they don’t have to beg bureaucrats for their freedoms. They had the power to reclaim them all along, but they had to find it out for themselves.

Numerous Constitutional Law experts have said that even a state of emergency does not entitle a Governor to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have the responsibility to impose the least possible restrictions on our fundamental freedoms. According to Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute, this has been tested in two cases, and governors’ orders have lost both.

Democrat Governors, in particular, have done just the opposite. By the time a case like this would ever reach the Supreme Court, bankruptcies abound and businesses would be long gone.

Is it any wonder that Democrats have been going for broke to overthrow Donald Trump in part, so we will have a Supreme Court of activist Justices rather than originalists?

The landmark “Gridlock Event” that began in Michigan spurred similar events around the country. They have flummoxed Democrat Governors, many of whom have continued to tighten restrictions on citizens despite any new or changing information.

Some, like Colorado Governor,  Jared Polis responded to the Gridlock Denver event the next day and announced that he was lifting most Stay-at-Home orders on April 27th. But he included a long list of demands and recommendations along with it and continued to suggest that saying at home was safer. He must not have read the latest information that sunshine kills the virus.

Among the numerous groups that have cropped up from the rallies is one called which isn’t letting up.  They are encouraging businesses to open on or before May 1 with or without the government’s permission. They encourage precautions but respect the rights of business owners to make those decisions for themselves.

The significance of the 1st day of May carries with it a long and varied history. “Mayday” is an internationally known call of distress.  “May Day” has also been a celebration of spring, and Socialists and Communists chose the day to commemorate the Haymarket Affair on May 4, 1886.

MaydayUSA endeavors to add a new meaning to May Day.  It was the day in 2020, when free markets, individual freedom capitalism won out over socialism, government control and tyranny.

Communism vs. Freedom. Liberty vs. Tyranny. That is destined to be the overriding issue in the re-election campaign of Donald Trump on November 3.

Does anyone remember that? I don’t think the Democrats have ever forgotten.

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Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.



That is all.

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phineas gage

Just go away–these are serious times and we no longer have the luxury of silliness:


With the potential of so many businesses opening up in the next two weeks I wonder just how many of our 40 plus million “Latino” population – regardless of status – will follow the social distancing and fewer than groups of ten “guidelines” come May 5, Cinco de Mayo – their big ‘holiday’ along the lines of St. Patrick’s Day whose parties, parades, and celebrations were actually cancelled?

And how many of that largely protected minority will be protected or prosecuted? It will be interesting to see.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ramadan (adingdong) is coming up


Seems like it is always coming up – like hemorrhoids, herpes, taxes, and other overblown events like BHM, Jackie R’s birthday, his debut, his first this that or the other thing, an A Sharpton or J Jackson protest, riot, er demonstration, or some SJW bitching about something of inconsequence.

Anyway Happy ramadamadingdong day, week, fortnight, month or however long it is .

phineas gage

May Day is also the date of the leftist eco-propaganda fest known as Earth Day (at least since being co-founded in 1970 by the late, extremely unlamented murderer Ira Einhorn)

The irony of it being used as a date to reclaim our constitutional rights is satisfyingly rich.

phineas gage

Well, check before you post. I guess Earth Day is today; for some reason I thought May 1st.

Close enough for government work….

phineas gage

I made the assumption because May 1st is always the day when the students here on campus hold all sorts of crazy eco-events.

phineas gage

Thanks–so I wasn’t losing my mind. The Wiki entry says April 22nd.


April 22 also happens to be the birthday of Vladimir Lenin – an amazing coincidence, isn’t it?

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