Never Forget the Ghoulish Behavior of the Media and Democrats in this Crisis

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

When America reaches the end of this ongoing CoronaPanic, and we all finally catch our breath long enough to look around at the social and economic devastation we have voluntarily created for ourselves, it is crucial that those of us who value the fragile freedoms passed down to us from previous generations never forget which segments of our society worked so hard to take them away from us. Those segments are obvious, quite transparent in their motivations, and their faces appear on our TV and computer screens each and every day in the form of Democrat politicians and their corrupt toadies in the national news media.

Journalist Alex Berenson, who has become a major voice of truth and reason on Twitter in the past month, produced a great thread yesterday on this subject:

2/ Remember how that @CNN anchor wrote about taking baths? We’ll call it the coronaflu and mock our own panic and in a year or two, once the obvious economic damage has passed, we’ll just shrug and do our best to get back to life…

3/ But we shouldn’t. We all need to remember how we got here, how easily we were stampeded into panic, how we let the media keep us from letting our kids play with each other and drive us into our houses and give up our most essential liberties – in a matter of days

4/ “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Those words come from Benjamin Franklin, more than 250 years ago, and they are true now as they were then…

5/ The United States is far from perfect. The Constitution is far from perfect. But it has served us well for a very, very long time, and the way we’ve forgotten it in the last month should shame us all.


That’s a brilliant summation, and it’s something we all should print out and tape up on our refrigerator doors so we can read it every time we reach in for a glass of water or some cheese to put on a sandwich. As we watch the price for U.S. crude oil drop into negative numbers for the first time in history yesterday, we need to reflect that that is nothing more than a leading indicator of the economic carnage that is taking place all over the country right now.

Leftist talking heads can blather all they want about the wonders of renewables and their Green New Deal fantasy, but the simple fact of the matter is that the engine of the American economy is fueled by oil and gas, and when we intentionally crash that engine, oil and gas are going to crash along with it. Given that the daily NYMEX price is set based on trading for a futures contract 30 days in advance, that negative oil price is telling you right where the U.S. economy is going to be sitting on May 21 unless something drastic changes.

If you doubt my contention about the glee Democrat politicians feel about this intentional crashing of the economy, just take a look at this tweet – later deleted – that Green New Deal poster child Alexandria Ocasio Cortez issued on Monday when she saw oil trading in negative territory:


“You absolutely love to see it.” That’s another document we all need to print and hang in a prominent location, so we can remind ourselves of the collection of soulless ghouls who lead the Democrat Party today. Many like to claim that AOC is “outside the mainstream” of the Democrat Party, but let’s remember that each and every one of the 25 or so Democrat presidential candidates in this cycle happily endorsed her Green New Deal. The truth is that AOC is the mainstream of the Democrat Party.

Given that every capital dollar spent by oil and gas companies creates 3 to 4 dollars in ancillary economic impacts, what AOC is celebrating is a situation that is going to put hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people out of work in the coming months, as oil and gas companies declare bankruptcy and many of the ancillary businesses who depend on them shut their doors. Only a soulless ghoul would feel like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne when she sees something like this taking place.

And realize what AOC just confirmed with that tweet: The situation in America you see laid out before you today is exactly the situation that leftwing radicals like her and her fellow Democrats in congress actively want to create in America their Green New Deal: Depressed car traffic, decimated airlines, a devastated tourism industry, empty hotels, abandoned shopping malls – on and on the economic decimation goes. Add to that a timid, complacent, sedentary and fearful population mostly locked in their homes growing fat and dying young from rampant heart disease, depression, diabetes and suicide.

But hey, the healthcare – if you can find some – will be “free” and our carbon emissions are way down, so isn’t life wonderful? It’s the socialist utopia come true!

Besides, all the leftist politicians like AOC and San Fran Nan are living large, happy in their giant walled-off homes with armed security protection, dining on designer ice cream stored in their dual, $20,000 SubZero units:

If you let yourself forget all the rest of it, all the rest of the devastation these two depraved segments of our society have brought to you over the past couple of months, never forget this single, undeniable fact: These people want nothing more than to keep you cowering inside your homes all the way through November 3, simply so they can win an election. That is literally how their brains are wired.

If we allow ourselves to forget that simple reality, our country is well and truly doomed.

Never forget.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sadly, the folks who would never vote Democrat don’t need this reminder…and those who do vote Democrat won’t even read it. And it all stays the same…except to get worse. Imagine if corrupt Democrats were forced to face justice? Even just once in a while? For how much longer can Barr, and even Trump, keep telling us this will change? Why won’t it change? I just don’t get it…

phineas gage

How’s that old line go, ‘a mind is a terrible thing to waste’?

Of course, that assumes that one has a mind to begin with….

Jimmy MacAfee

I sent this to the President:

Reports of a failing press, just as there is an insatiable desire for news, driven down by advertisers who can’t afford ads…well, it’s not good news for the mainstream media. It’s their own fault, really.

The press is in financial free-fall, even as they’ve (mostly) cheered the CCP and the virus, hoping the virus and the economic collapse would take down President Trump.

It’s like watching someone waiting in line in Revolutionary France, at the foot of the machine, awaiting their turn at the bottom of the steps, cheering as person after person before them ends up with their head in the basket.

Cheering, that is, until it’s their turn.

Ben Colder

I am really afraid of what is coming wonder if anyone really knows what will happen?The Oil dropping like it did is just an indication that the country is in deep dodo not only this country but the rest of the world.Would not surprise me if war is on the way a big one this time.I just am glad I will not be around to see the world that is coming I’m old so they will probably knock me off first get rid of all the non producers. Makes me wonder what the dem/communists will do now who knows what crazy idea cream cone Nazi will be spouting now or what Kotex will try to do or even Cryin Chuck.Trump is in for it now.

phineas gage
Jimmy MacAfee

My local paper sometimes has good stories, but they have the worst, Leftist crap for an idiotorial page – enough so that I would never consider having a subscription, nor advertising in it.

It’s like watching someone waiting in line in Revolutionary France at the foot of the machine, awaiting their turn, but cheering as each head before them ends up in a basket. Until it’s their turn.

phineas gage

Even more so because the external enemy is mobilizing. From Instapundit:

“If you’ve been paying attention — and almost no one has — Hong Kong was strangled over the past several days, as the Communist apparatus rolled up much of the protest leadership, and asserted its right to rule in any fashion it wishes. ‘One country, two systems’ is dead. The city itself will now likely go into decline: ordinarily with Shenzhen taking over its role in commerce, but who can say now? Another light goes out. The Communist Party of China is tying up loose ends and, to borrow a phrase, taking care of all family business. This isn’t the main event. This is preparatory to that. The main event is coming — and it is hastened by a Zhongnanhai calculation that the United States possesses neither the attention span nor the competence to do something about it. You can pick your metaphor: August 1914, December 1941. Just be aware that what they’re contemplating will end up a metaphor all its own.”


What were the British smoking to give Hong Kong back to the Chicoms?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

phineas gage

The enemy is no longer wearing any masks at all:

It is going to take very hard times to restore the principles and ideas of the American founding. It is time to begin with identifying and confronting that enemy within.

Jimmy MacAfee

Last time AOC crowed loudly about something (Amazon not setting up shop in her area) she was ridiculed, humliated and reviled. Well, she doesn’t understand humiliation, or she’d have stopped while she was behind – when she was taped weeping for those “concentration camp” victims at a fence where no one but security people were on the other side. She should have been shot for that – just sayin’.

And now? I hope she gets what she deserves. This will be the tweet pinned to the locker room bulletin board, in other words, America, where we teach those not inclined to think for themselves that this is what the Dems want: a failed economy, with people suffering.


I am amazed at how these Hollywood and Dem political twits keep on posting their inane knee-jerk tweets, get some backlash and then delete them – often with a lame and insincere apology. They are seemingly unaware that once posted, they never totally go away. The conservative internet media is monitoring them just like the basement dwelling pajama wearing SJWs monitor conservative talk radio and TV personalities who are always trying to find something to use against them via career destroying boycotts. Yet they never seem to learn or fear embarrassment and continue to display their true feelings.

Like Schumer’s threats to Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, these people prove they have lost it every time they post or say their real thoughts/feelings.

I want to thank them for giving Trump and the RNC so much free campaign material – who needs to spend millions on oppo research when it is so freely provided?

People accuse Trump of being intemperate with his tweets and the MSM (D) routinely trashes him for them, but like everything else, the criticism is always a one way street. Trump’s tweets are strategic and effective, which is why they are so denigrated by the left. However and predictably AOC will suffer no MSM (D) backlash; Nancy Klink’s live freezer ice cream episode will suffer no MSM (D) backlash as even the idiots there realize how bad the optics look.

If I were advising any of them I would make them submit their posts to me for screening prior to release; that is why newspapers and all broadcast media have editors and producers to keep faux pas’ and embarrassment to a minimum. The other reason is these stupid tweets do no good for their cause; AOC is not bringing any new radicals to her cause, they are already there, but she is continuing to alienate the ‘moderates’ who may still be ‘undecided’. Job seekers in her own district will remember how she happily killed the job creating Amazon deal.

As much as I despised Algore and knew he was a phony from the get-go with his global-warming/climate-change crap, he at least had the political savvy to be professional enough to apply his agenda (which is exactly the same as AOCs) quietly, by using stealth – slowly cooking the frog in the pot of water until it is too late for the frog to realize that it is cooked.

AOC and her petulant ilk, like most of her millennial generation have no patience – if they want something, they want it now and they will be in your face until they get it. Like any spoiled rotten brat, there is no reasoning with them and no satisfying them. The only cure is to smack them right in face and kick them in the a$$. As Hank Williams sang in one of his hits; they need an “Attitude Adjustment”.

In politics, the Attitude Adjustment must come in the form of total defeat at the ballot box – it has to happen to the vast majority of these twits be they 30 or 80 year olds.

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