America’s Depressing “New Normal”

Guest Piece from Gregg Updike

This is all so depressing. President Trump calls Obama’s DOJ/FBI leadership scum… Every clear thinking person who has followed this coup d’état knows this. Trump’s AG Barr knows this, Trump’s FBI Director Wray knows this, the judges adjudicating the various cases know this, the fraudulent Special Persecutor Mueller knew this, the lowliest peons in the DOJ/FBI know this – many are willing co-conspirators through continued silence (where are the “whistleblowers”?), the MSM (D) knows this, Republican and Democratic members of congress know this, even Horowitz has figured this out with his slow-motion referrals of several conspirators, yet NOTHING is happening.

Amazingly there are no leaks coming from Barr, or Durham’s grand jury and other ‘investigations’; yet apparently NOTHING is happening.

The optimist in me wanted to believe that Sessions was going to blow all this up with indictments and prosecutions before he was finally ‘resigned’, but we got crickets instead – nothing to see here, so let us all just ‘’. Barr was supposed to be the hero (Mighty Mouse) to come to save the day; was supposed to be Trump’s “hand-picked AG” to lead the way to drain the swamp and punish the evil-doers. Sadly as of this time, William Sessions might as well be Jeff Barr’s twin. So far Barr and his DOJ has been a Mickey Mouse.

Where is all the Declassification President Trump ordered last year?

DBDailyUpdate and other conservative sites have been screaming from on high for something to happen for years and nothing of demonstrable substance has happened in three-plus years. President Trump has to realize that his supporters are susceptible of getting worn down and disillusioned by the lack of discernable progress by HIS DOJ. Combine this with the China Cabal who run the press, the major social media platforms, the Chamber of Commerce, and the still tepid support of many in the swampy GOP Senate (Burr and Graham to name a few) and we get this whole lot of nothing.

I know this: If the situation were reversed and if Bush Jr’s CIA/DOJ/FBI ran a similar coup on behalf of McCain and against an incoming Obama Administration, there would have been hundreds if not thousands of perp walks, trials and convictions all the way up to Bush; of that I am certain.

This real, but manufactured, ‘pandemic’ greatly complicates the dynamic of this election cycle. Prior to the ‘pandemic’ when every aspect of the economy was booming Trump’s approval rating should have been in the sixties or seventies, and not in the high forties. I guarantee if Obama or Clinton had Trump’s economy during their terms, the ‘polls’ would have their approval numbers in the eighties.

Apparently, the president seems to be banking on a massive game–changing victory in the 2020 elections, but I do worry about the cumulative effects of ‘Trump fatigue’. The saving grace seems to be the Democrats have no viable candidate to challenge him. That may have been a miscalculation on their part during this cycle. If they had a Bill Clinton or a ‘new fresh-face’ like Obama running I would have serious concerns of Trump being a one-term president. Furthermore, when one considers the childish antics of Pelosi and Schumer, the Democrats should suffer a congressional wipeout like what happened in 1994. However, if the economic recovery from the ‘pandemic’ is sluggish and further hurt by the actions of Blue state governors and mayors, then all bets are off.

Trying to be an optimist, but facing the reality of pessimism borne from decades of political observation, I really worry about what the Deep-State has up its collective sleeve. Clearly Biden‘s primary ‘victories’, along with the convenient camouflage from the ‘pandemic’, are a charade designed to hide who they really want to run against an (hopefully) economically damaged (again courtesy of the CHINA virus and Blur state saboteurs) Trump.

Bottom Line: Despite all logic saying Trump should win in a landslide, I won’t rest easy until he actually wins in a landslide, keeps the senate, and wins back the house. Then I expect the flushing of the turds that run the swamp to happen prior to Trump’s second inauguration.

If I were advising the president, I would tell him I see no benefit to any of his current speculating on the pardoning Flynn, Stone, and/or Manafort – either do it or don’t do it, but QUIT talking about it!

I believe Trump’s supporters will stand by him regardless, but they really want to see something positive happen to further the cause of true justice which will galvanize them to proactively support his reelection instead of just voting for him. We want the meat of prosecutions, not the nothing-burgers of repeatedly saying things stink in DC, but not doing anything to actually fix it. We won in 2016 and will likely win in 2020, so we will tolerate this mess since it didn’t kill us. We will just let the cancer continue, unabated, so that some future GOP president will be forced to grovel at the altar of Deep State DC and be rendered an ineffective figurehead like the Bushes who willingly allowed themselves be manipulated by the left.

The voting fraud machines in Milwaukee/Madison, Detroit/Lansing, and Philadelphia/Pittsburgh/Harrisburg underestimated Trump’s appeal and Hillary’s unpopularity in the RED areas of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The Voting Fraud Industrial Complex Division of the DNC felt they had enough fraudulent city ‘voters’ to keep the BLUE WALL intact for Hillary; they won’t make that ‘mistake’ again. They will come up with the couple of hundred thousand ‘votes’ in those states to make sure they return to the BLUE column in 2020 and beyond.

Bottom line, the president must get a grip on and quash the anti-constitutional actions of the dictatorial governors and mayors of all the Blue and some of the Red states and get this economy moving again. He must also get some scalps of the Obama “scum” that orchestrated and continue the run the coup d’état against America’s duly elected president BEFORE the election. He must also do what he can to ensure that voter fraud does not occur, at least on a massive scale in Purple states like WI, MI, PA, NH, ME, VA, NC, FL, OH, MO, IA, CO, NM, and NV.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The President is going to need some help – from us. I agree he must be bold and “quash” unconstitutional actions and fight voter fraud and promote justice being done in this country. One of the biggest issues he is facing is the media. Coupled with that is a populace that is largely ignorant of the constitution and their rights. So when every liberal outlet wants to paint Trump as a dictator, half the population is going to believe what they hear. We the people need to step up and push back at the local, state and federal level. I’ve been reading a lot about the American Revolution and the social and political climate back then. There are many similarities between Patriots vs. loyalists during that time to conservatives and the left today, however their plight was against a largely external force, and ours today is against elements of our own society and government that have strayed from the intent of the constitution. It is because of this more of us need to step up and exert influence and involvement across the board if we are to keep our Republic. I’ve not been very politically active up to this point but I am starting to change that.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great article, Gregg! To-the-point. I agree with your afterthoughts, too: President Trump has done nothing to disqualify himself. This is like a 12 round title fight, where one side is running, ducking, throwing low blows – and not landing a single punch. Eventually a left uppercut and a left hook to the liver – remember that, the liver shot (in a manner of speaking) will bring down the Left’s ticket. Just a matter of time.


Thanks Jimmy, Appreciate your kind comments.

This piece was originally just going to be a comment on the Dave’s article on “Trump on the Obama Era FBI Leaders: “They’re Human Scum”, but it just kept growing to over 1,000 words.

I thank Dave for posting my lengthy comments as standalone pieces. And I appreciate your in-depth comments along with the other regulars who comment here; I learn alot.

Also had fun with EV George.


I have to agree with Gregg… I don’t think Trump is going to have that much difficulty winning. ESPECIALLY with all the ammo the marxists are handing him. I also agree that the battle will be between conservative turnout and the communists cheating, which they are good at.

Theres what seven months until election day. Pleanty of time. Trump is very good at using the lefts own bombs on themselves. Once this fiasco virus show is riegned in its going to be all hands to stations. Everything will go into over drive on both sides but because Trump will have the economy and job returns behind him, he’ll pull ahead with turbos on. The Dems will be left screeching like banshees about the money spent and Trumps refusal to allow mail in scam votes.

If anything complacency will hurt the GOP. imo.

phineas gage

Before this shutdown started I estimated Trump’s reelection chances at better than 70%.

Now I would say 50:50 at best.

Things may get a lot worse before they get better.


I’m not as pessimistic as Trump and his image has shined throughout this. He has done nothing to hurt his fortunes and has always appeared and acted “Presidential”.

Shutting down all immigration via HIS EO will help ‘bigly’ in protecting the American voting worker.

It is the Democrats who have all the bad optics, the p-poor candidates and the p-poor ideas.

It will be an election between the Right’s Conservative turnout vs Left’s voter fraud – that simple because aside from the 8% of radicals and the 30% of dupes who are totally ignorant or want “free stuff”, nothing ANY Democrat offers anywhere is energizing, positive, or motivating.

Trump wins: America wins; Trump loses: America loses

phineas gage

The reason I am concerned is that people naturally blame the incumbent for bad times, and also that the great gains Trump was poised to make among minorities may vanish as they return to the big government to make everything better.


Hugh Hewitt article dated today, an interview with AG Barr… here’s a snippit…

“HH: Are you shocked by what you have found to date or have been briefed by U.S. Attorney Durham to date about?

WB: I wouldn’t use the word shocked, right? You know, I’m very troubled by it, but you know, I think the reason that we have this investigation is because there are a lot of things that are unexplained. And I think we’re getting deeply into the situation, and we’ll be able to sort out exactly what happened.

HH: I’m not going to ask you, because you wouldn’t answer whether there will be indictments or not. But when do you expect that the public will know a definitive assessment of where the U.S. Attorney Durham is going?

WB: As soon as we feel we have something that we are confident in to tell the people about.

HH: Is that imminent?

WB: No, it’s not imminent. But I’m not sure what imminent means. I’m not sure what imminent means, but it’s not imminent.”

Sooooooo I’m still thinking the ‘rumors’ etc being reported by sources of indictments dropping on Monday… oh wait this is Tuesday now, are some kinda optimistic… Smoke to cover the inaction.

Great article Gregg… what most are thinking, imo. Even us sorry canuks see it.


Brian, You are NOT a “sorry Canuk”. I appreciate your input from north of the boarder.

Thanks for your kind words about my article.

Had to look up Hugh Hewitt.

My question to Barr is: Why are you showing up anywhere to do interviews when you have NOTHING NEW to offer?

Just go away until you and Durham have something real to report. It is getting old and we intelligent news followers aren’t interested in your Bull Schiff delay tactics. The people who don’t follow the whole Russian Collusion DOJ/FBI/CIA crimes don’t care one way or the other so SHUT UP AND GET TO WORK.

The days of Walter Clondyke et al feeding us pap are over; we can see a hole through a ladder; apparently no one in your department can detect a bale of hay in a phone booth – let alone real collusion and treason. If your are not going to do anything significant then just go back to prosecuting a couple of “B” lister actors getting their brats into big schools via cheating and go hook up with you feckless pal Sessions and run for the senate seat in Alabama.

Cameron Howe

It’s pretty simple really:

POTUS tells Barr and Durham to sit down with Dan Bongino for a couple hours to walk them through the whole thing (clearly, DoJ doesn’t get it, or doesn’t want to get it, or thinks we are too dumb to get it). When the meeting is over, POTUS says “you’ve got one week to start issuing indictments or tender your resignation.” Replace, rinse and repeat until desired result is obtained. If nothing else, you clear out the DS bench.

phineas gage

He’s trying to finesse this with the old shuck-and-jive routine. Talk it up, issue a few low-level indictments, and back to business as usual.


I guess hes forgot the jive part… theres been no indictments.

phineas gage

Notice how Hewitt, a Deep State stooge, doesn’t press Barr at all on his weaselly answers.

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