Phil Murphy Passes Gretchen Whitmer on Mindless Despot Ladder With Tulip Ban

The Evening Campaign Update (I Swear I Don’t Make This Stuff Up)

I kid you not, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy continued his campaign as an aspirational 3rd-world despot last night by having his state attorney’s office deny the state’s citizenry the right to take an in-car tour of a tulip farm. The man appears determined to wrest the title of the nation’s most abusive governor away from Michigan’s plastic-faced Gretchen Whitmer.


Apparently taking a cue from Whitmer’s edict denying Michiganders the ability to purchase seeds to plant their own flowers, Murphy is now denying New Jersyans the right to even look at a field of flowers from their car. You seriously could never make this stuff up.

As reported by the guys over at The Conservative Treehouse, Dalton Farms, a business established in 1790, was allowing people to come drive through their 99-acre farm to view the beautiful, blooming tulips there while never leaving their car.  The farm owners took care to limit the number of cars who could be on the farm at any one time and, at the end of the tour, allowed the tourists to purchase a bouquet of the lovely flowers while observing social distancing rules.

There was no risk here, no danger to anyone, no reason whatsoever for the state to intervene: This was just a local business providing a few people a wonderful opportunity to have a pleasant day out in a way that completely conforms to all guidelines issued by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the CDC and the NIH.

And yet, on Sunday evening, the owners of Dalton Farms posted the following notice:

This action by New Jersey’s government is not just unjustifiable and despicable: It is simply un-American. It is the act of power-mad lunatics who have no respect for – or probably no real knowledge of – the rights of individual Americans.

When Gov. Murphy last week told Tucker Carlson that he “didn’t have the bill of rights in mind” when he issued his Wuhan Virus-related edicts, he damn sure wasn’t kidding.

It goes without saying, of course, that both Murphy and Whitmer are Democrats. What else would they possibly be?

That is all.

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Phil Murphy ordered SPCA to kill 10000 puppies and kittens last week.


are you serious?


“Where is the occupy Wall Street crowd bitching about the one percent controlling the economic wellbeing of the 99% percent?”

In their parents basement, waitig for their Sor$ antifa marching orders, sucking their thumbs.

I hate to say this, but it looks like we’re really headed for a hot civil war and until we wipe out the
seditionist media and so called public servants and political “leaders” it ain’t gonna get better.The bastards have gotten a taste of facist power and conroll and they aren’t gonna give it
up withoust a fight. And when they do, the citizens of their respective staes/cities better be ready
to not let them have it again.

Communist China started a world war, whether the media and sheep are willing to acknowlege it or not.

The fact that the Wuhan virus happened exactly when it did is a wake up call for anybody who is
willing to quit seeiing this as a tinfoll hat conspiracy..The Chicoms locked down travel inside their borders, but let people leave Wuhan and spread it. Do you need a diagram?

Jimmy MacAfee

Doesn’t the pic of Gubner “Goober” Murphy look like Martin (Rowan and Martin Laugh-In? With apologies to the comedian.)

I’d like to put all the collaborators (with the CCP) into a building, seal the door shut like they did in Wuhan, and then pipe in “Afternoon Delight” and AC/DC’s horrid crap. The sound of the late AC/DC singer’s screechy voice is enough to make them strangle each other or repent. (Worked in Panama, and as a result, Noriega became a Christian while in prison!)

Advice: buy a Total Gym, get a heavy bag and prepare to fight. It’s coming.


Gubner “Goober” does look a little like the guy from “Laugh In”. And he comes from a long line of totally undistinguished rotten miserable governors NJ has had for my whole life. Even during the times when the machine screws up and allows a RINO to get elected, they crap the bed: even when they get a GOP legislature, nothing ever changes in the Graft State. It is hopelessly FUBAR.

I like the song “Afternoon Delight”… But how about playing “You can’t always get what you want”? Play that to them over and over again when their dreams of their dictatorial version of dystopia fall apart and the citizens of their states and this country are set free post CW#2.

Jimmy MacAfee

See the movie PCU, a remarkably prescient 1994 film. There’s where I got the idea of playing “Afternoon Delight” to people who are locked up. Just to note: I heard the song being played on a juke box at a Pizza Inn by two lovebirds so much that I HATE the song!


I’m Canukian… Can I get a box of twinkies instead… the gym thingie looks like work and don’t get me started on heavy…


I am so glad I moved out of NJ for good in 2004 to TN via VA – another dictatorship – it was the best decision I ever made.

By the way, how many ‘non-essential’ government employees are still ‘working’ for the DOD and other agencies in crowded cubicles in expensive leased office buildings throughout the NCR? The same question goes for Trenton, NJ and Richmond, VA?

President Trump should rescind all federal virus ‘guidelines’, and explain the need for all Americans to practice commonsense precautions like one does with the common flu. He should explain that regardless of whatever government action is taken, the disease is going to have to run its course and there is no way the shutting down of the economy is going to do anything to ameliorate the ultimate effects of this deliberately inflicted ‘pandemic’ by China.

China is the culprit here, not Trump! That needs to be made very clear to everyone. President Trump cannot continue to allow the whole of the DNC MEDIA COMPLEX and their idiot punk politicians to denigrate every move he takes and every word he says. He should continue to give his daily briefings to cite the real numbers regarding the spread of this ‘pandemic’. He should also explain the politics of the agencies who are falsely inflating the number of casualties and why they are doing it; and use the briefings to update America as to what the government/CDC is doing to combat the crisis and solve the problem.

Then he should demand a federal law that would make it a felony for anyone who actively and deliberately attempts to spread the China virus – similar to the laws passed against people who knowingly attempted to spread the AIDS virus.

He then should place a hold on all virus related federal aid and support that is being given to any and all states, cities, and counties who are violating their citizens constitutional rights. He might as well do the same to all the illegal ‘sanctuary’ states and cities.

Returning a prosperous and free economy to the vast majority of Americans will more than offset the political hit that will come from the unfortunate deaths of likely fewer than 80,000 Americans, most of whom had serious underlying conditions…

We cannot have the unfortunate fate of about 1/50th of 1 percent of the population destroy the livelihood of the vast majority of 328 million Americans. That is a fact, plain and simple.

Where is the occupy Wall Street crowd bitching about the one percent controlling the economic wellbeing of the 99% percent? Admittedly, not a perfect analogy, but pretty close in that the welfare of the most is being determined by the unfortunate plight of a comparative few.


If these folks thought there was going to be an election in November when they could be voted out, or if they thought anyone was serious about indictments or trials for treason, they would not be pulling this stuff. It seems rather clear to me that they either know there WON’T be an election in November, OR that Trump, Barr, Huber, and their state-level counterparts will never hold them accountable. Unless Trump gets serious in a hurry, we’ll be looking back at this as the “good old days” because things are going to get one hell of a lot worse, and we won’t be able to do a damned thing about it.



There is going to be an election this year, but the sad fact is the Govs of NJ and VA are not up until 2021. (NJ and VA and the NYC and LA mayoralties are the only major races up in the years that follow the presidential election) and MI’s Whitmer, NY’s Cuomo, and NV’s Sisolak are not up until 2022. The VA governor is limited to only one consecutive term – the only state with such a limitation as far as I know.

Quite the fortuitous coincidence how the most egregious politicians are safe from the voters until the odd year after the presidential race. I’m sure the trial balloon of their SS tactics would not be happening if they were up for reelection this year with Trump on the top of the ballot.

Jay Whitcraft

I give it a week before people tell these idiots to blow it out of their you know what. Either the states relent quickly or there will be riots. Thoughts anyone? Jay.


Is that a powder keg I see? With Democrats standing around it lighting matches??

phineas gage

Or designated days based on last name to stand in food lines in Maryland?


Neither the Montana nor Maryland actions were ordered by governors. As I understand it, Montana is local while Maryland’s is county.

phineas gage

What about the government-issued arm bands required to go shopping in Montana?


Actually there are a number of Democratic governors in contention: Murphy, Whitmer, California’s Gavin Newsom and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper.

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