Leftist Michigan Professor Illustrates Why This is Such a Dangerous Time for America

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Well, this was inevitable, wasn’t it? – Now that demonstrations protesting draconian and likely illegal orders issued by governors are popping up all over the country – as we covered yesterday – the Democrat/media propaganda complex narrative will now likely go back to yet another iteration of “Russia, Russia, Russia” starting today.

One on-air NBC contributor apparently got her hands on the joint talking points early and gave us a preview of the new narrative on Saturday. Check this out from Michigan University law prof. Barb McQuade:

Now, this is the very same Barb McQuade who has spent the last few weeks reciting the talking points of the communist Chinese government in support of the efforts by the propaganda complex to blame the Wuhan Virus on President Donald Trump. This tweet – and the thousands of messages to come from Democrat operatives across the media in support of this latest narrative – is just an extension of that ongoing campaign.

Obviously, the country that most benefits from the shutting down of the U.S. economy in response to a virus that now appears to be no more deadly than the seasonal flu is China, not Russia. The country that stands to lose the most from the Trump Administration’s investigation into the origins of this virus – which seems almost certain to have been the Wuhan Lab (the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to which the Obama Administration sent millions of U.S. dollars) linked to China’s bioweapons program – is China, not Russia. The country that stands to lose the most from the coming efforts by the U.S. and other free countries to de-link their supply chains from China is obviously China, not Russia.

But this NBC contributor immediately knee-jerks to the “Russia, Russia, Russia” canard without a single shred of logic or evidence to back it up.

The reality is that these protests appear to be organic in nature, organized and conducted by groups concerned about the rampant deprivation of fundamental rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution by these state governors. Ms. McQuade’s laughable reference to Herr Mueller and his Nazi-style “investigation” is pathetic given the fact that he found literally no proof of any Russian significant interference in the 2016 election, and that the DOJ recently was forced to drop the only charges he actually produced against any actual Russian entity.

Now, as the Trump Administration and mainly-Republican governors around the U.S. move to begin to reopen the country, ask yourself who stands to lose the most from those efforts? The answer to that is clear as well: leftist ideologues like Ms. McQuade.

Think about it: This “stay-at-home” order world in which most of us have lived for the past month is literally these people’s life-long goal. A timid population, cowering in fear in their living rooms, growing fat and lazy while watching programs interrupted every 7 minutes by “we are all in this together, comrades” messaging distributed by the government and parroted by “news” people and minor celebrities is their vision of utopia.

People like McQuade spend every waking hour trying to move our country towards the day when over half the population will be out of work and entirely dependent on government largess for their very survival, and the last month has put them well on the way to achieving that, if they can only find away to institutionalize it. These people see fascist governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer dictating which products and people are “non-essential” and go into orgasmic fits of ecstasy. Hell, McQuade even parrots Whitmer’s Stalinist propaganda on her Twitter feed:

“As more lawsuits challenge Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order, she’s not fazed: “It’s better to be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under.” Here is a lawyer – and not just any lawyer, but a lawyer whose job it is to indoctrinate the college students of Michigan – mocking efforts by these civil rights groups to use the courts to challenge clearly unconstitutional edicts of an out-of-control governor.


This weekend’s protests were all peaceful, involving people who continued to adhere to the social distancing advisories. But we are rapidly approaching the day when we will begin to see widespread civil unrest breaking out in cities all across the country if these draconian deprivations continue. Americans being deprived for no visible reason of their jobs and businesses and livelihoods are not going to take standing in long lines for handouts and government benefits for long. Any governor or mayor who attempts to continue these illogical and abusive edicts beyond the next few weeks risks setting off a powder keg in their state.

As President Trump has said many times during his daily Task Force briefings, “This is not how America was built. It’s not how America was meant to be.”

For leftists like McQuade and 98% of her fellow talking heads on television, this current situation is nirvana. For freedom-loving Americans out here in flyover country, it is a living hell.

It is a very dangerous situation when one of those competing views of what America is and should be tries to forcibly impose its will on the other. This is a very dangerous time for our country, and Russia, Russia, Russia has nothing to do with it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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phineas gage

South Carolina beginning to re-open next week:



I disagree somewhat. Americans, when push comes to shove will stand up and fight back. Yeah I too think there is a generation thats somewhat lost to the Marxists but the country isn’t lost like we are.

Our ‘opposition’ politicals have mysteriously gone silent and when they are actually opposing Lil Potato, its with all the gusto of wet bread. You at least have politicals like Cruz, Meadows, Jordon and many others who will stand up and speak out… we have none really.

Here we have a brain dead SJW, cough ‘leading’ cough, and all the sheep falling in line in docile obedience. Stirs my blood. There are few belligerent rednecks like myself that simply don’t and won’t bend our knees to them. We are to few and when it comes to pushback we may have to regroup somewhere to make a stand… Probably Alberta and Sask…

It may well come to a crunch, body on the line, in the US… hopefully not. But I don’t see the Patriots folding…

W. Flyer

I tend to agree. 30,000-plus at a short-notice Trump rally is proof of a freedom-loving desire in the UN-indoctrinated. It may be these good people who drag America back to its roots.

phineas gage

That’s a good point. Much like red/blue American, Canada also seems to have clear geographical divisions along those same ideological lines.

Perhaps our blue states could merge with B.C., Ontario and Quebec into a leftist utopia, while the red states could merge with Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

phineas gage

This is an amazing takedown:


Crenshaw is extremely impressive.


One of the saddest days of my life happened yesterday. My wife’s birthday. We normally have a big BBQ, kids running amok, noisy… a great time. This year it totaled 5 adults and two grandkids.

We raised our kids to THINK before reacting or accepting anything they weren’t sure to be true. SADLY… only my oldest daughter has been able to reason thru whats going on with this fiasco ccpvirus. My other two, son and daughter have drank from the coolaid bowl and parroted the talking points of the media. Spewing the mantra that we are not in the position to evaluate the problem and to trust the ‘government’…

THIS is what this clown show has been all about. Dividing families, taking down churches, businesses and everything that is Judaeo Christian. I personally think it was released by accident, the virus. Then the Leninist politicals saw a perfect opportunity to not only exert control over people but to also establish a precedent for further lockdowns. Look to the fall for a resurgence, imo.

Here in Canukdom its pretty much lost as is the UK, Germany, France, Australia. The only, true bastion of freedom left, is the USA. PLEASE… Us freedom loving people here are praying for our good neighbours to the South that there will be a rising up and putting out these communist traitors for good. A clean sweep is needed, especially in the political and educational arenas. Just wish we could do more to help.

phineas gage

Much the same here, particularly among the younger people. This is what decades of indoctrination does. The Left has been softening Americans up for the takeover for a long time now. We are sadly not as much of a bastion of liberty as you would like to think.

Far too many Americans have forgotten the ten scariest words in the English language, as expressed by Ronald Reagan……

Jimmy MacAfee

Jeremiah 32:42-44

42 For thus says the Lord, ‘Just as I brought all this great disaster on this people, so I am going to bring on them all the good that I am promising them. 43 Fields will be bought in this land of which you say, “It is a desolation, without man or beast; it is given into the hand of the Chaldeans.” 44 Men will buy fields for money, [a]sign and seal deeds, and call in witnesses in the land of Benjamin, in the environs of Jerusalem, in the cities of Judah, in the cities of the hill country, in the cities of the lowland and in the cities of the [b]Negev; for I will restore their [c]fortunes,’ declares the Lord.”

Thus it was then; thus it is now.

phineas gage

They already have Soviet-style food lines in Maryland.

It is frightening how many people have accepted this like sheep.

You have a choice; fight on your feet or die on your knees.

Jimmy MacAfee

Smile – and exercise! (I’ve been pounding this point for awhile.)

“A walk a day may keep the coronavirus away, or at least keep it from killing you.
A University of Virginia researcher who studies the protective effects of exercise said Wednesday that endurance exercises — running, brisk walking, swimming, jumping — prompt our muscles to make an antioxidant that travels through the blood to our hearts, lungs and kidneys.
It then binds to organs, awaiting intruders.”

“Exercise capacity is inversely related with all kinds of mortality. So if you can exercise better, run faster, jump higher, lift more weight, you are less likely to die. That is the best predictor for mortality, including, I think, COVID-19,” he said.


Now you understand why they want people to stay at home, out of the sun, to become less and less healthy. Less activity = more sickness. Researchers also have found that Vitamin D helps the immune system – which is obtained by sun exposure!

The Left (from their Mommy’s basement and in Governors’ mansions in many states) want us all to devolve into Morlocks. Exercise outdoors if possible.

Jimmy MacAfee

For those who keep up the “sky is falling” narrative, their prophets are nearly always wrong:

Please note that Gates ALLEGEDY said this:

‘”I see little commercial potential for the internet for the next 10 years,” Gates allegedly said at one Comdex trade event in 1994, as quoted in the 2005 book “Kommunikation erstatter transport.”‘


What he DID say:

“Indeed, in his 1995 book “The Road Ahead,” Gates would make one of his most well-known blunders: He wrote that the internet was a novelty that would eventually make way to something much better. “Today’s Internet is not the information highway I imagine, although you can think of it as the beginning of the highway,” Gates wrote.” (ibid)

Jimmy MacAfee

This is just a small inkling of what it would look like if the Green New Deal came into existence;
they’re thinking of those days with delight, with tyrants drooling, fools fooling, and idiots ruling. .

Let it sink in, deepen your resolve, don’t give in to despair; stay fit, eat better than you’ve ever eaten (healthy food) exercise however you can and wherever you can, stay alert and stay aware, hold fast to your Faith, pray and smile! Be better than you have ever been!

A smile and personal strength in bitter times, with plagues set upon us by angry losers and Chinese dictators, is a terror to them; a smile is the best weapon we have; deny those ugly beasts any victory over us, and make victory ours.

Jimmy MacAfee

The picture of Halfwhitmer looks like she’s saying:

“I AM IRONMAN!” Like Ozzie.

Go ahead – laugh at her! Smile!

phineas gage

Well, she surely isn’t any Sweet Leaf….

Jimmy MacAfee

This especially to Wretched Whitmer, the Easter Island stone-face: you will be more hated than any politician in your state, ever. Enjoy.

phineas gage

What the lefties aren’t tweeting about is that Whitmer is showing some signs of caving–in fact, they are probably trying to buttress her with this virtual validation signaling.

More broadly, there is a good deal of speculation that Trump’s recent tweets (such as claiming total control over the states, and ‘liberate the states’) are purposefully crafted to not only get the automatic outrage response from the media, but to herd the blue state governors into embracing federalism.

Thus these governors will receive the political blame for the consequences of their extended shutdowns, and also no federal aid. If they want that aid, they will have to come crawling to Trump and open up according to his guidelines.

I think there is merit to this view. We should know by now that. as much as Trump seems to engage in brash bluster, none of what he says or tweets is accidental.

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